A Guide to Spending Little and Living More

We are all careless with our money sometimes. The payroll for this month comes swooping in and suddenly we’ve spent a good half of it on candles, bath salts and all sorts of bits and bobs that we’re never going to be able to use more than 5 times at best. How do you stop though? Read on and find out how to be rich without being rich! 

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Daddy's Home

I pull into a spot in the airport parking lot and grab my sign. I’m nervous, I’m full term with my husband’s baby but he hasn’t seen me pregnant. Not in person at all. He was deployed a week before I found out I was pregnant and I’ve had to go through my pregnancy without him, our families my support system. But now he’s home and he’ll be here for the birth which is the most important thing. I smooth my maternity shirt over my large belly then head into the airport and navigate myself to the arrivals. It’s crowd but I don’t see you in the first batch of people. I wait five minutes and I finally see you, towering above everyone in your uniform. I hold my sign high so it can catch you eye. I wave it a bit and you finally see it and jog over to me. Your first instinct is to pick me up into your arms but you see my big belly and stop, dropping your bag before kissing me passionately. We separate and you drop to your knee and kiss my dome of a belly, your hands on either side of it. I play with your hair as you murmur to your baby, then I notice people staring. Our scene slowly getting everyone one’s attention, a soldier and his wife.You stay like this for about 5 minutes before standing up and putting your hand around my shoulder. “Let’s go home darlin’” you say leading me out of the airport. I lean heavily against you as we get to the car, you help me in and kiss me deeply. You go around to the driver’s side and climb in. The whole way your hand ever leaves my belly, we finally make it home and head into the house. “Now you go sit down and watch TV while I cook you dinner.” I order, you try to argue saying we should order food but I won’t take no for an answer. You head into the living room and I head into the kitchen to start cooking. 

After about an hour I call you into the dining room where dinner is waiting. As you sit at the head of the table, “Oh I forgot.” I say before heading back into the kitchen and returning with a cold beer for you. I sit down and we dig into dinner. We chat while we eat and suddenly I feel the baby kicking for the first time since you got here..”Honey come feel the baby!” I say excited. You hurry over and put your hand on my belly, I pick it up and move it over it where you can feel a foot poking out. You look up at me, amazed at feeling your baby kick for the first time.I smile and pull my shirt up over my belly. You kneel down in front of me and sit there feeling the baby kick for a few minute before your hands start to wonder all over my baby bump before reaching up and pulling off my shirt. You start to feel my heavy breasts, barely contained in my bra. You reach back and undo my bra with skilled hands. You rub the red marks and then start to play with my nipples, making me toss my hand back in pleasure. Your hands return to my belly, caressing the expanse of it. You stand up and then tug at my hands helping me to stand too. You lead me to our bedroom topless and help me into the bed before pulling off my long skirt revealing my lace panties which you quickly pull those off too. You stop for a moment, admiring what you did to me and then start to strip off your uniform. “How should we do this?” You ask in husky voice. I think for a moment and then turn over and get on my hands and knees. My pussy spread open for you, you climb onto the bed behind me and tease my opening with the head of your cock for a moment. But you can’t wait any longer and you start to push into my pussy. It’s so tight from not having sex for so long. You try to be gentle but your thrusts get frantic as you reach below and rub my belly. I start to moan as you fuck me roughly. “Yes baby I’m going to cum.” I cry out. You start to get close too but as I start to cum all over your cock you get help but cum too. You bury your cock deep inside of me as you pour your seed into me. We both collapse on the bed and I lay on my side. You rub my belly, the baby sleeping now but you can’t get enough of it. “You look so beautiful like this,” you tell me as I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.


The past 2 weeks we’ve made love so many times, trying to make up for what we missed out on. I’m huge now, a week overdue and the baby is big too. My baby bump can’t stretch any further it seems like. We spend time with our families and today is your birthday. Your parents have planned a party at our house and they’ve tasked me with keeping you distracted while they set up. I tell you I want to go shopping for the baby, we’re walking around when I have to lean heavily against you as a pain grips my lower belly. “Darlin’ are you okay?” You ask when I make you stop. I put my arm on your arm, “I think that was a contraction,” I say. “Should we go back home?” I shake my head, “No if it’s real then it’ll take it’s time. This baby loves taking it’s time obviously. I’m a week overdue now.” I joke. You rub my lower back, still concerned “Okay if you say so.” I have random contractions for the next hour as we continue to shop. They aren’t serious and don’t bother me much. I get a text from your mom says it’s okay to head home. I take your hand, “Baby I think I’m ready to head home.” You chuckle, “Oh good, I thought you would overshop or something,” you say lifting the 6 bags in your hand. We go out to the car and unload the bags before heading home. We pull into our street and you notice all the car lining the road. “Darlin’ is there something you haven’t told me?” You joke. I giggle and we park and head inside. Once we walk in everyone shouts surprise and you laugh pulling me close. Everyone starts to come up to us, hugging you and rubbing my belly asking when I’m going to pop. The stream of people doesn’t seem to end, as the party goes on I keep having random contractions. Slowly they get closer and closer, by the time we start to have cake they start to get more painful. I try to hide it as I eat. You keep an eye on me, concerned and you notice that I keep pausing and rubbing my belly. You make your way over to me at the table, “Are you okay?” You ask putting your hand on my shoulder but before I can answer your mom grabs your arm. “Time for presents,” she announces. We follow her into the living room where I sit down heavily. I start to time my contractions as you open your gifts, they stay at the 6 minute mark. Our midwife told me to call when they are 5 minutes apart so I keep timing them as the party goes on. Some of the guests start to leave and the next contraction comes right at the 5 minute mark. I get your attention and you come sit beside me. “Honey I think it’s time to call the midwife. I’m going to head to the nursery and call her. Will you get everyone out?” I ask you. Your eyes get big but you nod. You help me up and I head to the nursery as you start to ask everyone to leave.

