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You’re Not Dad

A/N: Not that anyone cares I’ve been hella busy and haven’t had time to literally write anything and I still really don’t, but I’m going to anyways bc I have some inspiration. Enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated(:

Characters: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, overprotective Dean, mention of death, yelling, very close relationship b/w Dean and reader? let me know if I missed anything

Tagging: @winchesters-favorite-girl because I think she might be interested and I really love and look up to her as a writer. I hope you don’t mind.

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You loved your brothers more than anything in the world. I mean, you were practically raised by them. John was never around, your mom was just some quick fuck that John had on a hunt. As soon as demons got word that John Winchester knocked up some chick and he had another child, they came and killed your mother when you were only a few months old. Thankfully, your mom got John on the phone as they were trying to get in and he was in town so he saved you. Not your mom though. Dean had been 16 at the time, Sam was 12. You were by far the baby of the family and Sam and Dean made it their mission to protect you from everything. And when I say everything, I mean literally everything. You were never even supposed to have been born. But nevertheless, here you were seventeen years later, alive and kicking, living in the bunker with Sam and Dean, the two best brothers in the entire world.

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12x10 - “Pterodactyl Screeching into the void” - Part 1

My title is borrowed from @postmodernmulticoloredcloak comment on my crazy blogging after first watching this episode earlier. I feel like it is a fitting title for how this episode made me feel. To clarify, these are very very happy pterodactyls.

Steve Yokey wrote this episode and he appears to have well and truly taken up the gap left when Robbie Thompson sadly left the show. In fact this episode to me channels the ghost of Robbie in many different ways. From the fanfiction-esque moments of poor suffering third wheel Sam, to the meta nod to Charlie Bradbury, there is much of Robbie to be found here. Basically, it was bloody perfect.

I feel like there is so much to talk about in this episode that fandom will be chewing on it for months if not years to come. Yokey has picked up the characterisations brilliantly, and seems to have an understanding of what the fandom desperately craves in terms of Castiel, his character, his personality and his development. I adored his sass in this episode. Some other writers *cough*bucklemming*cough* struggle to really capture Castiel’s sass and humour. Showing their lack of understanding of Castiel’s persona and his intelligence and instead writing him in a way that is jarring and sometimes basically stupid. Castiel is far from stupid. In this episode he was written perfectly, in a way I haven’t seen since Edlund’s time. Is that a sweeping statement? Maybe. But I’m still riding my high so let me have it this time.

This episode gave us three of my favourite things. Badass and Sassy Castiel, Overprotective grumpy husband Dean, and poor long suffering brother Sam. (baring in mind this is how they are usually written in fanfiction nowadays this is exactly my jam and I am so so happy to see it play out on screen. Seriously who sold their soul to Crowley for this episode?)

This review will also be in two parts. Because I have so freaking much to say about it.

The first part will focus on destiel, the second on everything else including Castiel’s emotional arc (as separate from destiel), his relationships with angels, angels and gender and Lily Sunder’s character.


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You're what?

Warnings: none

a/n: I love love love Brian O’Conner

You sighed as you sat next to Mia as she looked at the computer screen in front of her. Your head quickly snapped behind you as you heard a car revving from outside of the garage. You quickly stood up from your seat as two people walked in. Your eyes nearly bulged out of your head.

What the hell?

You turned to Mia and mumbled,
“Get out of here.”

She nodded before she snuck off as you slowly walked towards your older brothers. Dean glared at you,
“You said you were on a case in Sioux Falls, what the hell are you doing in LA?”

You hesitantly stood in front of them,
“Plans changed.”

Dean scoffed as Sam placed a hand on his chest to calm him down,
“Dean relax.”

Dean slapped his hand away as you saw movement from the corner of your eye. No, no, no, stay back there.

Dean narrowed his eyes,
“We haven’t seen you in a year Y/N!”

“Dean just let me explain.” You stated.

