Okay I mean everyone acts like Priyanka Maheswaran is an overprotective helicopter mom for not wanting her 12 year old daughter to learn swordfighting and go up against a bunch of functionally immortal rock aliens in combat but if I found out all that stuff along with the fact that some pasty lanky ass shellfish lady was teaching my daughter that her life meant nothing and she should sacrifice everything for a 14 year old boy I’d storm down to the temple and kick Pearl’s ass myself

Being in the justice league would include...

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  • Stealing Bruce’s credit card to buy stupid shit
  • Him being slightly mad, but pretending it’s fine
  • It’s never fine ;
  • Diana helping with your training ;
  • Arthur being overprotective ;
  • Missing Clark a lot ;
  • Victor teaching you how to work with different technology ;
  • Epic jokes about Bats 
  • Epic jokes about Fish
  • Epic jokes about Lightnings ;
  • “Number One JL trash” mug
  • Purposely shoving the mug in their faces ;
  • “[Y/N] i need to work”
  • “No, you need a hug”
  • “Stop I-”
  • Hugging everyone ;
  • Having a spirit while fighting like
  • “Who thought it was a good idea to bring her/him?” asks Bruce
  • “You, actually”  ;
  • Taking the overprotective mom role
  • “Bruce your batarangs are too sharp”
  • “Arthur you will poke someone’s eye out, sit down”
  • “Vic, don’t stay up late. ;
  • Bruce rolling his eyes at you
  • “Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to bring her/him?”
  • “YOURS” everyone shout back 
  • He knows he is joking
  • You know he is joking
  • Everyone know he is joking.
  • Dramatically putting a hand on your chest and play along
  • “How dare you” ;
  • You trying to keep everyone as safe and mentally motivated as you can.
  • The League being more positive and inspired to fight.

summary: a lot can happen in one night. 

His fingers trailed down the page of his textbook in deep concentration. The dim light set in the room made it a bit hard to see but it was doable. He couldn’t really complain since he was still capable of doing his work.

“You’ve b-been at this for 3 hours now.” Bill chimed from his spot on the bed. “Why can’t we do something t-that’s, I don’t know, fun?”

Eddie looked up from his book and over to his friend who laid upside down with his phone centimeters from his face. He had his tongue stuck out and seemed to be in deep concentration. There was no doubt his friend had been texting his crush, Stan.

“I apologize that my studying is such a mood killer. There’s the door.”

Bill gave him a look.

The boy shrugged. What did Bill expect when he came over? His life was consumed by studying and getting the right marks in hopes that one day he could leave his wrenched home. He wasn’t the one to have fun or spend time chatting about crushes. He didn’t have time for that. It wasn’t apart of his step-by-step plan of becoming free from his overprotective mom that did nothing but breathe down his neck.

His friend rolled off the bed, “You know what?”

Eddie raised his brow. No, he didn’t know what but he could tell by the shimmer in Bill’s eye that he wouldn’t like it nor want to know.

“We should g–”

“Don’t even finish that sentence.” He said.

“You don’t even know what I was going to say.” The boy said with a scoff of bewilderment. “For all you know I could’ve been suggesting McDonalds.”

Eddie spun his chair around and faced his friend.  “Were you?”  

“N-no.” Bill deflated.  

“Exactly.” The response was dragged and quiet.

Eddie turned around and went back to work. He scanned over his notes and annotations that were neatly scattered all over the page. He had to continue or else he’d never learn the information he needed to in order to pass the test. The boy was set in another spiral of deep concentration till Bill spoke up.

“Aren’t you curious?”


“The party!”

“Not really.” A shrug. He could honestly care less about catching diseases, getting drunk, and being in such an enclosed space with numerous of people. The idea wasn’t exactly his cup of tea. He was perfectly fine at home and studying. But, it seemed like Bill had other plans.

“C’mon, Eddie!”

“Don’t ‘C’mon, Eddie’ me, Bill.”

He grunted. “This is s-so disappointing.”

“Sorry to disappoint.” He smiled coyly. “I am not going to his party, I can’t risk getting a bad grade on my mid-term.” He turned to face his friend again.

Bill looked at his friend with his mouth agape, “The mid-term isn’t until Monday.” He told him, Eddie was about to say something but the boy continued, “T-today is Friday.”

“Exactly.” He pointed at him while holding his book in the other hand, “Which means I only have two days to study.” Two fingers were raised to indicated his point.

