overseas conflict

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Clark Joseph Kent / Kal-El [ESFJ]


Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Clark’s focus is so outward he spends less time taking care of his own needs than trying to protect humanity. Their rejection of his assistance, to the point of fearing him or wanting to hold him accountable for his actions, hurts him deeply. Clark cares so much that he turns up for his “trial” to “explain his actions,” even though no force on earth could compel him to do so, if he did not want them all to understand his perspective.

Introverted Sensing (Si): The past haunts him. He continually looks back to his father’s advice, and the circumstances that brought him to this moment. Clark tends to react in the present, at times not seeing the fall-out of his decisions until it is too late; he saves Lois, creating a huge territorial conflict overseas; he berates himself for not “seeing” the bomb in the courthouse, because he was too wrapped up in his perceptions and thoughts to be aware of his environment. His plowing through of Metropolis indicates his focus was so intently on defeating Zod that he lost all contact with his external environment.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): He gradually pieces together truths about Bruce Wayne and Batman, but tends to rely less on gut instinct and more on tangibles to make his case or form his decisions. He has a semi-optimistic attitude about life, thinking things could go positively or negatively; but under stress, Clark can become pessimistic and self-defeating in his attitude, needing Lois to pull him back up with reassurances (Fe and Ne, in sharing alternate possibilities).

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Even though his focus is primarily humanitarian, Clark tends to brood… and spend a lot of time inside his head. He is more distant from the world and the people in it, sometimes making cold decisions to benefit a greater good. He can be critical, even ruthless on himself for his own mistakes.