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- ̗̀ april 16th 2017 ̖́-

april favorites! i know it’s too soon to do this but i felt like it so here we go 🌸 1. muji gel pens (0.5 & 0.38) ; every studygram account loves these pens and i’ve recently started using them and holy shit they’re amazing!! 2. six of crows by leigh bardugo ; i read this book in two days honestly it’s AMAZING you should totally read it 3. steven universe ; i started watching it last month and i’m in love i love my crystal gems so much 4. now or never by halsey ; i didn’t like the song when it was released but now i can’t stop listening to it??? 5. my oversized bomber jacket 6. plants/flowers doodles ; as you can see on my recent posts i draw them EVERYWHERE 7. my black oldskool vans ; i wear them like everyday // follow me on instagram: @carlostudies

shopping challenge w/ bts

yoongi: getting you literally the girl version of all of his clothes; oversized hoodies, bomber jackets, and ripped jeans (not that you’re complaining though, y’all look like a badass couple)

jungkook: confused af and ends up getting you the girliest clothing in the stores “you like skirts right? i think she likes skirts. she doesn’t wear pink though. but she will be today!” 

namjoon: pointing out the sexy/showy clothes in the store and laughing about how that’s probably something you’d like to wear, but then going for the oversized clothing section and picking out the most modest pieces of clothing 

jimin: dresses you up in pastel and numerous clothes that you wouldn’t wear on a daily basis, but honey he has a great fashion taste and even though you don’t necessarily like it, you look great

seokjin: choosing cute overalls for you and giggling to himself about how cute you look while wearing them and being absolutely infatuated when seeing you put it on (but you’re pouting and glaring at him)

taehyung: he?? would?? buy?? the most?? expensive?? shit?? the moment he hears he has to shop for you like there’s no such thing as forever 21 he walks to chanel and gucci pulling out the classiest skirts and shirts for you 

hoseok: spending 40 minutes trying to choose between a white and a black bomber jacket when they basically look the same and taking another two hours trying to choose a dress for you, but literally explodes with happiness when you wear it and approve

If Solo Harry’s future merch doesn’t include a baby pink oversized bomber jacket with the words “Baby Styles” embroidered in black big cursive letters on the back THEN I AM OUT👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 10.1

Well, this was meant to be a mini part but it turned out longer than all of the other main parts… The first mini part to the date mini series (can I even call it that?) Hope this lived up to your expectations guys because it killed me to write this without it becoming too predictable.

Leave me your thoughts on how you felt about this, okay?

Thanks for reading, I love you guys so much!

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It was a random Wednesday morning in school when Jungkook approached you, his cheeks tinted a light pink. He had called you into school early, obviously wanting to speak with you before the rest of your classmates arrived. He was currently sitting in his usual position in front of your desk and instead of getting straight to the point, he stared at you in contemplation.

“Jungkook, the end of the day is going to come if you don’t stop stalling.” His eyebrows furrowed and he let his eyes drift to the side, avoiding looking directly at you.

“I… do you want to… you know, go out?” You couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped you. His shy side was reemerging.

“Are you attempting to ask me out on a date?” Embarrassment was evident on his face and he switched his attention back to you.

“Attempting? That was harsh. If you think it’s so easy, you try asking me out on a date.”

Smirking at him, you held his gaze with confidence.

“Do you want to go on a date?” Jungkook’s eyes widened at that, and his mouth fell open the tiniest bit, displaying to you how shocked he really was. The faint pink that was spread on his cheeks grew to a darker shade and you couldn’t help but pinch them.

“Awww, Kookie'e shy side is still there. How I missed this.” He slapped your hand away and scratched his cheek.

“Stop that bullshit otherwise I’m not going out with you.”

It was your turn to widen your eyes in shock. You grabbed his large hand in your smaller ones and pouted at him.

“I’m sorry! You know I’m just teasing you.” He shot you a crooked grin and affectionately patted your cheek, mumbling under his breath.


“What was that?” Tilting your head to the side, you stared at him with questioning eyes. He merely stood from his seat, getting ready to return to his desk.

“Nothing important.” Nodding your head slowly, you watched as he shuffled to the other side of the class room. Students began to file into the classroom and you prepared yourself for the day ahead, checking over your homework.

Your phone buzzed, alerting you that you had received a new message.

