Being in the justice league would include...

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  • Stealing Bruce’s credit card to buy stupid shit
  • Him being slightly mad, but pretending it’s fine
  • It’s never fine ;
  • Diana helping with your training ;
  • Arthur being overprotective ;
  • Missing Clark a lot ;
  • Victor teaching you how to work with different technology ;
  • Epic jokes about Bats 
  • Epic jokes about Fish
  • Epic jokes about Lightnings ;
  • “Number One JL trash” mug
  • Purposely shoving the mug in their faces ;
  • “[Y/N] i need to work”
  • “No, you need a hug”
  • “Stop I-”
  • Hugging everyone ;
  • Having a spirit while fighting like
  • “Who thought it was a good idea to bring her/him?” asks Bruce
  • “You, actually”  ;
  • Taking the overprotective mom role
  • “Bruce your batarangs are too sharp”
  • “Arthur you will poke someone’s eye out, sit down”
  • “Vic, don’t stay up late. ;
  • Bruce rolling his eyes at you
  • “Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to bring her/him?”
  • “YOURS” everyone shout back 
  • He knows he is joking
  • You know he is joking
  • Everyone know he is joking.
  • Dramatically putting a hand on your chest and play along
  • “How dare you” ;
  • You trying to keep everyone as safe and mentally motivated as you can.
  • The League being more positive and inspired to fight.

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So now I need the headcanon for the Titans group chat that Vic is apart of. :)

-would have a lot more members than the JLA chat because it also includes past team members (such as Dick)

-Dick is the overprotective mom figure who will text to check that missions went okay, that everyone is eating and sleeping (Tim). He’s usually met with a resounding “Chill dude, we’re fine”

-everyone sends terrible jokes and one liners because it’s “superhero tradition” to tell awful jokes. It’ll usually start with one person telling a joke and then the others respond with more jokes until it’s like an open mike night at a bad comedy club

-Wally will send “Dick Pics” of Dick doing everyday things and the first time he did it he just said “I’m sending you guys a dick pic” and everyone freaked out until they got a picture of Dick in his pyjamas eating a plate of tacquitos.

-Garth sends animal videos of cute cats and sometimes people will send back things like that one video where the whale punts the seal into the air and others will respond with “lol” and “get rekt kid”

-there’s a running joke/competition of who can find Tim sleeping in the weirdest place (Kon and Bart do well in this as they’ve sent pictures of Tim asleep in places such as the top of the fridge, halfway out of an air vent, and inside a cabinet)

-the chat is also used to create shopping lists to stock up the HQ’s fridge. Then it’s used to arrange cage matches to figure out who is actually going to do the shopping, which is another ordeal altogether.

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I'm laughing so hard!! Hahaha! Now I'm just imagining Callie's suitor trying to make small talk with Quinn at the dinner table because he's uncomfortable with the look he's receiving from her, and Quinn saying absolutely nothing, all the while staring straight at him giving nothing but straight-up cynical, I'm-over-your-bs-sales-pitch, bitch-face!! I'm hollering!!

Kind of like this?


We don’t even need to headcanon this, it’s already fully part of Jim’s character. Remember in Recipe for Disaster when Strickler is leaving, how Jim says “It’ll be shame when you’re not my teacher anymore,” and grabs his mom’s arm?

Yeh, this kid is already an Overprotective Son™

Mom comes home too late (from a date–always from a date): “Do you kNOW how MANY crimes are committed on long DATES!?”

Walt and Barbara flirt like teenagers over family dinner: “How oLD are you!?”

Sadly, this amuses our lovebirds to no end. Jim asks one day, rolling his eyes for the umpteenth time, “Can you not be a lame happy couple for, like, five minutes?”

Walt turns to Barbara with a rubbish-eating grin. “Oh, darling, I despise you.” Barbara’s eyes twinkle. “Walt, you’re awful.” “Well, you’re horrible.” They lean closer across the table. “You disgust me.” “Same to you, you troll.”

They lean in until they look like they’re about to kiss, and then Walt turns to Jim, cheerful as a daisy and goes “Like that?”

Jim is losing the will to live. Barbara laughs until she snorts.

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Ah i really liked those other ones, so can I request what shinsou and iida are like when their gfs are on their periods?

hitoshi shinsou

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  • he would literally try to help as much as he can
  • if thats getting pads or tampons, boom done
  • food? already cooked
  • would lowkey worry about how you feel and if you feel comfortable enough

iida tenya

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  • overprotective mom mode: activated
  • “DO YOU NEED ANYTHING” “iida why are you yelling”
  • would stock up on everything you like so you never have to go anywhere
  • cuddles you while saying what is literally going inside your body
  • “You see, when you menstruate… the uterus lining is-” “iida, please stop”

[x] [x] - REQUESTED BY harleyquinnfanboy18 (edited slightly for clarity! And in this gif imagine, we’re going to pretend Ivy is also in the Suicide Squad.)

