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[Article] BTS Is Back! The K-Pop Kings Talk Their New Album and Ever-Evolving Style

Just ahead of the release, the members sat down for an exclusive interview with Vogue to break down their new look and evolving personal style. Despite a long day of filming and dance rehearsals, they were in good spirits, laughing and chattering happily. “Let’s go!” J-Hope said. Here, we do.

Q. Tell us about the new visual concept for this album. What kind of style did you pick to express it?

Suga: It’s about boys falling in love. There are four versions of love, and we shot four different photos to show them. Though each one is different, the same feeling of love comes through in every shot. There’s a sense of playfulness, of friends hanging out comfortably at home in their free time, and that kind of fluttering feeling. Visually, we cover a lot of ground.

The lyrics and the music themselves are about finding your fate. In this album, we cover a wide range of songs: There are high-energy ones, very hip-hop ones. It’s quite diverse. To match it, the style covers a range of colorful, sporty, leisure, and boyish clothes. They go well together: powerful music, colorful clothes.

J-Hope: It’s very colorful and sporty, overall. I think there’s a slightly retro feel, too. Among the seven members, I think we each kind of bring out our hidden boyishness through our clothes.

Suga: It’s totally different. When we did You Never Walk Alone, we wore a lot of casual clothes. This time, it’s a lot flashier. Super colorful, yet more high-end and comfortable at the same time. More of that comforting feeling.

J-Hope: Right, this time we wanted to show more of that boyish style.

Q. How would you describe BTS’s style in general, looking back across your work?

Rapmon: Just style.

Jimin: Truthfully, we have a very energetic style, I would say.

Q. A lot has been said about the kind of individuality you hope to express as a band. Is that something that comes into play with your style, letting each member’s own persona come through?

Jimin: Of course; it’s important. With each new album, we do a lot of fittings. And each time we do those fittings, we talk a lot and always share our thoughts as we go. We put a lot of effort into looking for clothes that express ourselves and the feelings we want to express with each album’s concept. We want to show that, [but] without losing our individuality either.

V: I don’t think we have one signature. With each concept, we change it up completely and the styles have been so diverse. For “Boy in Luv,” we wore school uniforms. For “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” it was a range of suits and white shirts. As artists, we have to change our style to match each concept. We’re always changing, ever changing.

Q. Do you have a favorite piece you wore for this comeback?

Suga: I loved all the oversize shirts.

Jungkook: Me too. There’s a loose, navy chiffon shirt I wore with slacks that was particularly light and comfortable. I liked that a lot.

J-Hope: I liked wearing those basketball jerseys, and those ultra-colorful sweaters, too.

Rapmon: There was a really big windbreaker that I liked because it was so big.

V: I liked everything, but the accessories most of all. Particularly all the rings and earrings, I liked those the most.

Jimin: For me, it was the bright red shirt from “DNA.”

Q. Who do you think has changed the most since you debuted?

J-Hope: V?

Suga: V has changed a lot, and Jimin changed a lot.

Rapmon: Jungkook, too.

Q. In what way?

Jimin: We’ve all gotten old.

J-Hope: Our maknae line [the youngest members] has changed a lot. They are the youngest and looked it when we debuted, but now, they look more grown-up.

Jin: Like Jimin. Overall, his face changed from cute to sexy.

Q. What do you want most for this comeback?

Suga: To make the Billboard Hot 100 is my dream.

J-Hope: Let’s get it! Dream!

Rapmon: I would like all the members to be healthy.

J-Hope: Health!

Suga: It’s the most important thing, really.

Jimin: I would like to be 3 centimeters taller.

V: For real. I want to have wide shoulders like Jin.

Jimin: Me too [laughs]. For real.

Suga: If everyone could be happy, I would be happy.

J-Hope: Peace!

Jungkook: For me, I’d like to travel a lot. Anywhere would be great. And if I could learn to speak English and Japanese well, that would be great, too.

J-Hope: I also would like the members to be healthy and happy. And everyone else, all our fans.

Q. Any last words for your American fans?

J-Hope: Of course, American Army.

Suga: No matter what, our American Army is so big, and we are so very thankful to them. From now on, we want to put on even cooler performances, be cooler, be better, so look forward to it. Please, always look forward to it.

