Kanan in the Middle

In last week’s episode, “Ghosts of Geonosis”, we see Kanan’s decision getting overridden several times.

But he’s kinda okay. Yeah, he launched some snarky responses, but in general, he fully committed himself to whatever the decision was.

In a sense, he was getting closer to The Bendu.

Remember the line below?

Perhaps master and apprentice will rediscover their balance, or perhaps they’ll be eaten; Such is the way of things…

So, a shrug, and a “let’s go”.

If we die, we die.

Such is the way of things.

I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 20/?) (Avengers x reader)

Angst takes a break for the holiday

Part 19

“So BARF isn’t just a clever acronym…” you hiccupped, your head hanging precariously over the toilet as Tony sat by helplessly, “…as soon…as I do this…I’m gonna kick your ass…”

“In my defense, I said it was an acronym.  I never said anything about it being a clever one.”

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Light Carries On Endlessly

pairing: Bucky x Reader

summary: Bucky goes back under after cacw and you’re pregnant. 8-ish months later you give birth to a beautiful baby girl. 

words: 1.1k+ (including lyrics)

warnings: slight angst, vague (very vague) descriptions of labor 

A/N: this is kind of a companion to Let Go for the ones who requested it, but it stands on its own very well. Title and lyrics from one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my life, Saturn by Sleeping At Last. Huge thank you to my bae @buckyywiththegoodhair for beta-ing. You da real mvp. Lyrics are bolded, flashback is italicized

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“I need you to push. One more time, [Y/N], it’s almost over.” Your doctor’s words were almost completely drowned out by the sound of blood rushing in your ears.

Steve was gripping your hand so tightly, but you paid no mind to it. Your nerves were overridden by a much greater pain.

“One more time, [Y/N], it’s almost over.” Steve. That was his voice. You squeezed his hand in a feeble attempt at reassuring him. Or maybe you were trying to reassure yourself. You didn’t know how you hadn’t passed out yet. The pain was excruciating. Your chest was heaving and beads of sweat were rolling down your forehead. The palm Steve wasn’t grasping was indented with red crescent shapes, leaving marks behind of where your nails had been digging into your flesh. Your eyes flitted over to where Nat was standing, her feet planted to the ground, her form completely still. Her gaze met yours and you could see that her eyes were shining with unshed tears.

“On 3, [Y/N].” Your doctor.

You tightened your grip on Steve’s hand. He nodded at you, an understanding smile on his face. “It’s okay, squeeze as hard as you need.”

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“If you don’t like it, change it.”

If we vote, we’re overridden.
If we march, we’re whining.
If we riot, we’re criminals.
If we speak and share and post, we’re not *really* doing anything because talking doesn’t change things.

Be honest. You don’t want us to do anything. You want us to follow orders and be silent because then you don’t have to acknowledge that the world has gone to hell and complacency offered it a ride.

Today, I am tired. I am tired of being socially conscious. It takes energy to think about how things affect others, let alone to try and teach more people how their words and actions affect others. I’m tired of trying to have conversations that could change one mind that could go on to change many. I want to lay down arms and rest.

And I may very well take a break, a short moment to recharge. But by god it only takes one voice to inspire millions and damned if I won’t use my voice. No matter how many times you try to silence me.

—  Antifa Latinx on Facebook


“Agent Zhou has requested not to be disturbed.”

Your face turned upward at the soft intonation of Athena’s voice, as though you’d even be able to make eye contact with a faceless, omnipresent AI. You sighed.

“Yeah, but this is important.”

“Agent Zhou’s request cannot be overridden excepting any case of emergency or bodily endangerment.”

“This is an emergency.”

There was a pause, as though she were taking your statement into consideration – or more likely, actually scanning the base for threats or any drops in vital signs.

“No emergency protocols detected. Agent Zhou’s status remains at Do Not Disturb.”

What the fuck did a person have to do to see their hard working girlfriend? You knew Athena’s eyes were everywhere, so you hoped she could see your expression of annoyed irritation. Not that she’d be able to fully appreciate it.

“Okay, great, thanks.”

So you headed outside. For a military base, the windows were probably severely less protected than they should have been, and she was only three floors up. Unfortunately, you’d been skipping a lot of your weight training sessions with Zarya, so you found yourself dangling from the side of the Watchpoint a little helplessly for several minutes, until you found the strength to cling to the shallow windowsill hard enough to knock on the bullet-proof glass.

