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  • If you know me at all you know I love 70s Marauders headcanons but I would LOVE to see more 80s Marauders AUs??? 
  • Like, no one dies and they’re all happy as clams raising Harry in the age of possibly the worst best fashion and Bon Jovi and Indiana Jones movies???
  • Give me James and Lily in their sock feet in the kitchen at 3 am because Harry can’t sleep and the only way they can get him to stop crying is to have a dance party to Footloose
  • Give me Sirius going through a hair band phase pLEASE
  • Also Sirius flying through the sky on his motorbike singing “We Built This City” at the top of his lungs (I am WEAK)
  • I want to see Lily leaving Harry with the Longbottoms to play with Neville for a night while she and the Marauders and Marlene and the whole gang goes to see Guns n’ Roses
  • How about James MELTING when he sees both Lily and Harry getting ready for bed and wearing his oversized band tshirts as pajamas???? SOUNDS NICE TO ME!!!!!
  • The Marauders serenading Remus every month with Total Eclipse of the *Moon* and they think it’s the funniest fucking thing ever
  • Give me Sirius teaching Harry how to make the rock out hand sign
  • CAn yOu imAGiNe???? the trend of wizards carrying their wands in fanny packs and wearing 80s workout gear out in public??? because they think that’s what Muggles wear day-to-day???? I sure can!!!
  • Remus watching The Wonder Years and Growing Pains religiously!!!
  • James and Sirius convincing Peter that neon yellow parachute pants actually look good on him and that yes he should totally wear them on his first date with the cute Muggle girl he met at the record store?? definitely would have happened.
  • Give me basically what would be an 80s Marauders sitcom 
  • And basically their theme song is Heaven Is A Place on Earth (I’m crying and it is 12:30 am please send help)
  • Basically we got cheated out of some quality content right there wtf JKR 
i wondered if i could come home

so, the episode 300% killed me dead. on the floor. so this came out of it. straight up shameless fluff. fluff without plot, if you will. anyway, i owe my heart and also this fic to @elsaclack​ and @jakelovesamy​. title from first day of my life (thx a billion @jokeperatla​ omg)

Amy slowly comes to, blinking hard against the golden late-afternoon light filtering through her window. She can’t quite seem to gather her thoughts - unsurprising, since these random midday crash-naps are the closest thing she’s gotten to proper rest since the night of the trial. Her eyes are dry and a little red-rimmed, crusty with sleep. She takes a few more moments to relish this calm, taking deep breaths and steeling herself against the long night to come. It’s been ages since she slept properly, centuries since she took a true deep breath, eons since her bed, with its freshly washed sheets devoid of crumbs and spills and the miscellaneous junk that’s made its home in her - their - apartment, has felt truly comfortable or familiar.

She rolls over, away from the setting sun wafting through her half-open blinds, in the hopes of catching a few more minutes of sleep before reality sets in, before she has to put back on a pantsuit and reopen Hawkins’ file and pretend everything is normal–

–and then she lands in an unexpected warm spot on his side of the bed. It smells, quite unmistakably, like him. She groans, curling tighter into the blankets, because she’s had this dream before. She shuts her eyes tight, feeling that brief jolt of hope ebb away into the familiar numbness that’s dulled her mind for more than six weeks. She’ll open her eyes again in a second and the bed will be cold and she’ll get up and find her discarded blouse and Captain Holt will call her with an update and she’ll have ten texts from Charles about how to cry on cue for her upcoming podcast appearance.

But the longer she lays there, steeling herself against the evening of work to come, crouched around Captain Holt’s coffee table with Cheddar safely locked in the upstairs guest room and Kevin bringing out trays of desserts in which sour gummy flourishes are featured with an unusual frequency, the more she notices that something is off.

For one, the warmth isn’t going away as her mind slowly emerges from its post-nap fog. For another, the smell is different this time, tinged with sweat and the unmistakable scent she recognizes from the visiting room in South Carolina. She notes the water she can hear running in the bathroom sink. Finally, she registers the feeling of her too-clean sheets against her naked body, and her mind starts to catch up, first slowly then in a flood of images and memories that nearly overwhelms her.

