i was in a very adult sounding work conference call about like.. standardizing filenames and folder architecture and someone asks “does anybody have a problem with underscores?” and without thinking i said “yeah motherfucker. overscores ONLY.” but I had muted myself earlier and forgot to unmute.

what im saying is second chances are real and life is a gift

What You Don’t Know

Every day is spent feeling Yuuri out, fitting them together in a way that doesn’t destroy who either of them is as a person. Viktor loves that they fit this way; loves that he has sharp edges and awkward corners and that Yuuri still folds around them, that together they grow.

Yuuri continually surprises Viktor, but Hiroko is another matter entirely.

Yuuri is forbidden from watching his competitors, at least in the few days before Rostelecom. This doesn’t mean that Viktor can’t watch—so after Yuuri’s disappeared to his room to briefly recharge, Viktor settles to watch a recording of the Trophee de France. Hiroko bustles around him, wiping away the last remnants of the dinner rush and clearing bottles of sake. He offers to help, but she shakes her head and hums her disagreement. Viktor’s still not sure how much English she knows. Viktor’s still not sure how much Japanese he knows, in Hasetsu’s dialect. There are times when she beams and nods and chatters to him slowly, clearly, and there are other times where she falls silent, smile warm but vague.

Viktor has long suspected that it isn’t just a language barrier. There is private, and then there are the Katsukis.

Still, the onsen is quiet, devoid of guests except one tipsy gentleman that is already snoring softly into the table he sits at. Viktor pats the ground beside him. “Mama?” Mama, a word Hiroko had insisted he use and one he’s taken gross advantage of ever since. She kneels, lays a hand atop his.

“It’s late, Vicchan. Late for you.”

“I’m on the free skate,” he explains, “just a little more time.”

She glances at the screen, and Viktor can only imagine what her inexperienced eye sees. A man, in a sparkling outfit, moving from a nameless spin into a jump whose rotations she probably doesn’t realize to count. ‘Somehow, the Katsukis don’t know anything about figure skating!’ The triplets had declared. Viktor will adjust. “Good music, isn’t it, Mama?”

Hiroko huffs, breath slight. “Doesn’t matter,” she declares, “if he wants to beat my Yuuri, he’ll need better base value than that, especially with his GOEs. Ah, but he’s young, so his mistake on the takeoff of the triple axel is…” she gestures, small and soft hand incapable of grabbing the word in English. She settles, finally, on a different word. “Normal? Yuuri did the same. Hm. This boy, though, they overscore his transitions and choreography.”

Viktor is too elegant to gape, or so he had always thought. “Mama,” he says, slowly, “have you been studying figure skating this season?” Mari has only now found her interest—perhaps it’s spread to her parents, as well.

Rather than answer, Hiroko stands. “My son doesn’t like pressure, Vicchan. Yuuri works very hard. We support him, but we must be careful, yes?”

Viktor had assumed that the onsen and Yuuri’s family, in all their unconditional love, was an accidental haven for Yuuri. If Yuuri can be a dime-a-dozen skater—if Yuuri can be a man not under the tremendous pressure that comes with world records and being one of the best six skaters in the nation, Yuuri can begin to cope.

Yuuri needs someone to believe in him, and trust him, without expectation. If Yuuri can be a man who returns home to parents who aren’t invested in, don’t understand, the world of skating…

“Careful,” Hiroko repeats, Hiroko who is not even supposed to know the first thing about skating, “yes?”

Oh, Viktor is always a stroke behind, when it comes to anyone named Katsuki. They know their beloved Yuuri so well. They know his sport, too.

“Yes. Thank you, Mama.”

“You are a good son,” says Hiroko before she shuffles off. Viktor gives up on the Trophee de France, and finds himself at Yuuri’s door. Let us love you.

At the sight of him Yuuri lights up, quiet and bright, and he holds out his arms.

Whatever It Takes: Prologue

ACOTAR Figure Skating AU

Summary: Nesta firmly believes that if you want something, you have to work your ass off for it. And she wants a National title attached to her name. But when her coach decides that a change in discipline is what Nesta needs, she’s far from impressed. Now, instead of training as a ladies single skater, she has to switch gears and skate as a pairs skater. And her partner? Someone she can’t stand. Non other then cocky, flirtatious, former Men’s skater Cassian. 
Edited by: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

We Are Young (TOG Skating/High School AU) | Next Chapter


Nesta was pissed.

Actually no. Pissed would be an understatement.

She was seething at that point. Seething with pure, white-hot rage.

She should have been down there, standing on that podium. She should have been smiling at the crowd as they cheered and clapped. She should have been one of the three women getting medals placed around their necks and flowers handed to them. She worked hard. She was one of the most amazing skaters in the country. She should be down there. Not up above, watching from the stands.

Leaning against the railing on crossed arms, Nesta’s narrowed eyes moved across the three skaters on top of the podium.

