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radioactivewombats  asked:

top five comics/graphic novels/web-comics (feel free to stick to one thing I just wanted to make sure you had options in case you didn't read one or the other lol)

5. Jimmy Corrigan: the smartest kid on Earth by Chris Ware
(this is one of those graphic novels that shows up on all the “most influential” lists but I only read it for the first time this year. It’s super weird and nonlinear and it tickled my brain in just the right way)

4. Bone by Jeff Smith
(a fun high fantasy adventure that’s super cute and goofy until it ABSOLUTELY ISN’T, DEAR LORD PEOPLE ARE DYING)

3. Vattu by Evan Dahm (the only way I can describe this is “surreal fantasy with more thought put into every page than I’ve ever put into anything.” This is actually the third series in his Overside comics but you don’t need to read them in order)

2. The Last Halloween by Abby Howard
(Another one I didn’t start reading until this year. It’s Halloween and everyone’s getting eaten alive by monsters. There’s a wereoppossum named banjo. I love it)

1. He Is a Good Boy by K. C. Green
(An acorn tries to take control of his life. It’s very NSFW.)