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The Sun through the Decans

Using modern-day rulerships

Sun in 0-9 degrees Aries (first decan, ruled by Mars): extremely childish.  They are the most driven of the Aries and possess a certain pure enthusiasm about them that is rather endearing.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Aries (second decan, co-ruled by Mars and the sun): the most self-centered of the Aries. Pretentious and charismatic but ultimately insecure and full of love.  They really have no idea who they are to be honest.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Aries (third decan, co-ruled by Mars and Jupiter): the kindest Aries, also the shyest.  Can be a bit outspoken, but tend to be less impulsive.  They are made calmer by Sagittarius’s detachment.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Taurus (first decan, ruled by Venus): completely stable.  They reject grandeur and prefer security, but they can be extremely driven and hardworking.  The strong, silent type, but they are still very stubborn.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Taurus (second decan, co-ruled by Venus and Mercury): organized and intuitive.  They are difficult to read and have a certain attractive quality about them.  This is the most spontaneous Taurus.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Taurus (third decan, co-ruled by Venus and Saturn): they are very stoic.  They are the most melancholic Taurus.  They are strong-willed and quite controlling, and Capricorn’s influence can make them easily depressed, but also romantic.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Gemini (first decan, ruled by Mercury): strong mind with incredible adaptibility.  They are fiercely charming and can be manipulative.  They are also quite restless and often overly-intellectual.  They, like their sister sign, like being right.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Gemini (second decan, co-ruled by Mercury and Venus): the stereotypical flirtatious Gemini.  They are outgoing and loving, but they tend to toy with people’s feelings and are rarely honest.  This is the Gemini who will make you fall in love with them for fun.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Gemini (third decan, ro-culed by Mercury and Uranus): quirky, verging on manic pixie dream girl territory.  Detached and magnetic.  The most honest and straightforward Gemini, but also the hardest to understand.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Cancer (first decan, ruled by the moon): deeply emotional.  These are the most dramatic Cancers, as well as the most self-centered.  They are both manipulative and easily-manipulated.  They are, however, very caring, and they rarely do things out of malice, unlike other Cancers.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Cancer (second decan, co-ruled by the moon and Pluto): destructive and possessive, but also powerful and passionate.  They are wonderful friends and massively emotional.  Their emotions completely rule them, which is sometimes good and sometimes horrific.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Cancer (third decan, co-ruled by the moon and Neptune): with added mutable influence, this Cancer is hard to understand.  They trust their emotions and intuition completely, but they are very easily influenced, so they often change things about themselves.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Leo (first decan, ruled by the sun): incredibly loving, but they do love themselves most of all.  There is an intense need for praise and attention, and everything they do is about them.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Leo (second decan, co-ruled by the sun and Jupiter): I would argue that this is the most naturally powerful Leo as they combine their inherent charisma with the good luck of Jupiter.  Ambitious and intellectual.

Sun in 20-29 degrees of Leo (third decan, co-ruled by the sun and Mars): this, however, is certainly the most driven Leo, perhaps even diabolically so.  They are unable to see other people’s points of view.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Virgo (first decan, ruled by Mercury): as much as people may think that Virgos are self-critical, the double-Virgo is massively egotistical and narcissistic.  They can be wonderful friends but they believe that they know best all the time.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Virgo (second decan, co-ruled by Mercury and Saturn): the kindest Virgos, as they combine the duty of Virgo with the devotion of Capricorn.  This Virgo is intelligent and hardworking, but they may be emotionally repressed.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Virgo (third decan, co-ruled by Mercury and Venus): the ultimate charmers of the zodiac.  They are ethereal and beautiful, and something about them makes them seem godlike.  They are almost universally liked but are fairly private.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Libra (first decan, ruled by Venus): contrary to what some people may say, the pure Libra is quite selfish.  They do everything in balance, and that means carving out time for themselves.  They are also dramatically idealistic and romantic.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Libra (second decan, co-ruled by Venus and Uranus): this Libra is very independent.  They are more likely to be drawn toward typical Libra-like humanitarian careers than the other Libras.  They are the least romantic.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Libra (third decan, co-ruled by Venus and Mercury): this is the least-balanced Libra.  What may be mistaken for Scorpionic influence really comes from the wild nature of Gemini, who makes this Libra unpredictable and dominating.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Scorpio (first decan, ruled by Pluto): they can be a bit nutty.  They are the typical extreme Scorpios who want to be mysterious, enigmatic, and cool, but who are really overrun with feelings of loneliness.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Scorpio (second decan, co-ruled by Pluto and Neptune): this Scorpio is nicer and more outgoing than other Scorpios.  They are caring and attentive but dislike being told what to do.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Scorpio (third decan, co-ruled by Pluto and the moon): although this Scorpio is probably the most prone to extremes, they are also the most caring.  They can always see right from wrong.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Sagittarius (first decan, ruled by Jupiter): this is the true Sagittarius intellectual.  They appreciate both truth and harmony and are not easily rattled.  Their morals are strong, but they can be quite irresponsible.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Sagittarius (second decan, co-ruled by Jupiter and Mars): a more athletic Sagittarius.  The “boy next door” Sagittarius probably has his sun in the second decan, as this Sagittarius is ambitious and adventurous, but not as intellectual as the other decans.  Still, they are kind.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Sagittarius (third decan, co-ruled by Jupiter and the sun): the crazier Sagittarius tends to be born here.  They are prideful, powerful, and passionate, and very attractive.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Capricorn (first decan, ruled by Saturn): a graveness of spirit lies with the first decan Capricorn.  They are not necessarily ambitious, but they do hate failure.  This Capricorn is cold and logical, but they have tremendous discipline.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Capricorn (second decan, co-ruled by Saturn and Venus): the most social and outgoing Capricorn, and also the least likely to express their love because they have the most of it.  Saturn is naturally restrictive, and with Venus, that means that love is made a mountain to climb.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Capricorn (third decan, co-ruled by Saturn and Mercury): this is the luckiest Capricorn because things tend to come naturally to them.  They are intelligent and quick-witted, and the pain of Saturn is felt less thanks to Mercury’s erratic personality.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Aquarius (first decan, ruled by Uranus): loyal and affectionate, and definitely the most consistent of the Aquarius decans.  They are talented and intellectual, but they listen exclusively to themselves and border occasionally on narcissism.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Aquarius (second decan, co-ruled by Uranus and Mercury): this is the most fun Aquarius.  Aquarius is co-ruled naturally by Saturn, and Mercury, as it does with the third decan Capricorn, makes the second decan Aquarius lively and intelligent.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Aquarius (third decan, co-ruled by Uranus and Venus): of the Aquarius decans, the third is the kindest.  They have deeply-ingrained morals and value dependability.  They tend to be optimistic and fair in nature, if a bit detached.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Pisces (first decan, ruled by Neptune): the most Neptunian of the Pisces.  Emotionally intense and completely detached to everything, this Pisces floats through life with exhaustion, hoping that eventually they’ll find the proper shore.  Life is possibly an endless quest for something that will never come.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Pisces (second decan, co-ruled by Neptune and the moon): this is the romantic Pisces.  Giving and maternal, they would do anyone for the ones they love.  I would argue that they are the most strong-willed and least manipulative of the Pisces.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Pisces (third decan, co-ruled by Neptune and Pluto): the psychic Pisces.  Although some may assume that the late-born Pisces is Martian due to its neighbor Aries, it is really due to their Scorpionic influence.  The most practical Pisces.

