oversize ring

modern hp ladies
  • ravenclaw: orders tons of new bookshelves for the common room so everyone can put up their books on display; lives with their laptop, never lets it out of their sight; thick sensible coats and lace-up shoes; constantly chipped nail polish; any attempts at a messy bun always end up looking too messy; long debates in the common room that can sometimes go on until dawn; shared study mixes on spotify.
  • hufflepuff: multi-coloured nail polishes scattered around which everyone just shares; an odd-socks box in the common room; always using the camera on their phone, capturing every moment; big fluffy jumpers; cute messages written in steam on the mirrors in the bathroom; monthly full-house slumber parties with popcorn and movies.
  • slytherin: black doc martins and fitted leather jackets; chewed down nails; scattered eyeliner pencils in the bathroom; "these are MY doc martins" "no they're MINE"; secret journals with weekly goals; inside jokes; styling each others hair.
  • gryffindor: gold accessories - necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings; oversized jean jackets; friday night is games night, and anyone can join in for a full night of board games; the black market in the common room, if you know who to ask you can get all sorts of forbidden goods; red lipstick kisses stained on all the mirrors.

Manicouture: A (kindof) vintage ad for Chanel fine  jewellery featuring painted false nails bearing the iconic Chanel double C logo along with an oversized Camellia ring in 18 carat gold and deep onyx from the 2001 Cruise Collection. Photo by Isabelle Bonjean, and scanned from the ‘Chanel Collections & Creations’ book. 

music aesthetics

troye sivan: gentle ocean waves breaking on the shore, getting up early to watch the sunrise, love poems, and impulsive road trips

halsey: stick and poke tattoos, bruised knees, empty train stations, oversize headphones, and chainsmoking

the 1975: ridiculously over-shredded jeans, sexually confused, purposely messy hair, probably has an obscure vinyl collection

melanie martinez: crop tops, body paint, silent films, halfhead dyed hair, and street art

paramore: studded jackets, lava lamps, candy colours, oversize rings, black eyeliner, lots of angst, and chipped nail polish

twenty one pilots: dog eared journals smeared with ink, surprise parties, keeping lists of personal goals, and bonfires

pvris: wears mostly black, always doodling, loves obscure poetry

panic! at the disco: techno beats, weed, lots of glitter, elaborate halloween costumes, probably also sexually confused

rainstorms, angels, piano serenades, hugs, photobooths, low quality pictures, laughs, matching outfits, roses, diamond rings, oversized shirts, romantic movies, cuddles, sunflowers, atv rides into the woods, ice creams, kiss cams, elegant dresses, sunglasses, cooking organic chicken breasts, secret road trips, singing along to the radio while driving, new year’s eve countdown, kisses on the cheeks, jet skis, horror movies, mistletoe, long walks hand in hand, rnb ballads, zoos, soft sheets, cinema dates, amusement parks, acoustic guitars, sunsets, smell of cologne, slow dances, parties, malls, surprises, parasailing, voicemails.