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anonymous asked:

hello alice! first of all i'm so grateful for all the effort you put into answering asks and analysing programmes ❤ i have a question for you (hope it's not as difficult as the ones you've just answered on pcs): (objectively ;)) do you think yuzu's chopin at aci was overscored?

Oh, thank you, I like answering this one :D 

TL;DR version: nope, not overscored.

A breakdown of his score in detail:

Base Value: 49.51

Jumps: Quad Salchow || Triple Axel / Quad Toe Loop + Triple Toe Loop. No pre- or under-rotation anywhere, no edge call to be made. Full BV earned.  


Flying camel spin, Level 4. Features: difficult variations: [1] layover camel [2] doughnut; [3] difficult flying entry (Arabian); [4] eight revolutions without changing position

Sit spin with one change of foot, Level 4. Features: difficult variations: [1] broken leg [2] pancake; [3] difficult entry (illusion); [4] clear increase in speed

Combination spin with one change of foot, Level 4. Features: difficult variations: [1] A-spin [2] cannonball [3] non basic position; [4] clear change of edge in camel position

Step sequence, Level 4. Features: [1] complexity (twizzles: 1 CW 3 CCW, rockers: 1 CW 1 CCW, counter: 1 CW 1 CCW, brackets: 1 CW 1 CCW, loops: 1 CW 1 CCW, choctaw: 1 CW); [2] rotations in either direction for at least 1/3 of the pattern; [3] use of body movement for at least 1/3 of the pattern; [4] two combinations of 3 difficult turns (twizzle - rocker - counter on the right foot, twizzle - counter - loop on the left foot)

GOE: 14.66

  • 4S: bullet 1 and 2 (inside spread eagle - 3-turn - mohawk), 4, 5 (spread eagle outside to inside), 6, 7, 8 = GOE 3.0. Real GOE 3.00 x SOV = 3.00
  • FCSp4: bullet 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 = GOE 2.0. Real GOE 2.20 x SOV = 1.10
  • CSSp4: bullet 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 = GOE 3.0. Real GOE 3.00 x SOV = 1.50
  • 3A: bullet 1 and 2 (back counter), 4, 5 (change of edge and turn on landing foot), 6, 7, 8 = GOE 3.0. Real GOE 3.00 x SOV = 3.00
  • 4T+3T: bullet 1 and 2 (3-turn sequence), 3 (Rippon variation on 3T), 4, 6, 7, 8 = GOE 3.00. Real GOE 2.80 x SOV = 2.80
  • StSq4: bullet 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 = GOE 3.0. Real GOE 2.80 x SOV = 1.96
  • CCoSp4: bullet 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 = GOE 3.0. Real GOE 2.60 x SOV = 1.30

PCS: 48.55

  • Skating Skills: balanced, precise footwork, rhythmic knee action, effortless flow and glide, clean edges and clear curves, plenty of energy and speed, frequent variations in speed and direction, no overuse of two-footed skating = 9.50 and above. Real PCS: 9.65
  • Transitions: varied, difficult linking turns/steps/equivalent free skating movements into all elements, executed with quality = 9.50 and above. Real PCS 9.55
  • Performance: commitment to the program as a whole, clarity in delivery, quality in carriage and posture throughout, plus good projection and connection with the audience = 10.0. Real PCS 9.80.
  • Composition: originality and creativity in the choreography, clear purpose and concept to the composition, attention to details, full utilization of the ice surface = 10.0. Real PCS 9.80
  • Interpretation of the Music: all elements matched to and enhanced the music structure, constant usage of full body movement to reflect the nuances of the music = 9.50 and above. Real PCS 9.75.  

Conclusion: World Record, 112.72. Worthy of every single decimal point :)

Edit: Thanks to @fuckyeahdearlybeloved for helping me correct a mistake with the spin levels. Gosh I hate them spin levels with a vengeance -___-

More stuff from Khorkina’s book

More Khorkina craziness:

-she thinks she was underscored at the 1992 Olympic trials on beam and was really robbed of making the Barcelona Unified team despite being underage lmao

-she thinks she was underscored and should have won vault gold at 1994 Worlds over Gogean

-she thinks the judges should have ignored her step on the landing during the 1994 Worlds bars final because she was young and inexperienced and that she should have won bars gold over Luo Li

-she claims that the Russian and Romanian teams were given longer bus rides/routes in Atlanta to sabotage them so they would be more tired

-she thinks the Americans only won the team gold in 1996 because of the sabotage with the bus thing, a bad crowd, and overscoring

-she says the only reason she didn’t do well in the team final or all around at 1999 Worlds was because of the Chinese equipment being too hard

-she says Produnova was scatterbrained and didn’t care about training, so that’s why she never lived up to her potential

-she thinks people don’t do her eponymous skills because they don’t have the technique or execution