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SHINEE - you wearing a oversized shirt and lounge socks.

Request: May you do a SHINee reaction to their s/o walking around in an oversized tshirt and lounge socks😇😇😇 Thanq.


You always do it. It was something he was already used to. But he always said you were beautiful like that. “Baby, you know, you look so beautiful.” “Oh, stop being so cheesy.” You said laughing and kissed him.


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“YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD!” He said looking at you. “What?” “Oh, look at you. So small in that huge shirt.” He hugged you. “You are exaggerating.” “I’m not. You look very beautiful.”


Originally posted by painkiipain

You were wearing one of his shirts. He took a picture of you and posted on his instagram. Hours later you saw the picture. “Really?” You asked, showing him the picture. “What?” “Why did you post that?” “Because I want everyone to see how beautiful you are.” “I AM HORRIBLE IN THIS PICTURE!” “No, it’s not. I’ve seen you worse.” He laughed. “Fuck you.” “If you want, we can fuck together.” He smiled innocently.


Originally posted by ikuitenshi

He came home and found you cooking with nothing but a large t-shirt and socks. “Are you trying to kill me or something?” He asked coming up to you. “What?” “You look so beautiful … And hot.” He hugged you. “I can’t help. I was born beautiful like this.” “Yeah, and I love you.” “I love you too.” “I know that. Can we do something hot right now?” “You are a pervert.” “I’m not. You’re too attractive, that’s all.”


“Can you stop stealing my shirts, please?” He said when he saw what you were wearing. “Nope! They’re so comfy, and I don’t look pretty wearing them?” You asked, smiling. “Stop acting cute! I’m trying to be angry.” “Don’t be angry at me, baby.” You blinked. “Keep all my clothes on.” He spoke and you laughed. “I don’t want them all, just a few.”

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Thursday Night Surprise // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by jaebuvm

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You come home after a stressful day to find your caring boyfriend Jaebum waiting for you. He takes care of you like the loving ball of fluff he is deep down inside ^_^

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Worth the Weight ~Baron Corbin Imagine~ *Smut*

Summary: When the number one contender for the women’s championship gets a low-blow from Creative about her weight Baron takes it upon himself to show her how beautiful she really is. 

Warnings:smut, body shaming

Originally posted by becklynchs

I slammed the wooden door behind me, the paper sign reading ‘Creative’ flapping at the force. I pulled my hoodie over my freshly curled hair and purposefully walked down the hall quickly. Fresh tears pricking my blue eyes and threatening to ruin the elaborate match makeup that the sold out arena would never see. I passed by numerous stage hands and talent, keeping my head down in order to make it to my locker room and leave in peace. But the glee of giggles stopped me as I glanced over to see Eva Marie adjusting her new ring gear in a mirror as she laughed with a few of the other Divas.  She was preparing for my match, taking my opportunity. I felt my fists clench. But how could I be mad at her? I let this happen.

I heard my name called and paused to glance over my shoulder. My friend Becky sat cross legged on a stage crate concern painted on her features. Next to her stood Baron who’s concern mirrored Becky’s. His shirt stuck to the fresh layer of sweat that had accumulated on his body from his earlier match and his dark hair was pulled into a bun on top of his head.

“Don’t ya have a match?” Becky asked. The tears intensified and I blinked furiously glancing back at Eva.

“Not anymore” I mumbled lowly before tucking my head down pushing on to my locker room.

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I Was Stupid Last Night

Request: Omg I just got this idea randomly so I’ll tell you it before I forget, could you write something about reggie and you being at a party but the reader gets really drunk like sloppy drunk so reggie figures he’ll take her home but she gives him a hard time because she thinks he’s just typing to get w her but he says things like “I’m not tying to do anything bad let me help you” so she eventually gives up and he drives her to his house bc she’s to intoxicated to give her address - and he puts her to sleep in his bed while he sleeps on the floor and she wakes up in the morning in his oversized shirt completely confused then he walks in with like tynel and a glass of water and explains what happen and when she thanks him he just softly smiles and kisses her fourhead aww omg I just thought this idea was cute sorry it’s so long omg

Requested by: anonymous.