“Cut the c-crap, E-E-Eddie.” Bill snapped at his friend.

Eddie’s brows furrowed as his mouth opened and closed repeatedly. It seemed the words were stuck in his throat and he didn’t know how to react to Bill’s sudden outburst.

“Y-you work your ass off and you’re the o-only person I know t-that studies for this s-s-shit.” He ranted, “You need to give yourself a break and go have fun, staying cooped up inside your house all day i-isn’t healthy. H-have fun. Be r-r-reckless.”

Eddie went to say something but his friend was quick to cut him off.

“Y-your mom keeps you cooped up like some f-frail animal but you’re not! You should be able to do this! Have fun! T-t-think of you! What do you want E-E-Eddie? Stay here and c-continue to live in your little bubble or j-j-join the real world. Think about y-y-you.”

Eddie mulled it over. If he went to the party that would set him back on his studying hours. Not to mention the germs. Oh God, the germs that could come from a place where the core event was sexual activities. Herpes. AIDs. Hepatitis B. Freaking STDs in general. Just the thought of catching one of them made him pull out his inhaler and take a puff of breath. It didn’t help that there was the possibility of his mother finding out. His mother would freak and he’d be stuck in the hospital for the whole week. He wouldn’t be able to go out or do anything and his mother would breathe down his neck more than she already did.

Another puff.

Yet, a voice at the back of his mind reminded, he needed to be free. Maybe this night would be just that. One night to have fun and be out of his mother’s grasp. Perhaps take a risk or two. After all, he did need more forms of human interaction that didn’t consist of just Bill. And, while he hated to admit, the idea sounded appealing. To get out for a change and have a chance to do something besides an endless cycle of studying and school. He’d never done anything like this before, it terrified and excited him at the same time.

“Okay,” He concluded.

Bill’s eyebrows shot up and his eyes widened. “Ar- are you sure you sure about th-this?”

He rolled his eyes, “Yes, I’m sure. This is what I want to do.”

The latter held up his hands in surrender, “As long a-as you’re sure.”

Eddie nodded. “I’m certain.”

“If that’s the c-case.” Bill looked at his friend up and down. “Y-you can’t go in that.”

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” He frowned and looked down at his outfit. He thought he looked decent enough and it wasn’t like he wanted to impress anyone. A simple pair of blue jeans and an over-sized white t-shirt should do.

“Everything,” Bill ruffled his friends neatly combed back hair and Eddie attempted to swat his hand away. “I-It seems we have our work cut out for us.”

[⦁] [⦁] [⦁]

They arrived at the party and Eddie wanted to find the nearest bush for his bundled nerves.

“It’ll be fine,” Bill assured and turned off the car engine.

He hummed in acknowledgment and wiped his hands off on his jeans. “Let’s get this over with.”

The car doors slammed shut and they walked up through the gravel to the steps of the house.

It was now or never and even though he preferred never, he had agreed to come. No backing out now.

Bill bit his lip and opened the door.

The hallway was dark, Eddie noted as they ventured into the home. The atmosphere was slick on his skin and the music played at a soft tempo instead of the loud tempo he expected. He took notice of blue LED lights that seemed to light up the rooms.  

Heads turned upon their arrival. Some nodded in acknowledgment, some stared, and others shrugged before they went back to what they were doing.

His friend spotted Stan and lead him towards the living room where said person was. They hugged and sat next to each other.

Eddie stood there awkwardly before he noticed an unoccupied chair he could sit in. He took a seat and became attentive to his surroundings.

There were people who sat on the couch with people at their feet. He took particular notice of a girl with fiery hair and a boy who bulked in size.  The girl rested her head on the guy’s knee and she seemed to hang on to every word with a soft smile. They were in their own world, not caring about everyone else. His gaze shifts to a group of boys that barked with laughter in a small circle. Each boy varied from size and range, their smiles made them look carefree.

He wished he could feel that carefree but his mind was hyper-aware of the plastic cups that laid disoriented on the ground and the smoke that clutched the atmosphere. He had the urge to grab a washcloth and scrub till his skin turned pink.

“Hey,” Eddie whispered.

His friend paused the conversation and glanced over at him.

“I’m going to go outside for some fresh air.”

Bill nodded in acknowledgment and gave a knowing smile.

With an eyeroll, he got up from the chair and walked towards the back door.

