Me trying to go out

Me: hey mom can I go out tonight?

Mom: .well we have to talked about it …

..MEANING: You have to ask Obama to ratify the agreement. than fly to Italy to ask the Pope his opinion. Then at last have a heart to heart conversation about it with Jesus.

when i have kids, i promise not to be the stereotypical/overprotective asian mom my own mother is. i don’t want my kids growing up thinking every stranger they see is a rapist. i don’t want them thinking that having a crush on someone will ruin their academic lives. i don’t want them to be scared of asking me to go out with friends. i don’t want them to cry every night because they can’t live up to their mother’s high expectations. and i especially don’t want them to hate me. i want them to have their own dreams, and i will help them chase those dreams. i want them to make friends, fall in love, make mistakes because i believe that is how you learn while you’re growing up. i want them to try their hardest because A+ or not, they fucking tried. i want them to express themselves in whatever way they wish. i want them to be their own person and not something that i made them be. i want them to go out into the world fearless, because i raised them enough to know they can conquer it. i won’t hold them back like my parents do to me. i will let them grow up.

Are Overprotective Moms Hurting Kids’ Health?

(Image Source: mydevstaging.com)

By Holly Lebowitz Rossi

Moms who are overprotective of their children–especially in the arena of avoiding risks in physical activity–may actually be increasing their kids’ risk of health problems, specifically obesity.  A longitudinal study conducted by Australian researchers found that moms who are overprotective tend to limit physical activity for their kids, and by age 10 or 11, the kids are at a higher risk of being overweight or obese.

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Literally me at this point in my life.

So I think I'm going to have to de-friend my brother of facebook...

“Beautiful Females be dwelling in Fever 21”

Not only can he not spell—the English Major inside of me just died—but I really don’t want to scroll down on my news feed and have to think about my brother picking up girls. Bringing home girls. Girls in general.

That to me just means that I’m going to have to slap a hoe in the near future….

Or watch I could watch my mother slap her, that just might be worth my while….

Broken; hard to get back up.

So I met a guy online I swore I loved him. Long story short Mom says can’t date him. I breakup, and he becomes suicidal again. I tell my guidance they contact his school and everyone thinks he’s some freak at school because of me. His Mom overreacts like all Moms would in the situation and grounds him hard. Then I find out when talking the whole situation with my Mom he lied to me. No small white lie…He lied to me about having cancer. Making me a liar..he did it because “His self-esteem was sooo low he felt like he wasn’t good enough for me..” Guys if you can read this; YOU ARE MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH AND SHOULD NEVER LIE TO A GIRLFRIEND! So that was the basis of my shitty ass day today. Yay I’m single -__-

I love how my mother, ever since I was 5, every single boy I liked I would say things like: ”Ah he is too good looking for me.” She just keeps saying “I don’t think so. I think he isn’t good looking at all. You are so much more gorgeous than him. And interesting, and intelligent, you can do anything you want.”

I could be dating Brad Pitt and she’d still say the same thing.

She is the real mvp, my little Leslie Knope. My  favorite part though are the weird nicknames she gives my crushes like “chicken pea” or “plate face”. Why? Because they *clearly* look like chicken peas or plates according to her.

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wait i just got another headcanon what if years later when Penn and Sashi are married and when they have kids Sashi is like "NO PENN YOU'VE GOT TO BE INSANE OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN WILL NOT BE HEREOS" and she's an adorable overprotective mom who would kick the ass of anyone who hurt her kids. kinda like a momma bear idk. this totally isn't the focus of my latest drabble or whatever.


10 bucks says that when Sashi says no they go around and keep it a secret just like she did.

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Linctavia and Bellarke for the ship thingy!!

Go big or go home, right? (it’s under the cut because i kinda went on tangents and it got really long)


-Gives nose/forehead kisses

Lincoln would do this without even thinking about it.