Dinner and a Dare.

Summary: After ten years, your long-lost love surprises you with an old memory.

Characters: Erik Lehnsherr x Reader.

Word Count: 765.

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: Requested by @mutantsandproud


“Tell me why I should take you back, and it can’t be because you love me,” you sniffled.
It had been so long since you’ve seen him, Erik. It had been a decade but it felt like light-years. He was trembling himself, overrun by feelings of grief, sadness, anxiety and love.
“I don’t just love you,” he whimpered, “you give me warmth and you make want to be better than I’ve been. I was so much better when I was with you…I was good. We were so innocent, like a couple of teenagers. It was like a fantasy that never ended, it hasn’t ended for me. It’s still in me, in my heart. But you’re too good for me and I don’t expect you stay, let alone come back to me.”

You threw yourself onto him and you cried into the crook of his neck. He held you, encasing you with his scent of life.
“I’ve missed you so much, darling.”
“I’ve missed you too,” he stuttered, digging his face into your shoulder.
You sat there and cried into each other’s arms. The tears, after a time, turned into laughter and the smile on your face infected his.
“Let me make it up to you, after all these years,” he said.
“I’m deserving of it, I think,” you chuckled.
Erik’s face turned cold, hurt by your comment.
“No, no, no. That’s not what I meant, I’m sorry.”
Erik began laughing, “I got you,” poking your nose.
“You’re a dick.”
“Some things never change.”
“So,” you leaned in, “how are you going to make it up to me?”
“Dress nice, and I’ll pick you up at eight.”
He kissed you on the forehead and took you home.

Waiting in your nicest little black dress, Erik was ten minutes late. You tapped your foot on the hardwood floor of your living room, reading a book to pass the time and suppress the anxiety. Then a knock on the door rang throughout the house. Rather than jumping up, you tried to stay composed, taking your time walking to the door. But when you opened the door and saw him in his navy suit and dark gray tie, you fell apart.
“Shall we?”
Smiling like a child with a new toy you replied. “we shall.”
You took his arm, being guided to a black ’67 Thunderbird you told yourself not to squirm. The gentleman that he is, Erik opened the passenger door and held your hand as you stepped. The car ride was relatively quiet. You were nervous and he was nervous. He glanced at you a few times until he could finally speak.
“I’m sorry I was late. The road I used to take to your place was closed.”
“That’s okay. If I had remembered I would’ve told you.”
“I understand,” he said.

The car was then put into park. Looking out the window your eyes gleamed at an old Italian restaurant, the one you two always went to. Helping you out and offering his arm again, your long-lost love took you inside. Nothing had changed: the candle light, the furniture, the people, the smell. Erik could feel your excitement radiating through you and he kissed you on the cheek in gratitude.
“Do have a reservation?”
You were too distracted to notice the hostess.
“Lehnsherr,” Erik replied.
“Right this way.”
In awe of the place you haven’t seen in ten years you almost screamed when you saw the table. It was your favorite table, looking out onto the pond and willow trees just outside. A young waiter came up and poured water into the glasses. Snapping out of your dream world you smiled and said wine would be wonderful.

“White, red or rose?”
“Red,” Erik decreed, “surprise us.”
The waiter nodded and left. Erik turned you and shuffled some in his seat.
“You look lovely,” he smirked as his eyes glided the neckline of your dress.
“You look pretty good in a suit, I must say.
Erik took your hands into his and deeply sighed. He rubbed his thumb on your left hand and shook his head, smiling.
“I love you.”
You looked at him, taken back as your breath hitched to the sentence. Erik’s eyes widened and began to apologize for the sudden confession.
“I love you too, Erik.”
His stammering halted. He was glowing, beaming, like he used to. He really was more innocent with you, more warm and light-hearted. Feeling confident, Erik adjusted himself again.
“I wish I could get on my knee and ask you to marry me.”
“Then do it,” you said, “I dare you.”

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College Man-- A Freshman Fanfic

Hey! So, this idea came to me right after we learned that Zig had been accepted into the university in the finale of book 3. We saw his friends react but I wanted to know more about how his family must have felt. And, some of his own thought process as he wrapped his brain around such a big dream coming true. And I also wanted to incorporate the little nickname that’s been floating around for him lately. So here’s this thing.

