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Person: “So how are you?”

Me: “The fuck you think bish”

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Person: …….


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As some of you know, eating healthy has always been… a mixed bag for me. I can cook, but often don’t; my appreciation of vegetables is often overridden by my desire to throw something together without the minor annoyance of making a veggie. Such poor habits were exacerbated by my enthusiastic dive into political organizing. Going straight from a classroom to the Bernie campaign office most nights this spring excused an awful lot of eating out. This hectic summer saw no improvement, either.

BUT. With law school, I’m now very carefully watching my food budget. No excuses; I work better when I eat better, and I found a cookbook with quick/cheap/healthy recipes. Wish me luck…

#healthyeating #budget #goodandcheapcookbook

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Kirby villain's motivations
  • Zero/Zero-Two:Basically what Dark Matter said but it was mine idea in the first place you know I'm its boss
  • Dark Mind:Not only is Dreamland mine, BUT MIRRORWORLD AS WELL
  • Drawcia:Through the power of PAINt and art I shall rule Dreamland!
  • Dark Nebula:sometimes I lowkey forget my existence
  • Masked Dedede:That's it I'm done with this Kirby piece of shit I'm gonna clobbah you real good
  • Yin-Yarn:Now DREAMLAND IS MINE........not sure what to do with it afterwards
  • Magolor:First....THE POPSTAR....then....THE UNIVERSE! (ps I'm actually coolio with kirbs rn we race each other)
  • Susie:...monies
  • NME Salesguy:....That's it?
  • Susie:Loads of money is all I need.
  • NME Salesguy:Umm okay?. And what about you, Mr.Haltmann?
  • President Haltmann:....Only thing I wanted to see is my daughter.
  • (everyone looks confused and shocked at Haltmann. Susie whistles)
  • NME Salesguy:Well....and what about you, Star Dream?
  • Star Dream:To ensure the prosperity of Haltmann's company, we must eliminate all organic life form which includes all of you.
  • Everyone:.....fuck
  • Galacta Knight:hey boys who wants some battles with me I am sure I'll wreck all of your asses

Disclaimer: I just wanted to point out due to the themes of this piece that this is a work of fiction. All my best to Jensen’s family. NO Danneel hate. 

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The Texas moon dips on nights like these. A string of stars blanketed across the night’s sky that when you’re standing against the doorway, meshed with the shadows, it takes a light bulb to let him know that you’re there. Not that Jensen needs the light to feel your presence. His abdomen being overridden with this light, feather so, feeling is however what it takes. He moves across the room, standing nearer in distance, slinking beside you until you’re both squashed against the door and him nearly you. He’s sure he’s never noticed just how pretty you are but here, standing between the brinks of light and dark, you’re a vision. A glimmer or glamour like an image distorted by the reality that you’ve given and not to what has played out.

One on set and the other when you both went home; it was you that went home to a silent house and him to Danneel. Against your better judgment you’ve been picturing it for weeks, having him. Beyond the lines of being his cast mate and sharing scenes, not just as Cara and Dean but like you and him. You knew though that the gap between the two were bridging together and that there was a prospect of a storm in the horizon. It settles over you, a heaviness, that you’re tired of waiting for that someday. Music plays just in earshot and that’s the realisation that you’re not alone. Your head bucks upwards.

“Don’t you get how awkward this is for me?” 

“This was your doing, sweetheart.” 

“And it’s your sweet hearting that got us here.” 

“Sweet hearting?”

“Yes. The cute compliments, hand holding, and asking me favours. Your makeup smells nice – who even says that?”

“I meant perfume!”

“It doesn’t matter which one you said. They both mean something.”

“The only thing that it means is that you’re an over thinker.”

“Can we please not do this?” He’s learning that you’re more fragile than he thinks. That behind the armour he pulls like the buttons of an old coat lays this frailty. As most old coats they’re over-worn, from a certain history, but they still fit and that’s what you were trying to do. “Not only do I have to sit next to your wife for an entire dinner. But, Jared’s still mad at me.”

“Why is Jared mad at you?”

“I kinda moved his car off the lot yesterday.”

“Where did you move it to?” He asked, eyebrows rising.