-Gets jealous the most

Octavia tbh. She’d give her best warrior princess glare at anyone she thought was getting a little too friendly with Lincoln. (and would then deny it after)

-Picks the other one up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

Lincoln would get a text from O and he’d be there in record-breaking time. He’d be such an overprotective mom about the whole thing tbh

-Takes care of on sick days

Octavia secretly loves when Lincoln is sick just for the pure fact that she can finally return the favor and take care of him for once.

-Drags the other person into the water on beach day

Octavia, my darling.

-Gives unprompted massages

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Adrian and the Tree of Secrets

Words: Hubert Pictures: Marie Caillou

Adrian isn’t a very happy kid. He goes to a Catholic high school. He’s a bit nerdy, wears glasses, loves philosophy books, and he secretly fantasizes about having more muscles. His mom is overprotective, super strict, and micromanages all aspects of his life.Overbearing would be putting it lightly. Adrian gets picked on a lot during class and the rumors of him being gay don’t help him much.

One day during PE, Adrian gets tackled by a fellow classmate and is sent to the showers because he’s a bloody mess. His tackler, Jeremy, the coolest kid at school, gets sent to the locker room as well. They strike up conversation while they get ready for their next class and find that they have a bit more in common than they realized. They meet after class and Jeremy introduces Adrian to his girlfriend, then Jeremy takes Adrian on his scooter to show him his secret treehouse. It’s here that Jeremy shows Adrian that they have even more in common than they realized. The two share a quiet afternoon kissing while nestled in their secret hideaway. 

When Jeremy’s girlfriend follows them and catches them in the act, she wastes no time telling the school principal about what the two boys have been up to. Will Adrian and Jeremy stay together? How will Adrian’s mom take the news? What will the fallout be at school?

To find all this out and more check out YA GRAPHICS HUBERT.

-Eric, Public Services Staff

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Heather’s note: The art in this book is AMAZING. It’s a visual feast. Simple lines, a clean color palette…it’s gorgeous to look at. It’s also worth noting that the original story was written in French, which lends a little something extra to the experience. 

my bellamy blake tags are always great 10/10
bellamy blake: overprotective mom who packs encouraging notes in his kids’ lunches next to sandwiches with the crusts meticulously cut off
bellamy blake: suburban parent who panics if his kids wander too far at the mall
bellamy blake: mom who makes his kids hold hands when walking in parking lots

Ok so I have this situation over here

My mom is overprotective and anime/cosplay hater.
When I was 15 she stopped to give me permission to go to anime cons. I didn’t go for almost 3 years until one day i decided to lie to her, but it is always a problem and sometimes whrn i am in danger to get caugh i have to aprologize to my friends bc i won’t go this time.

I am pissed, i am tired of her atitude, i will be 19 in a week and I cant stand this anymore, when i wanna talk about the topic she won’t listen, she always think she’s right. She won’t think that if i became a liar is bc of her fault. She always gets nervous or agressive when i say something about it.
I tried once to ask kindly for permission and she screamed “ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I WILL EVER LET YOU GO TO THAT PLACE FULL OF CREEPS”
My mom doesn’t think I’m a creep, because she doesn’t know me.
I don’t have very much friends that like that kind of thing in person… i feel like i could have met a lot of awesome people and have a lot of fun if my mom had just let me by myself.

She also has never let me be independent in some other things normal people is and i was so pissed of that i told her i was tired of that but she keeps incisting (i dont know if i wrote it right tbh).

Today i was planning of going to a con by myself in a bus but my sister who support me (so my dad) told me that she want to go with me. She (sister) told me she could take me but apparently mom wants to go anyways. I will do everything i can to go to there. Not bc i am dying to go to that con but I am tired of depending of her.
To be honest i have the feeling about my mother finding out about my plans but as i said I AM FUCKING TIRED I will go no matter what, i don’t care anymore about what she thinks but i am scared, she is so obcessed she could do ANYTHING to prevent me from going, it doesn’t matter if she has to yell at me in public or pull me by the arm, etc etc. Wish me luck.