Hard at work, Mei didn’t even notice until probably the third or fourth attempt, by which time your arms were threatening to give out and drop you to the ground in what would probably become a really awkward trip to Mercy. She made her way over to the window, eyes wide, and slid it open.

Alarmed, she asked you. “What are you doing out here?”

“Yeah, ask me in a second, my arms are about to fall off. I’m no Shimada brother.”

She backed away so you could haul yourself up and over into the window and promptly sprawl out onto the floor. She kneeled by your side as you sat up, and at seeing you were alright – if a little worn out – she laughed in a way that always warmed your insides.

“So why were you trying to impersonate Genji again?”

You leaned over to kiss her, further warmed by the way she hummed into the gesture.

“You turned off your communicator and locked yourself in your lab for three days.” You cupped her face in your hand. “Is it such a crime to wanna see my lady on Valentine’s Day?”

At ‘Valentine’s Day’ she immediately jerked away, alarmed.

“Oh my gosh! Has it already been that long?” She fidgeted nervously, her face darkening with a flush. “Oh no, I lost track of time again, I’m so sor-!”

You  tapped her on the mouth and she squeaked, still embarrassed.

“Mei, it’s alright,” you soothed. You then shrugged. “I mean, last year you forgot your own birthday because you were helping Winston set up that satellite array.”

She reddened again, remembering. She opened her mouth, likely to start apologizing again, but you leveled her with a Look and she smiled sheepishly.

“Now, if you like, I can go back downstairs and serenade you all proper with a radio and everything,” you offered, wiggling your eyebrows. Mei shoved your shoulder and you laughed. “And then we can get this Valentine’s Day started off right.”

She helped you to your feet and immediately returned to the table where her project awaited. “Alright, just let me finish this one –“


Another embarrassed laugh and she stepped away, hands raised harmlessly to placate you. “Okay, okay, I’ll go change.”

As charming as she was in her lab coat and work clothes, you had to agree it wasn’t proper date attire (unless the date was more experimental projects, which it had been on more than one occasion). But you followed her to her room, and you provided ample enough distraction that you both almost missed your dinner reservations.

But it was worth it. Definitely worth it. 



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Person: “So how are you?”

Me: “The fuck you think bish”

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Person: …….


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superheroes-cometofeast  asked:

MC/Vanderwood post-agency fluffy headcanons?

Okay sorry these took so long rn looks like I used he/him pronouns here…okay I tend to change up pronouns for Vanderwood a lot. If you have a preference please put it in your ask or I’ll just kinda do whatever. 

I try and keep pronouns consistent within an ask but that doesn’t always happen

These feel week, I’m so sorry, hope they’re okay


  • He isn’t quite sure how to act when not in the agency 
  • He kinda sticks around the RFA at first because he doesn’t have anywhere else to go, after all, it’s not like he has any friends or family or anything, not after he was forced to give up everything for the agency 
  • He’s wary of physical contact at first with anyone. Years of instinct can’t be so easily overridden even after the agency’s been dissolved, but MC’s patient with him and gives him the space that he needs to adjust to a real life 
  • His relationship with Seven evolves to be more of a genuine friendship as opposed to a strained relationship between coworkers
  • That doesn’t stop him from threatening to tase the red-head or stop Seven from calling him, begging him to clean his house because he can’t focus, but there’s a lot less strain on that relationship now
  • He likes it when MC plays with his hair
  • Vanderwood quickly discovers a lot of hobbies with his newly acquired free time, for example he figures out that he likes to read and to listen to music 
  • MC lies with their head in his lap pretty often when they cuddle, but it’s not unheard of for him to rest his head in their lap either 
  • He gets nervous when they go out in public which leads to a lot of handholding. He’s not the least bit embarrassed about it either 
  • Everyone in the RFA goes to Vanderwood when they need fashion advice because seriously. He gives the best fashion advice okay

It’s been a month since I played DA:I and with so many cool mods out now,  I decided to install them and play again

Loaded up most recent file and remember why I stopped playing it. The dress mod that I was working on made me so mad I just stopped playing out of frustration lmao. 

 Anyways, I took a bunch pics but to avoid spamming y’all, I picked my faves out of the bunch.


