Jily Headcanons (requested by Losahina)

alright here we go

  • so James Potter is an arrogant little nerd, who can’t believe that people aren’t interested in quidditch, he knows every fact about the Holyhead Harpies, so when Lily Evans looks up at him with wide green eyes asking what a snitch is and demanding why he compared her to one, he just about loses his shit
  • Lily Evans loves to go on broomstick rides. She hates playing quidditch because she’s rubbish at the sport, but she loves flying. She always used to dream about flying, and whenever she wondered about superheroes she knew if she had powers she would be up with the birds, until she discovered she actually did have powers. Except brooms are expensive and when she asked for one Mr. Evans sent her a regular broomstick so she sometimes steals them from the broom shed and flies around the school
  • She is sure no one ever see’s except once james is studying in the astronomy tower and see’s a flash of red and is in complete awe as he watches her spread her arms and laugh as she pulls up from a dive
  • James found out how much Lily loved sugar quills and he starts eating them himself, and always offering one to her just so he can talk to her and at first she is super suspicious because one should never just accept food from a marauder, except he tests them and nothing happens and soon they talk even when he doesn’t have a pack of sugar quills in his bag
  • James goes into the forbidden forest one night after breaking up with his girlfriend who cheated on him and Lily feels horrible and follows him in except she gets horribly lost and when he calms down and is already almost to the castle he spots her on the map and trucks her down, only to find she’s made friends with some giant spiders who are already showing her the way back (just proves his point that Lily Evans can charm literally anything)
  • Lily loves to bake and sometimes when she has spare time she will go down to the kitchens and help the house elves bake desserts for the students and at first they won’t let her help but eventually they become her friends and she is always welcome to help, and she even teaches them some new recipes and soon muggles feel at home recognizing some new desserts, and James cannot stop talking about the fudge brownies that just started appearing. 
  • When Lily was a kid she always wanted to wear glasses because she thought she would look smarter so sometimes she just steal’s James and he has to admit, from what he can see (which isn’t really anything) she looks pretty hot
  • Of course James thinks Lily Evans looks great wearing just about anything 
  • She steals a lot of his t-shirts because she’s half a foot shorter and they are so large and so soft and smell so good, like peppermint and the sky
  • sometimes Lily gets really homesick and misses watching The X Files so one day she gets permission from McGonagall to transfigure some pillows into a television and she watches all the new episodes in the common room and James was studying but now he is yelling at Scully “OH WHY WON’T YOU JUST BELIEVE ALREADY” 
  • Lily has a favorite armchair, literally every gryffindor know it’s her chair, and in the common room no one dares disturb her area, especially when she’s in the zone. So when she comes back from the library with books, and finds a certain James Potter sitting in her seat, she doesn’t hesitate to whack him overside the head with her books, and when that doesn’t do anything she just sits on his lap and nochalantly does her work
  • and he is freaking out because HOLY FUCK LILY EVANS IS SITTING ON ME
  • and right before they started dating when they would do patrols, their hands would always brush up against each other and they would both blush and stammer until one day Lily just grabs his hand and he accepts it and now it seems as though rounds are going by much faster, hm strange
  • Lily told James that if he scores 80 points she will go jump in the lake 
  • he scores 280 points and that night he pushes her into the lake and she fumbles for his ankle and soon he tumbles in and BLOODY HELL IT’S FREEZING but they’re laughing and splashing each other and it’s kinda fun
  • James Potter who sets an alarm for when lily is by herself with suspected death eaters so the map will ring and whenever he hears the ring, he goes running
  • even when Lily has a mobile phone and it rings and he was talking to her, he goes running until realizing
  • Lily accidentally falling asleep in herbology after Marlene and Sirius had a fight that night and he carries her up to the common room and ditched class from the start
  • James and Lily wearing matching christmas sweaters which she asked her aunt to do
  • also the marauders and matching animal sweaters
  • and Lily charms them so they are like the ones from hannah montanna that make noises and have tails
  • and McGonagall confiscates them all for being “too noisy in the common room”
  • Lily Evans and James Potter playing speed with her muggle deck of cards and he creaming him every time
  • “you bloody witch, how on earth do you keep beating me?”