-she thinks that the vault was set too low on purpose to steal her AA gold

-she thinks Raducan would have gotten a bigger punishment for her doping if she were Russian (I think in an earlier chapter she said Kabaeva got a suspension for the same substance while Raducan only had one  medal stripped and didn’t have any suspensions or anything else done)

-even tho she won bars in Sydney, she still thinks the Chinese were overscored on bars and too close to her because they didn’t have the same difficulty, execution, or “emotional impact”

-she thinks Zamo only won floor because she went after Khorkina and scores go up later in the final (lmao Zamo won because her routine was a billion times more difficult, Esther Moya deserved to be ahead of both Amanar and Khorkina ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

-Khorkina was being ableist and comparing her limping after injuries to disabled athletes -_-

Some insights into how the atmosphere between the Russian gymnasts, coaches, and federation was:

-the federation was really cheap and got them the worse tickets for 1994 Worlds and they had to train on hard surfaces/not in real gyms for both 1996 and 2000 Olympics

-the gymnasts had their rooms checked for food. pastries and stuff like that were confiscated, but chocolate wasn’t. khorkina always had lots of chocolate so she didn’t get her stuff confiscated.

-apparently before Atlanta some Russian gymnasts were snitching on each other about prohibited foods being in their rooms to the coaches because it would have repercussions and affect their team standing


-Russian gymnasts would all get really drunk after competitions to celebrate despite being underage. Khorkina once passed out in the plane’s bathroom.

-The father of Khorkina’s son was married. He was cheating on his wife with Khorkina for 8 years and finally broke it off with Khorkina when she got pregnant.

Things I need to happen (to men) at Worlds in Hel(l)sinki 2017

1. Yuzuru Hanyu winning the World Title again (with deserving performances please) 
2. The Wedding Pose ritual on the podium
3. Shoma Uno and Yuzuru Hanyu on the podium because otherwise 2. won’t be possible
4. Yuzuvier-Bromance-moments, being it at practice sessions, on the podium, at the gala or all three
5. Respect for all skaters by all fans AFTER the competition (because hate towards skaters is just meeeeh)
6. A great Gala with group coreography, funny skaters and much dorkiness
7. Yuzuru Hanyu being able to skate clean and smile like a ray of sunshine
8. No case of annoyingly obvious overscoring (is that possible?)



9. In a perfect world, I want a repeat of GPF2015 podium (so no one will forget uncle Javi again) 


10. Nathan Chen still being a quad machine because if all of the above still comes true despite this, that just means everyone went absolutely wild with the jumps out there on the ice. 
11. Yuzuru Hanyu’s clean skate extends to the gala because his exhibition program is absolutely divine. 


12. To watch the live stream without it cutting out at CRUCIAL MOMENTS


13. No Shoma in tears like last year, because my heart could not survive another heartbreak like this again!
14. For every skater a satisfying performance, no debakel with lots of falls! 


15. Shoma being able to skate clean and finishing with a smile :3


16.  lots of cute or funny interaction between skaters

We’ve quite a list now! I totally agree! Come one, at least some points should happen, okay? 

Feel free to expand this list. Any wishes for Worlds?

youremarvelous  asked:

if you're still taking softer world prompts, can I please request #15 for victuuri

Always!! :D Here’s another entry from the Summer They Fell Excruciatingly In Love.

15. No no, we aren’t breaking up!  You didn’t let me finish.  I’m gay for YOU. (And I’m queer for math!)

“I’m sorry, Yuuri. I can’t be your coach today.”

It occurs to Victor, just a few seconds too late, that this is not the kind of joke Yuuri would find funny. Or recognize as a joke, for that matter. But unlike April Yuuri, who would have gone wide-eyed and ashen, Mid-July Yuuri straightens from his layback Ina Bauer and blinks, unfazed.

“What’s the clipboard for, then?” he says, and his mouth twitches a little. So maybe he finds it a little funny.

With a flourish, Victor flips the clipboard, showing off his approximation of a scorecard with a wide sweep of his arm. “I’m going to mock-score your run-through today! What should my judge persona be, Yuuri? Am I tough but fair? Am I a traditionalist disgusted by the quad race figure skating has become? Do I have a tendency towards overscoring Russians? Though I wonder if that would work for or against you…”

Yuuri’s full-on smiling now. Victor thought, for a time, that he’d catalogued and filed each of Yuuri’s smiles - it’s only recently that he’s captured this one, unencumbered by shyness or nerves. Every time he sees it he leans a little further forward.

“Just be you?” Yuuri says. “But as a judge.”

Victor swallows. “Conflict of interest,” he says.

“Have some faith in Judge Victor,” Yuuri says. It might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said.

The problem presents itself as Yuuri pulls his right leg into one last deep hamstring stretch and adds, “Besides, I’ll need the brutal honesty.”

Victor stares. 404 error. Please reboot. “Sorry?”