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Beca’s Fanfic Appreciation Post: Here I can share with you all the fics I read along the week. 



One Shots


Feel free to tag me in your stuf (it’s actually encouraged), it will be a pleasure to know more writers and add you to my appreciation list. You can tag me in any fic (Reader insert, it needs to be reader insert!!!!), just don’t tag me in OFC or Male Reader.

My Babygirl-Part Ten

My Babygirl Masterlist

Last “filler” part. Sh*t is gonna get real the next part.

Dean casually sat on a couch at the coffee shop with a grim look on his face. He was pretending to be interested in his phone when in reality he was spying on you while you were on your first date. Sam had tried to convince him to stay behind and let you go on your date by yourself, but Dean wasn’t having it.

No way was his fifteen year old daughter going on a date without supervision.

He watched as the boy with the Bieber hairstyle got up from the table you were sitting at and made his way over to the register to order something. Dean saw this as his opportunity to get a few fatherly words in with this boy who had gained your interest. He quickly got up and stood behind the boy in line.

“First date nerves?” Dean asked the boy as they waited. The boy gave Dean a tight smile and nodded his head.

“Yeah, kinda nervous.” The boy chuckled out, “She’s the prettiest girl in school and everyone likes her but for some reason she choose me.”

A happy grin overtook Dean’s face as he heard the kind words the kid was telling him. “So you landed the girl everyone at school likes. Impressive.”

“Yeah.” The kid sighed out.

“Just make sure you don’t hurt her, pretty girls like that always have dad’s that know how to handle boys who hurt their little girls.” Dean said.

The boy teen chuckled, “I’ll be sure to remember that.” He told Dean as he turned around to order the drinks however Dean placed his hand on bieber hair’s shoulder to grab his attention.

“I mean it. You hurt that girl over there and there will be hell to pay.” Dean stated in a scary tone.

Dean’s change in demeanor instantly intimidated your date who quickly nodded his head, “Ye-yes sir. I won’t hurt her sir.”

“Good.” Dean said as he handed the barista at the cash register a twenty dollar bill, “I’ll pay for whatever they want. Good luck kid, and remember what I said.”

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Dean looked up from the game of pool he was playing by himself and couldn’t help the smirk that overtook his face; you were so his kid. At seventeen years old you had a fake ID and your friends decided to put it to use at a bar a few towns over from where you lived.

This wasn’t the first time Dean watched over you as your friends and you partook in underage drinking. When Sam first told him that he had tracked your phone to a bar one Saturday night Dean about had a heart attack. However the brothers soon learned your routine and Dean and occasionally Sam would spend a few hours at the bar ensuring that you were safe.

It was the overprotective side of Dean coming out, but he couldn’t help it.

Dean watched as you stood from the table your friends were at and made your way to the bathroom. As you passed by a table of frat boys Dean saw how they all noticed you, pointing, whispering, and he couldn’t help but slam his pool stick down when one of the men stood up and followed you to the bathroom.

Dean stood out of sight, hoping that he was overreacting, but the moment you came out of the bathroom and the frat boy was in your face Dean nearly lost it. As soon as he heard you say, “No, please leave me alone.” Dean pushed himself off of the wall and quickly made his way to you.

“Problem here?” Dean asked as he stood tall behind the man blocking your exit.

“Na man, just talking to this pretty thing here.” The frat boy said with a cocky attitude.

“Sounds like she doesn’t wanna talk to you. Why don’t you let her by before you regret it?” Dean threatened.

“We’re cool here man. Seriously. Go.” The college kid tried again but Dean wasn’t having it.

“Just let me by.” You said, bringing yourself into the conversation.

“Come on baby, we can still chat. Don’t let grandpa scare you away.” The frat boy cooed at you while he grabbed onto your arm causing you to flinch, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Dean.

“You have three seconds to let her go.” Dean breathed out.

“Or what?”

The kid instantly found out as Dean gripped onto his hand tightly, causing the boy to release his hold on you. Dean gently pushed you behind him as he swung his arm back and punched the frat boy to the ground.