‘I’ll tell you the details on our way home today.’

Snapping your head in Jungkook’s direction, he gave you a quick nod to which you replied with a thumbs up, anticipation building up inside if you.


When you and Jungkook had parted ways with Areum, he began to vaguely explain what he had in mind for you first date.

“I kind of want to keep it simple. I know you like that kind of stuff too. So how about this Saturday we go to that bowling alley place? You know, the one with the arcade too.”

Mulling it over, you soon nodded your approval.

“Okay, sounds fun. Oh, but don’t try and do the whole 'winning a bear for me’ thing.”

Jungkook simply chuckled, amused at your dislike for cliche couple dates.


Arriving in front of your house, Jungkook offered you a peck on the cheek and bid you a good night. Instead of doing the same, you opted to placing a kiss on his lips. He didn’t seem all to surprised as he smirked in satisfaction before ushering you inside. Waving to him, you entered your house only to be greeted with your mothers delighted grin.

It seemed like your mother would never get over this.


When Saturday arrived, you awoke to a few messages from Jungkook, telling you to be ready for 1pm. It was currently 10am which gave you plenty of time to get ready so you took a long shower to try and tried to calm your nerves. Surprisingly, it worked out better than you expected. Deciding to keep your outfit plain and simple, you pulled on a black denim skirt and tucked in a long sleeved oversized grey T-shirt. After giving your outfit a once over, you headed downstairs. According to your phones time, you had successfully killed an hour and a half. Intent on having breakfast, you grabbed a bowl and a box of cereal whilst greeting your mother.

“Why are you all dressed up? Are you going out?” She observed you for a couple of seconds before returning her attention back to her phone.

“Yep, with Jungkook.” At that, her head snapped back up and her eyes widened, a grin slowly spreading across her face.

“Really? It’s your first date right?” Your mother was expressing more enthusiasm than you were. Watching her with caution, you poured cereal into your bow of milk. At her expectant gaze, you gave a curt nod and she let out a light squeal.

“You really are growing up! My daughter and Jungkook’s first date! Tell him I said hello, will you?” Eating your breakfast in silence, you tuned out your mothers rambling. It was better this way.

When you had finished eating and getting ready, you bid your mother and sister a farewell. You had decided to spend the rest of your time walking to your meeting place, the nearby park. You had arrived early only to find Jungkook already sitting down on a swing, staring at his phone. Taking in his form, you mentally praised his choice of clothing. He was wearing a long plain white t-shirt coupled with an oversized green bomber jacket and black skinny jeans. Surprisingly, he wasn’t wearing his usual Timbaland boots and instead had a pair of black Dr. Martins on.

When he noticed someone approaching him, he glanced up and upon realising said person was you, a smile spread on his lips and he stood. When you reached him, he wrapped his arms around you in a quick embrace and placed a kiss upon your head. Your arms snaked their way around Jungkook as you eagerly returned his embrace. After a couple of seconds, you stepped back from him and his smile broadened.

“Hey, you’re here early.” You let a chuckle escape you and grabbed his hand, walking in the direction of the parks exit.

“I’m early? You looked like you’d been waiting since yesterday night. Didn’t know you were that desperate to see me.”

You felt his fingers flick your forehead and you winced in slight pain before laughing again.

“Me? Desperate? You’re really full of yourself today, flaunting your legs and all.”

Giving his arm a light slap, you glared at him with as much seriousness as you could muster only to have him chuckle at your mock anger.

“You’re really asking to be beaten up right now.”

“I’m kidding, I like it. You look really pretty today. And yes, you do look pretty all the time.”

You could only blink up at him as he had answered your question before it had even left your mouth. Instead of coming up with a smart reply, you stared ahead. You had managed to spend the majority of your walk having pointless banter and soon found yourself standing outside your destination.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, you tugged Jungkook inside and looked around the arcade. He let go of your hand to run his own through his hair, deciding on what to do first. Spotting a boxer machine, he tapped your shoulder and motioned in the direction with his head.

“Watch this.” Coming to the conclusion that Jungkook seemed to want to impress you, you followed behind him. He popped a coin into the machine and you watched as the punching bag came down.

“You see that high score? I set that the last time I came here with Yoongi Hyung.” You must have seemed stunned since Jungkook sniggered at your expression.