Eddie closed his eyes and leaned against this side of the house with his hands on his knees. He squeezed tightly and took a shaky breath. His teeth nipped at the dry skin of his bottom lip. The sweater clamped on him like a second skin.

Get it together, Eddie.

He took one final breath and let his head lull to the side. It was going to be okay. Just a few more hours and then he could finally go home and scrub off all the germs.

A boy stood beside him with a cigar popped between his lips. Eddie observed him. He couldn’t see him clearly due to the bad lighting but he could see a faint outline of his disheveled curls and stretched form. The back of his foot rested against the side of the house and his hands were cupped around the cigar. He seemed to struggle with the lighter.

 Eddie sighed and gripped the sleeve of his sweater and cleared his throat.  "Smoking is bad for you.“ He didn’t know what compelled him to say that. Usually, he was too afraid to even make a sound.

The guy didn’t seem bothered and instead gave a shrug. "I care because?”

"Do you want to get lung cancer when you’re older?”

He scoffed at the question, “Did you make that comment just so you could lecture me about the fucking dangers of smoking? If so then please fuck off because I have plenty of pamphlets at home for that.”

Eddie went silent and attempted to speak. What he wanted to say didn’t come out and instead, he said: “Did you just compare me to a pamphlet?”

He rolled his eyes. “Just fuck off if you’re going to lecture me.”


“What was that? I don’t think I heard you.” He cupped his hand around his ear and leaned closer to Eddie.


“C’monnnnn, don’t leave me hanging.”

“I said you don’t have to be so fucking rude.” Eddie bit.

“Feisty, aren’t ya?”

Eddie ignored his comment and titled his body away from him. The silence wasn’t awkward but it wasn’t exactly friendly either.

“This really isn’t your scene, is it?”

“What makes you say that?”

“You look nervous as hell and you keep fucking fiddling with that damn wristwatch.”

“I’ve been to a party before.”

“Oh really?” His voice coated in doubt.

“Really! There was Bill’s birthday party when we were eight.”

The guy blinked a few times before a rough sound left his mouth, “You’ve gotta be shitting me, right?”

Annoyed with the boy beside him he mumbled a quiet. “Shut up.”

They sat in another beat of silence.

“Let’s go somewhere.” It was random and nothing more than a slight whisper as they both gazed at the stars.

Eddie’s lips slightly parted. “I don’t even know your name.”

“Well, I’m Richie and you’re…”


“I’m Richie and you’re Eds. Now you know my name and I know yours.”

“Don’t call me that and I still barely know you. For all I know you could be some creepy murderer who preys on innocent people.”

“I also could be genuine.” He smiled and turned so his shoulder pressed up against the wall. “Life’s all about opportunities. Let me show you how much fun you can have. Make up for all those missed opportunities.” A wink.

Eddie hesitated.

“Think about it.” Richie checked his watch. “If you decide you want to have a little bit of fun then meet me out front in 15.”

Richie pushed the butt of the cigar onto the side of the house. He saluted Eddie and walked back inside, his body lost in the vast swarm.

Eddie stared at the space Richie once occupied. This could possibly be the stupidest thing he’s ever done.

He gave himself a shake of his head and walked into the house where he caught sight of Bill.

With laughter in his eyes, and the way his arm brushed against Stan’s, he looked happy. Not wanting to interrupt he decided to go ahead and leave. He’d text Bill later.

Eddie walked out front and searched for Richie.

“Hey!” Someone called and waved their arms in the air. “Over here Eds!”

He had to refrain himself from rolling his eyes as he turned around to face Richie.

Under the porch light, he was able to get a proper look at the boy.  It made him stop in his tracks. He was beautiful. The ripped, oversized, light blue denim jacket made his body look slim. How his curls fanned around his face and became astray on the top of his head. The boyfriend jeans that rested low on his hips and keychains that attached to his belt loop. How his freckles dusted across his face like constellations with his brown eyes that acted as galaxies.

The boy held out his hand. “Up for a little adventure.”

Eddie eyed his hand. God only knows what the night had in store for him. He took a slow, shuddered breath and took the outstretched hand.

Cheers to reckless behavior.

note: this is going to be a multi chapter reddie fanfic au and going to be set in the 21st century. the character will be aged up and are teenagers.

this is also my first fic posted on here so please, be gentle.

 a big thanks goes out to my beta reader @bxxpbxxprichie who gave me amazing feedback. i am beyond thankful for them. 

i hope you enjoy and thank you for giving this fic a chance! it means so much!