Yuuri pushes backward and drifts. He rarely stops moving, once he gets on the ice. “It’s a mess, isn’t it?” he says. Rueful. Accepting. “I don’t know where to start.”

“… oh,” says Victor, as Yuuri settles into his starting pose, like someone unaware that he finished yesterday’s practice with a run so strong and stunning that Victor nearly killed both of them with a joyous impromptu lift.

Victor cues the music and straightens the clipboard, his pen hovering over the scorecard. He wonders, briefly, if he should score Yuuri as Yuuri. Maybe that would help him understand. He can guess at Yuuri’s thoughts well enough now. When a laugh bubbles up through Yuuri as he tosses his head and smirks, Yuuri wouldn’t see a skater feeling the performance, the joy of seduction, down to his toes. He’d see someone breaking character. Embarrassing himself. An inauspicious start to his PCS. 

Victor’s not sure how much faith he has in Judge Victor. But in this instance, he has even less in Judge Yuuri. 

When the run-through ends and Victor has time to calculate, Yuuri squints at the number. Whether he can’t see it or can’t process it is anyone’s guess.

“Are you sure?” he says.

Victor has rarely been so sure.

Yuzuru Hanyu - Underscored or Overscored?

Ah, the age-old question.

Guys, there’s been so many breakdowns of Hanyu’s various scores already, for example: x x x ! These posts quote the rule book at every turn, provide multitudes of video clips and gifs as visual evidence, and even identify every step and turn in his programs to explain Yuzu’s scores down to the decimal points. Do you guys want easy consensus, or concrete analysis? Do ya’ll want simple confirmation, or actual discussion? Do ya’ll want something solid? SAY NO MORE! THESE ARE OUT THERE FOR 👏  Y’ALL 👏  TO 👏  READ!

❗Spoiler alert: There have been instances of Hanyu being underscored. But sometimes the underscoring is only by a few points, fortunately.❗

You guys don’t have to agree. But whatever your stance is, we hope that you guys won’t carelessly believe that his results are overscored without asking for a reasonably detailed explanation and 👏  some 👏  solid 👏 proof. If you respect the hard work of athletes, if you respect spirit of sport - that is not too much to ask. 

And - if Yuzuru fans are able to present so much research and evidence to back every point of his scores up, surely others can do the same. We believe that, even while seeing those who don’t even follow Hanyu saying, casually and without explanation, that he somehow has many advantages, including that of apparently not ever being underscored and frequently overscored

It’s easier to summarily pooh-pooh (NO PUN INTENDED, we swear!) the hours of hard work put into Yuzu fan analyses as “biased” than to actually critically evaluate their arguments, and also easy to just dismiss Yuzu fans as “having too much free time” (thanks, Mr. Flett!), but I’m sure you guys know which course of action is more objective and rational. I

We know, some Yuzu fans also talk about overscoring of other skaters with no explanation, but that isn’t an excuse to do the same about Yuzu. It’s simple. JUST 👏  DEMAND 👏  THOSE 👏  PEOPLE 👏  TO 👏  BACK 👏  THEIR 👏  WORDS 👏  UP! 

Originally posted by yuzuruedits

No, Yuzu, you can’t just say your detergent is the best just because it’s cute. We demand better reasons. The detergent has been overscored.

anonymous asked:

I don't get your fixation with Shoma's 4F. His take-off technique on it is the same as his 3F and you never demand downgrade on his 3F. Competition after competition, season after season it (3F) was acknowledged by tech panels as such and Shoma has never been given a feedback, that his flip technique has serious flaws. For years his flip was: good, good, good and now it has to be: wrong? Don't you think it's unfair to punish him *now* for something, that was accepted flip version for *years*?

Did I appear to be fixated on Shoma’s 4F? I guess I did. Well, here’s a close up of his triple flip takeoff then:

3A+1Lo+3F: GOE +2.57, World Championships 2017

And his quad loop:

4Lo: GOE +1.43, World Championships 2017

And his quad toe loop:

4T: GOE +2.29, Skate America 2016

While we’re at it, here’s also his recently debuted quad Salchow:

4S: GOE +0.80, Lombardia Trophy 2017

And his triple Axel, which IMO is his best jump:

3A: GOE +2.80, Lombardia Trophy 2017

What else do we have? Right, here’s his triple Lutz (???) to complete the set:

3Lz: GOE +1.00, Four Continents Championships 2017 

Might as well look at his triple toe loop:

3A+3T: GOE +3.00, World Championships 2017

And triple Salchow:

3S: GOE +1.40, World Championships 2017

And triple loop:

3Lo: GOE +1.00, Skate America 2016

I now have a full set of takeoff gifs available for all Shoma jumps, so I won’t have to keep recycling his 4F takeoff for future tech posts. Thank you! And based on those, I really ought to be demanding downgrade on everything except the Axel and maybe the Salchows.

