Are Overprotective Moms Hurting Kids’ Health?

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By Holly Lebowitz Rossi

Moms who are overprotective of their children–especially in the arena of avoiding risks in physical activity–may actually be increasing their kids’ risk of health problems, specifically obesity.  A longitudinal study conducted by Australian researchers found that moms who are overprotective tend to limit physical activity for their kids, and by age 10 or 11, the kids are at a higher risk of being overweight or obese.

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Literally me at this point in my life.

So I think I'm going to have to de-friend my brother of facebook...

“Beautiful Females be dwelling in Fever 21”

Not only can he not spell–the English Major inside of me just died–but I really don’t want to scroll down on my news feed and have to think about my brother picking up girls. Bringing home girls. Girls in general.

That to me just means that I’m going to have to slap a hoe in the near future….

Or watch I could watch my mother slap her, that just might be worth my while….

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Dude I have a question about your ocs. Is this dia the protagonist of your story(since you use that name as your nickname) or is it someone else?

contrary to popular belief, dia is NOT the protagonist (but she does have a very important and special role in the overall scheme of things)

the leading character is this lil guy named shard, who is in dia’s care (she is like a mom to him despite not being related at all)

Broken; hard to get back up.

So I met a guy online I swore I loved him. Long story short Mom says can’t date him. I breakup, and he becomes suicidal again. I tell my guidance they contact his school and everyone thinks he’s some freak at school because of me. His Mom overreacts like all Moms would in the situation and grounds him hard. Then I find out when talking the whole situation with my Mom he lied to me. No small white lie…He lied to me about having cancer. Making me a liar..he did it because “His self-esteem was sooo low he felt like he wasn’t good enough for me..” Guys if you can read this; YOU ARE MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH AND SHOULD NEVER LIE TO A GIRLFRIEND! So that was the basis of my shitty ass day today. Yay I’m single -__-

Alexander and I have traveled several times by plane in his short 10 months to go visit my family in New York and our vacation to Sarasota. I am very “particular” about certain rules, guidelines, and habits when it comes to traveling with my precious little bundle of joy.

My first and most IMPORTANT rule: NEVER let Alexander touch ANYTHING!!! Ok… Let’s be realistic… He’s a baby and he touches everything and will put anything he can into his mouth that is within reach. This is why I always, always, ALWAYS have my handy dandy HAND SANITIZER within reach at ALL TIMES!!! If he touches anything that isn’t ours, his hands get sanitized right away because, of course, he puts his hands in his mouth. It helps to have a pacifier, that way he’s less inclined to stick his hands in his mouth before I can sanitize them. Second rule, which applies to my husband and myself, we sanitize our hands after we touch anything! This rule is as just as important as the first!

I always wear Alexander when we travel. This really helps free up my hands and makes going through security much easier. However, when you travel with an infant, you go through the metal detector, not the new x-Ray machines. Your hands will be tested for bomb residue and, of course, they use a stick that has touched a billion other hands that have been who knows where (GROSS). I don’t want those germs on me, let alone on my precious offspring!! Good thing I have that handy dandy hand sanitizer within easy and immediate access when I get passed the metal detector!

As soon as we board the plane, I put Alexander in his baby hazmat suit! Just kidding… Do they make those?! I’ll have to look into it… Anyway, I take out my trusty Clorox wipes!! I wipe down EVERYTHING in our seat area. This includes the seats, the seat belts, the arm rests, the window, the entire wall surrounding the window, the trey table, the back of the seat in front of us, the seat back pocket, and I make sure to wipe the sides and undersides of all of those things, because of course, Alexander will probably touch it. And again, I keep the hand sanitizer in reach at all times.

** I’d like to add a note that at our house I use safe and organic products but when on a plane and in public, trust NO GERMS!! **

We bring a bag of toys for Alexander to play with (as well as toy wipes in case he drops one) and I try to nurse him during take off and landing.

So far, our traveling has been successful and Alexander has very good on the plane rides!

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FUN FACT; I was hospitalized for almost 60% of my first two years of life because I developed three diseases one after the other. The doctors said that it wasn't life threatening (or at least REALLY threatening) but my first memories are from the quarantined zone of a hospital :P

ahh jeez I’m glad they wern’t too serious!!