It’s rated T. It’s kind of short. But I hope it works for anyone who reads it.

Off we go.


Zig couldn’t sleep. He lay in the darkness of his bedroom, a light sheet draped across his legs and his arms behind his head. He was no stranger to restless nights. He’d had more than his fair share throughout the course of his life. But this time, instead of images of handcuffs, flashing red and blue lights, and his mother’s tear-stained face as he was sentenced in court, his mind was focused on something new. Something that would change his life forever. Something that, for all intents and purposes, shouldn’t have been possible.

We’re pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hartfeld University on a full academic scholarship.

The words replayed over and over in his mind. He could still remember the moment he read that portion of the acceptance letter. He’d been overrun by feelings, but the predominant one had been elation. He’d shouted and thrown his arms in the air. It was the most pure expression of joy he’d displayed since childhood. And with a childhood so marred by fear and struggle, even those joyful moments were few and far between.

He smiled in the darkness of his room as he thought about the first phone call he made after receiving the news. His mom had answered on the second ring, sounding anxious because she knew he’d be hearing about his application soon. Before he got all the words of his good news out, she’d started sobbing and saying how proud of him she was. He would never forget the pure delight  he detected through her tears. His own eyes had misted over at hearing her so happy. He finally had a shot at doing right by his family and repaying his mom just a small portion of what she’d sacrificed for him throughout his life. She deserved this win more than anyone.

Eventually, he convinced her to hand the phone off to one of his sisters so he could continue sharing his news.  Momentarily, the whole family was standing around his mom’s phone with the speaker on, screaming and congratulating him. After a boisterous  conversation about him needing to come home soon so they could have a party to celebrate, he’d hung up. His heart felt light and his cheeks were sore from grinning so much.

The last twenty-four hours had been a whirlwind. But now, alone in the dark, he finally felt his smile falter and knots twist at his stomach. His mother’s bliss, the excitement of his sisters, his own elation…they all made him feel undeniable pressure. The heavy weight of everyone’s expectations sat on his chest like a boulder, making it hard to breathe. Why did he deserve such an opportunity over others in his shoes? How could anyone really know he’d be able to live up to the dream? The dean of the university had basically single-handedly gotten him into school and now he had to deliver. Failing would not only make him look bad, but it would make everyone who stuck their necks out for him look bad, too.

This is insane. Everyone believes in me. They’ve put their faith in me. But why? What have I done to deserve special treatment?

This was the thought that kept popping up every time he let himself fantasize about what it would be like his first day in a lecture hall or during his first study group at the library. He would suddenly be painfully reminded of his flaws. How could he hope to measure up?

His friends would say his actions at the presentation were proof of his worthiness. But all he’d done was stand and talk about himself. And he’d barely accomplished that because he’d all but been dragged there against his will. He was glad his talk helped, if it really did, but that was nothing. Some might even say it was his high intelligence that made the difference. He was willing to admit that he was smart, but there were many smarter than him. He remembered at least two guys from juvie who consistently out-performed him on tests and assignments. So, to him, that was yet another undeserved compliment.

In many ways, he felt like just another statistic. His mother had begged him not to be. But she could see it…the anger in his eyes when someone teased him or tried to mess with his sisters. She could see it way back then when he was only a boy in elementary school. Now he too could see the truth. He’d inherited more than just his height and jawline from his sorry excuse of a father. He’d also picked up his penchant for flying off the handle and his tendency to prove his worth through hand to hand combat.

His mother tried to warn him over and over. She attempted to reason with him and even punished him when he’d get suspended for protecting a defenseless kid in school. She always said he had a good heart but bad execution. Unfortunately, stubbornness was yet another strong family trait he’d picked up along the way. So instead, he chose to stick with what wasn’t working.

That’s why he was surprised when she showed up at the police station, bail money in hand, after the arrest. He knew she’d either borrowed it or let a few bills go to get the money. He never understood why she didn’t just let him stay in there and wait out his court date like he deserved. He’d told his sister to make sure she didn’t try to get him out. Later on, when he asked her why she did it, she’d responded indignantly that no son of hers was going to sit in a holding cell for taking care of family.

That was the first of many times she’d end up handing over cash she couldn’t spare in order to help him. Court fees, attorney fees, fines…it all equaled insurmountable debt. And eventually, after the final verdict, he was officially no longer a noble defender but instead a violent criminal. It was a foregone conclusion that school would forever be off the table. Yeah…he was definitely following in his old man’s footsteps.

But suddenly he was in a new city with a new job and new friends. For some reason, even with his recent mistakes, he was still granted a once in a lifetime opportunity to earn a higher education on the school’s dime. The impossible had been made possible. And yet, he was nearly drowning in uncertainty.

As he lay in bed reminiscing, he suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to connect somehow. So, he turned on his lamp and pulled open the drawer next to his bed. The first thing his hand touched was a small card. He picked it up gently. He slowly trailed his thumb along the red cardstock cover and the raised gold foil print that read ‘Thinking of You.’ He flipped it open and let his gaze travel over the handwritten message within:

Mijo, please don’t worry about what you deserve or whether or not you’re good enough. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be and you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Just focus on giving it your all and you’ll be fine. And remember, we love you always and to us, you deserve the world. So show them what you’ve got and, most of all, be happy.

He half smiled, blinking rapidly to avoid an embarrassing show of emotion. His mom had sent him the card in the mail after a phone conversation he had with her about these overwhelming feelings. It was such a motherly thing to do but it had been just the push he needed.

He was finally starting to accept that his doubts about himself would never cease. The shadow of his father’s failures and his own screw ups would be a constant, looming threat. But it was messages like these, the pure and loving voices in his life, that would help him win those daily battles against his fears. Ultimately he would win the war.

