• Aries: Knight in shining armor with questionable motives
  • Taurus: Villain who has been holding a grudge for years
  • Gemini: Pretends to be your friend, double agent as heck
  • Cancer: Overprotective mom but means well
  • Leo: Member of royalty that can actually fight
  • Virgo: Fairy princess that grants wishes n shit
  • Libra: Beautiful prince/princess turned evil
  • Scorpio: Dark sorcerer that turns good at the end
  • Sagittarius: Really happy sidekick that has either really good or bad ideas
  • Capricorn: *Mermaid Man voice* EVIL
  • Aquarius: Really scary and silent and has no emotions but ends up being good
  • Pisces: Pitiful character that has dark ulterior motives
The gems as stereotypical moms
  • Pearl: Overprotective, but lovable, mom. Got the,"Mom of the month!" award from School Committee. Is jealous of Maya from the School Committee because Maya makes better lemon squares than her.
  • Amethyst: Cool mom every other kid wishes they had. Every mom on the School Committee hates her because she's that,"One mom." Picks kid up from school on a different vehicle every day.
  • Garnet: Silent mom every other kid is secretly afraid of. The School Committee loves her though. She makes the best orange squares.
  • Rose: Nerd mom that tries to act 'cool' around kid's friends. All the kids like her and she was hit on by a seven year old once. The moms absolutely ADORE her. ("Oh, Rose, did you make that cake?" "Rose, you have GOT to see this!" "Rose, did you hear what happened to Michelle's daughter earlier today?")
  • Jasper: Overenthusiastic soccer mom. Yelled at Cynthia from the School Committee and called her cookies,"Bland, tasteless, over glorified rice cakes." Absolutely hates School Committee meetings and does everything she can to get out of them.
  • Peridot: Forgetful mom. Doesn't remember they have basketball practice in ten minutes. Fell asleep at the monthly meeting of the School Committee and could only wake up when Jasper slapped her. (To be fair, it was lightly. And Rose, Pearl, and Lapis had already tried any alternatives and had given their consent to the practice.)
  • Lapis: Hot single mom. All the moms on the School Committee are super jelly of her, and all of their kids have crushes on her. Got flowers from an anonymous secret admirer a few times.
  • Ruby: Constantly worried mom. All the moms on the School Committee think it's scandalous she's in a relationship with Sapphire. Keeps up with the kids. Super good with them too.
  • Sapphire: Calm, keeps the peace mom. All the moms wonder how her kids never seem to fight and are constantly asking tips. They also think it's scandalous that she's in a relationship with Ruby. She's "That one mom" we all know.

when i have kids, i promise not to be the stereotypical/overprotective asian mom my own mother is. i don’t want my kids growing up thinking every stranger they see is a rapist. i don’t want them thinking that having a crush on someone will ruin their academic lives. i don’t want them to be scared of asking me to go out with friends. i don’t want them to cry every night because they can’t live up to their mother’s high expectations. and i especially don’t want them to hate me. i want them to have their own dreams, and i will help them chase those dreams. i want them to make friends, fall in love, make mistakes because i believe that is how you learn while you’re growing up. i want them to try their hardest because A+ or not, they fucking tried. i want them to express themselves in whatever way they wish. i want them to be their own person and not something that i made them be. i want them to go out into the world fearless, because i raised them enough to know they can conquer it. i won’t hold them back like my parents do to me. i will let them grow up.

Vox Machina as parents

Percy: Nerd Dad. Lets his kid “help” in the workshop and then cleans up the mess after they leave. Makes all of his kids toys himself. Kids go through a phase where they are “too cool” for him, but quickly grow out of it. Normally quite fair, polite, and reasonable in his dealings, but no one messes with his kids lest they incur his paternal vengeance.

Keyleth: Overprotective Mom. Insists on holding her child’s hand as they cross the street until they are, like, 17. Tries way too hard to be available for them 24/7. Sometimes has trouble laying down the law, but is too sweet to take advantage of. Lets her child keep every stray animal that they find.

Tiberius: Soccer Dad. Way too proud of child’s accomplishments. Owns a “My little sorcerer is an honor student at Emon Elementary School” bumper sticker. Extremely strict but clueless enough that it balances out. “My child drinking alcohol? Poppycock!” Can sometimes be unreliable at times, but always ready to throw a few fireballs the instant his child needs help. 

Scanlan: Dad Joke Dad. The kind of dad that accidentally embarrasses his child. The kind of dad that embarrasses his child on purpose. The kind of dad who sings songs loudly in public and sings louder when his child complains. Gives awful dating advice that somehow ends up helping anyway. Most likely of all of Vox Machina to actually be a dad.

Grog: Friend Dad. Braids flowers into his daughter’s hair, then teaches her how to wield an axe. Has wrestling matches with his children and lets them win. Not skilled at teaching manners or helping with academics, but knows his weaknesses and will send them for a lecture from Uncle Tiberius if they are bad. Sends them to Pike if they need help with “emotions”. Teaches them about colors, shapes, and shiny things himself.

Pike: Maternal Good. Made of pure mom energy. Makes lunch boxes every morning with little notes that say things like “Have a great day!” and “I love you!” Spoils her children, but doesn’t let them walk all over her. Bakes brownies for the PTA bake sale. Heals boo-boos with the light of Sarenrae. Teaches her children to destroy their enemies with kindness.

Vex: Cool Mom. Lets her kids get away with a lot. Occasionally aids them in their rule breaking. Very lax in her rules except when it come to money. Teaches her kids to shoot and hunt and stealth. Encourages her awesome stealth kids to pull elaborate pranks on their Uncle Vax. All of her children’s friends have awkward crushes on her. 

Vax: True Dad. You will not find a more dadly dad. The dadliest. The omega dad. Vax’ildad. Fun, but not afraid to lay down the law to keep his children on the right path. Encourages his awesome stealth kids to pull elaborate pranks on their Aunt Vex. Would have given his children daggers at age 7 if Vex and Keyleth didn’t stop him.

Trinket: Bear Dad. Is best dad. Very overprotective of his own children as well as Vex’s. Tries to mimic Mama Vex’s parenting. Teaches cubs to roly poly and give massages.

Lockheed: ?????? *dragon sounds*?

Dan and Phil are home again. Now they are hopefully going to rest and I’ll stop being the overprotective mom who worries all the time if they are sleeping/eating as they should and when they are going to take a FUCKING BREAK OMG.

Go hibernate for a while, my babies, we can wait!

Nekoma!Yamaguchi thing: So Kuroo is like creepy overprotective of Tadashi, like as much as he is Kenma, and so the reason he hates Taketora is because he’s constantly flirting with Tadashi; because no one can touch his two best friends unless Kuroo deems them worthy.

concept: overprotective mom friend chiaki sending nagito texts every morning/night to make sure he’s okay and walking him to and from school all the time.

bonus: if nagito has to stay home (because he’s too weak from his illnesses to leave his bed) chiaki and hajime will bring him his favorite food and they’ll watch his favorite tv show/movie until he falls asleep.