V: Thank you! We love American Army so much!

Q. Tell us about your personal style. What are you into lately?

V: In my case, I like to pick one piece that pops against everything else. I like flashy shirts, or I’ll wear a simple shirt with a fancy necktie. I also like vintage pieces, more standout ones. I’ll go to certain boutiques and look for clothes without labels. You can find a lot of nice unbranded shirts, and I wear those a lot.

Jimin: To be honest, I don’t think much about style, or “oh, this is my style,” that sort of thing. I follow my mood, which is so different day to day. Generally, I like a wide range of styles, but lately, I’ve been reaching for comfortable, simple things. Simple slacks and shirts.

Jungkook: Are you familiar with the term paealmot [fashion-know-nothing]? I don’t know anything about fashion. So for me, I reach for anything comfortable. I wear a lot of athleisure and workout clothes—sweatpants and sweatshirts—as I like to stay active.

Jin: I like to dress warmly, comfortably as I go around. Naturally I like easy fashion. My style is clean, polished, and gentle looking. Or you could say I prefer to wear big sweatshirts and hoodies.

J-Hope: I’m into streetwear, and more colorful looks. These days, bags have become more of a thing for me—these mini cross bags are so great.

Suga: These days I’m wearing a lot of Jordans, those sneakers. I’ve been wearing a lot of slippers, too, and comfortable clothes in general. I really like that kind of oversize fit.

Rap Monster: These days, I’m most into staying comfortable. I do have a lot of interest in Japanese brands, so I’ve been looking at cool Japanese hyungs [older brothers] and carefully studying their style. Brands like WTAPS, Visvim, I like a lot.

Q.  What is one item you can’t live without?

V: I like old-school, vintage-style glasses a lot. As for accessories, I really like them all.

Jimin: I like accessories a lot. Hats, caps, beanies, I like all of them. I also look for special standout earrings, rings, necklaces … I like to layer them on heavily.

Jungkook: I don’t like accessories all that much, except for hats. I like bucket hats and beanies a lot, and I sometimes wear rings or bracelets. I’m the kind of person that if I put it on once, I’ll leave it on forever.

Jin: I like silver accessories. I think they suit me well.

J-Hope: I like hats a lot—bucket hats, sun caps, beanies, and fitted caps. And like I said before, I like bags a lot. I like shoes that stand out, too. Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of running shoes, the kind that look good with very wide pants.

Suga: I also love accessories, especially bracelets and rings. King rings, the really big ones. I’ll wear a lot of them at once.

Rap Monster: I like hats. As for a favorite … I like all of them, though? Really. I wear hats all the time.

Q.  How much interest do you have in fashion?

Jin: “How do I mix and match these things together … ” I tend to stand in front of the closet worrying like that.

Q.  Who is your style icon right now?

V: I don’t have a big role model at the moment, but later on, I would like to channel [actor] Ryoo Seung-bum [who is known for his unique style].

Jimin: I don’t have one exactly, but I like to look on the Internet for cool, well-dressed people and get inspired that way.

Jungkook: I am my own role model. I want to follow myself.

Jin: [Actor] Kang Dong Won. The clothes he wears, it’s the fit and style I like.

J-Hope: I like A$AP Rocky. How to put it … he dresses on-trend, but he also dresses for himself. He’s made his own style. It’s hip, but has a clean, polished kind of feel. That whole A$AP Mob style, I like.

Suga: Like Jungkook, I don’t really have one. I just look for what I like and what I feel comfortable wearing.

Rap Monster: Cool hyungs I look up to, even people I pass on the street in Seoul. People dress so well here, it’s easy to get inspired.



[This is literally self-indulgent crack.]

I imagine Adam going off to college and being exposed to new tv shows, movies, music, culture; just everything.

He dislikes the pop music that some of his friends listen to, but he’s really come to love the 90s era rock that his roommate blasts when he’s in the shower.

Homework keeps him from binge-watching films and shows like everyone suggests, but after a lot of complaining and guilt tripping, Adam finally takes the time to watch Game of Thrones. He texts Ronan at 4am one morning, to tell him to get caught up so they can watch it together when he comes to visit. He gets a middle finger emoji in response.

His clothing changes too. His loose jeans and oversized t-shirts are fitted now. He even wears pink on Wednesdays, though he hasn’t seen the movie the campus tradition comes from.