As to why I like to bring up his 4F (aside from the fact that previously I was too lazy to gif his other jumps), it’s because:

  • Based on my observation, I’d say most of the time a skater’s jumping traits get accentuated when they move from the triple to the quadruple version of a jump. For example Yuzuru has this unusual habit of taking off for the loop from a left back outside edge, and it’s a lot clearer in his quad loop compared to his triple. For another example, Lutzes are always supposed to be done from an outside edge, but when Boyang takes off for his quad Lutz you’d see much more pronounced edge depth compared to his triple. Same goes for Shoma’s, his habit of picking with his edge instead of his toe and his pre-rotation both are a lot more noticeable in his quad flip, so that jump makes for better illustration when you want to analyze his flip technique.
  • The quad flip is an important jump, much more so than the triple flip. Its BV of 12.3 points makes it the second most valuable technical element currently attempted on the circuit. The difference between the BV of a fully rotated quad flip and a downgraded one is as much as 7.0 points. Add to that the mandatory minimum negative GOE of -2 for such downgraded jumps, or -1.4 after SOV conversion, and you have a gap of at least 8.4 points between a valid 4F and a cheated one. The difference between the Gold and Silver medal in the Men’s Singles at Helsinki earlier this year was only 2.28 points, and the difference between Bronze and 4th place, 2.39 points. I do like my post and my argument to have some bang for the buck (it’s my innate attention-seeking tendency, I do apologize if that’s annoying) so I choose to speak mostly about the 4F rather than the 3F. 
  • If you want to talk about what’s fair vs. unfair, I admit to being rather resentful on Nathan’s behalf that he didn’t get recognized as the first, and currently, the only skater in the world who can land a technically valid quad flip. And here I do have to bring in that gif, once again:

Shoma: GOE +1.14, World Championships 2017 || Nathan: GOE +2.43, Four Continents Championships 2017

Nathan’s takeoff: starting with a clean toe pick, he pushes off and leaves the ice fully before hitting 90 degrees of rotation. Number of rotations happening in the air: more than 3.75.

Shoma’s takeoff: the pick starts from his toe but then spreads all the way to the entire length of his blade as he continues to rotate on the ice for more than half a revolution. His body is off the ice fully only when his toe has rotated by approximately 270 degrees. Number of rotations happening in the air: 3.25 to 3.5. As I like to say, it’d take quite some stretch of the imagination to call this either a flip jump or a quad. Have another look at his “quad loop” above and see if you can tell, objectively, which one of those is supposed to be a toe jump and which one an edge jump.

P.S. To all the Shoma fans who will undoubtedly feel like pointing out to me how hard Shoma is working, or how he goes to Chicago for his jump training: I know, I am aware of that and I fully respect his effort. I am also aware that Shoma’s current strategy is to prioritize the quantity and variety of his quads, and I think it’s working out very well for him: he’s steadily becoming one of the most, if not the most consistent skater in the men’s field, which is a massive advantage especially during this important Olympic season. 

P.P.S. Being overscored is, by absolutely no means, a skater’s fault.

Another glimpse of hell - mean (and some not-so-mean) nicknames on the Chinese gymternet TAKE 2.


1. Do not read this if you are easily offended by mean names, satirical jokes or dark humour.

2. The Chinese gymternet culture, and its internet culture as a whole, is very different from the ones on tumblr. Partly due to its insularity, certain terms used in the Chinese gymternet could come across to you as too rude or brass or unacceptable. However, please also take into account the difference in the cultural aspect as well. As a common dweller in the Chinese gymternet community, I can promise that 95% of the satirical teasings or mean names created by the Chinese has no derogatory intention. The truly degrading, racist or sexist nicknames have also been filtered out by me, so rest assured.

So now, if you are ready, please read on:

——————————————–The line to hell——————————————-

A. Foundation Course Chapter 2

1. 美x~; Pretty x~; adj. 

Right. So you call someone a pretty something. But it also could mean “pretty” aka fugly something. No one knows if you are genuine about it, and so after awhile the expression took on a warped connotation. Both fans and haters use it. Decipher its true meaning before replying anyone on the forum!

E.g. Pretty ___ fell two times on beam today, made my day!

2. 水x~;Watery x~; adj. 

In Chinese terms, if you “inject water” into something, you will make it less substantial, less genuine, less real and less deserving. So if someone are “watery”, people are inferring that she or he is overscored and undeserving of his credentials. Some fans nonetheless use it on their beloved ones as friendly teasing or a show of humility. 

3. xoP - noun. 

So the official rules of artistic gymnastics are written in the Code of Point (CoP). Some fans, however, like to invent their own rules (or twisting the meaning of existing rules) on judging a routine. As such, people would say that so-and-so have invented their own xOP to judge routines. One particular notorious member in the Chinese gymternet community has the ID lldtt06, and hence whatever he says, people will reply:

“Oh wow Mdm6 is judging routines based on his 6oP again!”. 