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Warnings: none. or i guess, alcohol.

Originally posted by ryan-coogler

You giggled at something Chuck said, leaning heavily against him as you tried to keep yourself balanced. You were obviously intoxicated as everything was a blur, you weren’t say straight sentences and you felt a little queasy. But that didn’t stop you as you continue to talk and drink more of your sugary, sweet drink.

Chuck placed his hand on your lower back, a little close to your butt but you didn’t notice. Instead you giggled at another thing he said. You barely registered him moving closer to you, slightly cornering you and blocking you off from other peoples views. Not until his tall body stood before you and his shadow made you feel a little insecure.

You tried to ignore it though, as you couldn’t completely comprehend your own mind and figured you were just imagining it. It wasn’t until you heard a hey and an arm wrapped around your waist and you were hefted along before you saw the danger that had faced you.

Blinking, you tried to registered who was holding you, turning your head you saw Reggie. You blankly stared at him, confused as to why he was here, actually everything was kind of a blur and you didn’t understand much that was happening around you. Chuck and Reggie exchanged words, and from what you could comprehend it looked heated as Chuck’s face was contorted to anger.

“What the hell are you doing man?” Chuck yelled, disappointment evident as he realized he wouldn’t be getting lucky with you. Reggie only glared back, tightening his grip on you as you stood there, confused and in a daze.

“Getting her away from you.” Reggie stated it as if it was obvious, and in his mind it was.

“What the hell! Why?” 

“Because you were clearly taking advantage of her state, i’m not gonna let that happen to her.” Reggie finished and with a final glare, walked off and started to drag you out of the house. Seeing that you were suddenly being dragged off by Reggie, alarmed filled your stomach as you realized that you had never actually talked to Reggie before and didn’t really know much about him yet he was dragging you off.

“Let me go!” You yelled when the two of you reached outside, bystanders looked over at you two as Reggie turned to you, confused.


“You just want to take advantage of me.” Your words were slurred but you knew Reggie understood you. Breaking free of his grip, you stepped back from him and hugged yourself, tired of being man-handled for one night. “I won’t let you.” You pouted, and though it wasn’t the most threatening, you didn’t care.

“Y/N, Y/N!” Reggie tried to gain your attention, you were slightly wavering on your spot as you were still quite dizzy. Despite yourself, you grabbed onto his arm as he tried to explain himself. “I’m not gonna do anything to you, i’m trying to help.”

“C-Chuck-” You hiccupped and gave up trying to say something as you held your head in your hands, you were suddenly becoming very tired and it was hard to focus on one thing right now.

“Chuck’s an asshole. Let me help you.” You closed your eyes, leaning fully against him as you whispered out the word okay. You were briefly aware that he’d picked you up and was now carrying you and the fact that you were now alone in his car with him. But once the back of your head hit the seat behind you, you fell instantly asleep.

You woke up with a headache that burned and rattled every time you tried to move. You briefly felt like you had to throw up but held it in, not wanting to have to clean it up later. You cursed yourself for being so stupid and getting drunk last night as it wasn’t something you normally did.

You were slightly aware of the fact that your bed was oddly more comfortable and it felt like you were laying on a cloud of fluff. Feeling around, you noticed that the bed was much bigger than the twin bed that (despite being a teenager with long legs) you still had. Shooting your eyes open, which shot a pain through your head but you ignored it, you took in your surroundings.

Slowly, to not cause yourself more pain, you sat up and looked around. The walls were blue, the sheets were blue and this most definitely wasn’t your room.

You cursed at yourself mentally again, thinking you’d gone home with some boy seeing as you were stupidly drunk. Looking down at yourself you also noticed the oversized tshirt adorned on your body, that was very clearly mens clothing and blanched at the thought of who this mystery boy was.