Forgot to add the link to the texture!

The Dress texture by the awesome  jacknifelee

Kink #36 - Enough to Distract You (against the wall)

Pairing: Soulless Sam x Reader

Warnings: Sex against the wall, use of the c word, rough sex, I think that’s pretty much it 

Word count: 2900

A/N: I hope you guys like this! I’m working on Kiss You Everywhere Pt 2 atm but I kind of felt like writing this so I did :) requests are open! :)

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renlyslittlerose replied to your post: shepard-alenko replied to your post “[[MO What…

But sometimes I feel these particular headcanons can override some other possible disabilities that a character can have. Like with the case of Kaidan and anxiety– I read much of his behaviour as a symptom of his migraines and something that I relate to. When people say it’s a symptom of anxiety and don’t allow for other possibilities, I feel like my medical condition is being overridden and therefore my ability to relate is being overshadowed by someone’s headcanon :(
But then if I say I see some things as more of a symptom of migraines or whatever, I’m the villain *shrug*    

aceryder replied to your post: [[MOR] What bothers me about the ME fandom is…                

   YEP. Same goes for his migraines. Some people like to consider them a disability because maybe they get them too and like seeing Kaidan succeed despite it, and then others argue it’s not solely because THEY don’t want to be seen as disabled. Like…???? Do you realize how insulting that can be to people who do live with disabilities? 

Yes, I get what you’re both saying and I agree. I saw both cases that people didn’t want to accept the migraine headcanons or the anxiety headcanons and it’s upsetting. There were a lot of people who got brushed off or insulted for those headcanons, it’s just…gross. I saw this happen too many times, especially with the migraines when Kaidan canonically suffers from them.

Like I hc him having anxiety but I still consider the fact that he has migraines, I respect that. I’m not trying to say that my anxiety headcanon is more valid or something like that. But I know there are people who will literally fight the headcanons because for some reason they cannot bear the thought of a disabled/mentally ill character. It’s sickening.

Haven’t showered in like 6 days (sometimes I look better having not showered, tho I’m sure any superfluous appearances would ultimately be overridden by the smell of body odour), been too distracted dealing with some of the inevitably unpleasant emotions that go w/ a break-up after 3 and a half years of dating. Been doing pretty alright during the days, but closer to the evening, I start getting (rather unwanted) pangs of mourning nostalgia. 

Been thinking a lot tho, about what I do next, what I want from life and any future partner, about the mistakes I made while her and I were together, and I’ve been learning a lot of lessons I hope I can internalize for future serious relationships. 

In the meantime, the separation has been very mature and amicable, even if it has still hurt as much as I’d expect it to after all this time together. I hope (and think, with some space and time) that we can and will be friends again at some point in the future. There’s a close connection there I’d like to return to and maintain when (and if) we’re both ready, providing it feels like the right and the healthy thing to do. 

Going forward, my only romance(s) will be with my writing, my rap, and my music projects; not that I’m planning on never dating again, just not for quite awhile. I think it’s time for, if not only a few months, then a year or two of largely solitary self-discovery. 

Misery (Part 2 - Dean x Reader)

A/N: Hi! Part two of the Misery mini-series is here! This is less angst than the last one, but still it’s not rainbows and unicorns. I hope you enjoy it!

You can read Misery Part 1 here

Despite Dean had caught you in time and you hadn’t hit the ground an unbearable headache was beginning to stir within you. Razor-sharp needles were piercing your mind as a myriad of thoughts, ideas and memories swirled around, fighting each other. You felt terribly hot and you contemplated the idea of being in hell, a shiver racing down your spine and nausea beginning to grip your stomach.

All of a sudden coolness spread through your limbs at the same time as a hand landed softly on your forearm. You groaned in relief, the scorching heat gone and already feeling better. It wasn’t hell after all.

“You think she’s gonna be alright?” far away you heard a deep, masculine, familiar voice overridden by concern.

“She’s strong. She’s a hunter” mumbled another familiar voice equally troubled “Just let her rest. No wonder she passed out after all we put her through.”

There was a moment of silence before the gravelly, deep voice spoke again, anguished.

