overseas aid

Work hard for your Jannah. Try as much as you can to find the way you want to go in and push. If it’s through your salah, then do it best. If it’s through Ramadan - make it right. If it’s through your dhikhr, then don’t stop. If it’s through your kids, then make them your focus. Find the door that you want to enter from. Do your best.
—  Words of a brother from the community who was martyred a few weeks ago while providing aid overseas. May Allaah accept him, aameen.

I don’t understand people that don’t agree with overseas aid. We’re all human and we all need help. A majority of their reasons are some form of
“why is our government helping them before us”
what a ridiculously selfish answer. You are sitting in your 3 bedroom semi-detached house with the heating on and 3000 Christmas lights beaming while moaning a about a small child in Africa getting a £5 blanket to prevent mosquito bites and malaria!
And I know that’s not the only opposition. But like I said we are all human and while you can sit waisting food and energy and moreover, precious oxygen whilst moaning on Facebook about something you saw “Britain First” share, you have no damn right to complain that our government is putting money aside for those less fortunate all over the world!