The door squeaked open and shooting your eyes up you saw Reggie. Confusion filled your senses as you tried to figure out how that had happened before the slow memory of Reggie helping you came to mind. At the sight of him nervously smiling, you felt your heart warm. 

There was an awkward silence between the two of you before Reggie seemed to remember he had legs and walked over to you. He handed you a glass of water and Tylenol, to which you gratefully accepted.

When you swallowed the pills, you looked down at yourself, making the connection that yes, you’d actually seen Reggie where this shirt before.

“My mom changed you.” He blurted out and you looked up at him surprised, he flushed, embarrassed. “I mean, you were drunk so I thought it’d just be easier to take you to my house. But you were in that dress and I… don’t know, just figured it wouldn’t be comfortable so I got my mom to dress you in one of my tshirts. I didn’t want you-”

“Thank you.” You interrupted him, smiling up at him with the kindest eyes. “I was stupidest last night getting so drunk and I probably would’ve done something i’d regret if it wasn’t for you. So thank you.”

He didn’t reply, not right away, instead he walked towards you and leaned down. You felt your breath leave you as he pressed a kiss against your forehead and whispered; “i’ll always be there to help you.”  

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would you guys want a part2


Prologue: in which a girl is injured and sees some boys and a girl gets help from them who knew that an injury a call for help would start a friendship…with the losers club
AN: Hey this is my first ever kind of imagine or fanfiction on tumblr I did one on wattpad but never here so I decided to switch hope you guys enjoy feed back would be really amazing you can send requests and anything messages and everything

I wake up to the sound of my brother and probably my mom dancing to ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ I can hear the laughter of my brother. I go downstairs see my mom and my brother in their pajamas dancing. I also join them. At this moment you are probably thinking “what a perfect day” thats what i thought too…well i guess i was wrong

2 hours later

I get out of my dance practice amd cycle home. Listening to Take On Me. Trust me if I wasn’t on a bike I would jam to this song. I come home in 10 minutes I see my brother watching a kid show on his own. My mom usually isnt home thats why I like the mornings she is there. It breaks my heart everytime I see my brother alone by himself

“Hey buddy!” I say and mess up his hair. He jumps and hugs me plays with my hair. “Can we please go to the lake sis?” he gives me a puppy face “Ok we will” he starts jumps off of me and starts jumping around and running.

sometime after them going to the lake and having fun

I get out of the lake put on an oversized tshirt ger the stuff ready to go. “Y/B/N come on it’s time to go now.” no noise. “Y/B/N!”. I wouldn’t normally freak out he is a kid he gets distracted VEry easily. But when there is a kidnapper around you have “Y/B/N come out!” I look around no sign of him. “God please no”

I go down to the lake put on my backpack and start looking for him shouting his name on top of my lungs. Still no voice,no “Hey I found a lizard!”. He was gone. I start to get faster and slip I hit my knee to a rock.it starts bleeding. Really bad. I walk a little more and see a girl and five boys.

“Help! Please!”. I see Bev and she looks at me starts running “Oh My God Y/N! What happened?” “My brother he is gone!”
Bev looks at me with pity “Lets get you some medical care ok.”

She helps me go up to the rock. I was too focused on my knee that I didn’t notice the boys were actually the losers club. They were all stating at me and I was staring at them until Bev touched my wound.