“…The Arrow lot. Stephen owed me a favour. And, one thing lead to another. Can we please just act like this never happened.”

“Fine. Just can you not tell D?”

Your eyes fly to his. It’s funny that despite the ability to be able to keep the secret for over two years that now you felt agitated. Like there were ghosts of past loves cramming at your walls, you, a vacant motel. She, with everything that you wish you had and unable to just reach because there were morals rioting in your head. A mess of contradictions of no matter how much you wanted this you still felt shaken. No matter how many people could do this, to let their feelings go, you hesitated. It was better to forget. Just to sleepwalk through your broken heart and put her family’s feelings above your own. But Hollywood was a graveyard sealed with others secrets and those happen to sometimes let loose.

“What? That I have a giant crush on her husband? Because, hey, maybe you’re cool with leaving the elephant in the room but it’s going to come out some way or another.”

“The elephant isn’t going to be woken if you keep your mouth shut.”

 “You’re so sweet to me.”

Your tongue would be so alight if he kissed you. “I’m sorry.”

“For what exactly?”

“Everything. I shouldn’t have ignored you hoping that you could just let it be. This is hard for me too. Really hard. Carrying this around especially when I feel the same way about –”

Awestruck, he’s given you enough for that final push. Your hands grip to the back of his head, caught into a sultry suction, tufts of dark sliding between the apertures of fingers. It takes a minute, between thinking and just doing without cause, to capture jasmine lips against his. Relentless fingers dip to the rear of your white tank top, pulling it up, and over your head. Jensen then veers his lips to your neck and ears and jaw until he has a heavy breast cupped fully in his palm over your bra. A heavy sigh fanning against your neck is a moment, a sign that you’ve both entered into no man’s land.

“I shouldn’t have done that.” A step backwards. “I’m going to leave.”

“Please don’t.”

Your fingers fray like string, this combustion of frustration and shame that spill inside of you. Oh how stupid could you be to think that you knew yourself. How could you know yourself when you did the one thing that you swore yourself to never do over two years? Eyebrows kink and you shift backwards until your back was slanted against the opposite wall, enough space between the two of you that a river could flow through. There are intervals between the times that your eyes hold his gaze, inadvertently; you wish that there was someone else that you could’ve liked.

“I can’t, Jay. Danneel’s here. JJ. What am I supposed to do?”

“Breathe. You look like you’re gonna lose something more than just your nerve.”

“Cute.” Your tongue hits against the roof of your mouth, trapped against the rim of a growing smile.

“We’re going to sit down and eat some turkey. And, then you’re going to go home and I’m going to speak to Danneel.”

“Are you sure that’s a conversation you want to do alone? I’d rather her yell at me.”

“It takes two.”

“Jay.” Guilt rings a weathered mouth, you hesitate. Fingers wilt into the cotton-swathed jumper, until they disappear beneath the fabric. A sense of comfort.

“Really, it’s fine. Like you said it’s going to come out. Now, turkey?”

 “Might as well make it my last supper.”

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Is it okay to spend money on myself? I spend time on tumblr and see so many people who need money. I do not have a job but I live with my parents and work when I can. So I give out ten or twenty frequently. But I have started to become overridden with guilt whenever I consider things like taking a road trip with my best friend or ordering pizza. Do you have thoughts on this kinda thing?

OMG what! Get yourself a pizza holy cow.

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Jess please don't take this as "PLEASE LIKE THIS CHARACTER MORE" but I wish you liked Mahiru as much as I do.

I would love to like Koizumi more! My biggest issue with Koizumi is that I just want more of her–I already like her a lot better now that I have a better idea of her relationship to both Satou and Saionji while at Kibougamine.

The issue is just that she dies so early and gets so little to do–TSM always felt more like it was about the Kuzuryuus and Satou with Koizumi just kind of there, and in SDR2 I feel like she gets overridden by a lot of the other characters with more forceful and colorful personalities.

If you contrast this to like Maizono who is implied to have done questionable things on her rise to fame and was shown to be capable of murderous intent, or Sagishi who has this mysterious, ominous backstory, or Pekoyama with her plethora of issues surrounding her own dehumanized upbringing, or Oowada and Fujisaki who are drowning in the undertow of masculinity but in different ways, she unfortunately just kind of gets swept up in the current for me.