His phone buzzed just then and he saw a text message from one of his sisters.

Mom’s still going on and on about you and being super dramatic. She’s so proud of you that it’s kind of ridiculous. But we’re proud too. Good job, big bro. I guess you’re a college man now! ;)

He shook his head with a laugh. As he started writing a snarky yet appreciative text back, he mulled over the nickname in his head.

College man…it definitely had a nice ring to it.

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Animal crossing AU? Like, the barrio is a town or something?

Ooh! That sounds neat! I have AC New Leaf myself so I could see our barrio fam being quirky little animal people! Since I only have the one game the only characters I know who are consistent are Tom Nook and Resetti. In that case, Kevin is DEFINITELY Nook and I think it would be hilarious if Sonny was Resetti. Just this smol boy popping out of the ground screaming at the top of his lungs ‘WHY DIDN’T YOU FUCKING SAVE??!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??!!’ (and maybe a side thing could be that if you find Usnavi at a certain time, Sonny will pop back up and if you did something to make him mad before, Sonny will just blow up at you and Usnavi will reprimand him for it ‘Sonny, no yelling at customers XD)

Reaction Ficlet: How Jimin would react to your first time together

Reaction Ficlets Masterpost: How BTS would react to your first time together

Originally posted by 9taefox

The truth was, you think to yourself as you stand elbows-deep in soapy water, you should be commended for the restraint you’ve shown this evening.

It had taken an inhuman amount of strength to calmly open the front door to Jimin earlier in the evening. Instead of grabbing him and ripping his clothes off, you had returned his shy greeting with one of your own. And when he had pulled you in a hug, you had silently congratulated yourself for keeping your hands pressed to one spot on his back, and not hungrily moving over it.

Part of the reason why your hands had been frozen on his back was the heady fragrance you had inhaled from his as he had pulled you close. The smell had sent your senses into overdrive and all you could do was turn your head slightly to bury your nose into his neck.

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Daddy? (M)


characters: Yoongi of BTS

word count: 1768 (please excuse any errors i didn’t even edit this)


You were pushed against the wall, completely unfazed by the coldness because as of this moment, you felt as though your entire body was on fire. Yoongi stared down at you, eyes hooded and half-lidded, his left hand brushing your hair away from your face. Your body was rigid; you have no idea what he had in mind. How the hell did we end up like this?

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to you and all the amazing fanfic writers in this fandom,
i m so sorry, i feel like it's my fault that you guys have to feel like your work was worthless or something. but please note that some of us(including myself) really look forward to the stories you people write. really. maybe we are just too shy or too lazy to notify you, but we really love them. please continue to share your work with us.
a silent reader.

well let me start off by saying it wasn’t my intention to make you or anyone else feel guilty.  I’m not always a good reader myself so I understand why and how silent readers are so prevalent.  

however, authors are human.  i think people forget this sometimes.  we are not robots that crank out fanfiction.  we are real people with real lives and real commitments.  writing takes an exorbitant amount of time and since we all have to maintain our real lives first, writing has to be squeezed into the cracks of life.  for most of us this means late nights and exciting nights out to… coffee shops… that is, when we aren’t doing normal things like going out with friends, spending time with family, dating ect.  24 hours is not a lot when you have to divide it between school and work and family and sports and on top of that, also squeeze in time to write.  

write is hard. it’s tedious, mentally draining as well as physical complications that can occur - eye strain, carpel tunnel and back/spine issues from bad posture to name a few.  none of you saw the bruises on my forearms i developed during nano this past year from where my hands rest on the edge of my laptop.  huge bruises, because I was writing too much.  

writing is personal.  every word is carefully selected and crafted to portray a story that no one else has written before.  stories are shaped through our world views and personal experiences.  writing is a way of exploring emotions and even personal experiences, reliving good and rewriting the bad.  i have stories that are so close to my heart I might as well have pricked my finger to write it with blood instead of ink.  writing is such a personal thing I just can’t even emphasize this enough.    

writing is time consuming, difficult and so very personal.  add in that authors are humans with human emotions and it’s no wonder that we are so emotionally reactive to how our work is received by those we share it with. 

i think i can safely speak for all of us when i say that every author is their own worst critic.  i read my older stories and just cringe.  all i see are the typos and the missing comma and the repeat word and the awkward phrasing and the inconsistencies and just errors errors errors.  so guess what happens when I post something and it gets little to no attention?  my brain makes the very logical jump that my readers view the story the same way I view the story aka terrible.  because when people like something, they comment.  when they don’t like something, they don’t comment.  it’s very simple logic that my brain easily accepts as true.  

a story isn’t just ink and paper, it isn’t just words on a page.  a story is an authors time, their blood, sweat and tears.  a story is the physical manifestation of each little sacrifice they make when they make writing a priority.  a story is a little piece of them.  and now they feel like a little piece of them is something terrible and worthless.  

the issue of supporting authors is a lot less about making sure we placate the authors so they will continue making things we all enjoy, and a lot more about reassuring them that the little piece of themselves that they so willingly shared is valued, treasured.  

this fandom has lost so many authors.  wonderful, talented people who left because they didn’t feel that their hard work, that those little pieces of themselves, were treasured like they should have been.  and i’m afraid I have to agree with them.  our authors deserve better and we are going to continue to lose more of these precious people until something changes.  

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Imagine the fem reader secretly leaving a jar of lucky stars in front of Hanzo and Genji's room before they go out on their next mission and later confess to them that they did it because they love them.

ok at first i didn’t know what lucky stars were, so i had to look them up aND OMG THEY’RE SO CUTE, AND THEIR MEANING TOO LIKE??? THIS ISN’T ALLOWED. HELLO???

aaaaanyway~ this one took me a bit, though i had fun writing it~~!!