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Red Lion and Zarkon Theory

I realized after watching the trailer for season 3 again from SDCC, I understand now why Zarkon had the Red Lion and why Red is so overprotective.

Alfor separated the lions into different spots where it’d be difficult to find them. They each went to a spot akin to the lions element.
Green Lion (Forest) - hidden deep in a quiet forest
Blue Lion (Water) - Blue was hidden in a desert area, deserts are shaped from large water masses over thousands of years, Blue was originally underwater.
Yellow Lion (Earth) - Hidden deep, deep underground.
Black Lion (Sky) - Underneath the Castle of Lions.

The Red Lion from the looks of it, was supposed to be hidden somewhere with lots of fire. Not sure where, a volcano or fire planet, who knows. But Zarkon wasn’t giving up without a fight. He lost the Black Lion to Alfor, for some reason, he couldn’t get it back. But he found the Red Lion and where it was going. That’s when Zarkon intersected the Red Paladin and fought him. Zarkon killed the Red Paladin in front of their lion, and then stole Red.

And that kids, is why Red is overprotective of her Paladin. She lost her original Paladin right in front of her, while they were protecting Red. Yes all the lions lost their paladins, but no other lion watched them die. That’s why she rushes in to save Keith. Why she is the only lion to rush into battle on her own for him.

She remembers losing her original Paladin. And she’s scared of losing him again.

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So now I need the headcanon for the Titans group chat that Vic is apart of. :)

-would have a lot more members than the JLA chat because it also includes past team members (such as Dick)

-Dick is the overprotective mom figure who will text to check that missions went okay, that everyone is eating and sleeping (Tim). He’s usually met with a resounding “Chill dude, we’re fine”

-everyone sends terrible jokes and one liners because it’s “superhero tradition” to tell awful jokes. It’ll usually start with one person telling a joke and then the others respond with more jokes until it’s like an open mike night at a bad comedy club

-Wally will send “Dick Pics” of Dick doing everyday things and the first time he did it he just said “I’m sending you guys a dick pic” and everyone freaked out until they got a picture of Dick in his pyjamas eating a plate of tacquitos.

-Garth sends animal videos of cute cats and sometimes people will send back things like that one video where the whale punts the seal into the air and others will respond with “lol” and “get rekt kid”

-there’s a running joke/competition of who can find Tim sleeping in the weirdest place (Kon and Bart do well in this as they’ve sent pictures of Tim asleep in places such as the top of the fridge, halfway out of an air vent, and inside a cabinet)

-the chat is also used to create shopping lists to stock up the HQ’s fridge. Then it’s used to arrange cage matches to figure out who is actually going to do the shopping, which is another ordeal altogether.

Time for me to put my post-epilogue headcanons about Vox Machina out there:

⦁ They move to their permanent home in Whitestone, allowing Percy to begin constructing his clock tower and work with Cassandra to run the city.
⦁ Vex spends a lot of her time fixing up Vax’s shrine to the Raven Queen there. She also works with the treasury and diplomacy there. She sets up an established trade route connecting Whitestone to Syngorn, Ank'harel, Emon, and Deastok.
⦁ They have a formal wedding, to which everyone they have ever known and loved are invited. Vex wears a beautiful white dress and a raven’s feather between her two blue ones. Percival watches his wife walk down the aisle like they were first falling in love.
⦁ They spend each anniversary of the defeat of Vecna and Vax’s death in the woods, sitting on the bench Pike made, watching the moon and discussing stories about Vax and the early years of Vox Machina.
⦁ Soon after their official wedding, Vex discovers that she is pregnant. Everyone else seems to know before she does: “Vex, you seem to have been under the weather for a few days, are you alright?” with a knowing look from Cassandra. “Vex, you must be hungry!” with a happy  laugh from Pike hosting the de Rolos for dinner. Even the servants start skirting around her, discretely clearing one of the smaller rooms near Percy and Vex’s in the castle.
⦁ Their first child is born on a brisk winter morning after a long night. Casters from across Whitestone are brought in to send messages to all of their closest friends to announce the birth of Vesper Elaina von Musel Klossowski de Rolo I, heir to Whitestone.
⦁ Following Vesper, Vex and Percy have five more children: Vax'ildan Julius, Percival IV, Whitney Johanna, Oliver Ludwig, and Cassandra Velora.