Harley: *looks over at you* You doin’ alright, puddin’?

Y/N: I’m doing okay, mom.

Ivy: Seriously, Harley, you’re such an overprotective mother.

Rick: ‘Mom’? That’s your kid, Harley?

Harley: Yeah, they’re mine and Ivy’s, why do you look so surprised? Alright, they’re adopted, but they’re still my kid and I love ‘em. 


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What's your opinion/ranking of the most prepared and maybe overprotective pta mom to the least prepared, lazy, where's my kid? pta mom?

  • the most organized and caring one is suho,,,,,,he’s got his shit together even when it looks like he’s losing it 
  • then it’s jin because the kids actually sorta respect him (not all the time, but most of the time)
  • kihyun is fiercely protective of his kids but he gets easily distracted and minhyuk always ends up god knows where and shownu lowkey has to be the one to take charge
  • hakyeon only really has hyuk to take care of,,,,,,,and he bribes him with Expensive Stuff
  • and the one mom who literally would let all his children get into the pool without safety floaties on is jeonghan. like joshua goes back to america? woozi punches someone in the face? minghao steals a dog? so be it. 

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Matt Holt showing the rebels how to do things like snap wrist ties with their knees (or whatever) or proper CPR methods and them all being in awe at his "superior military/survival" training but in actuality he knows most of it from the safety units he did in middle school or from videos his mom showed him. (Because lets be real mom Holt is probably super overprotective!!!)

Matt: My mom always told me to look both ways before crossing the street. *group of rebels frantically taking notes in the background*

Yooooo but real talk how many rebels do you think probably end up having a slight crush on Matt tho? Like he ends up saving their lives more than once (either on the battlefield or in the medical unit) and everybody who hasn’t met him thinks he’s super powerful and could disarm somebody in a second but in reality he’s this tiny thing that trips over his own feet.

Matt Holt for Medical Bae™ 2k17!!!

Like Mom Holt indirectly helping her son get a beefy alien significant other all thanks to some self defense video she saw on instagram with an uncanny valley dinosaur narrating.

(hey anon, these were all related so i hope you don’t mind me putting them into one post!!)

this is wonderful. it’d be funny if, like, matt’s prepared for certain situations? and the aliens are focused on others? like matt’s teaching them all this and they’re like “wow you must be able to disable a drone in 5 ticks” and matt being like “uh yeah so why don’t i just leave the easy stuff to you guys then haha”

SUOverlyCritical: I think Pearl doesn’t actually genuinely love Steven as much as she should

Pearl: *has multiple instances of acting like an overprotective mom and literally cheered steven on during the play he made in the most proud mom manner possible* sounds fake but ok

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I'm having a panic attack because the power outage, can you give me just have some cute Otayuri family head cannon

You’ve got it bby just breathe

  • So, when the pair finally become parents, dealing with the baby is one of the hardest challenges they’ve ever had to face since the quad axel. 
  • To put it bluntly, they knew nothing about children. Well, Otabek had a very basic idea, but not the the extent as to what he would need. He thought they would have it in the bag but he in fact knows nothing about it. His daughter is completely different from his sister, and the most he even did to his sister was feed her and change her diapers from time to time. 
  • They called Mr. and Mrs. Altin and Viktuuri all the damn time while trying to take care of the baby. 
  • “Viktor this is an emergency-!” “She’s just needing to be burped, Yura. Pat her back gently.”
    “Hey, Mom, how do you-?” “Gently hold the arms down then wrap the cloth over the left then over the right.”
    “We’ve done literally everything and she’s still crying what did we do wrong?” “Nothing, sometimes babies just need to cry it out, you’re fine.”

  • She becomes easier to handle as she gets older, but once she’s a teenager she’s a handful, especially once she has her first period. 
  • But this family loves their family time. The Altin-Plisetskys are more tightly knit than the Katsuki-Nikiforovs. They play games at home and sometimes go skating all together with the KN family. 
  • They’re not the kind of family to wear matching sweaters for Christmas or dress up on Halloween in the same theme, but they are definitely that family that is that overly competitive group at wherever they go. 
  • Literally everything is a competition R.I.P. everyone playing for fun.
  • Yuri is definitely that overprotective mom while Otabek is the chill dad that literally gives zero fucks about what their kid does as long as it’s safe. Not even if it’s stupid, he’d let her do it, just as long as she doesn’t hurt herself in the process. 
  • Their daughter ends up growing up with Otabek’s patience and Yuri’s short fuse and becomes a skilled fighter, taking her skills to become one of, if not the best in boxing of all time. 