Lucky Stars - Hanzo x Fem!Reader // Genji x Fem!Reader
Ten thousand stars just for you both,
Ten thousand hours I’ve spent making them all,
Ten thousand years I will love you both,
Ten thousand years it’ll take Ŧ̧̤̭́๏̸̨̳г̸̷̵̟̲̳͎̭͖ͅ ̷̡̙̩͝๓̢̗є̠͕̼̦̠ ̟̥̖̲́͞t̷̢̺̰̥̝͝๏̗̼́ ̢̗̼̱̟͔̬͓̗๓̢̯̩̤̟̱͉̼͚͢ค̴͔̜̩̱͎̰к̡̲͚̹̯̭͔͕ͅє̥̜̝͓͠ ̖͕̺̖̫̪͉ค͏̪͈̼̞̦̫̼ ͏͕̜̫̞̙̥ς̞͝ђ̸̙̜̦๏̳̱̞̣͕͟ͅเ̷̡̻͍̣̩̞͇͎͎͚͝ς̨̳͕͍̥є̰̱͚͙̳͍̬͠.

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Blueberries and Cherries.

Prompt: so uf sans is a romantic inside, like deeeeeep inside. he is attracted to bb and gets all romantic-y with him. bb gets all happy and stuff and tells his pap, who is skeptic and has the big bro talk with uf sans. uf sans is of course the natural sub then, specially with uf pap. uf sans hides all the bad stuff that happens to him from bb and when they do the do, uf sans is too scared to actually ‘take’ bb. so bb has to top and it leads to uf being a complete and utter mess, crying and clinging to bb like hes his life line.

InHeat!US!Sans: W-We meet again, heh…

chained-upUF!Sans: y-yeah. wanna come over here and give me some of those kisses you always give your papyrus?

InHeat!US!Sans: *he smirked and stepped closer, putting his mouth close to the other’s face* A-Are you sure? You kn-know where that leads…

chained-upUF!Sans: yeah blue berry i do. and i really, really wanna.
chained-upUF!Sans: *blushes* so…berry….can we?

InHeat!US!Sans: *Blueberry smiled softly and nodded. He didn’t speak, settling for placing a kiss on UF Sans’ jaw*

chained-upUF!Sans: *sans nuzzles the other from where he can reach*

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry brought out his tongue and licked from the base of his neck up the side of his face, chuckling softly* Y-You want me, d-don’t you?

chained-upUF!Sans: *shivers* y-y-yeah….

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry pulled back and looked him up and down, placing his hand on the other’s chest. He lightly pushed him back a bit, leaning over him* So, tell m-me, how do you w-want me? A-And be honest…

chained-upUF!Sans: f-f-fuck….berry….i- i want you…..i- i wanna…. *blushes red* i just w-w-wanna make it……the-the best you……ever had or will have….*looks away, his whole face going cherry red*

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry smiled softly, crawling to sit in the other’s lap. He gently put a hand on UF Sans’ cheek and started whispering* I’m s-sure if it’s w-with you, it will be.

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans pulls at his chains, his hands trying to hold his little blue berry, “i….i hope it will be…….” He leans up, kissing the other Sans gently.

InHeat!US!Sans: *He kissed back, matching the gentleness, while his arms wrapped around UF Sans. It didn’t feel very good to hug with these chains blocking him. He also noticed the other trying to get out* You want t-to get out of th-these chains, huh?

chained-upUF!Sans: “y-yeah…but your bro put these on me so i couldn’t get to you while you were in heat….” laughs lightly, “funny how things work huh?”

InHeat!US!Sans: *He tsk-ed, shaking his head and smiling* Yeah, r-real funny. He d-didn’t think about me g-getting to y-you myself.

chained-upUF!Sans: “I don’t think he uh…realized you were….a willing participant….in our relationship….”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry giggled, nodding this time* I don’t b-believe I’ve e-ever told him, heh. So, w-want to continue? *He smirked and let his tongue hang out again*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans nodded, looking at that tongue, “y-yeah. i really d-do….”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry carefully pushed the other onto his back, straddling his hips* Good. V-Very good, heh heh~

chained-upUF!Sans: He moans out from the pressure. It felt so good on his hips. “s-so…w-what parts….do you want m-me to have?”

InHeat!US!Sans: Hm, let me th-think… *Berry started pulling down the other’s pants, putting a hand on his now exposed pelvis* I-I’d like an a-ass tonight, th-that might be fun.

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans blushes, “y-yeah, babe….anythin’ you wanna try…” He starts to concentrate on his magic, letting it form into a red ass. He blushed as it was see through. 

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry giggled at Fell’s blushing, taking note of how round his ass was. He grasped it, getting a feel for what he was going to do. He smiled up at the other before moving back a bit, dipping his head to the others entrance. He didn’t do anything, but stayed there, looking up at him from between his legs.*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans blushed as he watched and felt what Berry was doing, as soon as Berry started going down did he worry. “i-is it not g-g-good?”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry’s eyes lit up and he chuckled, his breath ghosting against the ass as he spoke* No, i-it’s perfect! Just wh-what I was looking f-for, heh heh. *He eyed it a bit longer before speaking again* I-I’m going to d-do something, a-alright?~

chained-upUF!Sans: He nods, blushing, but curious.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry hesitated, but carefully spread Fell’s cheeks, sticking his tongue out far enough to nudge the entrance. He looked back up and raised an eyebrow apprehensively*

chained-upUF!Sans: “nggh! wha-?” Sans starts shivering.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry pulled away and tilted his head* D-Did I do s-something wrong? Are… A-Are you okay..?