⦁ They move into Wilhand’s old home once he dies and adds on rooms and a basement  to accommodate J.B., Grog, and, when she’s home from school, Kaylee.
⦁ Despite what anyone expects, Grog is the perfect roommate: always out, never needing too much privacy, never brings back dates (mostly because he doesn’t have them), accommodating to everyone, a great host, and eventually a wonderful babysitter.
⦁ It’s Kaylee that’s the disaster roommate. She’s a teenager living with her dad, his girlfriend, her brother and cousin. It’s the worst. They love her but she trashes her room, has friends and lovers over, never cooks or cleans, and has such a fiery temper that whenever she is asked to do these things, she either ignores that who asked or is aggressive about it.
⦁ After living together for a couple of years, Pike proposes. Grog carries Scanlan down the aisle. We know this all from the episode. Grog cries at the wedding more than anyone else. Also, instead of Pike taking Scanlan’s surname or vice versa, they change their surname to a mash-up name - Trickhalt.
⦁ Three years later, on Scanlan’s 75th birthday, Pike brings their daughter, Juniper into the world. She’s pink with curly black hair and bright blue eyes. Kaylee smiles at her half-sister and jokes that she doesn’t look a bit like either of them. She does, of course, but Kaylee is just a little stink. Grog goes out to wet her head and ends up writing letters to Whitestone and Zephyra. His childish writing is only worsened by his excitement, but the letters are sent and within a few days the de Rolos and Keyleth are in Westruun to welcome little Juniper Trickhalt.
⦁ When Juniper is six, a little boy is born into the Trickhalt clan: Wilhand Phillip. Grog has never been more touched, not even when Juni first asks him to read to her because he “does the voices better than Mommy or Daddy”. Wilhand Phillip has dark skin, dark brown hair, and big blue eyes like his sister.
⦁ When Wilhand and Juni are in their teens, Pike discovers a tiny boy with black skin, little white tufts of hair, and minuscule horns on the steps to Sarenrae’s temple. She takes him home and eventually she and Scanlan officially adopt him, naming him Kingsley.

⦁ They visit Whitestone all through Zahra’s pregnancy and even after. Due to poor timing and a hasty entry into this world, their son is born in Whitestone while they’re visiting the de Rolos.
⦁ He is born red, with a long slender tail, fuzzy white hair and amber eyes. At his birth, Kashaw feels a hand on his shoulder and looks up to see a shadowy figure. Vesh looks down at him and the boy and contemplates them quietly before vanishing. Kashaw never has nightmares about her again.
⦁ They spend their life between Whitestone and Vasselheim, between the de Rolo home and the Slayer’s Take and their son wants for nothing. He’s raised on books from the Whitestone castle’s library and stories of the sphinx, but despite all of that he really prefers to fight physically, not mentally and becomes a rogue.
⦁ Daniel Hydris loves his parents dearly, but like Kaylee Shorthalt, feels as though he is too cool to be seen around his overprotective dad and “cool” mom. He spends a lot of his time with his Aunt Vex learning about being sneaky and what the man he’s named after used to do as a rogue.
⦁ They continue to work as mercenaries for the Slayer’s Take, but only when they’re not having to deal with Dan’s teachers and his mistakes. He gets into a lot of trouble, and while Zahra doesn’t mind his actions too much, she hates having to take the time to go confront his tutors. Kash, on the other hand, scolds Dan within an inch of his life about being mischievous. He prefers to deal with those accusing his son than go out of quests.
⦁ Now that Vesh no longer hovers over him, Kash continues his clerical duties, but feels more as if he is thanking her for releasing him from their bonds of marriage than refuting her every move.