“Yoongi isn’t as lazy as you think he is, he does leave the house. He’s one of the most hardworking people out of the seven of us. Most of the time he’s composing new music or studying for school.” As if he read your mind, once again he answered your unasked question. The machine let out a sound to alert you that the game had started and you observed how Jungkook prepared himself. He took a few steps back and put both of his hands together. A couple of seconds later, he threw himself forward putting all his power into this hands and you could only gape at the force the bag had been hit with. He stood back, a smirk of satisfaction on his face as he watched his score increase.

“New record!”

He placed both his hands on his hips and whirled his head in your direction, grinning.

“Hyungs call me the golden maknae because I’m good at pretty much everything I do.” Whoever fed his ego really needed to stop. Scoffing, you rolled your sleeves up and inserted another coin into the machine.

“Oh yeah? Let me try.” Once again, the bag was lowered and you mimicked Jungkook’s previous stance. Placing as much power as you could into you arms, you swung down on the bag, shocked at how fast it went back up. You stood in anticipation, watching the glowing numbers grow. When they came to a stop, your jaw dropped and you heard Jungkook let out a strangled noise of surprise.

“New record!”

You didn’t actually expect to surpass his high score. He stepped forward and stood beside you, dumbfounded. Shaking his head, he shoved a hand deep into this jacket pocket, pulling out another coin.

“It must be broken or something.”

“What? You think just because I’m your girlfriend, I can’t have a higher score than you?” He placed his hand on your shoulder, gazing at you with serious eyes.

“That’s exactly it.”

He readied himself and swung once again, setting a new high score. He turned to you, a pleased smile on his face and brushed off his clothes.

“Now we can go to another game.” However, your competitive side emerged and you put another coin in, readying yourself for the next round.

“What are you doing?” His eyebrows were furrowed in mild confusion and you proceeded to clench your hands together.

“What does it look like? Passing your high score.”

When your hand came into contact with the bag, it flew straight up and you eyed the score being displayed.

“New record!”

You let a sweet smile spread over your face and patted Jungkook’s head.

“Let’s go now.”

Walking away from the machine, you glanced around the arcade.

“Where should we go next? The dance machine?”

“New record!”

Whipping back around, you watched Jungkook approach you with a smug smile.

“Heck no.”

You struck the bag.

“New record!”

Jungkook slammed his hands into it.

“New record!”

You pummelled with a newfound strength.

“New record!”

He right hooked it.

“New record!”

“Here I go!”

With your last bit of strength, you pounded the bag. You watched with longing eyes, as your score rose until it suddenly stopped.

“Is that all you got? Try again!” Slumping down, you massaged your hands in hopes of soothing the raw skin of your knuckles.

“No… it can’t end like this!” You felt Jungkook lift you up by your arms.

“Come on princess, let’s play something else. You’re dating the golden maknae so you shouldn’t have expected anything less.” Allowing him to drag you away, you glared at the boxer machine.

Soon you found yourself standing in front of a dance machine.  Hopefully you would do better than Jungkook on this. You had to.

You both put a coin in each and stood on your respective sides.

“You can pick the song, Y/N.”

Yes! You would have an advantage over him. You quickly selected 'I Got A Boy’ by SNSD and placed your hands on the bar behind you.

“Ready?” Giving him a quick glance, you immediately snapped your head back when you had realised he had smirked at you.

“What’s with the sm- shit!” You hadn’t realised the song had started and you made a quick recovery. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice Jungkook’s feet were moving as smoothly as yours were.

He ended up doing better than you had expected. In all six songs you had chosen.

This resulted in him beating you once again.

“You threw me off!” You pointed at him in accusation to which he simply shrugged his shoulders.

“You just couldn’t stop staring at me. Not my fault.”

You sulked as you moved onto the next game. A multiplayer shooter.

Ten minutes later, Jungkook arose as the victor. Again. You lightly smacked him on his shoulder and he chuckled, placing a kiss on your cheek.

Sitting down to play a racing game, you had already accepted your fate. You couldn’t deny that you were enjoying yourself albeit you were frustrated too. You just couldn’t seem to beat him. At anything.

As you had predicted, you lost to Jungkook for what seemed like the hundredth time this afternoon.

“Let’s go bowling!”

Following close behind, you fixed your outfit.