“This is all my fault” by the sound of it you could tell he was on the brink of tears “I shouldn’t have let her believe that her feelings for me were corresponded. All it took was a moment of weakness, and next I knew we were in the back seat of the Impala, making out” A heavy sigh escaped his lips “Then I told her… I said horrible things to her, because I wanted to protect her. I yelled at her that the night before hadn’t been significant to me… God, I feel so guilty…”

“Hey, man, don’t be so hard on yourself” the other voice was offering comfort even though it was worried too “You didn’t know this was gonna happen. You were trying to get her away because you believe that something bad happens to every person who gets close enough to you. I fully understand, Dean. I do. And I can tell it’s not your fault.”

Dean? As in Dean Winchester? What the hell was Dean Winchester doing by your side? And then you remembered everything. Memories from the last hours rushed through your mind and left you feeling sick and feverish. So it hadn’t been a dream? It had actually happened? Driven by the imperious need to find out what had transpired you tried to wake up from your semi-unconscious state, attempting to reach out to your drifting conscience and shove it into your body again.

“Look, she’s stirring!” exclaimed Sam, his tone considerably brighter.

Your opened your eyes, looked around and even though everything was blurry and dissipated you could figure two faces staring down at you with intrigue. You tried to speak and rise from your lying position, but all it came out of your mouth was a groan. Sam’s hand was rapidly placed on your shoulder to avoid any movement of yours and you felt his fingers on your face, taking away strands of tangled hair and tucking them behind your ear.

“It’s fine, (Y/N)” whispered the tallest of the brothers in an attempt to calm you “You’re gonna be fine.”

Dean had backed away from you, understanding that he was the last person you wanted to see, and stood by the door with his head low and biting his lower lip.

“Did I –? I passed out, right?” you said with a barely audible whisper “Did I hit the floor? Oh, God, is my boy alright? If anything has happened to my baby you Winchesters are going to be in serious danger soon.”

Although the threats uttered by a young, visibly pregnant female lying barely conscious in a bed would seem harmless, the two brothers swallowed hard, knowing you were very capable of retribution. Sam placed a protective hand over your belly and rubbed it softly.

“Everything is okay, (Y/N)” he soothed you “Please, calm down”

You laid back, a little bit more relaxed when you had checked your belly and you saw that it was still in one piece. At that moment Dean lifted his head and gazed at you, pondering whether to speak or remain silent.

“What is it, Dean?” you sighed, knowing his mind would not rest until he had his answers.

“It’s just…” he started, hesitantly “You said it was a boy?”

You helplessly smiled at his irresolution. “Yes, it’s a boy. Why?”

“Does he –? Does he have a name?” he shyly looked away from you and fixed his eyes on the floor.

The question caught you unprepared. You had of course thought of a name for your little boy, but you never thought Dean would be asking about it. Besides, it embarrassed you what he would think when he found out.

“(Y/N)?” said Sam curiously “What’s the baby’s name?”

“John” you blushed furiously and lowered your eyes, not wanting to establish visual contact with any of the brothers “John Winchester”

Your revelation was followed by an intense and shocked silence that was shattered by a door being closed. Dean had left the room. Not knowing why he had left, you imagined the worst circumstances. He’s angry at me naming our child after his father. He does not believe me worthy of carrying his child. Tears began to stream down your face as the realization struck you as lightning. Sam was paralyzed at his brother’s reaction too, but as soon as he was able to react he embraced you and held your head against his wide shoulder while you cried your eyes out. He didn’t spoke, though, too shocked to utter a single word. Sam just sat there, comforting you, and you silently thanked him for it.

The hours passed by and Dean did not return from wherever he had gone. You had finally left the bed but you were feeling too tired to walk, so Sam had driven to your place and fetched everything you needed. You had showered and changed your clothes, and despite Dean’s reaction mercilessly replaying itself in your head every few seconds, you felt better. At least Sam hadn’t turned his back on you. He actually seemed very happy with the idea of soon becoming an uncle now that he had assimilated it, and he couldn’t keep his hands off your belly. He would stoop in front of you and speak to John, telling him how his uncle loved him and how he would spoil him when he came to visit every weekend.

“I will buy you lots of candy” he promised with a wide smile and eyes full of cheer “And you and I will go play basketball on Saturdays and watch action movies on Sundays. And when your birthday comes I will bring you the most awesome gift ever.”

Afternoon became evening; evening became night. You were already in your nightgown, sitting at the motel room’s table while Sam cooked dinner. You had wanted to help, but he had insisted that you sit down and rest.