chained-upUF!Sans: “i-its fine, just…startled me a bit….” Sans blushes, no one had ever done that but he was willing to let it happen if it was with Berry.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry smiled and went back down, gently licking the hole, while still keeping an eye on the other’s face*

chained-upUF!Sans: “hnn…mmmnnn…” Sans moaned a bit, his bones rattling.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Slowly and carefully, he started to push his tongue into the other, enjoying the reactions he was getting*

chained-upUF!Sans: “ah! nnghhh….” Sans let the feeling overrun his mind. No one had been this gentle with him before…

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry was pleased, and after a short while, most of his tongue was inside. He started to lightly thrust his tongue in and out, starting to feel his own arousal growing*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans put his ankles over Blue Berrys shoulders, letting him go deeper. “oh….h-hell….hnggg…….nnn…mmmmmmmmm…….”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Slightly surprised by this, he decided to tread softly, v e r y s l o w l y pushing deeper. He didn’t want it to hurt, but Fell was being so compliant, how could he say no?*

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry smiled wider once his tongue was fully inside. He kept it there for a while, simply exploring it while his member was forming. He was glad that the other was enjoying this as much, if not more than he was*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans started moving his hips, “i-i’m sorry….f-feels t-too g-good….” He began to whimper.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry got very excited, but kept his calm and started thrusting again. He then reached up with one hand to the front of Fells pelvis, gently rubbing that spot*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans gasped, not having really formed anything there but it still felt good. “fuck…hgn…”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry wanted to continue making Fell feel good, make him feel loved. Although, he had a better method, other that tongue. Carefully, he pulled out and sighed* H-Hey, are you r-ready for th-the real thing?

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans was confused. Of course he was ready for the real thing, he had braced himself from the time he had formed his ass for BlueBerry. He was going to voice his concerns about the pains that came with doing what they were about to do but remembering the little guy was in heat and probably didn’t know better, he just panted and smiled, “y-yeah b, i’m ready.”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry scooted closer, but stopped halfway when he noticed the other’s expression. Was he going too fast?* Wh-What’s the matter? Y-You look l-like you have something t-to say… *He was slightly concerned, hoping he hadn’t messed this up.*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans shakes his head, smiling, “n-no, just that i love you, and i trust you.”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry wasn’t convinced, so he leaned over the other and kissed him gently, pulling back after a short while* Please, I-I want to know. Y-You don’t sound l-like you’ve said e-everything you want to…

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans shook him self, “no, go ahead.”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry sighed and reached down, slightly revealing his own pelvis* A-Are you sure..? Like, r-really sure? I’m b-being too c-careful, aren’t I?

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans blushed, “n-no. you’re doing fine. i’m sure though.”

InHeat!US!Sans: *After a moment, he smiled, finally satisfied, at least for now. He leaned back and took off his pants, showing his member. He chuckled softly, leaning back over the other and slowly positioning himself*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans watched carefully, memorizing every moment.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry was barely nudging Fell’s entrance, and he started to doubt slightly… no, Fells said he was sure, so it was fine. Right? He hesitated, but started to push in with a smile on his face*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans held his torso still, nuzzling Berry.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry kept watching Fells face for any signs of discomfort as he pushed deeper, trying his best to not make any hasty motions*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans widened his sockets, sure there was stretching, but there was no pain. None. Was it because of what Berry did? Did he know it would make it hurt less? His eyes started to water, no one had done that for him. It had always hurt him before.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry saw the tears and thought he had messed up, looking down. But, he couldn’t just stop right there, he had to know what he had done. Raising his hand, he wiped away some of Fell’s tears and smiled softly* S-Sorry, did that h-hurt too m-much? I tried to m-make it hurt l-less…

chained-upUF!Sans: “n-no! it doesn’t hurt at all!” Sans was so happy.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry was relieved, giggling as he leaned down for a kiss. He thought for sure he had done something wrong, but Fell seemed really happy*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans kissed him, rapidly spreading kisses all around his skull.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry was laughing from all the kisses, simply letting him. He had no idea why Fells was doing this, but it was enjoyable*

chained-upUF!Sans: “t-thank you….”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry was slightly confused* Um, y-you’re welcome..? F-For what?

chained-upUF!Sans: “for caring, for not hurting me.”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry smiled softly and chuckled* Of course! I wouldn’t want it to hurt you. And I care, so much.

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans wrapped his legs around Berrys hips and started to smile, “Go on…I know you need it.”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry blushed lightly and nodded, giving him one last kiss before starting to slowly thrust. He wanted to make sure that this was enjoyable for the both of them, keeping his pace slow at first, and panting softly*

chained-upUF!Sans: “d-don’t hold back, love.”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry’s eyes widened and he hesitated, though started moving him at a slightly faster pace, while still being very steady. He smiled, looking up into Fells eyes*

chained-upUF!Sans: “y-you’re in heat….take me the way you need to.”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Now Berry slowed down a bit, only to speak* B-But I don’t w-want to hurt you… I-I’m worried that i-if I go too fast, it w-would hurt..!

chained-upUF!Sans: “you won’t! don’t worry.” Sans smiled.

InHeat!US!Sans: …a-alright, heh. *He started off slow and built up speed over time, and soon enough, he could feel his release coming. But he wasn’t sure about one thing…

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans couldn’t hold back his own sounds, his whimpers and moans filled the air around them

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry could barely contain it, and had to ask.* Hah, I-I was wondering, if, -unf- I c-could, uh… *He still didn’t rally know how to explain it*

chained-upUF!Sans: “y-y-yeah, blue?”

InHeat!US!Sans: Mmnnngg, c-could I, um… c-c-cum in y-you? *He closed his eyes and waited for a response

chained-upUF!Sans: “y-you don’t need to ask…you can do whatever you want.” Sans kissed Berry softly.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry sighed, kissing back, and he could feel himself almost reach his peak*

chained-upUF!Sans: “t-thats it babe….” Sans nuzzled him.