“Sure, whatever.”

Paying for your bowling game, you slipped on the shoes they had provided you with and typed your name into the system, Jungkook doing the same. Grabbing a white and black marble ball, you positioned yourself and aimed for the pins. Pulling your arm back and swinging forward you released the ball, hope building up in the pit of your stomach. When the ball connected with the middle pin, you gaped as it then took down the surrounding pins landing you with a strike.

“A strike! I got a strike!” You threw your arms up and hopped up and down, cheering. Jungkook just shook his head in amusement.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’m still the golden maknae.”

“I’m going to make you eat your words, Jungkook!” The pure determination made him raise an eyebrow before he grabbed his own ball and rolled it onto the lane. He too made a clean strike.

You ignored the smug grin on his face and made your move. Another strike.

The game continued with a couple of strikes and spares which resulted in Jungkook taking the lead. You could still win this. He had already played his last move and stood behind you, arms crossed, a complacent look on his face. He seemed absolutely sure you would mess this last move up.

Rolling the ball with as much precision as you could, you watched in horror as it took a sudden detour and landed right in the gutters of the alley. That’s it. You had fucked up.
Spinning on your heel, you scowled at Jungkook and walked in his direction, picking up your bag.

“Where are you going? You still have one more move.” Snapping your head back to the lane, you realised that you did in fact have one more chance. Dropping your bag, you trudged to the bowling balls and picked up the same one you had been using all night. Throwing the ball forward, you could only observe how it knocked all the pins down, earning you a spare. Eyes widening drastically, you studied the score board only to find you had beaten Jungkook by a couple of points.

“I won! I won!” Sprinting to Jungkook, you threw your arms around his neck and connected your lips with his in an overjoyed kiss which he eagerly returned with just as much emotion. Releasing him moments later, you grinned up at him in pride.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t enjoying yourself. Clearly I was wrong.” Your smile grew and you shook your head.

“I was never not having fun. It’s just my competitive side.” He seemed relieved to hear that and you found yourself feeling guilty for ever making him believe you were not having fun.

“Well, you may have won this time but I’m still the golden maknae.”

“For now.”

“Yeah, for n- wait! What do you mean for now?”

Your answer was a light peck on his cheek which effectively stopped his questions.

“I’m glad we went out, Jungkook.”

He ruffled your hair in response and smiled down at you.

“Don’t worry we’ll have another date soon enough but right now I’m hungry. You’re going to cook for me, right?”

“Am I your slave?”

“No, but you do have to prepare yourself for your future as my wife.”

A crimson blush is what he was rewarded with.

“Shut up.”

@eleedoesart made a beautiful drawing of Kuro and I just,, had to write this as a thank you,,,

more of the 80’s luro au!!

   Lance hates the smell of smoke.  He’s always complaining about it when it gets stuck to his workout clothes or his carefully styled hair.

   And because of that, Kuro finds himself opening the window even though it’s freezing outside and the cold wind is unforgiving.  But he needs it–he needs to light another cigarette and he’s not willing to go to the parking lot so early in the morning to do so.

  The window would have to do.

   He rests his elbow on the windowsill and props his chin on his open palm, lazily exhaling the grey smoke from within his parted lips.  The street three floors down is beginning to show signs of activity: people rushing from and to different buildings, the small bakery on the corner in full swing, the occasional dog barking at the passing cars.

   A smile starts forming on his face when he catches sight of Lance finally stepping out of the bakery, in his hands a bag with bread hopefully still warm from the oven.  Kuro doesn’t even doubt that Lance also bought their favorite pastries to accompany their coffee.

   Time ago Kuro would’ve dreaded the domesticity of the entire situation.  He would’ve scoffed and spat on the ground at the mere idea, as if it were a curse to fight against.  His twin had always frowned at his antics –still did–, but now even to the untrained eye it was obvious that he had finally found his center.  He was still dangerous, though calmer.  Kuro made sure nobody would believe him to have grown weaker.

   That was mainly why he had picked up such a fight with the enemy gang the other night.  He had won single handedly, sure, and he had the bruises to show as proof.  But in the process he had disappointed Lance once more.

   “You’re an idiot,” Kuro says and lets the wind take away his words into the morning sky.  He’s still looking at Lance, wondering how are they still making it work despite the differences and the mismatching edges.  With mechanical movements, he lifts the lit cigarette to his lips once more, taking a long drag from it.