A classmate of his is a hair stylist on the weekends and gives him a modern trim she says his boyfriend will love. She says something about a taper fade, but Adam doesn’t know what that means, so he trusts her to do what she thinks looks good. It can’t be any worse than the mess he already has and he’s right; it looks great. He sends a photo to Ronan and almost instantly there’s an incoming text that has heat rushing to Adam’s cheeks.

College changes a lot of things about Adam.

But when he goes back to the Barns, goes back to Ronan and Opal, none of that matters. Ronan still kisses him stupid any chance he gets, they still go on late-night drives in the BMW, they still talk about Gansey and Blue and Henry and Noah, and they still spend a lot of time doing absolutely nothing in each other’s company.

Ronan embraces Adam’s changes, loves them with the ease that always came with loving Adam Parrish.

“Ronan,” Adam starts. He’s laying on the couch in nothing but a pair of sleeping pants, head on his boyfriend’s lap. “Did you get caught up on Game of Thrones?”

Ronan puts down his magazine.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” he sighs. “I did. I’m actually a season ahead.”

Adam sits up abruptly, looking offended.

“You fucking asshole.”

Taiwanese Magazine Interview - Hoshi


Q1: What kind of existence do you have in the group?

If the morale in the group is low, I’m in charge of hyping them up! But if everyone is playing and it gets too wild, I’ll quietly sit at a corner and observe them closely.

Q2: Describe yourself!

I’ve a kind personality, a considerate, warm kind of guy.

Q3: What are your charms in your opinion?

Cute and handsome appearance, full of confidence!

Q4: When do you feel the happiest?

When I eat, as long as I eat good food i’m happy!

Q5: What do you do during breaks?

I like to go shopping at shinsadong, dongdaemun and apgujeong!

Q6: Fashion/clothing style that you like?

Oversized shirt with fitting pants, parts of the black socks revealed.

Q7: Before your debut, what kind of student were you?

Before my debut, I’ve always seen Taemin from SHINee as my idol/role model. To fulfill this dream, I became a trainee at roughly grade 3.  I practiced day and night, even giving up on my sleep, I practiced really hard in my singing and dancing. Even though I felt very frustrated when our debut was delayed, I didn’t give up and continued to work towards my dream!

Q8: If you were a carat now, which member of seventeen would you be a fan of?

I will be HOSHI’S fan, this member is really too likeable, keke.

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Emotions - Chapter 2

Genre: Hybrid! BTS, BTS AU, fluff

Pairing: Hybrid!J-Hope/Hoseok x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of anxiety

Summary: Y/N suffers from mental illness and per the suggestion from her therapist, she gets an emotional support hybrid, Hoseok. 

Authors Note:  I hope you like this second installment!

Post Date: 11/4/17

Prev: Chapter 1 Next: Chapter 3

After washing the dishes, which Hoseok insisted he helped you with, it was time to clean yourselves. You gave Hoseok first whack, giving him a small tutorial on your shower and where the towels were. It struck you as odd that every bathroom had its own quirks. It was then that you discovered he owned a meager amount of clothes. The small duffel bag he brought with him should have hinted at that, but at the time you were more concerned with the man carrying it.

           “Hold on, I may have some oversized clothes that would fit you.” Hoseok gave your small figure a quick appraisal before fixing you with a skeptical look. You simply laughed. From the depths of your dresser you fished out a t-shirt and pants from an ex-lover. Why you had kept these was beyond your comprehension. You were about to leave the folded clothes in front of the bathroom door when you realized something: his tail.

           You fast-walked into the kitchen and found a pair of scissors. Gingerly, you cut a hole for his tail that you hoped was in the right spot and was large enough for all his fluffiness. Once you were satisfied with the dimensions, you set the clothes outside the bathroom door. After knocking, you let him know there was a change of clothes for him.

           It wasn’t more than ten minutes before he emerged from the bathroom. Thankfully the clothes fit him well enough and you saw his damp tail swaying behind him as he walked.

“Oh, I hope that hole is big enough for your tail, I don’t have hybrid clothes lying around. You can let me know and I can adju-“Before you could finish your sentence Hoseok captured you in a damp embrace. His hair let water droplets fall onto your neck as he hugged you.