Once everyone is gone you head to find me. I’ve changed to a bikini top and shorts and I’m on the birthing ball, trying to get my hips to open up. “The midwife will be here in 30 minutes. Will you start to set up?” I ask. We’re having a home birth and the birthing tub has to be blown up and filled. As you start to fill it I get on my knees and lean against the birthing ball. The contraction are very painful now making me groan in pain. As the pool fills at the right temperature you get behind me and start to rub my lower back during the contractions. You hear the doorbell and rush out to answer the door. The midwife greets you and then follows you to the nursery where I’m trying to breathe through the pain. She starts to unpack and get ready but once the contraction ends she comes up behind me. “I’m going to check how far you’ve dilated,” she warns me before easing down my shorts. You watch as she slips two fingers inside of my laboring pussy. “Well you’re at a nine so your almost ready,” she tells me approvingly. She checks the baby’s heartbeat, which is strong and healthy, before stepping back. She’s here to make sure everything goes alright but we want to do this ourselves mostly. You check on the pool, the temperature is perfect and it’s half full. You realize you should probably change too, you tell me and hurry to the bedroom and pull on swim trucks. You can hear me moaning in pain from the nursery as your pulling them on. It reminds you off us making love and you have to stop yourself from lingering on that thought.

When you come back in I’m up and pacing the room with the midwife. You take her place and rub my tight belly as we walk. When a contraction comes I wrap my arms around your neck and bury my face in your chest, my belly hanging low between us as we sway side to side slowly. After a few contractions like this I feel something give deep inside of me and fluid starts to drip out of me. “Looks like that was your water dear,” the midwife says. The next contraction is more intense making cry out loudly into your chest. The midwife tells you the pool is ready and you wait until my contraction ends to lead me over there. “Ohhh it feels so heavy,” I groan as I waddle over there, with your help I get in the pool and sink down. The warm water eases some of the pain and makes some of the pressure disappear. You get in too and sit down leaning on the wall. I move between your legs and lay back against you. You put your hands on my belly and start to rub, a bit sad that I won’t be this big for awhile longer. The midwife comes and checks the heartbeat again, still good, and then checks to see if I’m fully dilated yet. “Well it looks like your ready whenever you feel the need to push.” She tells me.

After 20 minutes after laboring like this I finally feel the urge to push. I move to the other side of the pool and kneel with my arms of the side of the pool and start to bear down with the urge. You move behind me and rub my lower back as I push. After a few pushes you notice a bulge growing between my parted legs. “Breathe. Your doing so good,” you tell me as I cry out during a contraction. I nod and focus on my breathing until the next contraction comes and I forget all about it. “Oh god it hurts so bad,” I groan as the bulge gets bigger. “I know but you gotta keep pushing,” you tell me. As I push with the next contraction you see a small opening form between my lips. You reach down and cup the bulge feeling it grow as I continue pushing. The contraction ends and you keep your hand there. Once the next pain comes you feel the opening growing bigger beneath your palm. You move your hand and see black hair framed by my pussy. As I stop pushing it slides again a bit. It goes like this for a few pushes and then finally it stays, you cup the head as I sway between contractions. An intense contraction hits me, making me scream as I strain to push. It ends and I whimper “I can’t do this. It’s to hard.” You take my hand from the side of the pool and guide it to my entrance, “That’s our baby, you gotta do this so we can meet our baby.” You say lovingly. I scream again and give a big push and I start to really crown “Slow down darlin’ you don’t want to tear,” you remind me. I give some small pushes and get the baby out to its forehead before the contraction passes. “It burns,” I whimper as you caress the head. I don’t get much of a break before the next contraction and this time when I’m done it out to its eyes. I scream as I push again, this time the head pop completely out. “That’s great!” You exclaim while checking to see if the cord is around the baby’s neck. I reach down and feel the large head hanging out of me. You help the shoulder turn and when the next contraction comes I’m ready to push again. I cry out as the first shoulder pops out and the other one follows quickly after. You give a little tug and the baby slides into your arms. I gasp at the sudden emptiness and you pass me the baby between my legs. I pull him out of the water and rest against you. You kiss the top of my head as our son begins to cry. “You did it,” you whisper. “No, we did it.”