   Lance looks twice before crossing the street –adorable, Kuro thinks–, and never once lifts his head.  Never once trips or doubts a single step.  He’s always moving so gracefully –Kuro’s convinced that dancing has always been a central part of Lance’s entire being.  It was part of his charm.  It was part of what made Kuro willing to fall for the man despite all the prejudice, all the sneering voices.

   Somehow he manages to rock the oversized bomber jacket, sleeves almost three times bigger than his arms, bright colors making him something hard to miss.  He had gone out wearing his dancing tights, not bothering to change after going through his morning routine.  The jacket was big on him (probably got it from his older brother, or father), the waist of it falling a couple of centimeters past his hips.  Still, Lance looks beautiful, even from the small window on a third floor.

   Kuro clenches his teeth when other people in the street turn around to ogle his boyfriend’s retreating form.  He knows it makes Lance feel uncomfortable–and he knows that Lance notices the eyes following him.  It’s obvious in the swift change of his posture.  He should’ve gone out with him, bruised appearance and still healing hand be damned.

   When he loses sight of his beloved, he presses probably harder than needed the lit end of his smoke, exhaling his addiction one last time while doing so.

   He steps away from the window, though leaves it open for a few more moments to make sure none of the smell stays in the room, and walks to the kitchen, taking out their usual mugs.  Kuro’s eyes land on his bandaged hand and he can’t contain his smile.

   Lance hates the smell of smoke, but not once has he asked him to change.  It’s probably what made Kuro fall for the other so hard.

   Before meeting Lance, nobody had accepted him just as he was.

Cutting The Deck 1/3

Originally posted by aeedee

Summary: in which Jisoo tricks his way into your heart (pants), theatre!au

How amazing is that that I managed to actually write something that I finished before even posting? I am so proud of myself. And Jisoo needs our love!

2/3 3/3

It’s out.

It’s out and you can’t do anything about it. You can feel horror dawning on you, as your limbs grow cold.

It feels like the whole room is still shaking, damned word still resonating between four walls. You can nearly feel the overbearing presence of witches and horrified screams of those, who perished before you, fill your ears.

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anonymous asked:

2p Japan and 2p America shared s/o head cannons?

- They’re always fighting
- Kuro is a smol and Allen is a tol
- Kuro hates being a smol
- Tattoos and piercings
- You either walk around in Allen’s bomber jacket and lose the feeling of the lower half of your body or walk around in a maid outfit and lose the ability to speak
- They’re both perverts beware
- Allen is usually the one getting more hugs and kisses but Kuro is the one doing a better job at smooth talking
- Kuro is a himedere and a tsundere so cracking him open is tough
- Allen like to sleep on top and Kuro likes to sleep on the bottom
- Kuro knows hes a little spoon but insists on being the bigger spoon
- Allen is biggest spoon
-Allen likes to lift both of you up
- Okay but cape
- Okay but oversized bomber jacket
- Kuro’s hair is like silk and he’ll only let you touch it
- They’ll go around without a shirt just to turn you on

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Scenario of when ever Allen s/o wants cuddles she sits in his lap facing him and buried her face in his next and says bluntly “cuddle me” (bonus points if she wearing one of his shirts and panties)

Allen was watching baseball in the afternoon, a bit bored with the game at the moment. It was very redundant, and little to no action was occurring out on the field. But then again, there was really nothing else he could do. That all changed when his girlfriend came into the room with his bomber jacket, oversized on her, and a t-shirt, with her panties. Allen took notice of the view and shut off the television immediately. “Hello, doll… did you need something?” he asked. She didn’t give a response, but instead, she simply walked over and sat on his lap facing him. Allen raised an eyebrow and was about to ask what was deal there, but all s/o did was bury her face into his neck and rest there. Allen wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. “What’s wro-””Cuddle me.” she cut off bluntly. Allen smirked and did just what she had ordered. But her apparel was making him think of something other than just cuddling.  “You know doll, I can do ya more then just some cuddling” he winked. S/O looked at him and cracked a small smile. “Cuddles first~” she mewled and went back to resting on top of him. Allen nodded and started to leave deep kisses as he cuddled. This was a surefire way to cure his boredom