“You okay?” Dean asked softly. You quickly nodded your head in response, “Good. Go back to your friends, he won’t bother you anymore.”

You turned and walked away but before you left the hallway you turned towards Dean, “Thank you.”

Dean smiled at you, “You’re welcome sweetheart.” As you left the hallway Dean turned back to the frat boy, anger overtaking him once again. He grabbed the kid by the collar and brought him up to Dean’s face, “Don’t you ever touch my daughter again. Got it?”

Part Eleven


So a lot of people have asked me if I have a masterlist so I have decided to make one!

The Flash imagines

Joe embarrasses you and Barry
Barry grieving over your death
Barry finding out you are a villain ½
Barry finding out you are a villain 2/2
Barry finding out you are a burlesque dancer
Being a villain and dating Barry
Barry finds out you are a meta human
Being a villain and helping Barry find Zoom
Having to choose between Barry or Pietro
Forming an alliance with Dr Wells
Barry over hears you confessing your feelings for him
You and Cisco being like partners in crime
Barry gets jealous of Earth 2 Barry flirting with you
Fighting alongside The Flash and your mask falls off 
Earth 2 you is friends with Killer Frost and Deathstorm
Barry realises his feelings for you after you kiss Earth 2 Barry
Using your meta human powers against The Flash which turns Killer Frost on
Going to Earth 2 and Killer Frost is shocked to see you
Making plans with your boyfriend Wells to take down The Flash
Celebrating your birthday with Team Flash
Going on a secret date with Zoom
Team Flash and Snart babysitting you 
Snart finding out you are an experiment 
Team Flash and Snart are worried when you get kidnapped
Dating Wells and Barry tells you he’s the reverse flash
Telling Wells you know he’s the reverse flash

BBC Merlin imagines

Arthur watching you leave Camelot
Taking over Camelot with Morgana
Merlin knowing that you wouldn’t leave  Camelot without him
Merlin waking you up after a night drinking with Gwaine
Being Arthur’s cousin and the knights of Camelot flirt with you
Dancing with Merlin at a ball
Arthur finding out you are a princess and warrior of your kingdom
Your brother Arthur teasing Merlin about his crush on you (Part 1)
Your brother Arthur teasing Merlin about his crush on you (Part 2)
Watching Arthur fall in love with another woman
Seeing Merlin and Freya kiss (Part 1)
Seeing Merlin and Freya kiss (Part 2)

Harry Potter imagines

Standing up for Hermione when Draco picks on her
Draco sees you with another guy after you two broke up
Being Fred and George’s triplet and shocking Oliver with how you feel about him
James telling you that he isn’t like the other guys
George regrets leaving you

Teen Wolf imagines

Liam practising flirting on you
Stiles finding out Theo hit Lydia
Sheriff Stilinski being happy you and Stiles are back together
Liam getting jealous of your ex boyfriend Isaac
Lydia seeing you die in her dreams
Phoning your sister Allison’s phone because you miss her
Stiles wants you by his side at the hospital instead of Malia
Telling Scott you’re leaving Beacon Hills
Stiles taking taking somewhere for your birthday
Stiles asking Derek to come back
Derek comes back to kick Theo’s ass
Going on your first date with Theo
Theo came back to Beacon Hills not only for the park but also for you
Having a motherly instinct towards Liam
The dread doctors bringing your friends back to life
First kiss with Theo
Lydia finding out you have a crush on her
Malia is jealous of you and Lydia hanging out
Having a comeback to all of Liam’s pick up lines
Derek blaming himself when you got hurt
How the Season 5 trailer should’ve ended
Being the first to meet Void  Stiles
Isaac being your older brother
Finding out your friends Stiles and Lydia are together
Stiles confessing his love to you
Being pack mom and comforting Liam
Going to save Lydia from Eichen House
The Dread Doctors bringing you back from the dead and you see Stiles
You and Derek comforting Liam because you are the pack mom
Scott and Stiles realising that their fighting is hurting you
Convincing Derek to come to the pack’s graduation
This song describe’s yours and Liam’s relationship
You and Lydia catch Stiles and Jackson making a bet about you
Liam trying to get you to take a break from studying
The pack being overprotective when you (a siren) have a date
Isaac coming back from France because you need his help
Lydia looking for you after she escaped Eichen
Stiles hearing your voice after you decide to come back from France to save Lydia
Getting captured by the Dread Doctors while saving Lydia
Trying to calm Liam down with Scott and Stiles
Dating Liam and Scott and your grandmother Araya don’t approve
The pack’s reaction to your (Araya’s granddaughter) fighting skills
Stiles meeting your sister Max Black
You and the pack have to help save Void!Stydia
Stiles video chatting you