⦁ She serves as the Voice of the Tempest, guiding young druids from the other sects of the Ashari along their Aramentes. She takes them into the plane of air and has them battle air elementals. Despite her charismatic failures, she serves as a wonderful guide as her Aramente has been so recent.
⦁ Keyleth waits many years before falling in love again, but one day, at Cassandra Velora’s debutante ball for her coming of age, Keyleth meets a young elvish man with kind eyes and short blonde hair. At first she feels guilty about being happy with him, but when Vex sees them together and smiles to Keyleth, she takes it as a sign that it has been long enough since Vax left her life and that she has the right to be happy again. A raven later lands on her as she sits on his bench and then flits off into the moonlight, telling her that she is free to do as she wishes.
⦁ After many years of courting this man, she decides to wed. Korrin is so excited to see his daughter joyful again and to get to walk his only child down the aisle after so long. A conspiracy of ravens alight on a tree above the ceremony, but so caught up in her vows, Keyleth hardly notices. Its what Vax would have wanted. As she says “I do”, the ravens fly off.
⦁ She never can forget Vax, but she is happy with her husband and they have three precious quarter human kids: Vilya, Kerrek, and Luna, all of whom become powerful druids who each complete an Aramente and become headmasters in their own right, giving Keyleth the time to settle down properly without having to lead a people.
⦁ Keyleth also plays a very important role in Cassandra Velora’s life, teaching her to be strong druid. Keyleth teaches her to grow plants and polymorph. Cassandra Velora spends a lot of time as a bear playing with her brother, Trinket.

⦁ Along with spending time learning to read and living with the Trickhalts, Grog spends years under the tutelage of Earthbreaker Groon, eventually taking a few ranks in monk, learning patience.
⦁ This helps immensely when his beloved nieces and nephews get older and insufferable. The de Rolos, just like their parents, are mostly snarky know-it-alls. The Trickhalts, though sweet like their mother, are also silly pranksters like their father. Vax may have been the first to shave off Grog’s beard, but he certainly wasn’t the last. Keyleth’s kids are kind and loving, but they tend to have a hard time understanding him. Dan Hydris is the worst of them all. He has nothing against Grog and quite likes to spar with him, but is too “cool” to spend time with his aunts and uncles.
⦁ When the kids are little, Grog reads to them, and as I said before, he does the voices the best. He often teaches most of the kids to write, at first at least. Uncle Grog is most loved because he can never deny them anything. When the Trickhalt home begins to fill up with little gnomes (and a tiefling) and J.B. and Kaylee comes home from school to stay, Grog moves out to Greyskull Keep.
⦁ So when the kids of VM get frustrated with their parents, they run off to Greyskull to pout with Uncle Grog, and he loves them so much. They go out to get dinner and dessert and they spar. Keyleth’s kids spend time in the gardens, making Greyskull beautiful. The Trickhalts spend time in the Sarenrae temple praying and playing music. A couple of the de Rolos spend time in Percy’s old workshop while the others spend time in various places in the Keep. Grog quietly keeps the kids out of their parents’ old room because how could that go well.
⦁ While the kids spend time with Uncle Grog, the rest of VM goes on adventures – Grog has had enough of adventuring and, having no (known and/or legitimate) kids of his own, he loves spending as much time with them as possible, especially as he has plenty of time to adventure on his own.

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Hi I loved your sleepy MC post! Could you do a clumsy MC and RFA? Thanks! ^~^

First request, woo!!!
Also thank youuuuuuuu 💖
the lengths for each character fluctuated with just how much I felt like writing for each, but hopefully it’s good enough content!

-he’s also pretty clumsy himself
-so whenever you fall, you take him down with you
-and vice versa
-he found it cute the first few times
-since when it happened, you two would just be a giggling mess on the floor for a good 5 minutes
-but he’s noticed that you’re waaaay more clumsy
-he can’t take you anywhere without having to give you knee and elbow pads
-but he’s always there to catch you
-or if anything, cushion your fall

-he realized how clumsy you were when you two went for a walk around a park
-you two were walking hand-in-hand and almost tripped
-you were able to catch yourself the first time
-assured him you were fine and kept strolling
-the second time, however, you almost ate dirt
-he was able to catch you
-but he had managed to dip you dramatically in the process
-”MC, you have to be careful, I know you’re falling for me, but you don’t have to literally”
-he laughed when he saw how flushed you were getting, especially since he still had you dipped and people were staring and swooning
-now whenever you trip around the house, he catches you and dips you all the time, which is often
-he doesn’t even care if what you’re holding spills and stains the carpet
-he just loves seeing the surprised look on your face every time

-you’re constantly the one breaking mugs around the cafe
-so she tries to keep you behind the counter as much as she can
-but when you do trip or hurt yourself, she’s always the first one to at your side to pick you back up
-she’s just always like an overprotective mom
-she keeps a stash of bandaids behind the counter for you
-at home, she’s learned to just kind of tune out when you bump into stuff
-but will always ask if you’re okay
-she just wants to protect you
-low key finds your bandaid-covered ass adorable