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I always thought Toriel hiding the knives was a sign of an overprotective mom due to Asriel's death rather than anything indicative of Chara's behavior. Chara asks "where are the knives" as if he expected knives to still be there. This likely means Toriel didn't hide them while Chara was alive. Rather after Chara and Asriel's death, and heading back to Home, she hid them so children wouldn't hurt themselves, while also filing down the fire pokers.

Could be that, too! Those behaviors are open to a couple of different interpretations.

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i still just find it so funny that dan got so mad about the personal trainer incident

god dans such a competitive and overprotective white suburban mom who’s gonna demand to speak to the manager

choose your battles ii

here’s pt 1 if you haven’t read it!

pt 3 is here!

a/n: so much happening in so little time how will everyone adjust. by being a whiny little bitch obviously. i thought I knew where this pairing was going and then someone asked a question about the fic and now im Rethinking My Entire Life. i also do not have a schedule for posting this! idk what im doing w my life rn so im coasting on inspiration and coffee like any kid my age.

warnings: nooone unless u count steve rogers bein a baby as something that you need to be warned about. i promise he will get better. pinky promise.

Steve is a tad ooc rn but i promise it’ll improve w time

words: jinkies its like 5k.

tag list: @bobbdylan (youre the only one and i hope this is the fic you meant. if not, im sorry and i will tag you in the other one.)

The next morning, you woke up to your toddler cuddling up to you in your bed, mumbling sleepily about pancakes. She didn’t usually sleep with you, but there was something about the stress of the past couple days that had forced you into overprotective mom mode and you didn’t move her when she fell asleep watching The Little Mermaid in your bed last night.

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Ben Hutton - Babies

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A/N: I’m going out for supper tonight and I don’t work tomorrow so many drinks are in my future which means smut time tonight. Someone send me a cool request and I’ll work on it when I get back from supper :)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 494

Request: Can you write a really cheesy Ben Hutton imagine where you and him are trying to make a decision about whether you guys are ready to have kids? Thanks!

“Why is there a screaming baby waking me up?” you mumbled as you peered over at Ben who had earphones on and was watching a movie on the screen in front of him. You guys were on a flight to the Bahamas for vacation but the screaming baby on your flight was really getting in the way of you catching up on the lack of sleep from all the work and studying you’ve been doing. Ben noticed that you were awake and took out one of his earphones. 

“Hey baby, you look a little cranky,” He said with a grin.  

“I’m cranky cause there’s a crying baby keeping me from getting much need sleep,” you said as you went to rest your head on Ben’s shoulder. 

“I don’t know if this help but think about how cute the baby probably is,” Ben said.
“Probably not as cute as our baby would be” you mumbled low enough that you thought Ben wouldn’t hear. 

“No our baby would probably be the cutest, you” he said back, much to your surprise. Your cheeks turned red because you were slightly embarrassed. You and Ben had been together for almost two years but the conversation about babies came up once early in your relationship and you guys decided you weren’t ready.

“How many kids would you want in the future?” you asked, your interest now peaked and sleep the furthest thing from your mind.

“3 sounds like a good number to me, what about you?” he asked as he grabbed your hand that was resting on the armrest between you and started to rub small circles on your hand with his thumb. 

“I like 3; I’d love to see you with a little girl,” you say with a laugh. 

“That girl would not be dating anyone until she’s at least 40,” he said answered.  

“Don’t tell me you would be one of those dads” you answered with an eye roll.  

“Oh please like you won’t be one of those overprotective hovering moms?” he laughed. 

“Okay, maybe just a little” you admitted. 

“Yeah that’s what I thought,” he said with a big grin. 

You guys ended the conversation there and fell in a comfortable silence. Ben lifted the armrest between you two and lifted his arm so you could tuck yourself next to him. He gave you one of his earphones and you mindlessly watched the movie he had chosen. You were almost ready to fall asleep again when Ben broke the silence. 

“Let’s have a kid,” he said so quietly you thought maybe you were imagining it.

“You think we’re ready for that?” you asked.  

“I think so, I want to have a family with you” 

“Okay, when we get back” you smiled, snuggling even closer to Ben. 

You didn’t know at the time but later that night after a beautiful and romantic candle lit dinner, Ben proposed and you fell asleep that night dreaming about your future together.