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Who wanders around naked in the Hartwin household? And who is adorably flustered?

Sorry Nonnie! I’m kinda late, I had to work on something before writing! But here it is ;)

The only person I can see wandering naked in the house is Eggsy. And the one flustered is also Eggsy.

Like, imagine Eggsy getting used to wander naked in the house. Harry is usually in his Kingsman office, working late, and when Eggsy is not on the field, well… He’s alone. He’s often knackered or jetlagged due to his missions, so he sleeps most of the day, naked (the only acceptable way to sleep in his opinion, except if he can steal an old oversized sweater to Harry). When he wakes up a couple of hours later, he doesn’t see the point in wearing pyjamas or even briefs, so he starts wandering naked through the house.

Those days, Harry has like a shit ton of works, so he goes back home well after diner. (To Eggsy displeasure, but he can’t do much about it, except letting a meal in the fridge for Harry if he’s still hungry). Eggsy is already reading one of his cheesy romance novels in bed when his lover gets back; so yeah, he doesn’t need any pants, or whatever.

Wandering naked in the house slowly becomes one of his post-mission rituals. He finds it funny, and feels a huge sense of freedom while doing so. Of course, he doesn’t tell Harry. He’s pretty sure the older man would find it weird, or maybe even disgusting?? So he shrugs it off, and hides this particular activity.

Until one day; Harry finally gets back home early. When he hears the keys at the front door, Eggsy freezes in his position, and waits like a thief caught red-handed. Harry calls his name with a relieved: “I’m finally home!”, and gets to the kitchen. Except Eggsy is in the kitchen. Naked. With a beer in hand, a box of biscuits in his other hand, and a mouth full of said biscuits. It’s Harry’s turn to freeze in the doorway, mouth slightly agape, contemplating the show in front of him. They stay like that for a few seconds, before Harry starts to tremble, and bursts out in laughter. He has to leave the kitchen in a hurry, and let Eggsy in the same position than before.

Eggsy’s face is absolutely flushed after that, and he feels absolutely flustered. He’s hiding under a plaid on the couch, pouting. Harry sits next to him, massages his shoulders and peppers the crown of his head with little kisses. He apologised a couple of times, but yet, he still sounds amused…
Eggsy’ll try to get naked and waiting in a more sensual position next time he has to wander like this in their house. Just to make Harry regret his laughter and hear him gasp when getting back after work. Yup, sounds like a great plan to him. 

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Can you give me an outfit idea for tomorrow which does not include creeps, oversized denim jacket (normal length is fine) or skirt/dress? I have no idea what to wear 😂❤

Dark blue jeans, oversized sweater, and combat boots!