And I don’t dislike Koizumi by any means–I just want more from/about her.

So if you have (preferably femslash and/or despair-driven) headcanons or anything, send them my way!

You know those ads that are always like “Find out the ONE SECRET to hooking a man/woman for life”? They are like they dystopian alternate universe called HETERONORMATOPIA where everything is terrible and free thought isn’t a thing because it can all be overridden by our INSTINCTUAL HORMONAL OVERLORDS, triggered by only FOUR SIMPLE WORDS OMG. Check this shit out:

One of the most significant ways men think differently than women shows up when choosing conversation topics.

 Women enjoy discussions about things going on with friends and   acquaintances. Some women find this kind of conversation topics so interesting  that they have a hard time understanding just how boring it is to men.

 There are exceptions, but most men don’t enjoy long  conversations about what so-and-so did or said. He will come away from that experience with a memory of profound boredom.

 He will likely be polite, and possibly even ask a few questions, but try to avoid talking about other people that he doesn’t know.(bolding not mine) 

 Be especially careful not to talk about problems between other people. It may be a relevant part of your life, and something that’s interesting and important to you, but a first date is not the place to introduce him to that part of your life.

So basically… things you cannot talk about on a first date:

  • Your parents
  • Your job
  • Your friends
  • Your pets
  • Your past
  • Your future

Things you can talk about:

  • Him

Like, I love reading this articles because they’re hilarious, but at the same time I am crying so hard deep inside. Any time I ever wonder “Hey, it might be nice to actually feel romantic/sexual attraction to people” i remember that shit like this exists and then I am so so so glad that I can opt out of all of it.

(I am aware that heterosexuality is not actually always like this. But let’s be honest: way too many heteros think like this)

In the middle of the night, we found ourselves on opposite sides of the bed. I couldn’t find sleep and so I was left alone with my overthinking mind which always left me shaking and overridden with tears. Biting my pillow and blanket, I tried to sob quietly as to not wake him. He had work in the morning. But despite my best efforts, he absentmindedly awoke, “Is something wrong?” he asked groggily. I couldn’t speak and so I tried to nonchalantly wave him away.

He came over to my side of the bed and saw me awkwardly covering my face. He pushed my hands away and saw my tear stained pillow, reddened eyes and mucus smothered face. He sleepily pulled me closer to him and cradled my body against his, “You don’t need to be sad alone anymore.” I let out a loud sob against his chest in response. “Cry as much as you need to,” he said, “Sob as loud as you want. Get my clothes covered in snot, I don’t care. Just know that you don’t need to go through these kinds of nights alone anymore. I can’t stop the cause of your pain and tears because only you can do that, but I can help you with them,” he reassured me, as he stroked my hair and back.

—  Oh how I wish you were here with me tonight.

He yearned for fame, he craved for gold
He had dreamed of this since he was five years old
He worked day in and day out writing from the top of his head
He wouldn’t stop until he got what he wanted
What talent! What ability!
He was a unique entity
His songs flowed with melody, lyric oozed with weird creativity
Surely there would never be another like him.
As his fame grew and fortune he amassed
His life would be changed at last
The friends he held dear would be friends no more
New one had come bringing vices galore
In these he lost himself, and spent on it every cent he had
The habit choked him, strangled him, snuffed the very life out
Though he was still living he was technically dead
Sitting in a daze, unmoved, unfazed
The substance ate his brain, consumed his sanity
He was paying the ultimate price of fame and vanity
History has dismissed him as another drug causality
A fact that had overridden his true musicality

—Pauleen Flake, Idolatry, Tragedy

Harry Potter Tiered Canon System

So, I thought I’d try to come up with a canon system for Harry Potter, in light of fans’ questions of the canonicity of The Cursed Child, the Fantastic Beasts films, etc. This is very much derived from the tiered canon in the Star Wars Holocron Database maintained by Leland Chee (maybe we need someone like him for the HP universe, since it’s continually expanding).

Each tier of the canon overrides any continuity contradictions from the tiers below it. For example, the HP films have Ravenclaw’s secondary color as silver, when it’s bronze in the books. Because the books are the top tier of canon, the definitive answer to “What are Ravenclaw’s colors?” is blue and BRONZE.