Audrey x reader imagine

Plot: the day had been tough you had gone on a hunt with Audrey trying to find clues left unseen at the barn. You had spent most of the evening searching with her but didn’t find anything. As you got out you saw something hanging from a tree and called Audrey out. You both ran to find a gutted pig hanging from the tree with the words “ I see all ” written on the pigs flesh. Just before turning around and walking away the pig fell on you and Audrey staining your clothes with blood.
Warning : pure fluff …. Maybe a little sin.

“Ugh how on earth will I take this pig blood off” you said while opening the door to the passengers seat.
“ and how will I explain to my parents when they see me walking in like this!!”
You looked at Audrey looking amused by your mini panic attack.
“ Audrey this isn’t funny or amusing. They’ll kill me . Literally, or worse send me to a crazy home ” Audrey laughed as she closed the door and turned on the car.
“ okay they might kill you.that isn’t so bad considering what we’re dealing with now is it y/n ” she looked serious but cracked a Side smile at the end once she saw you lighten up and burst into laughter .
“ you can come over to my place. My dad is on this business trip until next week you can change and take a shower before heading home….. If you’d like ” she said the last part avoid eye contact and driving away from the barn
“ that would be great you said are you sure you don’t mind ”
you looked at Audrey she had her eyes locked on the road as she said “ no I don’t mind. Me casa es tu casa ” you laughed at her attempt to speak Spanish. The rest of the way home she cracked jokes making you laugh. As she pulled in the her diveway you repeated the written words on the pig . “ I see all” what do you think the killer is trying to tell us? “
” I’m not sure, It could mean anything. Maybe something to do with the fact that he’s/she’s always one step ahead of us.“ You locked eyes with her for a split second before getting out of the car. provoking fluttering in your stomach. she looked calm considering what had just happened. She opens the door to her house leading you up the stairs to her bedroom . She pointed to her bathroom.
” the bathroom is there you can leave your clothes in the bin “
” thanks Audrey are you sure you don’t want to go first “
” no ill go to my dad’s bathroom and wash up there" she said smiling at you. “I’ll get you a towel, They should be in the dryer” she said while leaving her room to go downstairs. You looked to her bathroom and down at your clothes that stained red and had an awful smell . You headed quickly to her bathroom ready to get rid of your clothes unaware that you had left the door slightly open. You had taken off your jeans and tugged at the hem of your shirt pulling it off your body. Audrey walked into her room and caught sight of you through the crack she watched as you slowly took off your shirt and let it drop to the floor revealing your favourite lace bralette and the matching black underwear. She looked at you up and Down devouring you with her hungry stare. you turned to looked into the mirror and saw the reflection of Audrey at her door, towel on hand she was watching you her face expression was blood boiling she was bitting her bottom lip before she looked up at your face you quickly looked away from the mirror avoiding eye contact. Soon after Audrey knocked on the door “ I found a towel” you opened the door slightly careful not to show anything but your face and hand that was reaching for the towel “ thanks” you said unable to make eye contact with her as you took the towel your finger touched hers there was a spark. Butterflies maybe . You smiled and closed the door. You thought about what had happened while washing up. The way she had stared at you. Was it possible that she had feelings for you. More then just friends. You started to panic at the thought of her knowing you cought her staring at you from the mirrors reflection. You got out of the tub and drying yourself up putting on your bralette, underwear and your gray high knee socks the only thing that hadn’t gotten stained with blood. realizing you had already taken to long you opened the door walking out with the towel rapped around you. Your hair still dripping. Audrey was already dressed and clean She looked at you and smiled from her bed you smiled back before asking for something to ware. She looked through her clothes in search for a clean shirt the only one she could find was an oversized black T-shirt and some black shorts she handed them to you
“ sorry that’s all I’ve got. Today was wash day so all of my other clothes are still in the dryer ” you slipped on the oversided T and let the towel fall she stared at you bitting her lip. “ the shirt was loose on you it reached your mid thigh so the shorts weren’t needed. ” so can i stay the night “ you said “um sure” she said off garde still looking at you. “ "I’m hungry. Do you have anything to eat?……
We should order pizza ”
