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so you said that Andrew was Extra Over-Protective in latchkey kid BC he knew of what could have been and what Neil did to make sure it didn't happen. how's that any different from the canon-Andrew's over-protectiveness? it's such a cool concept that you can think of so many explanations and world-building while also maintaining the story. that's such an incredible creativity I admire.

It would show up in pampering. A whole lot of pampering.

Low key pampering, the classic “oh I just happened to buy you the sweets you love, not that I like you or anything, b-baka,” which lbr Andrew does the angry apathetic version of anyway in canon.  

High key pampering, actually taking dietary advice if only to match meal plans with Neil and make sure he was eating well. Buying him top of the line clothes but also making sure those clothes stayed washed and patched. Not letting him run ragged with night practice too often, and shutting down Kevin immediately if he complains about it. 

Basically: the typical domestic shit that I frankly can’t see canon Andreil ever picking up on their own. And honestly?  For Neil, lacking clear memories of the transition between being with his mom and ending up at Palmetto, it’d be pretty stifling, and cause a fair amount of off-on fighting. But Andrew’s still a stubborn bastard, and Neil’s even worse, so neither of them would back off easy.

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