Disney Descendants imagines

Mal being mean to you and you confront her
Evie having a girl crush on you
Meeting your brother Ben for the first time and you are a grew up on the Isle of the Lost
Jay and Carlos fighting for your attention
Being Evie’s best friend and Mad Hatter’s daughter
Mal finding out you are Merida’s daughter
Game of Thrones imagines
Jojen finds out the Lannisters killed your family
Daenerys finds out you are the lost Targaryen
Being betrothed to Robb Stark but Joffrey wants you to marry him instead
Meeting your friend Arya and finding out she is blind
Having a fight with Robb about telling everyone you’re together

Shadowhunters imagines

Being Izzy’s parabati and secretly dating Alec
Having your first kiss with Alec
Jealous Alec
Fighting on a mission with your parabati Izzy
Making out with Alec and Jace and Izzy interrupt you
Being Clary’s best friend and meeting Simon
Alec falling in love with you when he first sees you
Telling Malec how frustrated that they’re not together
Males taking care of you on a bad mental health day

The Originals imagines

Not being intimidated by Klaus
Teasing Klaus and you think you’ve hurt him (Part 1)
Teasing Klaus and you think you’ve hurt him (Part 2)
Rebekah getting you to turn you’re humanity back on
Klaus comforting you after Katherine dies

The Walking Dead imagines

Meeting Carl after you defend yourself

Supernatural imagines

Dean is your date to your sister’s wedding
Being Scottish just like Rowena
Dancing with Castiel and the Winchesters laugh at you
Commenting on Dean and Cas’ “intense staring”
Dying in Sam’s arms
Having a stand off with Dean
Dean being overprotective when you go to a bar
Fighting with Dean when you reunite with Team Free Will after a year
Meeting Teen! Dean in a police station
Finding a way for Teen! Dean to sneak out and go to the dance with you
Teen!Dean finding it cute when you blush at his compliments
Being a hunter and thinking Dean and Sam are cosplaying as the book characters
Seeing the Winchesters a year after you left them
Being in a coma and the Winchester’s blame theirselves

Agents of Shield imagines

Getting Ward to admit he still loves Daisy
Daisy visiting you in hospital
Accidently confessing that you think Lincoln is cute
Being happy Fitz is going to dinner with Simmons
Being drunk and telling Agent May you think her glare is sexy
Going to a bar with Simmons
You find out Skye used to be a singer
Realizing that Fitz has an obsession with monkeys
Turning against S.H.I.E.L.D. after Coulson killed Ward
Fitz being in love with you but knows May is protective of you