InHeat!US!Sans: O-Oh, god, F-F-FELL~! *He arched his back at release, shouting in ecstasy as he filled up the other. For a short while after, he kept thrusting, slowing down.* -huff- Oh dear…

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans held onto him with his legs. “w-whats wrong?”

InHeat!US!Sans: *He shook his head and took a few more deep breaths* Jeez, n-nothing, really… That w-was amazing.

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans smiled, “y-yeah?” he started to tear up. “i-i’m glad”

InHeat!US!Sans: *He smiled and wiped away Fell’s tears, giggling softly* Well, I-I’m so glad it d-didn’t hurt you…

chained-upUF!Sans: “i-idiot….you could never hurt me.” He smiled, nuzzling the little Blueberry.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry nuzzled back, slowly pulling out before settling down on top of the other. Despite the chains, Fell was comfy to Blueberry*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans started to laugh softly, “whats gonna happen when your 'papy’ finds us?”

InHeat!US!Sans: *He thought for a moment* Well, he m-might try to kill you, b-but I will tell h-him that it w-was me, and n-not fully you who s-started it… *He had a determined smile on his face, thinking on how he could tell off his brother.*

chained-upUF!Sans: “w-well he’ll t-think t-that i seduced y-you, as i couldn’t exactly…get to you.” He smiles nervously, yanking the chains again.

InHeat!US!Sans: Th-Then I will h-have to t-tell him I was… I-I was the t-top, heh. *He wanted to nuzzle his face against Fells chest, but the chains were in the way. He huffed slightly and settled for nuzzling eh neck*

chained-upUF!Sans: “b-but thats embarrassing! d-don’t tell your brother how we had s-s-sex!” His face was cherry red, but he still nuzzled the other softly.

InHeat!US!Sans: *He chuckled, sighing against the other’s skull* But wh-what if that’s the only way I c-can convince him not to kill you?

chained-upUF!Sans: “i-hrm.” Sans pouted realizing it really could be worse.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry sighed and nuzzled closer, now feeling a little guilty* W-Well, I won’t tell him r-right away… s-sorry…

chained-upUF!Sans: “nah….its….its cool.”

InHeat!US!Sans: *He simply relaxed there for a short while, then suddenly had another idea. He sat up and smirked down at Fell* I-I’m still kinda f-feeling the heat…

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans blushed, “y-yeah?”

InHeat!US!Sans: *He moved back over to where he was before, his member gone, and his face close to Fell’s pelvis. He watched once again to check the reaction he got* W-Would you make a d-dick for me, cherry?

chained-upUF!Sans: “c-cherry?” Sans whispered as the magic already around him was refashioned into a cock, average size, just a little wider than the average cock.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry giggled and looked at the member that had appeared* I thought y-you needed a nickname, too. So, I-I’m Blueberry, and y-you’re Cherry, cause of your very r-red blush. *He smiled happily before getting completely settled, wrapping his arms under Cherry, just above the pelvis*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans smiled. “only you can call me that.”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry nodded, and moved his face closer, lightly nuzzling the base of Fell’s dick*

chained-upUF!Sans: “what'er you doin’?”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry smirked and let his tongue come out, holding barely an inch away from the other’s member, and chuckled softly*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans shuddered, “o-oh…berry….you don’t need to….”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry pulled his tongue back in and giggled* But wh-what if I w-want to? Heh heh~

chained-upUF!Sans: “do it only if you want to….” Sans looked at Berry seriously.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry nodded and stuck his tongue out again, ghosting it over the tip*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans shivered, the others breath hitting him.

InHeat!US!Sans: *He did this for a short while, just licking Fell’s dick, then he slowly took the tip into his mouth, humming softly*

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans’ body jolted. He gasped out. “b-blue…”

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry hummed in questioning, almost forgetting that he had Fell’s member in his mouth and chuckling. Each noise he made were sure to send vibrations through Fel’s bones*

chained-upUF!Sans: “hrk! b-berry!” Sans body convulsed in pleasure.

InHeat!US!Sans: *This time, he carefully removed his mouth and semi-smiled up at him* Uh, w-was that okay?

chained-upUF!Sans: Sans body was still shuddering, “y-yeah…” no one had really done that with him either. he wasn’t used to the feeling.

InHeat!US!Sans: *Berry smiled fully now, going back to what he was doing. He had just the tip in his mouth, but judging by the size and length… he chuckled again, slowly taking the whole thing into his mouth*

chained-upUF!Sans: “erk! hnnnnnnnnn……oh……stars……” Sans felt his body jerk upward, and he rolled his pupils back into his skull. He strained his arms and wrists by pulling them too hard, “gah!” He was trying his hardest to stop moving.


Guys... GUYS.

I was watching DH pt. two, and after rolling in the feels for quite a while, the epilogue arrived. When she saw the “19 years later” my sister grabbed the remote, but I went all: “No, no. We may not like it, but it still is Harry Potter. Besides, I want to see some more Tom (and that undeniable Drarry smile ;>).” She humpfed and put the remote down. 

And we watched. But then, something drew my attention, so I asked her: “What is Albus taking with him? That is no owl…” 

Before she could say anything, the screen very politely provided an answer:

And I lost it. 


My sister sort of just stared at me in shock.

“IS THAT A F-E-R-R-E-T?!?!” I resorted to erratically pointing at the screen. Again, gaining no response. I just needed confirmation that I was not seeing things.

“IT IS A FERRET!!” I declared finally after seeing the cute little thing on the screen for the third time. And lost it all over again. 