(some famous rules of 6oP include - there should be deduction whenever one does shap to pak because its so “trite”, and many others lmao)

4. 烟花 - fireworks - noun.

Used to describe gymnasts who just can’t finish a routine without falling. The Chinese gymternet sometimes use the term “explode” to describe routines with falls (e.g. Seda’s beam exploded again!). So for those who routinely fall in their routine, they are called fireworks. Also used to describe routines that fail spectacularly. 

e.g. “The beam routines of Seda are one hell of a firework performance, simply stellar - I’m in awe!”


B. Country related mean terms: (used only to describe radical fans)


池塘 - pond - noun.

Many think that certain American gymnasts are overscored. A pond has lots of water. Now look at the second bullet point in the foundation chapter - Do you get it now?


蝌蚪 - tadpole - noun.

Originally used to mock Liukin’s fans because Liukin’s nickname is froggy (if you remember from my last post!), the term has been expanded to embody all die-hard/radical American fans.

莲子 - lotus seed - noun.

You know, lotus grows from pond and produces lotus seed. Yep.


鹅粪 - Goose poo - noun.

A pun of 俄粉, or Rus Fans. This term though has been picked up by Russian fans themselves as self-teasing, so its no longer a mean nickname…kind of.

Ruslut - noun.

Only the meanest Russian haters use this. Most people who use this are radical American fans so Russian fans often retaliate by calling them Uslut back.


火葬粉/火苗 - Cremnator/Little flames (Though I think kindling is a better translation, meaning wise)

So in my last episode I talked about this Bulimar set a cremation spell on Team Romania thing, so I guess it isn’t surprising that its die-hard fans are being called “flames/kindlings”?


好粉丝/宙国粉 - “Great” fans, Fans of team universe

I’ve talked about this last time so just revision here lol.


C. Gymnasts related nicknames (some are not mean at all because I run out of mean nicknames lmao)

1. Daria Spiridonova - 累女士 - Mdm Tiresome

Back in 2014 when Spi first proved her worth Chinese fans had been calling her “the new love”, which is a proof of her popularity back then. Then in 2016 the sentiment took a turn for the worse as people realized that while she can only do bars (and that her bars isn’t even the best in the team), she kept getting selected over others (like Kapitonova and Skrypnik, at least in 2016) even in team competitions. So people started saying things like “Isn’t that super tiring for her teammate coz she can only do one event and will explode on all others”. Eventually people started to call her Mdm Tiresome - someone who drains the shit out of her teammate. 

2. Brenna Dowell - 嘟嘟鸡 - Dodo Chicken

Dowell’s nickname is just realllllllly unfortunate lol, because its not her fault at all. So basically a forum member named lldt06 (inventor of 6oP, remember?) is a superrrrrrr radical fan of hers and kept saying things like “she deserve a WC bars gold”, “BEST bar composition in the worlddddddd”, “excellent AAer”, which have some truth in them but are still boosty nonetheless and didn’t sit well with many. So in 2015 when Dowell did badly for bars in Worlds many people were like “WHERES THE WORLD CHAMPION? I ONLY SEE A DODO CHICKEN.” and bamm the nickname stayed. Tbh the term dodo chicken doesn’t mean anything in Chinese. I think its the combination between the first syllable of her last name and Wild Chicken, the term for newbies/noobs as explained in my last post. 

3. Lin Li - 慌姐 - Sister Panic

So Lin Li is a member of China’s National Team in the 2004 squad. She is actually amazing on bars but just doesn’t have the mental tenacity to do well in major competition. She always seems to be rushing through her routines which lead to mistakes after mistakes, so after a while ppl just called Sister Panic for short. 

4. The pines of 4 season 春松,夏松,秋松,冬松

So like Chunsong’s literal translation is Spring Pine, and so 3 other gymnasts were bestowed the nickname of Summer Pine, Autumn Pine and Winter Pine respectively lmao. These are NOT mean nicknames.

So Autumn Pine was first to be invented and she is Flavia Saraiva. People started to call her Autumn Pine ever since 2014′s YOG because of how tiny she was - just like Chunsong. They are also great on beam as well and competed in the same beam finals before. At the same time though she is also different from Chunsong in many way so people called her Autumn Pine to highlight the similarity and contrast. 

Then not long after that people discovered Morgan Hurd and they were like “oh my! isn’t she like a clone of Chunsong?”, so people started to call her Xiasong, or Summer Pine. 

Lastly is the winter pine. People actually couldn’t find a good fit for it for a long time but they also felt it’s incomplete without a winter pine. Then one day someone posted this photo of a young Melnikova (the same photo as below) and people were like “WINTER PINE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FAIR AND LIGHT COZ ITS WINTER, SHE LOOKS ABITTTT LIKE CHUNSONG, MELNIKOVA WILL BE WINTER PINE”. And that’s it LMAO. Personally I don’t find Melnikova to resemble Chunsong, but whatever lol everything is cool as long as we have the four pines. 