“You’re so considerate Y/N, thank you so much. I feel so blessed to have been chosen by someone like you.” You returned the hug and then pulled away. It was then that you notice how tangled his hair looked.

“Can I brush your hair?” you asked. Hoseok smiled warmly at you.

“I would love that.”

You went into the bathroom for a dry towel and comb. When you returned to the living room you motioned for Hoseok to sit on the floor in between your legs. With the towel, you gently rubbed his head. You hesitated before patting dry his ears as well. Hoseok hummed in contentment.

Satisfied with how dry his hair was now, you took the comb and began to untangle his hair. It wasn’t hard, his hair was soft and well taken care of. As you brushed his damp hair you realized that Hoseok had wrapped his arms around your leg and was snuggling into it. Finding him very endearing, you set the brush aside and carded your hands through his hair.

“That feels so good,” he commented, tilting his head back. You could see his face muscles relax as you rubbed his scalp and massaged behind his ears. Soon enough, Hoseok had twisted his body around toward you. He suddenly hugged your midsection and buried his face in your hip. Smiling, you continued to stroke his head.

The dog hybrid suddenly looked up at you, his gaze more serious than you had ever seen. He slowly brought himself onto his knees, making your faces level with each other. His hands gently grasped your face and his eye flicked between yours as if he was struggling with something. His thumbs brushed against your cheekbones. You looked back in his eyes and were once again struck by how handsome he was. The intimate contact had heated your cheeks and sent your heart racing. No doubt he could hear it.

Your eyes widened as you watched his gaze flick down to your lips. You swallowed slowly waiting for something, anything to happen. There was a tension in the air and it felt like time was moving through molasses. The conflicted expression Hoseok held suddenly dropped and he brought a sunshiny smile back onto his face. He booped your nose and stood up.

“You should shower too huh? It’s getting late!”

“U-Uh yeah,” you responded, still reeling from what had just happened. You stood up from the couch, blood slowly returning to your limbs. Hoseok padded off into his room and shut the door. Unnecessarily, you cleared your throat. What was that? You thought.

The next morning you woke feeling less than rested. Not only did you have your usual nightmares, but the events of last night had you tossing and turning. You stretched before you threw off your comforter. Padding into the living room, you found Hoseok reading a book on the couch. Perched on the tip of his nose were round spectacles that made him look adorable. His ears perked up and he laid down the book he was reading.

“Good morning!” he sang.

Still half-asleep you mumbled “Morning.” Hoseok noted your zombie-like state and rushed over to you. He ruffled your hair and hugged you close.

“You’re so cute and sleepy in the morning! Ah, I could eat you up.” It was comfy in his embrace and you closed your eyes, almost dozing off before he let go. You peered up at him before rubbing the sleep from your eyes. You yawned once more before turning into the kitchen.

“Do you like coffee?”

“I’ve never tried it. I do like the smell of it though.”

“I can make you a cup,” you offered with a small smile. While you waited for the coffee to brew you looked in the fridge for breakfast ideas. Eggs, milk, bread. Ah, French toast. You began the breakfast ceremony by tying your hair in a ponytail and hauling the ingredients onto the counter. Hoseok’s tail wagged as he observed you: sleepy but still determined to function at some level.

“Ohhh~, are you making breakfast too?” he cooed.

“French toast,” you said cracking an egg. Hoseok eagerly watched you whisk the ingredients together, adding in a little cinnamon and vanilla extract. At first, he was confused why you would make bread all soggy with raw eggs and milk. That did not sound appealing to him. That was until you began to fry the bread and a heavenly aroma wafted into his nose.

As you let the bread fry you began to prep the coffee. It being his first time having coffee, you poured him a cup but didn’t add anything to it.

“Some people, like me, like cream and sugar with their coffee. Other people do one or the other. Some do neither. You can test it out and add what you like.” Hoseok nodded and sniffed at the black coffee. He then sniffed the creamer, a sweet vanilla scent greeting his nose. Before you knew it, his nose was in your coffee too. You giggled a bit.

“You can try mine if you want. I like it sweet.” You offered your mug to him and he took it, his fingers brushing yours in the process. For some reason, the touch made your heart jump. He took a slow sip. His face suddenly turned sour.

“Too sweet.”