The Vampire Diaries imagines

Telling Stefan you are leaving Mystic Falls

Marvel imagines

Choosing Tony’s side over your boyfriend Steve
Choosing between your best friends Tony and Steve
Saving your best friend Rocket
Having a dance off with Peter Quill
Helping Bucky with remember his past
Teasing Thor about Steve moving Mjolnir
Being old friends with the Maximoff Twins
Being Tony’s sister and flirting Steve which annoys Tony
Tony saying he loves you at yours and Steve’s engagement party
Tony letting go of his playboy attitude around you
Tony getting flustered when you compliment him
Meeting with Natasha for a mission and she flirts with you
Your dad Tony being overprotective
Tony and Steve stop fighting because you are dying
Meeting Spiderman and you fall in love instantly
Scott finding out you are Luis’ girlfriend
Being Peter’s older sibling and falling for Bucky
Kurt and Dave teasing you for your crush on Luis
Scott introducing you to Kurt, Dave and Luis
Kurt, Dave and Luis comforting you after a bad date
Scott trying to get you with Luis
Kurt having a crush on you
Erik Lensherr hitting on you
Kurt carries you upstairs after a heist
Luis, Dave and Scott trying to get you and Kurt together
Falling asleep on Kurt’s shoulder


Telling Jerome you’re sick of working for Galavan
Jerome being confident that you’ll be his even though you reject him

Suicide Squad

Being recruited to be part of the Suicide Squad
Meeting Harley Quinn
Going to a party with Harley
Being partners in crime with Harley
El Diablo seeing you walk down the aisle
Teasing Deadshot with your best friend Harley
Flirting with Rick Flag
Teasing Rick Flag
Harley asking you to join the suicide squad
Flirting with El Diablo
El Diablo having a crush on you
Telling Joker that you know he lied about Jason’s death
El Diablo getting protective when you get teased
El Diablo and Joker likes you
El Diablo finding out you’re a maid
El Diablo catching you checking him out
Being a klutz in front of the Suicide Squad
Singing with El Diablo and he catches on fire
Captain Boomergang trying to court you
Joker making you blush
Being El Diablo’s playboy bunny
Harley interrupting you and Diablo’s romantic moment
El Diablo being protective of you
Being Batman’s sister and Harley loves you
Taking a bullet for El Diablo
Batman catching you and Joker making out
El Diablo hearing your name when being tortured
Flirting with Harley whenever you see her
The Squad’s reaction to you being immortal
Long Rick Flag imagine
Harley flirting with Female!Cop

Batman V Superman

Lex convincing you to work for him by telling you how important you are (Part 1)
Clark finding out you are a villain in Gotham
Refusing to help Batman until he mentions your ex Jason Todd
Clark putting up with you when you’re on a sugar high
Lex convincing you to work for him by telling you how important you are (Part 2)
Lex becoming obsessive when he first meets you
Lex gets jealous when he sees you dancing with another guy
Lex taking you to dinner and you reject his kiss
Lex kissing you because you had a great idea for his experiment
Sacrificing yourself to save Superman and your sister Wonder Woman sees you die
Nursing Lex back to health because an experiment went wrong
Being a villain and always flirting with Superman
Lex taking you to dinner to relax

DC imagines

Jamie Reyes taking you out to dinner
Laurel Lance asking you out during a mission
Snart saving you from your kidnappers
Snart finding out you are his half sister
Your brother Snart and LOT Team visiting you

Youtube imagines

Being Zoe’s best friend and Joe’s crush
Hilly and Hannah missing you
Cosplay video with Capndesdes
Joe being angry that you agreed to a date with Caspar
Being best friends with Zoe
Dan knows you saw the finale of Doctor Who without him
Joe misses you after you break up
Dan trying to tell you how he feels
Dan finding a Sherlock gif on your tumblr
Being Phil’s sister and dating Dan
Dan finding out you read Phan fanfics
Having sexual tension on Trial to Oregon with Joey
Markiplier hitting on you during a let’s play

