oversimplification of her beauty

Emotions should be expressed. If the cause of your momentary feelings are simply irrational emotions, you need to release them; let them go. Write out the events of the evening in detail, reveal the details, consider their absurdity, connect your emotional state to a series of actions performed by people whom you can blame. Blame yourself, blame her. Debunk the rationality of these connections. Sleep. Wake up. Draw a few images that illustrate how you feel. Do not finish. Draw until you feel lighter. Write more. Sleep. Wake up. Decide to be honest. Entertain the idea of calling her and telling her you are madly in love with her. Let the impulse pass. Cower from it. Most likely the heartache from the previous night, a physiological symptom of your feeling has yet to fade. Allow this to amuse you. It’s funny if you think about it; the unyielding grip your emotions have on your physical well being.
—  An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

Acclaimed filmmakers Terence Nance (An Oversimplification of Her Beauty), Chanelle Aponte Pearson and their team at MVMT, direct a series of short films about some of the most fascinating and unconventional Brooklynites at the center of the borough’s creative culture. Philospher, master of the photographed image, and swarm king Kwesi Abbensetts explains his approach to beauty.

Producer I Director I Camera I Editor – Chanelle Aponte Pearson
Producer I Director I Camera I Editor – Naima Ramos Chapman

Executive Producer – MVMT
Executive Producer – Aziz Isham

Music Chanelle Aponte Pearson Naima Ramos Chapman Norvis Junior.

Series / Supervising Producer – Kecia Élan Cole

Post Production Supervisor – Sachar Mathias
Operations Manager – Jonathan Ortiz

All Photos Courtesy Of Kwesi Abbensetts


can’t wait to see this!