5. The Zoo (Russia’s WC team 2010) (Not mean)

Most members of Russia’s 2010 WAG team at the Worlds have animal related nicknames. The nicknames started off as mean nicknames as they are donned by Russian haters that “Russian team is like a zoo”, but eventually even the fans themselves began calling the team #TeamZoo, so they are no longer mean anymore. 

Mustafina - 母狮 - lioness - Phonic translation

Dementyeva - 德猴 - Monkey - Because she’s kinda goofy like a monkey lol

Nabieva - 河马 - Hippo - Because she must have an animal related nickname as Mus has one and people found her to resemble a hippo somehow lmao

Afanasyeva - 鳄鱼 - Crocodile - She was fierce as a crocodile on floor and I think some of her facial features (being fierce and glaring and all) reminds some like a crocodile. 


Semenyeva is STRIPPED of a animal related nickname because Russian haters didn’t hate her enough to don her a nickname LMAO.  She was listed as a RESERVE FOR NICKNAME. Until now she doesn’t have an animal related nickname and its so fortunate and sad at the same time. 

Now I hope that you have enjoyed reading this second episode lmao, I think I’m really running out of nicknames so there shouldn’t be an 3rd episode sadly…. Still, hope it has made you laugh!

ending the beijing #discourse once and for all

This has been in my drafts for a while and I’m seeing the NBC 2008 UB medal ceremony going around again, so I might as well post this now that I’ve finished editing this with more HQ screenshots.

“the chinese cheated, are underage, and should be stripped of their gold medals!!! they look like they should still be in their diapers and they’re little babies (actual words spoken by marta and bela karoyli)!!! one even has a baby tooth!!!”

Here’s a documentary with footage from 2003 where you can see hopefuls for the 2008 Olympics training. Deng Linlin is shown training on the uneven bars @ 0:52. Jiang Yuyuan is shown stating her name and age @ 1:21. They totally thought to lie about their ages back in 2003!

Deng Linlin also had this same “baby tooth” four years later in 2012. She was totally 8 in Beijing and 12 in London then!

Anyways, it turns out it wasn’t a baby tooth, but was actually a really crooked tooth. She got it fixed with braces after retiring.

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Omg spill the tea on Shoma! Is he as good as they say?

Lol I can’t exactly tell you if he’s as good as they say if you don’t tell me exactly who they are.

If by they you mean my favorite skating commentator extraordinaire, Massimiliano Ambesi:

Shoma Uno, a Japanese skater from Nagoya, has shown to have qualities to put on the table… maybe more quantity than quality at the moment. 


Shoma Uno at Lombardia Trophy scores 92 (on PCS). We were talking about it earlier: go and see what Shoma Uno does before his quads. Go and see how many crossovers there are, how long his setting up for a quadruple is. How many empty choreographic parts there are… it shouldn’t be that a skater good at waving their arms around automatically gets 92, and I invite you to look at what Shoma Uno does with his feet and to compare him with others. Because then, if Uno Shoma gets 92, Patrick Chan should start at 120.

(x, translation credit to @the-a-factor-fs)

Or his jump coach, Alex Ouriashev:

I would say, ‘Shoma, you do a quad flip, Gracie will do a triple flip, and we’ll (measure) the distance and see which one is bigger' (x, Icenetwork)

Or Shoma himself:

With the current rules, the success rate of the jump is key. I don’t think it’s desirable, but compared to how beautifully you jump, it’s better to first increase the types, and jump efficiently. (x, Nikkei) 

then well, their opinions are pretty on point, I’d say.

If by they you mean ISU judges then yeah, Shoma has been rather overscored as of late. If I were to score him, his personal best would hardly break the 100-point barrier for the SP and 200 for the FS, not exactly close to his official 104.87 and 214.97.

Why do I think he’s overscored? He does jump a lot of quads pretty reliably, but if the rule gets applied strictly and accurately, half the time his quads should be downgraded to triples due to cheated takeoff (I discussed this here, but don’t just take it from me, take it also from Mr Kurt Browning: “His quad secrets are out: he actually rotates a lot on the ice before he even takes off” - CBC broadcast of the men’s FS at Helsinki).

His signature “quad flip” in particular has such a flawed toe tap technique and severe pre-rotation that calling it either a flip jump or a quad would require quite some stretch of the imagination. Just look at his takeoff in comparison against Nathan’s technically legitimate 4F: 

His landing is not ideal (discussed this here). His entry is not super either, and when he does have a step into his jump, it can be rather dubious (discussed this here). He also has quite a bad case of the flutz (discussed in passing here), but so far this season he’s ditching the 3Lz so, smart move, I’d say. Basically, I fail to see how his jumps constantly merit the full BV they get awarded, and I’m puzzled by all the +3 he usually gets for GOE. Even on his best day, for his best jump, the triple Axel, I’d be able to give him at most 4 bullets: recognizable entry, creative exit, good flow, and matched to music. 

