Hey I updated that enormous book of Overside art and miscellany! It now contains the full text from a book I made in 2010, featuring a bunch of figures from throughout the setting, and descriptions of them and their places in history. And like 100 pages of other stuff. Download it here if you like!

(If you’ve previously bought the book, you should have received a link to a free download of the new edition)

Frog people! I’m still happy with how Sunk looks; simple repeating shapes and limited palettes are good all-purpose design rules I think. It’s weird to look at crowd scenes (like this and a bigger one in the next couple of pages) and try to get myself back in the head-space I was in back then: I thought of Overside as full of a huge proliferation of different shapes of creatures, some totally unique and some belonging to groups like the frog-men, or the horneds, etc… Maybe this is still the case, in the current iteration of the setting. I try to fight the urge to overexplain (even to myself) and to worry too much about inter-story continuity. Each story standing on its own terms is more important I think!

More outfits by me at s-ublimate

Top:  Airy top / Topshop / Black

Top: Overside pullover/ Brandy and Melville / Black

Bottom: high waisted checkered shorts / ZARA / Black & white

Quick fanart of Vattu because wow, this webcomic is AMAZING.

Velas and Vattu are my favorite characters and I can’t wait to see them interacting again. Is it because of this page? Perhaps.

Okay who am I kidding I love all the characters and this webcomic is the highlight of my monday/wednesday/friday mornings. Please read it so I can talk to someone about it. Please. 

Evan Dahm is a master storyteller and I can’t wait to see how all of these wonderfully dynamic characters come together. (what is unweight WHAT IS IT)