I have never learn how to ride a bike omfg

First impressions of the gems:

Garnet: Tough, cold, “talk shit get hit” sort of character. Alright, cool.
Amethyst: Funny and cute, but kinda annoying, very nice.
Pearl: Type A annoying neat freak

After watching Steven Universe




I have a lot of feelings about Steven Universe.

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send me ❤ and I will bold
all that applies to your muse

I would kill for you. • I would make love to you. • I would fuck you. • I would protect you. • I would hurt you for a selfish cause. • I wish we had more in common. • I want nothing to do with you. • I want to see you cry. • I want a future with you. • I want to destroy your future. • I do not care what you do. • I am indifferent towards you. • I want children with you. • I love you ( platonically ) • I love you ( romantically ) • I love you like family. • You are my family. • I could fall in love with you. • I would lie for you. • I would fight by your side. • I will never let you go. • I would hold you while you cried. • I would hug you. • I want to kiss you. • I would stay by your bedside if you were ill. • I want to fall asleep with you in my arms. • I want to forget you. • I will never forget you. • I only want to make you proud. • I wish I could make you happy. • You deserve nothing. • I will never forgive you. • You confuse me.

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Syb x Yoki for the ship thing

ehehe you know what kind of quality crack ships I like anon, thank you

Who would be the big spoon?
Syb is forced to be whether she wants to or not

Who would wake up first?
Yoki seems like he’s down for sleeping until noon so probably Syb again

Do they have nicknames for each other?
They… call each other by their last names… does that count?

What happened when they met each other’s parents?
I don’t know if Yoki’s parents are around but Syb’s mom asked lots of invasive questions and probably scared him half to death, and now he refuses to go anywhere near their house.

How do they apologize after an argument?
They literally communicate by complaining at each other, and neither of them are the apology type, so they just begrudging accept a truce.  

What would they be like as parents?
Really cool. Syb would be the overprotective mom and Yoki would be the pushover dad. He’s basically already a pushover dad.

Who is the better cook?
They’re both really good but Syb has a habit of dumping a bunch of booze in whenever possible. This bothers Yoki because you have to follow the recipe exactly and they end up arguing. They are not allowed to cook together anymore.

Who is more romantic?
Seeing as Syb has about 0 interest in romance, Yoki. Thats an accomplishment. If you can tell she purposefully chooses to hang out with people who are naturally untalented at romance. He probably buys her flowers or smthng before remembering she runs a flower shop and is literally surrounded by flowers 24/7.

What sort of gifts do they get for each other?
The gift of putting up with each other.

Who gets jealous easiest?

Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?
Syb because she is a suburban soccer mom at heart and really likes decorating and throwing parties.

Who is the most adventurous?
Neither. They hate new things. Syb’s more willing to try but will still complain a lot the whole time.

Who is the most protective?
Syb but she is always ready to fight 24/7 when it comes to anyone she cares about. She isn’t even good at fighting. Someone should tell her.

What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?
The same? Well except no, if they had been on equal ground to begin with Syb would have had the upper hand. He would have had to follow her around until she realized she was stuck with him or something. There is no escape from love.

*BONUS: Song to sum them up?*
Dirty Laundry, by Bitter:Sweet   totally not a play on words because she totally knows nothing about money laundering, ahaha she is just a maid

Do I ship it?
I dug this grave and I will lay in it

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No.. my family isnt too bad.. they care too much and are wayyyy overprotective. I love my mom and dad and my sister and i even love my asshole brothers. I love my grandma and my sister in law too.. they are just over bearing lol

I understand that, but I do have some friends that have or had family like that.

I am getting so nervous to leave Franklin while we’re in California! I know I am just being an overprotective dog mom, but I am just worried about him. My brother and my friend are going to be taking care of him, and I know they’ll do a good job, but I am just v nervous.

overprotective-bird-mom found the black gem

“Oh hey there you must be Pearl I heard that your pretty good with swords, but we can talk about that later I can only assume there is a reason you came to my house right?” he was assuming she came here to ask him why he wasn’t at the temple, but he’s been wrong before

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you would be cool with me coming over even though you don't know me at all??? I would be an overprotective mom too in that case! But since I'm actually a rather cool lady and good with getting parents acceptance and trust....I'm on my way :D

You seem like a nice lady ;P and i like to meet new people eventhough i’m really shy and awkward at first 🙈 but good luck with my mom then ;)