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“so this is a sort of webcomic character design story” part 5 - Esmé Squalor

I’m so glad I’m finally able to make this post because it’s Esmé Squalor at last

Also, her design has changed significantly since I started this project:

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If those touched by The Outsider are subjected to the Holger’s Device for half an hour, certain parts of the body will begin to suffer greatly for it. Hearing is severely damaged (blood often found in the ear canals), vision blurry, breathing laborious, and heart palpitations imminent. If subjected to the Holger’s Device for far longer than an hour, the body will begin to shut down. Some have undergone seizures, but, often, they die with a whimper, blood on their tongue and eyes.

When dissected under the supervision of the High Artificer, since his manner of work revolves around dealing and understanding these heretics, a black mass was found sitting on their frontal lobe. It is highly recommended one does not touch without thick gloves present for it has been known to burn the hand and disrupt all nerve function for two hours.

—  The “Music Box” Dissection, carvedwhalebones’ lost drafts