“I’m not crippled, you know that, don’t you?” you teased him to fight boredom “Yeah, I’m huge and no, I can’t run a marathon, but I can still do things”

“I know, (Y/N)” said Sam, focused on the frying pan in his hand “I’m not saying you’re crippled. I’m just worried about you. You shouldn’t really be alone in your… condition”

“Well, I’ve handled it so far” you said, shrugging “It wasn’t such a big deal, but I guess the worst will come in the next two months”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. You know you can come with us, right? Stay in the motel while we hunt, maybe even help us with the research. I think it could work.”

“Sam…” you hesitated for a moment but decided to go on “Thanks a lot for the invitation, but I don’t think that Dean will agree in any possible way” Sam opened his mouth to reply, but you kept speaking “And even if he did I would feel awful because he hates me. He doesn’t want me around anymore.”

“I’m sure that’s not true, (Y/N)” he comforted you “Think about it, okay? I’m going to fetch some salad at the store across the street. If you need anything just call and I’ll be here in two seconds.”

He softly kissed your forehead and left the room. You sighed heavily and turned your head to the window, bored to death. It was pouring outside, just as yesterday night, and lightning and thunder rampaged in the skies. You were beginning to wonder if the storm had caught Dean unawares when you heard a soft knock on the door.

“Sam! You are really fast!” you yelled as you laboriously stood up and walked to the door “I thought you had taken the key with you…”

You stopped talking when you opened the door and found Dean standing in the door frame. He was soaking wet, his short hair ridden by glistening rain drops and small rivulets streaming down his face. His green and gray orbs distilled an unquenchable sadness and you could grasp a glimpse of self-loathing, too. Damp shirt clinging to his muscles, revealing his athletic torso and dripping and splashing water everywhere, Dean Winchester was a view to behold.

“(Y/N)” he rasped with a deep, gravelly voice “We have to talk.”


thing that makes lotro so goddamn good game

the cosmetic apparel slots:

you dont need to choose between looks and stats. you can have good looks AND good stats. when you for example find a new helmet but its really fucking hideous but also like 50 times better than the old one, you can just equip the new helmet and set old one in the cosmetic apparel slot. you get to keep the powers of the good helmet but it’s visuals will be overridden by the helmet in cosmetic apparel slot.

using the cosmetic apparel is free and you can have multiple outfits. you can switch apparel in the cosmetic apparel slots as often as you want and you can even sell the item and you dont even need to keep the items in cosmetic apparel slots to make it function. you can sell them or store in your vault and it will still work normally.

you can also use cosmetic outfit system to hide apparel (for example you can keep your hobbit barefooted to stay faithful for the lore but you dont have to leave the foot unprotected!)

The payment system

the game is free to play and player is free to roam where-ever they want and they get the whole epic quest-line (which follows the events of lotr) for free.

in reality game is free until about level 30. the free starter areas (ered luin, the shire, bree and lone lands) have their quests and deeds freely available for any player (these areas contain missions for levels 1-30) but any other areas must be unlocked in order to complete any deeds or missions that are not part of the epic quest-line. unlocking happens with turbine points. its possible to earn them through completing deeds (for example slay 30 wolves for 10 turbine points, visit all ruins in this specific area for 5 turbine points and use this specific attack for 300 times for 5 points and so on) or you can buy them (you can purchase them with money you have on steam account).

but the good thing is that once you have unlocked one specific area, it will be available for every single character attached on your account forever without any restrictions. this system is especially good if you feel anxious or guilty with subscription type games whenever you are not able to play it.

you also have an option to subscribe which requires you to pay regularly but you have most of areas and perks open for you without having to unlock them separately.