The Maze Runner/Cast imagines

Newt being heartbroken when he sees you with Thomas
Thomas saving you from Cranks
Minho saves you
Thomas telling you he saw Newt as a crank
Thomas (Sangster) showing up on your wedding day
Your sister Teresa finds out you are dating Thomas
First kiss with Thomas
Newt thinking you’re dead but he finds you in The Paradise
You and Newt had a fight
Being worried about Teresa
Thomas finding out you survived the Maze
Being in the Scorch with the gladers
Newt gets jealous of you and Thomas
Thomas and Newt fighting over you
Minho being jealous when he sees you with another guy
Seeing Minho after you got stuck in the maze for the night
Newt’s face being the last face you see before the Maze door close
Minho beats up Rat Man because he hurt you
You and Teresa make a promise to have each other’s backs
Thomas letting how he feels about slip infront of your boyfriend Dylan
Recognising Thomas when you first see him

Sherlock imagines

Sherlock ruining a murder/mystery tv show for you
Sherlock asking you to get his skull back for him
Sherlock pranking you
Helping your brother Sherlock on a case which annoys Mycroft

Hunger Games imagines

Saving Finnick from the mutts
You blame yourself for Prim’s death
Finnick feeling numb when you die in his arms
Being in love with Finnick and watching him get married

Doctor Who imagines

Stealing the Doctor’s sonic sunglasses
Being Human Ten and Rose’s daughter
Sassy relationship with the 10th Doctor
11th Doctor gets jealous
Not liking Danny Pink because he insults the Doctor
Being the Doctor’s date to Amy an Rory’s wedding
The 11th Doctor staring at you
The 10th Doctor saves you from a boring day at work
Clara hearing you tell the Doctor that you love her
Clara getting jealous when Rory flirts with you
The Doctor walking in on you and Clara kissing


Bumping into Snart and he flirts with you
Going undercover at a party
Snart saving you when an arrest goes wrong
Snart asking you to help him
Realizing how Snart feels for you
Snart teasing you
Snart getting jealous
Realizing your feelings for Snart
Snart telling you he has to leave town for a while


Being a hybrid in Scott’s pack and your friends Izzy and Clary visit
Clark getting jealous of your friendship with Captain America
Team Flash find out you’re dating Peter Parker
Bucky helping you make Deadpool jealous


The Pack goes to Senior Prom Part 1
The Pack goes to Senior Prom Part 2

Dating Includes

Dating Gally includes
Dating Alby includes
Dating Minho includes
Dating Newt includes


Ex-boyfriend series

Part 1,  part 2 , part 3 , part 4 , part 5

Married - Summary: Sam and Reader have gotten married and they’re at the motel for their wedding night. Reader is nervous because she’s a virgin. 

Bed buddies Summary:  Reader has a nightmare and asks Sam if she can sleep in his room for the night.

Getting Dumped -  Summary:  Reader gets back to the bunker, crying after her boyfriend dumped her and said she was stupid, worthless and disgusting, so Sam comforts her. 

Long Time - Summary: Sam and Dean knock at Reader’s door after not seeing her for six years. She tells Sam something he thought he would never hear in a million years.    

UnexpectedSummary: Reader has some unexpected news for Sam that will change their lives forever.     

Food for the Boys - Summary: Reader is making dinner and Sam can’t keep his hands off her.

Dreams Can Come True - Summary: Reader is Jensen’s little sister and she’s in love with Jared, she has been for months. They’ve been flirting a bit but none has taken the first step.

Old Friends series

Part 1, part 2

Not What It Used To Be - Summary: Dean is Reader’s ex-boyfriend and when they meet again after two years, Reader is different, she’s a werewolf, but Dean and Sam don’t know. 

The First Time - Summary:  Dean and Reader has been a couple for almost four months, and she hasn’t told him she’s a virgin. 

Soon another Family Member - Summary:  Dean and Reader are expecting their first baby. Reader is pregnant in the beginning of month nine and it’s not easy for her with her big baby bump. 

Taken Care of - Summary: Dean and Reader has feelings for one another but none of them does anything about it, but when Reader gets hurt on a vampire hunt Dean takes care of her.

Loving a Hunter series

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25, part 26, part 27, part 28, part 29, part 30, part 31, part 32, part 33 (Completed)

Coma - Summary:  Dean is in coma after a bad demon hunt and Reader tells him something. 