-whenever you broke anything around the place with your clumsiness, you found it easy to blame Elizabeth
-he did start noticing that you’d hurt yourself around his place all the time and realized that maybe Elizabeth didn’t knock over any vases or water MC was holding
-starts baby-proofing for your clumsy ass
-even with the most expensive equipment, you still manage to stub your toes and trip over anything
-he’s learned to just let you be and kiss any bruises and bumps you make
-he also finds it comforting and even adorable when he comes home after a long day at work and sees you fumbling to run and greet him

-he has cameras all over his bunker
-and he saves the videos of you bumping into things and apologizing to it
-eventually has enough to make a compilation and puts it on youtube
-he honestly finds it cute though
-but whenever he is in the room or in public and sees you trip, he’ll immediately run to catch you
-just wants to wrap his arms around you protectively 24/7 so you can’t possibly hurt yourself
-but also wants to tease you about it all the time
-always plays Fergie’s “Clumsy” around you
-he thought it would be funny to put little speakers on the furniture that would activate and say “ouch” in a very robotic voice whenever you bumped into it
-overall, he’s either ready to baby you or pick on you about it

So, CN just posted this

This is a bingo grid for the upcoming stevenbomb. Anyone guesses which one worries me the most?

I’ll give you a hint. Several really. Tell me what you see

  1. Priyanka Maheshwaran is an overprotective tiger mom who has seen in the past two years:
    • Multiple monster attacks
    • Her daughter run away from home
    • The oceans dry up
    • A blackout
    • An alien invasion
    • Her daughter become a child soldier who hospitalizes classmates on instict
    • A zombie invasion
    • A category 7+ earthquake
    • A string of serial kidnappings that lead to a teenager’s death
    All of which seem to have been caused by her daughter’s new friend
  2. All previews seem to revolve around the idea of Connie vanishing without a word from Steven, and then ignoring his texts for days
  3. In her very first appearance, Connie told us her family “moves around a lot”

So yeah, we’re not geting a stevenbomb here. We’re getting a fucking realitybomb here!

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I'm laughing so hard!! Hahaha! Now I'm just imagining Callie's suitor trying to make small talk with Quinn at the dinner table because he's uncomfortable with the look he's receiving from her, and Quinn saying absolutely nothing, all the while staring straight at him giving nothing but straight-up cynical, I'm-over-your-bs-sales-pitch, bitch-face!! I'm hollering!!

Kind of like this?

A Concept: Tabitha and Barbara are badass bisexual moms to Selina and Ivy

and establish the base for the Gotham City Sirens…

Tabby is the Overprotective Mom™ and will use a fucking sniper to spy on Selina and Ivy’s significant other or kill them. She will spoil her babies though because she loves them so much. She teaches both her daughters how to fight/defend themselves: Selina with a whip, and Ivy with her plants

Barbara is the Laidback Mom™ and would be the type to give them weapons and alcohol and would let them go anywhere with no questions asked. But hurt her babies and she will literally kill you. She teaches both her daughters how to seduce people and manipulate them

Selina is the more independent daughter and a rebel most of the time sometimes but loves her moms dearly. But she’s also #that Kid™ that will always feel embarrassed because of her parents whenever they do something crazy/dramatic. She’s closer to Tabby because she prefers fighting with her fists for what she wants over the power of seduction

Ivy is the Princess Child™ and will always listen to her moms. Lowkey spoiled because she’s super sweet and acts innocent but will sometimes do something extreme when something doesn’t go her way like pulling a knife out or using her manipulative powers. She’s closer to Babs because she loves to learn how to seduce/manipulate people from her than brute force

  • This little family will kick the Gotham’s men asses out of power and will assert their dominance
  • Barbara and Tabitha will take back the Sirens as their club and run an underground villain operations in it
  • They all eventually name themselves the Gotham City Sirens™
  • and Harleen will eventually join the family
Hetalia Dad au

Here’s an answer to a question you probably never asked: What if the Hetalia characters were dads?

This is what I came up with.

Germany: Strict but fair dad. He’s the kind of dad who has rules and you follow those rules. He won’t tolerate a messy house. He’d also be the kind of dad who’d spend hours baking a birthday cake and would probably be subjected to several dress-up sessions. He’d be a very protective dad, probably over protective.

