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It’s so weird when you had a “considerably mild” traumatic experience as a child and end up developing dissociation and bfrbs and others as coping mechanisms, but you never felt like there’s a reason to have them. Even if you never remember anything that has happened to you, but your therapist says you’ve endured trauma, and you’re still like “nope I’m just overreacting, my brain is overreacting. Others survived much worse things, but you’ve had one small thing happen to you and your brain is acting all like it’s the end of the world”. Internalised ableism is painful. Although I still feel like I’m faking everything.

I have to remember that trauma is not a competition.
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“Yorke’s voice is an unrelentingly beautiful thing that sometimes bothers him for precisely that quality. He sings in a strong and aspirate voice, and favors legato phrasing. His pitch is sufficiently accurate so that he uses vibrato only when he needs to—as an effect that can be drawn on for any number of aesthetic reasons. His singing is so pretty that Radiohead can sometimes lack the aggression that is a crucial aspect of much rock music, especially the average kind. The farther Radiohead has moved away from the traditional guitar-rock moves of its first two albums, "Pablo Honey” and “The Bends,” the more satisfying and comfortable the band has become. This is largely because Yorke’s voice works well in all melodic and harmonic styles.“

pentagon when one of the members kiss you on the cheek

 Hello ~ Can I ask a reaction of them being jealous because one of the member kissed you (on the cheek, in a friendly but well, they didn’t like it hehe) ? I’m sure your going to be an awesome Pentagon reaction/scenario/mtl/… blog, I already love it ~ ♡  - Kinojagiya

omg thank you so much!! you’re the sweetest!1!


  • tbh he probably wouldn’t overreact as much as the others. you’d be having lunch with him and the rest of the members just talking about the most random things when another member suddenly kisses your cheek laughing and telling you how funny you were. jinho would understand that they were only being friendly but it will bother him a little bit. the most he’ll do is probably pout and not say anything about it bc he trusts both of you.


  • he doesn’t seem like the jealous type at all when it comes to the members. in fact he’ll definitely adore it when they get along so well with you. so when one of the members kiss your cheek when you’re all hanging out, he’ll give you two a veery long look before going back and doing his own thing. he knows you well enough to know that you are in a committed relationship with him.


  • it’ll definitely bother him seeing another member kiss your cheek even if they were being friendly and joking around. you’ll notice that he’ll suddenly get quiet and distance himself from everyone. but when you ask him what’s wrong, he’ll say that he’s fine. later on though he’ll let you know that he didn’t like that another guy, even if it was one of the members, kissed you.


  • he’ll be more like jinho when it comes to not overreacting. however, he would really hate it when he sees one of the members kiss your cheek. he’ll definitely try to hide it through his expressions but it’s not use bc you know when he gets angry/jealous. you try to make light of the situation by teasing him about it and later on apologizing for letting it happen.


  • this guy will be just like hongseok. but more annoyed about it. he’ll be wondering why you let another member kiss your cheek and why you didn’t even react to it when you two are dating. he’ll talk to you and that member privately telling both of you that he doesn’t want something like that to happen again even if they were just playing around.

Yeo One

  • omg he’ll be so saaad. he wouldn’t even be annoyed or angry at you and the member that kissed your cheek while joking around. he’ll be sulking the whole day just thinking about it. when he drops you off home, he would let you know that there’s something that’s been bothering him the whole day. and when you ask him what, he’ll definitely tell you that he’s jealous and why. 


  • he would probably call out that member that kissed you right there and then. “i know you’re being friendly and all rn but she’s currently dating someone.” he means no harm to his friend, but he’s just wondering why he would even do such a thing in front of him. he wouldn’t be very angry tho.


  • he’s more of the angry-jealous type. he would get angry. it wouldn’t be towards you though. bc this guy loves you dearly. it’s more towards himself, he thinks he shouldn’t have these type of feelings over something so small. bc he knows you love him too. when you two are alone he would sure tell you that he was jealous.


  • would get really clingy lmao. you’ll be playing games with him and a few of the members when one of them kisses you cheek all of a sudden. he would sure stay by your side the whole time afterwards and initiate skinship just so he could get the scenario out of his mind. which will lead you to question him later on.


  • if anything, he would be more like shinwon and hongseok. he’d let his feeling known. that he didn’t like seeing one of his closest friends kiss you and acting extremely friendly with you. he would probably say something to you and that member when you don’t notice him becoming distant.
Rafael Santiago Lightwood-Bane

As I said today morning I want to share my thoughts about Alecs and Magnus’ second child - Rafael Santiago Lightwood-Bane.

I think CC wanted to give us somethingone to be happy about when she created Rafael and put him into this world, but after my thoughts this morning I kind of find it so mean and my Malec-Heart can’t take it.

At first I was all “Wohooooo! Yes! This. is. awesome!” and a part of me still is.

But as we know, Alec and Magnus become the adoptive parents to Max Michael Lightwood-Bane, a blue warlock baby (Born to Endless Night if you want to read it) who was found by Simon and his friends in front of the Shadowhunter Academy. The whole story is heart warming and just so lovely. It’s pretty much my favorite Malec story written by CC. As we also know the story ends with the words: ““Maybe one day it will be just you and me, my little blueberry,” Magnus said conversationally. “But not for a long, long time. We’ll take care of him, you and I. Won’t we?”“ and oh boy, you can’t tell me that you weren’t a sobbing disaster reading this…

Now I realized one thing. Rafael Santiago Lightwood-Bane is Nephilim. He’s not immortal. He’s going to get old and die. Just like Alec. So Magnus and Max will loose their husband and father. And as this wasn’t hard enough already, they will also loose their son and brother.

A father should never have to carry his child to its grave.

I mean, can you imagine that? Seeing your beloved child die, knowing that you’ll live on forever? Can you imagine seeing your big brother die, knowing that you’ll never follow him? Imagine how heartbroken and lost and incomplete Magnus and Max will feel. How do you deal with something like that?

Don’t get me wrong. Knowing that Alec is going to die at some point is really hard and my heart can’t handle any thoughts about it. Alec and Magnus were adult when they decided that they wanted to be together until Alec dies. But it’s a different thing to have two children you love and to tell them that one of them will die while the other one will live on forever.

And think about Max and Rafael as brothers as well. The time when Rafael dies will feel like "a blink of the eye” to his warlock brother (and father as well).

Idk, I can’t get this out of my head. I’m heartbroken and so sad about how dramatic this whole relationship and family are.

On Irene in the Mind Palace

Plenty of people have plenty of opinions about this little moment Moftiss threw at us in TSoT. I think I’ve seen close to every permutation of it, ranging from “HoLY shIT HE THINKS OF HER NAKED” to “It really doesn’t mean that much, stop overreacting” to “She’s a metaphorical representation of (INSERT ALL OF MY NOPE HERE).” It feels like I’ve beaten this subject to death and commented on bits of it in various threads loads of times, but never all in one place! So hey, why not be organized??

Here’s pretty much where I stand: I’ve officially thought way too much about this I agree with anyone who says that Sherlock was definitely very conscious of exactly how he chose to preserve his memory of her. As in, yeah, completely naked. BUT. I don’t think he chose to remember her like that just because he needed something for the spank bank or what-have-you. The physical was never the foremost part of his attraction to her. She’s beautiful, but it wasn’t about that; he valued her mind above all else. And to him, seeing her stark naked— powerful in her confidence, manipulative, and baffling to him— wasn’t only a strong first impression because of the lack of clothing. It was because she was different from anyone else that had challenged him before. So naked!Irene is more or less the epitome of Irene Adler to him and therefore, the form he chose for her in his head. 

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