He’s Getting Angry -  Summary: Dean finds out that Reader’s boyfriend hits her and he takes care of it for her.

Not Feeling So Good -  Summary: Reader is sick and Dean’s taking care of her.

Overprotective - Summary: Reader and Dean end up in a fight after what happened on the hunt. Dean doesn’t like the way she handle it.

Happy Valentine’s Day - Summary: Jensen isn’t supposed to be home until the weekend, but he surprises reader at Valentine’s Day.

Imagine you're the "little sister" of Team Free Will, and they take you shopping when they notice older men checking you out.

“I can’t believe you got us kicked out!” you exclaimed as the doors behind you closed. “You can’t just fight every battle! I never even got any clothes!”

“Yeah, and the old man checking you out was practically taking what little clothes you have on off with his eyes!” Dean hissed before snapping the thin line of your spaghetti strap against your shoulder.


Sam, whose face was still contorted in anger, sighed. “We’ll go to a different store.”

You stopped dead in your tracks without a single warning. Luckily for you, the two men and angel piled on top of each other instead on to you. “No. Hell, no! I’m letting Charlie take me, because you three just beat a stranger to a pulp because he was staring at me!”

“Inappropriately,” Castiel added.

“I don’t care. Just get in the car." The backdoor to the Impala slammed shut as Team Free Will stared at the car and back to the store guiltily. With a shrug, they scrambled into Dean’s prized possession where they continued to rant on and on, throwing in random apologies here and there. You, on the other hand, boiled in anger silently. Damn overprotective brothers.

anonymous asked:

Headcannon of toddler Winchester sister

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

- You being a huge source of light in their lives.

- Being a reason for them to smile.

- Them being insanely overprotective over you.

- Dean loving to play with you.

- You being in love with Sam’s hair. Whispering “so pretty” while running your fingers through it. Sam uses this as yet another reason not to cut it.

- Both of them goofing around just to get a giggle out of you.

- Them carrying you around in their arms.

- Sleeping in their beds. Alternating each night. Sam. Dean. Sam. Dean.

- “Sammy!” 

- “Deanie!”

- Them calling you nicknames. Sweetheart. Kid. Monkey. Sweetie. Princess. 

- Both being immensely nostalgic, and hates the fact that you’re growing up so fast. They feel like they can’t keep up.

- Lots of hugs.

- Lots of kisses on the cheeks and forehead.

The Little Winchester

Pairing: Sam x sister!reader, Dean x sister!reader 

Characters: Sam, sister!reader, Dean

Warnings: light swearing 

Word Count: 968

Summary: The sister!reader decides it’s time for her to start hunting, much to Sam and Dean’s dismay

TagList: @amandateaches @myplaceofthingsilove@evyiione @mogaruke @aliensdeservebetter @27bmm @craving-cas @spnfanficpond 

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

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Title: Overprotective

Pairings: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Reader and Dean end up in a fight after what happened on the hunt, because Dean doesn’t like the way she handle it.

Word count: 670

Warnings: Angst, injured reader, implied smut

You can find my masterlist here

How could you be so stupid?” Dean yelled at you as you, Sam and Dean entered the bunker.

“I’M NOT STUPID, I SAVED YOUR ASS.” You turned around and looked up at him.

I had it under control.” He growled.

“Yeah if you wanted to die.”

You shouldn’t have done that, you could have died. It was stupid and… you didn’t think…

You’re damn right I didn’t think. When I saw you surrounded by four vampires I thought it was over for you so I did what I had to do.”

CUTTING YOUR ARM OPEN WAS IDIOTIC,” he screamed, he was really angry. “They could have drunk all of your blood.”

“But they didn’t.” You snapped back at him and began walking to your shared bedroom. Hunting with Dean had always been difficult, but ever since you became boyfriend and girlfriend it had become harder. He was so annoying, when you just did what you did best, hunt.