(too lazy to gif his 3A again so I’m recycling this gif. Totally not trying to offer any compare and contrast here, not at all, can you guys just pretend the other half of the gif doesn’t exist) 

On the PCS side, he does have nice deep edges and a good soft knee bend, plus lovely flow and speed, but, and this is driving me utterly mad every time I watch him, he’s not utilizing those great qualities (discussed this a bit here). His skating is too much two-footed and monotonous movement. Outside of his step sequences you’d be hard-pressed to find any difficult turns and steps - it’s crossover after crossover after crossover, which, as my other favorite commentator extraordinaire - Angelo Dolfini - put it, “is neither nice to see, nor a sign of flawless technique” (x). Anything in between 8.5-9.0 would already be quite generous for his skating skills and transitions score so again, I’m baffled by all the 9+ that he usually gets for those areas.

At this point my one burning question is, how did I end up talking about Shoma so much on this blog?   

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callipigio replied for your post

I like that the way he tries to “help” is veeery jj, but i also like that he tries at all, it’s like if his own anxiety attac during competition, turned him down a notch on the ‘dick scale’… he’s still pretty high, but he wouldn’t even have bothered before that happened to him…

Oh, absolutely. I think JJ is going to lean so hard into what happened at the GPF, because he can’t operate any other day, but it’s all totally sincere. He tweets little daily affirmations. He Instagrams his blindingly bougie yoga retreats with Isabella (hashtag Namaste). He’s genuinely delighted and touched when fans tell him his comeback inspired them, because JJ Style isn’t just about skating, it’s about LIFE. He talks about all of this at least once a press conference.

(Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, Yuuri’s asked how he manages his pre-competition stress, and gives Victor the universally recognized look for ‘I need you to pull the fire alarm.’ Victor, who was denied so many teen movie cliches growing up, is so ready.)

But! After the GPF, Yuuri gets a leading question from a reporter about JJ being overscored, and Yuuri comes back with a very genuine and diplomatic answer about how admirable JJ’s perseverance is. And he’s really glad that JJ heard it and was encouraged, but. He’s not really sure how to tell JJ that he doesn’t need to keep giving him stress relief tips. Really. It’s fine.

“Oh, Yuuri!” JJ bellows across the hotel lobby the next time they see each other. “I have to send you this new article about reiki!”

Victor leans close to Yuuri and whispers, “I can still pull the fire alarm.”  

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Love ur tumblr but seeing so many Uno post make feel angry. HE'S damn overescored, his jumps are underotated! How can you like someone like that?

First of all….

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Second of all….Yuzu’s not even mad, so why are you mad?

You do realize that he’s extremely proud of his kouhai, right?

Originally posted by shoma-uno

He loves him so dearly to do the wedding pose more than three times…..

Originally posted by yuzu-ice

He is constantly supporting and playing around with Shoma because he doesn’t let the nature of competitions ruin their relationship:

Originally posted by heltra91

I don’t understand how you don’t see this.

You can’t get caught up in the drama of scores and forget that at the end of the day, these guys are not just competitive athletes, they’re regular buddies who hang out with each other regardless of scores. 

You can’t hate someone because of what the judges did. That’s not the athlete’s fault (COUGHunlessitsacertainadelinafromacertainolympicscandalCOUGH.)

It’s fine if you don’t want to see Shoma, just blacklist Shoma Uno in the tags or something.

But I will not stop posting things I find amusing or interesting because of someone else’s opinions.

Also, I already shared my opinions about the underscoring/overscoring issue [here].

Kan folk sætte sig ind i hvor ondt det faktisk gør at have lavet en “overscoring”? At være sammen med en person som man bare VED kunne score så meget bedre. Konstant undre sig over hvad fuck de laver sammen med dig. Så vær SØD, hvis du ser et par hvor du mener den ene har “overscoret” så ik vær en narrøv og fucking sig det. Hvorfor ville du indirekte fortælle en person i et forhold, at deres partner er bedre end dem? Tro mig, de har selv bemærket det, og det gør ondt som ind i helvede at kigge på sin kæreste og bare tænke at DU er heldig, at de ikke har fået øjnene op for hvad de kunne have. Kan i SÆTTE JER IND I, at det faktisk ikke er rart, når du selv kan se, og ofte bliver mindet om, at du ikke er god nok.

some people out there doing the most intricate mind contortion to affirm the Americans aren’t overscored and put it on the account of them being super knowledgable in the sport and “there’s more deduction than what meets the uneducated casual gymnastics fan’s eye brenda” or saying the Americans have super strong technique (right the low DLO technique or the overarching your lower back to generate swing on bars technique or the soft knees flexed feet don’t care..) and lmao I’m gonna end up being called a know it all bitch and a cunt again