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Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton have condemned the government’s $70m compensation for 1,905 refugees on Manus Island in a class action case.

“It’s unfair, it makes us look like we’re at fault here” said Dutton. “We don’t control the overseas persecution and conflict that is causing people to flee here for safety that we refuse to provide. I’m just doing my job as Minister of Needless Torture and Immigration.”

“Shhhh, that’s your secret title,” Liberal back bencher and self appointed Minister of Whinging, Tony Abbott whispered harshly. “We only use that in the party room - not in public.”

The record pay out has been met with welcome by human rights activists and legal advocates and tortured wails from Tony Abbott.

“We hates the payout,” Abbott hissed through his lizard mouth. “It burns us. We are allergic to human rights.” He shuddered in physical pain before retreating back into the shadows. “I’m coming out in hives! My skin will be ruined for weeks because of this!”

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Name: Frank Rolland (not their birth name)
Age: 30 (technically 240)
Birthday: Sometime in November
Gender: X (nb)
Height: 5'6”
Weight: 135lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Identifiable Marks: Scar across right eye, two across mouth, burn scar on left temple, and various body scars. As Elder they have a large scar over their (missing) left eye.

Relationships: Cait (girlfriend), Haylen (friend), Danse (friend), MacCready (friend), Spatha squad (squad & adoptive family). Shaun is not their child though he was taught and programmed to believe so. He is their nephew.

Pets: Dogmeat & Siobhan (a cat)

Life Pre-Vault 111: Frank’s childhood was typical for the time up until high school, where they began having issues with peers. Luckily for them, none of it resulted in any significant trouble. After high school they joined the U.S. Army mechanized infantry division where they served with distinction for 12 years, reached the rank of  Captain, and was well on their way to Major. 

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Clark Joseph Kent / Kal-El [ESFJ]


Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Clark’s focus is so outward he spends less time taking care of his own needs than trying to protect humanity. Their rejection of his assistance, to the point of fearing him or wanting to hold him accountable for his actions, hurts him deeply. Clark cares so much that he turns up for his “trial” to “explain his actions,” even though no force on earth could compel him to do so, if he did not want them all to understand his perspective.

Introverted Sensing (Si): The past haunts him. He continually looks back to his father’s advice, and the circumstances that brought him to this moment. Clark tends to react in the present, at times not seeing the fall-out of his decisions until it is too late; he saves Lois, creating a huge territorial conflict overseas; he berates himself for not “seeing” the bomb in the courthouse, because he was too wrapped up in his perceptions and thoughts to be aware of his environment. His plowing through of Metropolis indicates his focus was so intently on defeating Zod that he lost all contact with his external environment.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): He gradually pieces together truths about Bruce Wayne and Batman, but tends to rely less on gut instinct and more on tangibles to make his case or form his decisions. He has a semi-optimistic attitude about life, thinking things could go positively or negatively; but under stress, Clark can become pessimistic and self-defeating in his attitude, needing Lois to pull him back up with reassurances (Fe and Ne, in sharing alternate possibilities).

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Even though his focus is primarily humanitarian, Clark tends to brood… and spend a lot of time inside his head. He is more distant from the world and the people in it, sometimes making cold decisions to benefit a greater good. He can be critical, even ruthless on himself for his own mistakes.

leave-him-beyonce  asked:

Some people are saying the news about Aleppo is fake and that most Syrians want Assad to stay in power, but Western media is spreading the fake news because they want to remove Assad from power. I don't think it sounds right but is it a possibility?

Syrians have been live posting what’s been going on for years now (link), and many who have/had access to the internet have even posted their final goodbyes (link) (tw for the links: murder, genocide, bombings, rape, child death, images of deceased persons)

I personally don’t see how anyone could read the stories of survivors and see what’s going on and believe that it’s fake. The US has it’s own agenda in every overseas conflict, but the lives lost and in danger right now are real and I imagine it would be insulting and dehumanizing for any Syrians to hear that people think their suffering is a fake news ploy. 

The most important thing we can do right now is to listen to Syrians and stay informed, not believing or even considering the voices of those who think to deny this genocide that is happening right now. -Bojin


A gunman is holding staff and customers hostage at a cafe in Sydney, Australia.

The Lindt cafe in the city centre is surrounded by armed police. Officers have made contact with the gunman.

Five people have been seen running from the building. It is not clear how many remain inside. A black Islamic flag has been displayed at the window.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said it was “profoundly shocking” that people were being “held hostage by an armed person claiming political motivation”.

He was speaking after chairing a meeting of the national security committee in Canberra.

Earlier Mr Abbott said: “Australia is a peaceful, open and generous society - nothing should ever change that and that’s why I would urge all Australians today to go about their business as usual.”

Senior police officers say they are on a footing “consistent with a terrorist event”.

The incident began as people were arriving for work in Martin Place on Monday. Witnesses saw a man with a bag and gun walk into the Lindt chocolate shop and cafe.

Lindt said about 10 employees and 30 customers were thought to be inside at the time. Nearby offices were evacuated and police asked people to remain indoors and away from open windows.

The BBC’s Jon Donnison in Sydney says an enormous police operation is in place, on a scale few Sydney residents will have seen.

About six hours into the siege, three people were seen running from the building housing the cafe. Two more people followed about an hour later. It is not clear whether they escaped or were released.

New South Wales Police deputy commissioner Catherine Burn said: “Those people are now being assessed to make sure their health is okay and then police will talk to them.”

“Our approach is to resolve this peacefully. It might take a bit of time but that is our priority,” she added.

Police negotiators were in contact with the gunman, Ms Burn confirmed. The suspect also contacted local news organisations to issue demands which police have urged media not to broadcast.

Channel 7, a broadcaster with offices facing the cafe, said lights inside the premises were turned out as night began to fall.

The atmosphere in Martin Place itself was surreal. Office workers who had been evacuated from their buildings, construction workers from building sites and tourists packed the pedestrian plaza one block away from the Lindt coffee shop.

Rosemary D'Urso Healion had just come out of the Martin Place subway station and was walking to her office when she saw that it was blocked by police. Then she saw the police close down the subway station.

“I work in that building [where the siege is taking place] and I was just about to go in,” she told the BBC, adding that she had been in contact with some of her colleagues who were in the building but not being held hostage.

She remained at Martin Place anxiously watching a police operation that appeared to be aimed at getting some of her colleagues out via a ladder erected on a window ledge on the first floor.

An armed man wearing a backpack and a bandana could be seeing walking around inside the cafe.

TV footage showed at least three people, thought to be employees and who were visibly distressed, holding up to the window a black flag bearing the declaration of Islamic faith, which reads: “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.”

The flag is similar to those used by jihadist groups, but is different from the one used by Islamic State militants in the Middle East.

Martin Place is home to the state premier’s office and the headquarters of major banks.

In September Australia - which has sent fighter jets to join the US-led coalition conducting air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq - carried out a big anti-terror raid.

One man was charged with plotting to behead a member of the public in Martin Place.

In October, new anti-terrorism laws, including a provision designed to stop Australians fighting in overseas conflicts, were approved by the Australian parliament.



Japanese protest as PM pushes plan to remilitarize

Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is to defy public opinion and announce a dramatic shift in the country’s defence policy that would make it easier for its troops to fight in overseas conflicts.

Abe’s cabinet is expected to adopt a resolution on Tuesday that would end Japan’s long-standing ban on exercising collective self-defence, or coming to the aid of an ally under attack even if Japan itself is not threatened.

Part of the U.S. imperialist plan of aggression against China, Russia and Socialist Korea.