Bev looked at me with apologetic eyes understanding the pain I had. Let me give a little information about Stanley Uris also known as my crush who never noticed me or did. The only person who knew this was my best friend Rebekah because she is the only one that I trusted.
“Dude how did you do that!” Richie yelled. Looking down at my wound calming down “I was looking form my brother then I slipped and this happend” showing him the wound well technically everyone “Do something guys stop acting like a four year old that saw blood fort he first time.” Bev says. Eddie looks at her with disbelief “You know that we can get…” and he just starts listing the diseases
Bev covers up the wound “Thank you Bev” I say slightly smiling. After talking they decide to go to their friend Ben’s house they start to get ready when Bev gets dressed she asks “Wanna join?” she asks with hope “I need to tell my mom…if she gets home.” . I wish didn’t say that with such sadness I don’t like when people pity me I know my state and before you knew how I was doing I was doing great. “D-Do you h-have a ride?” Bill says “Well its all the way up there” I say pointing to the place where I left my bicycle
“I can give you a ride.” says Stanley out of the blue everyone looks at him. “She is my neighbor I can make her go home” says looking at me then looks at everyone “You guys wait until I drop her off. Wait me at the library.” Everyone nods at him.
We get on his bicycle “You comfortable?” You have no idea how comfortable I am right now I think “Yeah I’m good” he cycles faster than I do so it’ll be easier to go

Coming to Y/N’s house
He helps me walk to my house.
“Thank you so much.”
“No problem.” He turns his back and starts walking I turn back.
“Hey Y/N!” he  shouts “Hang out with us tomorrow.”
This is how I offically meet the Losers Club and probably the only people that I’ll be spending my summer with…

Wanna Be

length: 1,768 words

genre: fluff

summary: you and wonho have been “a thing” for awhile, but you desperately just want to make it official

a/n: y/f/n stands for your friends name; I honestly love writing for wonho cause I think secretly I’m in love with him (sorry jooheon), but I feel like everyone secretly or publicly loves him haha

Originally posted by vitunkpoppi

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anonymous asked:

Omg Dave Strider is so cute. He has the best bed hair, and when he's waking up, his eyes before he finds his sunglasses, all sleepy, are the Best Thing. And just after he's showered and his hair is still slightly damp, and he smells really floral because he uses Rose's shower gel.


Imagine this: Karkat wakes up before Dave and is sitting in the living room or something. He looks up when Dave walks in and just. JAW ==> DROP

Dave shuffles in because he is still *TOO TIRED* so he’s just. Barely walking. And he’s got this WILD bedhead that goes right to Karkat’s gut because it’s fucking HOT AS SHIT OK DAVES BEDHEAD IS SO GOOD anyway *coughs*

Karkat is like. Dumbstruck. Dave is wearing a way oversized tshirt and boxers and that’s it? And its hella adorable?? His eyes are lidded he’s barely awake but what’s shown of his eyes behind crazy long eyelashes is this BRILLIANT BRIGHT RED its absolutely VIBRANT, they look sort of like bright red rubies and passion and fire and its CUTE AND HOT

And then he yawns and makes a teeny little noise with it like small and cute and kinda kitten like and Karkat just MELTS. AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN!!! He says “mornin” bUT HIS SOUTHERN ACCENT SLIPS OUT BIG TIME!! ITS THICK AND TIRED AND CUTE and Karkat just fucking DIES he LOVES DAVE SO MUCH



I like Ramyun

Could I get one with Simon Dominic where he falls in love with me and he keeps requesting to go on a date with me? (Happy ending)
For @isibrudi
Hope you like it

Originally posted by yooneroos

You have worked with Jay since he started thinking of AOMG, you helped him making his dreams reality but unfortunately you had to leave to go back home for a couple of years.

When you got back, Jay was a successful CEO and AOMG was one of the main K hip hop labels.

You were really proud of him,.he was your family and like a brother to you.

You started to work for him as he asked you (almost on his knees) to help him with his new songs, and that’s when you met all the other guys and Hoodie.

You thought having another CEO was not the best idea but Jay was really happy to work with Simon D and you could see how he trusted him.

After moving to Seoul and started to work for him your life found a nice balance but began to be a little too boring for you: work – home – work, friends on the weekend.

You were still at work at 2am, you could here the cold wind in the studio and just thought how your big light blue shirt will make you freeze out there; you took your black hills off and started to listen the new track, closing your eyes.

The door suddenly open making you jump on your chair, it was Simon.. what was he doing there?

-Hei sorry Y/N I needed the studio to record something but i’ll come later..