Just imagine how I was being overruned by feels at that moment. So instead of words, I moved on to unintelligible babbling and squeals. 

I’ve had it with Warner Bros, first the “Draco was supossed to run back screaming ‘Potter!’” thing and now this. It was almost too much for my fangirl heart. I still haven’t recovered.

Imagine helping Bilbo steal the Arkenstone and then Thorin almost killing you when he finds out.

youkai-amy || imagine

A/N: I knew I wanted to write a drabble for this Imagine when I first saw it. It’s so sad honestly…  I hope this isn’t too bad, because lately my writing hasn’t been up to par XD Anywho, enjoy this immensely sad imagine wow ;-;

You swallowed somewhat anxiously as you thought about it. Bilbo had taken the Arkenstone, and you had helped him with the task. Oh by the gods, if Thorin found out Bilbo took it, and you helped! You didn’t want to think of it; but you had a feeling he might know, he might be onto you, Bilbo wasn’t there, he fled with the stone. It was for Thorin’s own good. He was too blinded by the golds, the riches, and the stupid stone to see that right in front of him a battle was brewing. To take the stone and offer it to the humans and the elves in part for Bilbo’s part of the treasure was the plan. Thorin would not give any part of the riches to the elves and the humans who had been the ones to kill Smaug.

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Gaster, what does it feel like when you become a father?

[* I’m not quite sure how to answer that. It’s a little bothersome at first.
But then it’s overrun by a feeling of happiness over the silliest things. Then there is a ridiculous need of worrying about things you never even tought about before. Things like, “How am I even going to pay the college of three kids? I need to start saving up now”]

50 Shades of Green

Almost immediately after Castiel falls he starts to dream.

His dreams come in abstract shapes, triangles, squares, pentagons; a moving kaleidoscope flashing beneath his eyelids. At first they make no sense, only shapes, black and white, erratic just like his newly human mind overrun with emotion and new feeling.

And then one night he starts to dream in green. Same with the night after, and the night after that.

Then one night the shapes change into a grassy field that stretches out as far as he can see. High mountains loom in the distance, and the sun glares down overheard, casting golden rays onto the grass. The tall stalks wave in breeze and he starts wading through their rich forest green, fingers trailing against their smooth edges.

He wakes up aroused and less confused than he should have been. Cas remembers Freud, he knows what his fascination with the color means.

Dean lingers in his thoughts for days following, and it takes every ounce of strength he has in him not to pick up his pre-paid phone and dial the very same man who kicked him out of the Bunker five days earlier.

Instead he goes to sleep and dreams about ice cream. Mint first, sweet with a gentle cool on his lips. It makes his tongue tingle and sends chills rushing through his body. Pistachio comes next, darker green, a mix of salty and sweet, and filled with little pieces of nuts. Cas likes this one best, it’s sort of earthy, homey and part of him just wants to drown in it. He wakes up annoyed at his weakness and glares at his phone from across his makeshift bed. As if just his eyes alone could conjure up the object of his persistent fantasies.

The next night he starts to dream about steaming artichokes, guacamole, and almond stuffed olives. He is tempted to give up and just call Dean after that dream because shit is starting to get to get down right weird.

By some stroke of luck, or a miracle, God is still on his side and the following morning he finds a potential case in the newspaper giving him the perfect excuse to call Dean and let him know about the case. Even though he’s really pissed at Dean right now, and he’s finally getting onto good terms with Nora at gas-n-sip, the prospect of seeing Dean again kneads at him so strongly he’s ashamed of himself.

Dean shows up randomly at the store with a cavalier smile, a twinkle in his eyes, and once again Cas is enraptured by green. He gets lost in the emerald forest of Dean’s eyes and suddenly he’s falling, again.


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Is it strange I find Stephen Amell more attractive than Oliver Queen? I mean obviously they have the same gorgeous face and amazing body but the thing is, I love Stephen's smile, and he hardly ever gets to smile as Oliver. Honestly one of the main reasons I ship Olicity is because Stephen has broken character a few times because he can't help but smile at EBR. I really hope the next season includes more smiling and less brooding.

It is 100% NOT strange, anon, because I am the same exact way. We won’t get into the annoyingly obsessive daydreams I’ve had about Stephen Amell, alright, because then you might question my sanity. Not about Oliver Queen, but about Stephen Amell, that beautiful, amazing human being whose goodness and genuine niceness literally angers me (because I cannot handle my feels about this man).

How does he exist? He’s sweet, gentle, confidant, unassuming, smart, humble, understanding, in wicked amazing shape that simultaneously gets me heated and shames me, super talented actor, absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, an amazing husband and father, and everything makes him smile - when he smiles the skies open and rains down happiness and joy in the shape of sunflowers and sunshine.

Alright, enough musings, I also wanted to say I’m with you on Olicity! Olicity has grown so organically and beautifully as a direct result of the chemistry and friendship and overall comfort level between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. People always talk about some chemistry being like lightning in a bottle and those two? ARE IT. If they had the ability to extract this from these two and mass-produce it, the world would be overrun with too many feels because we’d all be watching each other interact. Nothing would get done. I stare at gifs of these idiots (in-character and out) for so many minutes it’s shameful.

They just have to look at each other and I get butterflies. THAT IS CHEMISTRY. (Imagine what it will be like when Olicity is actually together?)

And let’s be real, when Oliver smiles, it’s not a Stephen smile. That guy’s entire face - nay, his entire being - lights up when he smiles! (I HAVE BEEN HAVING A STEPHEN AMELL CRISIS FOR A VERY LONG TIME.)

Hopefully some of that starts to bleed into Season 4, I want to see some more full-teeth grins, Oliver! Hopefully Oliver getting to this point of realizing that he can certainly be every facet of himself without having to sacrifice something will let him finally relax.

Let him smile.






So Oliver can fucking smile for once.