“I suppose your taste buds are more sensitive than a human’s,” you mused. “Maybe try just creamer?”

“I think that’s a good idea.”

With enough trial and error, Hoseok found the formula for a perfect cup of coffee: a few splashes of vanilla creamer. You both settled down for breakfast, Hoseok gushing about how delicious the French toast was. Once you were finished, the dog hybrid insisted he do the dishes once more. You passed him the reins and went to your room to get ready for the day. Once you reemerged, you found Hoseok drying his hands.

“I was thinking we could get you some clothes today, that is if you’re up to shopping.”

“Like going to a mall?” he asked.

“Yeah, we can get clothes for you and maybe some things to decorate your room.”

“I would love to! I’ll go get ready!” Hoseok quickly ran into his room, eager to put another new experience on his belt. After getting dressed and washing up, he found you watching TV. Grasping your hands, he hauled you up from the couch and ushered you toward the door. Laughing you gather your purse and keys.

“Okay, okay! Let’s go.”

Thankfully, you lived close enough to the mall that it wasn’t a long drive. Although it was a Thursday, the mall was crowded. The swarm of people immediately tightened your gut with anxiety. Hoseok must’ve picked up on this because he took your hand in his and made you look at him.

“I’ll be with you the whole time,” he said reassuringly.

“How did you know I was feeling anxious?”

“I can hear your heartbeat and well, smell it.”

You made a disgusted face. “You can smell me?”

He laughed and shook his head. “It’s not like that but strong emotions give off certain scents that hybrids can pick up on. I was specially trained to pick up on the signals of anxiety and other things.”

You mulled this over in your head before asking, “So, are you constantly monitoring me?”

“No. It something I pick up on naturally. I don’t have to concentrate.”

You did your best not to suddenly feel self-conscious. If his senses were more heightened than humans, what more did he pick up from you? Shaking your head, you banished your anxious thoughts and took the keys out of the ignition.

“I don’t know if I’ve properly expressed this,” you began. “But I really appreciate what you do for me. I can honestly say I feel better with you around. Thank you.” Hoseok reached over the center console and pulled you into a hug.

“Anything for you,” he murmured into your hair.

The usual scent of mall food greeted your nose as you walked in. Hoseok took your hand in his, causing your heart to race. You hoped he attributed it to mall anxiety and not…something else. Something you hadn’t given yourself time to truly process. The two of you located a map and quickly found a hybrid-clothing store.

Hoseok seemed to be taking the mall in stride, taking in every sight and sound around him. Certainly, the amount of scents and sounds he was processing was overwhelming, but he had learned to dim his senses in situations like this. Instead he focused on the mission ahead and you, of course.

The store was bright and rather large. Several displays held trendy outfits for hybrids of all kinds. You quickly realized that there were sections catering to certain hybrid types. Cats, dogs, rabbits and even foxes had their own selections of clothes and accessories.

“Wow,” you said, looking around. You looked up at Hoseok and smiled at him. “This is all for you so lead the way.” He pulled you by the hand toward the dog section. There he rifled through the clothing racks, pulling out whatever looked appealing to him. Soon his arms were full of clothes and he looked over at you with what could only be described as puppy-dog eyes.

“Why don’t we go try these on and then we can come back,” you suggested. He nodded and headed toward the dressing rooms.

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could you do 52 "i don't think he loves me anymore" with some angst? + andreil

Dan gets home late from her coaching gig on Tuesday night, and they eat thai takeaway over styrofoam containers and cheap wine.

The TV’s the only light in the room, and it’s almost like the flicker of a fireplace, if they don’t look at it directly. Dan’s laughing and smooching stray noodle off of Matt’s cheek when there’s a knock on the door.

They make faces at each other. “It’s 10 pm,” Dan says. “This had better be life or death.”

Matt groans. “Don’t tempt fate.” He struggles out of the couch and passes his ginger beef off to Dan. “5 bucks says it’s Allison back from Guadala-whatever. Timezones mean nothing to her.”

“Bet denied. You know gambling isn’t the same when we have a joint bank account,” Dan complains and Matt laughs, dodging their side table and heading for the front door. He busily cracks open all of their locks and rattles the door until it unsticks.