“ I’ll get the films she said walking to her bookshelf grabbing 5 of your favorite horror films ” you both went down to her living room and layed down a blanket on the floor with a lot of pillows like you always did on Friday night’s the door bell rang and Audrey went to get it you had handed her 30$ but she said it was on her. Just at the thoughts of being so close to her tonight made you nervous but you calmed yourself down convincing yourself it would be like any other Friday night. You had always liked her but not until today had you thought about her more then just a friend. When she came back she had the pizza at hand she sat next to you. Closer then usual. You both got a slice and started watching the movie. Throught the movie you cought her staring at you a few times you tried to brush it off and not think to much of it. Maybe she was tense from today.. your thoughts were interrupted by the “ pause ” on The tv screen you looked at Audrey with confusion she was staring back at you with a fragile look. You were about to ask her what was wrong but your thought got cut off when you felt her hand on your jaw she leaned closer to you and stopped inches away from your face looking into your eye waiting for you to back away or tell her to stop. You didn’t. you wanted her.
She leaned closer brushing her lips on yours before kissing you. there was a spark and heat something you had never experienced before with your past boyfriends she was fragile but rough and the same time. Her hands moved to your thighs pulling you on her lap in a quick movement. you were ontop of her cradling her kissing her deeper as she asked for more. Her hand ran up your spine to the back of your neck the other was rapped around your waist not wanting to let go. You played with the hair on the back of her neck with one hand the other was rapped around her shoulder. You both broke the kiss with red faces from the heat. She smiled looking down and you acknowledged her features. She fiddled with the hem of your high knee sock making you ache. You bit your lip as she moved her hand higher to your inner thigh. She looked up at you still flushed “ your so beautiful y/n” unable to resist you pressed your lips on hers kissing her but still wanting more. She took a hold of your waist as she laid you down underneath her careful not to break the kiss , slowly moving her kisses down to your neck while spreading your legs with her knees. you moaned out loud unable to keep it in, she smiled and continued what she was doing she took hold of the hem of your shirt slowly exposing skin but got interrupted by a knock at the door she ignored it but that only made the knocking increase she got up annoyed breaking the kiss. You heard as she argued with a male voice before she yelled “ Noah wait ” she said a bit to late as Noah walked in on you still laying on the floor flushed luckly you had been able to pull the shirt down covering yourself. “ oh hey y/n ” he said with a confused expression “ hey Noah” you said sitting up.
‘What are you doing here Noah ? “
Audrey sounded annoyed
” it’s Friday night isn’t it? It’s horror night …… When you guys and myself get together and watch movies…. Remember”
Audrey accepted what Noah had said but still looking annoyed. The annoyance left her once she cought sight of you staring back you sat next to her the rest of the night careful not to make things between you two to obvious for Noah. She took your hand in hers and leaned towards your ear kissing it slightly while she said “can you come over tomorrow night?” you smiled and looked at her while nodding your head she smiled while bitting her bottom lip.

hope you guys enjoy. Might make a “seen 2 ” not sure though.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I absolutely love your guides! About your "Everything You Need for Your First Apartment", wouldn't it be sensible also to buy a simple binder (at first)? There's just so much paperwork while moving that it's easy to lose it at first, until you actually know how to file it properly. Have a nice day!

A binder is a great idea to keep all of your important documents in one place. When I got my first apartment, the landlord gave me everything in an overside manila envelope and I kept everything in that for a really long time. What I have now is an accordion file folder, which holds all of my documents in nicely labeled tabs.

Whatever your choice, keeping everything organized in a single location is highly recommended.

Frog people! I’m still happy with how Sunk looks; simple repeating shapes and limited palettes are good all-purpose design rules I think. It’s weird to look at crowd scenes (like this and a bigger one in the next couple of pages) and try to get myself back in the head-space I was in back then: I thought of Overside as full of a huge proliferation of different shapes of creatures, some totally unique and some belonging to groups like the frog-men, or the horneds, etc… Maybe this is still the case, in the current iteration of the setting. I try to fight the urge to overexplain (even to myself) and to worry too much about inter-story continuity. Each story standing on its own terms is more important I think!