B-canon = Books Canon: The books are the top tier canon. Any and all contradictions to continuity within the below tiers are ultimately overridden by the books.

F-canon = Fantastic Canon: New canon/continuity that is added via the JK Rowling-written Fantastic Beasts films.

S-canon = Supplemental Canon: Supplemental materials written by JK Rowling herself, including the charity books Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them & Quidditch Through the Ages and the upcoming Short Stories From Hogwarts ebooks.

P-canon = Pottermore Canon: Material written by JK Rowling and disseminated via the Pottermore website.

C-canon = Chat Canon: New canon/continuity that was/is added via online chats or interviews with JK Rowling (there was a major chat with her just after Deathly Hallows released in which she answered with a bunch of new info; some of that is now contradicted by the above tiers, but some is still valid).

M-canon = Media Canon: Any material written by someone other than JK Rowling that has received approval from her (additions to continuity via the films; The Cursed Child; videogames; etc).

N-canon = Non Canon: Any material that is contradicted by one of the above tiers. JK’s writing notes would fit in here, as many things can change over the course of planning a book versus what is actually published.

So, what d'y'all think? Have any suggestions for alterations to the above or do you think I covered everything?

I’m sitting here in this quiet garden and I’m feeling good. I went to sit with some people at the cafe despite worrying that it would be a waste of time and it wasn’t, I didn’t have to make a conscious decision whether or not I wanted to be in a conversational mode I was just there without any drama. I love when my instincts about my being inherently cynical about everyone get overridden and I relax

Oops! Multi-million pound UK Army surveillance drone crashed due to computer glitch

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has had to write off a multi-million pound unmanned surveillance drone after a glitch in the software caused the drone to break itself, thinking that it had already landed when it was still in mid-air.

A report released by the UK government enquiry into the incident says that the Watchkeeper WK031 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), operated by a civilian crew, was making its approach to land at West Wales Airport in Aberporth on 16 October 2014 when it suddenly took a nose dive from about 10-15ft above the runway.

Due to approaching bad weather, the crew had manually overridden the drone’s automatic landing feature to get the UAV to land sooner than initially planned, but the drone suddenly crashed into the ground, causing considerable damage to the fuselage structure, while the vehicle’s undercarriage collapsed as it continued to slide along the runway before coming to a standstill.

Although there was no fire and no one was injured in the crash, the UAV was damaged so badly that the MoD was forced to write it off. An investigation was later ordered into the reasons behind the crash. The report stated that the drone’s system did not issue any alerts showing anything was amiss, and the crew thought that everything was perfect for landing.

Manual override and faulty algorithms to blame

Watchkeeper was developed in partnership with Thales UK and Israeli drone manufacturer Elbit. Data from the crash was sent to the manufacturer for analysis, and it was discovered that the drone’s computer system had incorrectly sensed that the drone had touched ground about 20m (65ft) from the ground, indicating that the computer algorithms had problems in understanding and detecting air turbulence.

The report concluded that although the civilian crew had not caused the accident, besides the flawed drone computer algorithms, there was not enough information about the manual override given by the manufacturer and the crew had lacked situational awareness of the weather, plus the wet runway surface at the airport had caused the drone’s laser altimeter to make an incorrect reading about the actual height of the drone.

The Watchkeeper drone fleet is currently being tested and was expected to be deployed in 2017, but the damning report has cast doubt on whether that will actually happen.

Drone software “not fit for purpose”

“I agree with the findings including the cause, contributory factors, other factors and observations. However, the casual statement that the vehicle management system computer (VMSC) functioned ‘as designed but not as intended’, whilst true, I will express in a more straightforward manner by saying the VMSC logic was not fit for purpose,” said Air Marshal Dick Garwood, Director General of the Defence Safety Authority.

“While they might be beyond the purview of this safety-related service inquiry, there are clearly broader lessons for Defence to learn here in relation to how we first procure and then introduce this type of complex capability into front line service.”

This is not the first time that a UK Army surveillance drone has crashed – another Watchkeeper drone crash-landed at Boscombe Down in November 2015, following the crew’s selection of the manual override controls, according to Garwood.

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