-Oh no no I am almost done

You said, moving your hair behind your ears.

-Ok then..

You smiled and adjust your glasses, took your bag and put your hills back on

-I’ll leave then, see you tomorrow Kiseokssi

-Don’t you have a coat?

-Erm..no I forgot it, but I don’t live that far away so it’s ok

You saw him getting up and looked at you

-I’ll drive you home

-It’s ok Kiseokssi I..

-I insist

You couldn’t say no anymore and just accepted his favor.

On the ride home he was very quiet, as always, you didn’t really ever talked to him because he was not your type at all. He was more than 30 but didn’t grow up, always out at parties getting drunk not having a serious relationship in years.

-It’s here


-Well, thank you Kiseokssi



You turned around to look at him before opening the door

-Wanna have dinner with me?

You was kind of shocked, thinking you heard wrong

-E-esxcuse me?

-Let’s have a date Y/N, I like you

-Kiseokssi I am sorry but..i..

-Ah..I see..Well maybe another time? I really want have dinner with you

-I have to go..sorry

And you left almost run in your apartment.

What was wrong with him?

The next day you didn’t see him, thank god.. you couldn’t even sleep properly because of this.

A week later you were on the elevator, going home after a busy day when the doors opened and he appeared.. he was particularly handsome that night.

He looked at you, behind his sunglasses, you could feel his eyes on you.



-Going home?


-Want a ride?

You had no idea of what to answer, did you want him to drive you home? You started playing with your sweater while looking at the ground when you heard him laughing softly


You felt blood running through your cheeks, you had to admit it, you were waiting to see him those  

days and you were kind of disappointed when you didn’t.

You liked him, that’s it..that was the truth but you couldn’t give your heart so easily…you knew his reputation and your job was too important to risque everything for him..so you decided to ignore the situation.


You were so lost in your thoughts you forgot about him

-Erm..i..i will just walk..bye

You run, literally RUN out of the building to avoid him.

-Y/N -ah, ya..YAAAAAAA

You startled on the chair

-Jay what the fuck..

-Are you sleeping with your eyes open??


-What is goung on?



He looked at you with puppy eyes

-Jay..i ..it’s so weird…..

-What?? Tell me everything

-I think a like a man


-No it’s not..he is a Casanova..changing girl every night


-Yes.. he is so full of himself, like he is the king of the world..he..he works hard for everything..

You looked at Jay and continued to talk, he was a man..he could maybe understand him

-He works so hard, every night and every day.. he always so stubborn but I saw him helping everyone who asked him, he change girl every night and  hasn’t been in a serious relationship in years but he is so respectful of all the woman who works with him, never ever did a dirty joke while they were there..

-He sounds cool

-Probably..but Jay you know I was hurted too much before an I don’t think I can handle the kind of relationship he wants

-Did he ask you to have sex?

-Hell no!!!!!!! he..asked me out

-Than what makes you think he just want sex?

You stopped and looked at him..he was actually right..maybe he was serious..

But why you? You were not particularly pretty or smart..

-I just know

-No you don’t..he likes you Y/N

-How do you know?

-Cause he always talk of how pretty and cute you are, how hard you work and he always ask me how are you and shit like that..so just date Kiseok please

Jay never lied to you, so maybe he liked you for real..

Once again you were in the studio at 2am hills on the floor and a oversize tshirt on. You were listening to the new track on the couch when the door opened

-Still here?


You got up as fast as you could and looked at him..he smiled at you and you looked at the ground

-Well I’ll leave you then..


You said without thinking..he looked at you with his big eyes

-I..I am a bit hungry..so..if..i..if you still wanna have dinner with me It would be ok now for me

He laughed and walked near you, cupping your face and kissing your forehead

-Yea..but..we have to go to a convinience store

-It’s ok for me..i like ramyun

-Good then..next time I’ll bring you to somewhere else

-It’s ok for me.. I like convinience store..i feel a bit awkward in serious restaurants

-Really?? Me too! See?? You won’t regret dating me