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modern hp ladies
  • ravenclaw: orders tons of new bookshelves for the common room so everyone can put up their books on display; lives with their laptop, never lets it out of their sight; thick sensible coats and lace-up shoes; constantly chipped nail polish; any attempts at a messy bun always end up looking too messy; long debates in the common room that can sometimes go on until dawn; shared study mixes on spotify.
  • hufflepuff: multi-coloured nail polishes scattered around which everyone just shares; an odd-socks box in the common room; always using the camera on their phone, capturing every moment; big fluffy jumpers; cute messages written in steam on the mirrors in the bathroom; monthly full-house slumber parties with popcorn and movies.
  • slytherin: black doc martins and fitted leather jackets; chewed down nails; scattered eyeliner pencils in the bathroom; "these are MY doc martins" "no they're MINE"; secret journals with weekly goals; inside jokes; styling each others hair.
  • gryffindor: gold accessories - necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings; oversized jean jackets; friday night is games night, and anyone can join in for a full night of board games; the black market in the common room, if you know who to ask you can get all sorts of forbidden goods; red lipstick kisses stained on all the mirrors.
Leather Bound Memories

Happiest Birthday to the lovely @sdavid09. I’m just in on the actual day.
Here’s my submit for your What If challenge. I’m so so sorry it’s late. Do forgive, please.
What if: after John died, he stayed around as a ghost, tethered to his leather jacket? (the jacket in the gif)
Warning of sweet Angst
Thank you to the wonderful @whispersandwhiskerburn for beta-ing this for me.

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I shrugged on the oversized leather jacket.
It was like getting a hug from Dad. Not that there were many of those going around after my fifth birthday. I closed my eyes and let the smell bring back long buried memories.
The day I shot my first gun, my father giving me a side hug and a big grin. I smiled as I remembered Dean’s look of annoyance and disgust, only cause he’d missed the mark and didn’t have Dad’s attention any more.

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the doll & his master

Words: 4800
tw for: mentions of blood, death, limbs being cut off, and an angry doctor

“Ah, I’m very sorry! But it seems you have something of my Master’s; illegally, I might add. I would like to take it back without further quandry, if you’d be so kind.” Before him, a gruff man in his forties with an irritatingly unequal 5 o’clock shadow seemed rather pensive as he considered the idea; thick, greyed brows furrowed, a scarred finger with a terrifyingly oversized ring on it glittering in what little light entered the room tapping thoughtfully.

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anonymous asked:

Could you describe your ideal aesthetic (for lifestyle, living space, or anything of your choosing?)

white sheets, gold vintage frames, cacti/succulents, iced chai tea lattes, avocado toast, copper fairy lights, watercolor paint, fresh scents, Polaroids, thrifted anything, lots of dainty rings, oversized clothing, denim, flannels, old t-shirts, chunky knit sweaters, docs, vans ☺️✌🏽