When you came into your bedroom you threw the door closed and took a seat on the edge of the bed. You looked down at your upper arm with a part of Dean’s shirt wrapped around it. You opened it up and it was a lot of blood and it hurt, but you still didn’t regret what you did. If you hadn’t done it Dean would be hurt or maybe even worse. You got up from the bed and walked over to the dresser to get the first aid kit, when you had it you sat down on the bed again.

As you were beginning to wash the wound the door opened and Dean came into the room. He closed the door and came over to you.

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Things People Say

Writers - Admin Aingeal @aingealcethlenn & Admin Grace

Characters - Dean, Reader, Sam, Mary, Castiel

Pairing - Dean x Reader

Summary - She was the best hunter in the United States. They were the Winchesters. Dean is overprotective of her, and ends up pushing her away. What happens when she leaves and hunt on her own? What happens when he gets a call, in the middle of the night, because he was her emergency contact?

Word Count - 2,692

Warnings - Angst…Lots and lots of angst…Mild language, Mentions of injuries from an accident/hunt (reader is in hospital)…
Mary Winchester is included in this, but no spoilers from any actual episodes. Doesn’t follow the episodes at all.
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N -So..This was written for a challenge, and ended up getting away from me, and turned out WAAAYYYYYY longer than I first envisioned lol There WILL be a part 2 though (as long as people are interested)! So please let me know! And let me know if you wanna be tagged in it!!!

-Reader POV-

It had been the same almost every hunt recently. Dean asking me to stay behind. Hold down the fort, help with research instead of with the battle. It was his way of keeping me safe. Making sure he wouldn’t lose me to some monster, or demon, or anything else out there.

When I met the Winchester brothers, they knew exactly who I was. In fact, the only hunter feared more than those two, was yours truly. I was meticulous, and dangerous, and loved every minute of my job. That never put the boys off though. No, instead, it only drove us closer. Especially Dean.

Lately though, it seemed every argument that we had, was surrounding my safety.

“We just don’t want anything to happen to you.” Dean said softly, trying to calm me down.

“I know how to take care of myself Dean! Damn it, I was the best damn hunter in the states! Now, just because I’m with you, suddenly it’s too dangerous for me to be out there?!”

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Some Curse

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Words: hair under 1,600

A/N: Obviously my first challenge would need to be for my wife’s and her sister-wife’s celebration. Congrats to @impala-dreamer & @idreamofhazel on your milestones! I don’t know where this came from…thank you to @amanda-teaches for the beta. The quote I chose from the challenge is in bold, and I’d like to apologize to Sam Winchester for using such a profound quote of his in such a ridiculous way.

Warnings: Swears. Imbibing in some adult type bevies. Dean is in a mood.

Paring: Kinda, sorta, not really Dean x Reader. (Sam’s there too in a friend type capacity)


You were going out tonight. Winchesters be damned.

Monster isn’t caught yet Y/N…it’s taking girls Y/N…you’re a girl Y/N…we have whiskey here Y/N…Sam can’t be seen by the cops Y/N…we’re on a case Y/N…blah blah blah.

All valid points. All of which you were blatantly ignoring. The three of you were at a complete dead end; Sam had been pegged as a possible person of interest at the latest crime scene, so he was on lock-down. Dean wanted to go stake out yet another abandoned farm house. You had a brand new shirt that was going to get you free drinks all night and you needed to get away from the brothers for a few hours.

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If they ever figured it out they’d be pissed.  So far you’d be good about covering your scrapes and bruises.  Explaining them off by saying you walked into something in the bunker or tripped and fell.  Those explanations would only last for so long, but you’d cross that bridge when you got to it.  You watched the boys pack away for a weekend hunting trip, itching for them to leave so that you could pack up your own bag to get on your own hunting trip.

“We’ll be back in a few days.  Stay out of trouble, okay?”  Dean directed as he hoisted his duffle bag over his shoulder.  You mustered a smile, waving them off as quickly as you could.

“I’ll do my best.”