Italy: Laid back dad. He’s the fun dad who embarrasses their kids in public and takes pride in it. He loves family cooking sessions and has fallen asleep with the kids on the couch multiple times. He’s always doing arts and crafts with the kids and probably encourages a little mess. He’s also the dad who cries at every graduation, wedding or other life event.

Japan: Quiet dad. He’s the calm, supportive and safe figure in his kids life. He’s the dad his kids go and rant to about friend drama and he always does his best to help them out and give solid advice. His kids would love when he reads to them since he has such a calming voice. He’d be the one making lunches and probably would insist on making lunches until the kids are out of the house.

America: Fun dad. He’s the dad who puts his kids up on his shoulders and flies around like a super hero. His kids would look up to him and probably think he’s the coolest dad ever, at least when they’re young. Once they get older he’d be incredibly embarrassing. He’d always but shouting out lame puns and he’d be the loudest to cheer at sports games. He’d also be an overprotective dad.

England: The “Mom” dad. He’s the type of dad who’s always yelling about bed times and making sure everyone finishes their vegetables. He’s always worried about his kids. He’d get them all into reading and tea, always making his kids a cup of tea if somethings bothering them. He’s a mature person his kids can come to and he loves them with all his heart. He’d also probably cry at graduations and weddings. He’d also be the dad that the kids make fun of instead of vice-versa.

France: The Classy Dad. He’s the dad who sends his kids to school with a fancy lunch and shows up to parent teacher interviews dressed like a runway model. He’s the dad all the other parents are jealous of/in love with. He’d spend a lot of time cooking with his kids and singing to them. He’d always be singing around the house with his loud voice. He’s also the wine dad.

China: The Mature Dad. He’s strict with his kids but also a hilarious dad. He doesn’t understand the weird customs of the younger generations and his kids always make fun of him for it. He goes out of his way to understand what “memes” are. He’s a reliable dad and is probably almost always worried about his kids. He obsesses whenever his kids come home late, always checking to make sure they’re alright.

Russia: The Sweet Dad. He is a calm and loving dad who is always there to give out a hug and tell them everything’s going to be okay. However, he’s also terrifying when he’s angry, so anyone who messes with his kids have hell to pay. He gets subjected to dress-up and always tries to play with his kids, which almost always ends up horribly because he doesn’t know how to do it. He’d probably step on a Lego and curse it to hell.

Canada: The Dorky Dad. He’s the dad who stresses out about the smallest things. He’s gotten his hair braided so many times he’s lost count. He’s the parent his kids trust to come to with their issues. He’s protective but fun. He does dorky things to make his kids laugh and to cheer them up. He’s fallen asleep playing dolls and Legos on the floor with his kids countless times. He’s awkward and his kids are probably awkward too, they can all laugh about it together. His kids probably inherited his love for flannels.

Prussia: The Cool Dad. If you thought America was bad for puns, oh you haven’t met this guy. He’s always cracking lame jokes and pretending to be relatable. He’s cool (at least he thinks he’s cool) and is pretty lenient with his kids. Except he doesn’t like mess in his house. His house is always sparkling. He’s always loudly singing to annoying his kids and somehow manages to be as embarrassing as he possibly can when friends are over.

Spain: The Smooth Dad. He’s the most popular one in the room and parent meetings. All the single parents and teachers have a crush on him which leaves his kids in countless awkward situations. He’s a singer and a dancer, always doing one or the other around the house. His house always smells like spices. He absolutely loves his kids, always singing and laughing with them. He tries to be strict from time to time but it never works. He’s very laid back.

Austria: The Music Dad. He’s the dad who’s kids all turn out to be prodigies. He’s the calm dad who’s strict but mature. He plays piano with his kids and let’s them sit on the bench with him and watch him play.

Romano: The Italian Dad. No one is allowed to go hungry in his house, no one. He’s always yelling about something and has to try very hard not to curse in front of his kids. He’s a loving dad who encourages his kids dreams. He loves to make up little songs with them and spend time in the kitchen. He’s also an incredibly protective dad. His kitchens always clean but the rest of his house is a mess.

  • connies mom: (is overprotective)
  • connie: im being trained in sword fighting and i fight monsters all the time
  • connies mom: oh well as long as u know what ur doing! (gets deleted from existance)