oversize ring

music aesthetics

troye sivan: gentle ocean waves breaking on the shore, getting up early to watch the sunrise, love poems, and impulsive road trips

halsey: stick and poke tattoos, bruised knees, empty train stations, oversize headphones, and chainsmoking

the 1975: ridiculously over-shredded jeans, sexually confused, purposely messy hair, probably has an obscure vinyl collection

melanie martinez: crop tops, body paint, silent films, halfhead dyed hair, and street art

paramore: studded jackets, lava lamps, candy colours, oversize rings, black eyeliner, lots of angst, and chipped nail polish

twenty one pilots: dog eared journals smeared with ink, surprise parties, keeping lists of personal goals, and bonfires

pvris: wears mostly black, always doodling, loves obscure poetry

panic! at the disco: techno beats, weed, lots of glitter, elaborate halloween costumes, probably also sexually confused

the doll & his master

Words: 4800
tw for: mentions of blood, death, limbs being cut off, and an angry doctor

“Ah, I’m very sorry! But it seems you have something of my Master’s; illegally, I might add. I would like to take it back without further quandry, if you’d be so kind.” Before him, a gruff man in his forties with an irritatingly unequal 5 o’clock shadow seemed rather pensive as he considered the idea; thick, greyed brows furrowed, a scarred finger with a terrifyingly oversized ring on it glittering in what little light entered the room tapping thoughtfully.

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Manicouture: A (kindof) vintage ad for Chanel fine  jewellery featuring painted false nails bearing the iconic Chanel double C logo along with an oversized Camellia ring in 18 carat gold and deep onyx from the 2001 Cruise Collection. Photo by Isabelle Bonjean, and scanned from the ‘Chanel Collections & Creations’ book. 

In a crowded back lot in Toronto, the King of France is waiting for his close-up.

“I spend 10 months of the year here now,” said London native Toby Regbo, the 23-year-old lead actor who plays King Francis II in the CBS Corp. historical romantic drama “Reign,” currently shooting its third season in Canada’s biggest city.

Regbo, in an embroidered, crushed-velvet tunic and oversized ring on his finger, is standing outside his trailer while crew members scurry to put the finishing touches on a war room on a sound stage at Cinespace Film Studios.(x)