“Hey!” he says, surprised. Neil’s scuffing their doormat with the toe of his shoe, dressed in old PSU colours. “A house call from Neil Josten, what an honour,” he jokes. Half-jokes. A visit from Neil is a confession that he missed you enough to actually do something about it.

Neil looks up at him blankly, and something is so obviously wrong that it shakes Matt. He takes silent note of the bag slung over his shoulder, the mottled redness of his eyes and face.

“Allison?” Dan calls, and Matt shakes his head without thinking.

“Neil,” he replies softly.

“Get out of town,” Dan says, voice getting louder as she floats towards them. She appears at Matt’s shoulder and grins. “Well if it isn’t our favourite competition.”

Neil usually says something obnoxious about Matt’s team not even counting as competition, but this time his mouth stays thin and snapped shut. Matt and Dan exchange a loaded glance.

“I need to ask you a favour,” Neil says finally.

“Anything,” Matt says.

“I need to stay somewhere,” Neil says, and Matt watches him gather himself like he’s finding his balance on a slick of ice.

“Where’s Andrew,” Dan says slowly. Neil looks at her, and then at Matt. He hasn’t seemed quite this small since he first showed up at the foxhole court with all his lies clenched between his teeth.

“I can find somewhere else,” Neil says, already turning to go. Matt catches him by the strap of his duffel.

“Oh no you don’t. We’ve got a couch with your name on it.”

“If Matt hasn’t destroyed it with peanut sauce,” Dan chirps. Neil looks back and forth between them again, his face in knots. Matt bodily pulls him over the threshold.

“You don’t have to tell us anything you don’t want to. We get how it is.” He looks over at Dan and she’s already nodding.

“Thanks,” Neil says, and he drops his bag heavily just inside the door. He eyes the TV. “What were you watching?”

“Not exy,” Dan replies. “You might have heard of it.” She flops back onto her side of the couch and tucks her feet under herself. Matt settles down opposite and watches Neil perch on the armchair like it’s made of something sharp.

“We can change it?”

Neil shakes his head, and his eyes drop. Matt feels metaphorical eggshells crunching under his heels. It’s never been this uneasy with Neil, even when they first met.

Neil picks at his armbands until he seems to realize what he’s doing, and he reaches under the sleeves of his hoodie to peel them off altogether. Dan shoots Matt a frantic look.

“Not to pry,” Dan starts, “but do you need us to call anyone?”

He looks up. “Like who?”

“Like…” she looks at Matt. “Your coach? Nicky, maybe? Kevin?”

“How would they help me?” Neil says flatly.

“Man, your Andrew impression is killer,” Matt grits, nerves pricking with frustration. Neil’s expression goes tight, distorted like canvas stretched to fit an oversized frame.

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Taiwanese Magazine Interview - Dokyeom


Q1: What kind of existence do you have in the group?

I’m in charge of bringing the mood up in the group. Because I like to laugh, I often cause the people around me to laugh together.

Q2: Describe yourself!

I’m a person who relies mainly on food to brighten my mood and replenish my energy. My father often tells me to be a person who think about others and be a conscientious person. I’m always working hard towards that!

Q3: What are your charms in your opinion?

When I look in to the mirror, I realised that my mouth was really big, especially when I smiled, that smile is really charming.

Q4: When do you feel the most happy?

To be able to perform on stage, to hold a concert, to feel the fan’s love, that’s the happiest.

Q5: What do you do during breaks?

The most common activity when i’m on a break is to watch movies, I’ll go to cinema or watch it at home.

Q6: Fashion/clothing style that you like?

Instead of oversized clothes, I prefer fitted kind of clothes. I I prefer black, blue and red outfits.

Q7: Before your debut, what kind of student were you?

I was the kind who liked to play around with my classmates. Even though I wasn’t great at my studies, I worked really hard studying, I also liked sports.

Q8: If you were a carat now, which member of seventeen would you be a fan of?

Vernon, he’s beautiful on the outside and inside.

