oversize bag



-Me- (Right)

  • Hat-GUTCHI-Eros Hat Premium
  • Hair-Speakeasy-Fraz Hair (Greyscale)
  • Necklace & Rings-MINIMAL-Emperators Necklace & Rings (Store Gatcha)
  • Jacket-Gabriel-One Shoulder Jacket (Rare Gatcha)
  • Tank & Pants-Caboodle-Ezra Overalls (Black)
  • Shoes-ROC-Martens Boots (Mid)

-Maejorm- (Left)

Thank you so much @maejorthestylist for being apart of this I really appreciate it :)


Gency Week // Day 2: AU - Coffee Tea shop/University! 

  • The Shimada brothers work at their very successful family business - a Japanese-inspired tea house and cafe with locations all over the country. Hanzo is a store owner and general manager while Genji works for him as a barista.
  • Genji does not want to become a store manager like his brother, but he has no idea what he wants to do with his life - so he works there for now.
  • Genji flirts with every attractive person that walks into the tea house. Much to his brother’s irritation.
  • The first day Angela Ziegler walks in, Hanzo puts his foot down and refuses to let Genji take her order. Genji whines.
  • Since his brother won’t let him talk to the most gorgeous person he’s ever seen in their store, Genji simply admires from afar.
  • Angela becomes a regular, often bringing a laptop and an oversized bag with her. She has a favorite seat in the corner where she spreads out all her work. Genji makes sure that seat is always available around the time she usually comes in.
  • He can tell she’s incredibly smart from how studious she is - the whole package - he thinks to himself. She is definitely his age, so she probably studies at a university somewhere nearby.
  • What he doesn’t learn for a long time is that she is not a student, but a professor. (She already has her doctorate and experience as a surgeon)
  • Genji gets jealous every time another person flirts with her, but always relishes when she politely turns them away.
  • Eventually, he gets to approach her on a day that Hanzo is out running errands. He brings her a matcha tea, since she clearly needs the caffeine that day. Her grateful smile makes his heart skip a beat.
  • Over time, Hanzo can tell that his brother feels differently for this young woman - so he begins to allow Genji to serve her when she comes in.

You can imagine the rest ;) I’m a sucker for fluffy coffee shop/ university AU’s!


So I saw @hijabihybrid selfie on instagram and Masha Allaah, she looked beautiful! I love her lip colour (colourpop maybe? ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) and how simple her eye makeup was done 😍
So I tried to recreate the look, but i didnt have all my stuff with me (all in bags atm), so i used a darker brown lippie and did a cat eyeliner style. My eyeshadow is a mess as I’m still learning on how to blend them together.
@hijabihybrid if you ever come across this, I want you to know that you are my inspiration for photography, depth and conept of photos.
I hope, insha Allaah, the reach your level of creativity and skill, Ameen!


 Spring 2011 during Paris Fashion Week

Ulyana is wearing

  • Ulyana Sergeenko Fall 2011 pinafore ($2,661 in 2013)
  • Olympia Le-Tan Spring 2011 Hotel Olympia bag ($1,500)
  • Miu Miu boots Resort 2008 (only a handful of celebs had this style, there was one blue pair, a couple of black pairs, and Ulyana’s brown ones) 
My goal for today was to #unfuckmydollroom

For the last few months, my doll room has become a catch all for everything in my house because it is also where my computer is. Christmas only made it worse. So today I had enough and started to actually try to fix it.

  • I added about 18 more dolls to my purge pile. (the purge pile is now in an oversized shopping bag waiting to be dropped off somewhere (also considering selling the whole lot for like $20 on Facebook).
  • Filled two garbage bags with non-recyclable doll packaging and other crap.
  • Filed a bunch of papers that were just sitting on the floor.
  • Sorted out all of my extra doll shoes based on type and style

I’m still not done. Not by a long shot. But at least the majority of the dolls are off the floor and back on shelves. I plan on posting before/afters once I’m actually done. Also? I have a floor apparently!

The Good Life

Anonymous asked:  Can you write some Alexander family fluff? ;3

A/N: You probably wanted the entire hamilfamily, but I had a cute idea and ran with it. Hope you like it, anon!

Word Count: 1313

TWs: Hospitals, babies, wheelchairs. 

AU: Modern ((sorry))

Pairing: A. Ham x Reader

You anxiously sat in the wheelchair, waiting for your husband to gather the rest of your things so you could leave. He was scrambling; the sounds of disgruntled muttering and swearing rang clear as day out into the hallway. You couldn’t help but giggle.

Let’s just say it had been a long 24 hours.

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a friend told me one of my tweets was the start of a poem, so...

by accident, i saw a beautiful brick house today.

blue window frames and blue door.

i want to remember.

my car eked its way up a snow-dusted hill, and i meant only to turn around, not

look over my left shoulder

and be architecturally stunned.

i wondered how the owners of the three other houses, on top of the hill, managed to love their mediocre dwellings.

how could they bare to walk through their own front doors, when a little bit to the left

 - or the right -

 aged white paint subtly revealed rustic splotches of orange red clay, a meticulous sort of mess, like a woman who wears an expensive wool jacket into an auto shop?

her bluejeans don’t get dirty.  through some alchemy she transmutes the grime of this world into frye boots and an oversized cloth bag.

what is this thing that’s more than money, and makes me want?