How faithful this game is for the lore and books

generally, if it was mentioned in the books, you will find it from the game too. its not only limited to lotr. it has also content from the hobbit and silmarillion too (probably from other books too but i havent read them so i dont know)

for example in the hobbit there was a small mention of bilbo’s buttons getting torn off his jacket when he pushed through a small gap between doors while leaving from the goblin town. in the game whenever you kill a goblin in goblin town, you have a small chance to find one of the bilbo’s buttons from the pockets of the goblin.

its true that they took some freedom to give more room for the game’s missions and story line but generally they did within the rules of the books and the quests never really interfere with the canonical story line of lotr (you basically play as particularly helpful and talented random guy who runs errands, takes part to war and helps the fellowship indirectly). so at worst the events in game are “highly unlikely but could have happened” type of stuff.

but basically this game offers most for people who are interested in the lore or already have extensive knowledge about it. for everyone else its like any other generic mmorpg with some nifty features

Despite Cee’s plan of spending the day loafing around the house, the day had been an eventful one. Between a sudden rainstorm caused by a pair of distracted weather pegasi, a batch of magically enchanted muffins (of which Tea ate six), and a freak accident involving three barrels of ‘Quik-Gro Crop Enhancing Formula’, things had escalated (along with Tea’s height) to a point where Cee’s calm, relaxing day had been unexpectedly overridden by his special somepony’s propensity for growth.

However, as the last rays of daylight faded and the creaking of the barn harmonized with the soft sighs of Tea’s breathing, Cee found himself at peace. It had been an eventful day. But he had been fortunate enough to spend it with the one pony he cared about most. With that thought, he smiled, snuggled into his wife’s fluffy form, and drifted off to sleep.

Have a Late Night Snack

Well, late night on the east coast anyway. It’s after 3am here.

It does not override any of the other pizzas.
I have tested this extensively. The only way you’ll see a bug involving this is if you sell pizzas on a retail lot and then copy the retail lot into your library, and place it down elsewhere. Upon loading the copy of the lot all pizzas on the copied lot will be overridden with the cheese pizza. This is a simple fix. Just delete the pizzas and order new ones to sell. Don’t worry, restocking the pizzas does not generate this issue. I am unsure what causes it, truthfully. I’m still trying to figure out the other two pizzas. But, the cheese pizza is good to go!

I was going to stop there but a conversation earlier this evening with @simhyena about how we hate the fluorescent yellow color of the grilled cheese sandwich lead to me whipping up an override for that too.

Because, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never saturated a sandwich so heavily in butter that it turned bright yellow. So, I changed that because I find it unappetizing and gross AF. I also changed the artificially dyed cheese to a more natural color for cheese as well. I have tested this multiple times. I hope you enjoy!

[Download Cheese Pizza Override]

[Download Grilled Cheese Override]

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend/Wife Holding Their Newborn


Baekhyun can’t keep his joy inside as he watches his girl smile at their newborn girl. He realises that he’s never felt so happy as he watches her kiss the baby’s head. However, he is a bit jealous that he hasn’t got to hold her yet. 


He just smiles at his girl’s reaction, enjoying the moment. There is an overwhelming feeling of happiness inside him as she passes the baby boy into his arms. 


The doctors put his girl in a wheelchair to go home because she is still a little weak from the birth. He watches as she smiles at their baby boy and becomes overridden by the cuteness. He hugs her from behind while smiling like a big idiot. 


He watches as the doctor hands his girl the baby boy and immediately begins to smile like a dork. He’s giddy as he watches the tears spring in her eyes and has to restrain himself from running up to her and trying to hold her too. This is a different kind of happiness he is feeling. 


He tries to remain calm and collected as he watches his girl hold their baby boy, but he can’t and the smile just breaks out onto his face. 


He super excited to see the baby when the doctors bring her to his wife. He has a meltdown of giddiness when she smiles at their baby boy and then looks up at him. 


When he sees the joy on his Baobei’s face, he forgets all the words that came to find and just stares at them with a big smile. After a few moments, he kisses her head and then looks at his baby girl. He almost has a meltdown when the baby grips onto his finger with her small little hands. 


Luhan brought a stuffed version of Stitch for the baby. He is excitedly waiting for his turn to hold his baby boy, but also enjoying watching his wife hold him. 


He thinks the two of them are so cute together and is so freaking excited to bring his baby girl home to the room he decorated. 


He is so happy he can’t stop crying. After he holds his baby girl he goes on his phone and starts looking at cute things to buy her. He is prepared to spoil her rotten. 


Tao was not expecting to be so emotional about it. He tears up as he watches them and can’t stop the tears when the baby is put into his hands. He knows he will always protect his little girl. 


Xiumin was so excited for the baby and is dancing around like an idiot as his girl holds her and smiles. He gets the biggest grin on his face when he gets to hold his little girl.