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picture cr: ろん


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I'm thirsty for more! Can I get SFW and NSFW turn ons for the S/M boys please? :D

Please remember to read the rules before requesting as I don’t do NSFW. Here are some SFW turn-on’s though! This one’s kind of all over the place haha. Sorry for the wait as well, I’ve been very focused on summer school lately. :(



  • Decent cooking abilities
  • Submissiveness
  • Good sense of humor
  • Kindness, patience, and compassion


  • I think he’d enjoy a feisty attitude at first but he would most likely get annoyed with the continuous disobedience after a while. On the other hand, submissiveness would also be enjoyable but it would get boring for him fast. A balance between feistiness and submissiveness(?) would be ideal.
  • Long hair
  • Bodycon dresses or you wearing his hat
  • Kindness, patience, and compassion


  • Obedience and submissiveness
  • Dresses with frill or lace
  • Words of endearment
  • Kindness, patience, and compassion


  • Proficient musical abilities and/or interest
  • Short skirts
  • A quiet and calm demeanor
  • Kindness, patience, and compassion


  • A hardworking and polite attitude along with a modicum of elegance.
  • Knowledge with tea and the culinary arts
  • An attentive/perceptive personality
  • Kindness, patience, and compassion


  • An adventurous or outgoing personality
  • Braided hair
  • When you wear his clothes
  • Kindness, patience, and compassion



  • Rather than someone who is obnoxious and loud, Ruki prefers someone who is calm and composed.
  • Someone who has interests in literature and history
  • Submissiveness
  • Kindness, patience, and compassion


  • Singing or dancing
  • Loose fitted clothing. Oversized T-shirts and sweaters are nice as well.
  • An energetic and outgoing personality
  • Kindness, patience, and compassion


  • Simple and casual clothing! A pair of shorts along with a cute top is his preferred outfit.
  • Not being afraid to get your hands dirty; manual labour in his garden for example.
  • Ponytails or when you put your hair up
  • Kindness, patience, and compassion


  • Your smile
  • The sight of injuries on your body
  • Sundresses
  • Kindness, patience, and compassion

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 695

A/N: Established relationship – the reader shows Castiel what it means to fly. This drabble is SO FLUFFY.

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You woke in an empty bed, finding only cold rumpled sheets where hours before a blue-eyed angel snuggled you near as you drifted contentedly to sleep. His absence did not alarm you. Rubbing bleary eyes, you squinted at the red digital numbers on the clock – 4:51 AM. Sam would be up already, many miles into a run. Dean would stir soon, roused by the scent of coffee set on automatic drip. You stifled the desire to pray for Castiel to return. He would, of course, return – he always came when you called. Although, with clipped wings, these days he often phoned first to advise you of delay if he was not in the bunker or its immediate vicinity. Swinging your feet over the edge of the bed, your toes hesitatingly tapped at the cold tile floor. You had an innate sense as to where you might find the brooding angel this morning. You also had a strong disinclination to venture out of the cozy bed. But if you dallied any longer, Dean would most certainly catch you creeping past the kitchen threshold and coerce you into sharing a deliciously greasy breakfast. You liked bacon as much as the next person, but something inkling deep within your being compelled you to seek out the angel you loved. Jeans haphazardly tugged over pajama shorts, sock-less feet jammed into untied boots, you threw on an oversized sweater, fit a beanie over your unkempt hair, and slipped outside into the dewy dawn.

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Piercings and Bourbon - Supercat

Note: not suitable for work.

This is a prompt fill for @coramvobis

Massive thanks to the lovely @rtarara for filling in so many gaps and fixing my errors (and being a “full service beta”). Oh, and @spaceshipsarecool for basically outlining the entire plot.



Cat let out a surprised exclamation when she turned around, bumping into an equally surprised Kara. The glass of bourbon in Cat’s hand collided with Kara’s chest and splashed all over the both of them. Slipping out of Cat’s hand, the tumbler shattered on the balcony floor.

“Ms. Grant, I’m so sorry!” Kara immediately scrambled, looking for something to help dry them. She set aside the folder in her hand, the article in need of review forgotten. Kara pulled off her cardigan. Her shirt was wet with the sweet smelling liquid, but her open sweater had managed to avoid the splash.

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bob ross and chill

player: andre burakovsky, washington capitals
authors notes: this wasn’t really requested i just wanted to write andre fluff and if you actually want to watch the bob ross video that i used for this: here it is! and swedish translations are at the bottom (shoutout to my farfar [grandfather] for giving me the right conjugations)
warnings: none, i don’t think i even swore in this one
word count: 892

masterlist | request 

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