Eating: Yuri On Rice
Gaming: Yuri On Dice
Itchy Head: Yuri On Lice
Rodants: Yuri On Mice
Shopping: Yuri On Price
Cooking: Yuri On Spice
Cutting: Yuri On Slice
Politics: Yuri On Vice
Consoler: Yuri On Advice
InExact Measuring: Yuri On Imprecise Exact Measuring: Yuri On Precise
Phone: Yuri On Device
Wealthy: Yuri On Overprice
Vacation: Yuri On Paradise
Retail: Yuri On Merchandise
Cult: Yuri On Sacrifice
Victor: Yuri On Something Nice


9/4/16 UPDATED! hey guys! i decided to keep my commissions open past the summer! im trying to save for a trip next year that i really really want to go on :))

if ur interested in commissioning me info is below the cut. reblogs greatly appreciated! thanks guys!

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Fic Recommendations

Guys, here are the quality fics that I comment after because they’re good stuff and need love. 

of florist and tennis shoes by @venpast​ (on tumblr and ao3) 

‘Lance wasn’t sure if he’d imagined the brief tremble at the corner of Keith’s lips or not, that slight stutter that promised a smile. But before he could guess further, Keith gave his knee a shove and got to his feet. He reached out to him, “I’m done here, and I’ve still got some daisies to sell you.”

“Yeah,” Lance agreed, looking down at the extended palm, noting the little Saturn tattoo on the inside of Keith’s wrist where the sleeve hiked. He took the hand, “better not overprice those too, you asshole.”’

(in which lance is a broke university student trying to impress a pretty girl with flowers, but ends up falling for the florist that sells them instead.)

Notes: Venpast writes up beautiful scenery and imagery. It’s her bitch. I love her interpretation of Keith and Lance. Her interpretation of Keith is unique and Lance’s is so on point like jesus. Every scene that Pidge is in is also gold. This is actually the only florist au I’ve read that actually uses the flowers as a medium to further the story. Fucking amazing. Actually this is the best florist au i’ve read in all my fandoms so give this one a read. 

blaming space by @venpast​ (on tumblr and ao3) 

'They were forced into the shadow of space once more, the light of the stars left unblinking in Keith’s dark eyes, as he pompously glared down at Lance over his shoulder. “What the fuck is your problem? You’re an obnoxious pain in the ass and I’ve been putting up with it for the sake of both Shiro and decent common courtesy, but you’re setting every edge of my 'silken patience’ on fire, Lance—and frankly?” he was acrid, giving a scornful scoff, “I’m done.”

Lance took a moment to recover from the initial hostility of the approach, his widened eyes falling into a narrow slant—challenging and equally livid. He did not sit up, instead looked back with a high chin, “do me a favor and chug down a gallon of bleach, because the feeling is more than mutual.”’

(in which lance is sick of space and keith is sick of fighting and both of them are more lonely than either cares to realize - because, by some unspoken rule, you shouldn’t kiss people you hate.)

Notes: Lol, guys I present to you the fic I would sell my first born son if it means that venpast makes this a multichapter fic instead of a one shot. It’s ending is open ended in the way all amazing things are but I would literally sell anything in my house if it means she continues this gem. Does not get the recognition it deserves tbh. smh at the fandom. This was the fic where I fell in love w/ venpast because holy shit does girl know how get a convo going. This fic was not going where I thought it would and I looooved it. 

The Dead End Nation by leporicide Ao3 ( @ghostering​ tumblr)

It’s sudden, like the quick flash of a bomb, the sudden lunge of a tiger and Hunk nearly misses it. A woman in a lovely white dress, pale skinned and red lipped, pulls out a pistol. Keith, who was masked in the same thermo-optical camouflage as Lance, hidden behind the senator on the stage, sprints down and quickly shoots the gun out of the woman’s hands.

The world wakes up.

Notes: A story with a plot heavy that does not revolve on romance. Crazy, I know. There’s some Keith and Shiro if that’s your cup of tea but it leans more heavily on Klance. The pairing here aren’t that big honestly when the winner in this fic is THE FRIENDSHIP Hunk and Lance fucking friendship kills me every fucking time. Like honestly I would a story just about the two of them being fucking besties and then Pidge coming in trying to reach that eventual understanding. ALso, nb Pidge at your service and strong af Allura here to brighten your day. Girl is ruthless. fuckign brutal. uGH. Read this. I’ve seen some fanart on the tag. Lance getting Keith on a thigh choke is basically why i read the story but i stayed for the friendship. ALSO POLITICAL SAVVY LANCE. 

He Knows by leporicide Ao3 ( @ghostering​ tumblr)

Decisions made in haste usually lack rationale and worst of all they don’t carry intentions, good or bad. It’s those decisions that keep you up at night and those decisions that keep you going through the day. It’s those decisions that take enough hold of your throat to prevent you from making things right and yet not enough to stop you from making more of them. You just hope others won’t find out.

Or: Keith doesn’t quite know how he got to this point with Shiro’s boyfriend Lance, but he has, and the last thing he wants to do is think too much about it.

Notes: This fic is a guilty pleasure. I don’t know if any of you have ever read Kiss a Boy in Tokyo Town but it basically changed my life and I have been trying to find a fic like it and THIS IS IT. Leporicide brings her own unique take on it. Anyway cheating fics are my shit and I count down the days until she updates this gem. It gives me everything I want Keith pinning and Lance being a little shit. 

Guys don’t forget to give the author love. They’re precious people who hold our souls captive. Don’t play them and they don’t play us. Peace. 

Price advice

I wanna do pencil sketch commissions, but im not sure how expensive I should make them.. I was thinking about  €5,- / €10,- , which is more expensive than usual, because I do need the money but I really dont want to overprice them… 

Id appreciate feedback abt the price, if it’s too expensive please say so! They’ll look like this (the bust will be half the price of the full body) and there’ll be a second more cartoony style available!  Im willing to make them detailed, these were just boring poses to show what they’d look like.

anonymous asked:

May I ask how seeking legal action against a shop that false advertises, overprices/lies about retail value, and uses "celebrity" to blatantly rip innocent people off is "petty"? She knows she's doing it and plays victim when she gets called out. She constantly violates TOS for Depop and gets others kicked off when we acknowledge she's done it. I'm sorry, but she's been asking for legal action. If it even really happens (which it probably won't, so you can chill).

New thing I learned today

Selling a self-published print book through Barnes & Noble is a complete rip off. They only want to offer you 55% royalties and then the cost of production comes out of YOUR royalties, so while they’re sitting fat and happy on 45% of your book money, you get 55% - the cost of production which, for a reasonably priced book, is about 50% of the price.

Example: a 350 page hardcover book costs $11.97 to print. So, assuming it’s priced at $19.99 which is already a little steep, the author would earn $10.99 - $11.97 which is impossible so basically overprice your book at like $25 so you can actually make like $1.50 on each book sale goodbye

anonymous asked:

Juliet: I love drama!1!2! Lalala Andy is hubby1!1! Ohh lemme overprice things in depop!1!1 let me lie about shit all the time1!1! I'm going to be a cunt to everyone because I feel like it1!1!! I make excuses1!1!1 I abuse my husband1!1! :))) Anyone: calls her out on something Juliet: honestly I feel so attacked right now all I want to do is promote Scientology and veganism even tho I bought a bag that ain't vegan and I do dodgy shit but still I'm only human I love everyone #spreadlove❤️🤗

so my leaver’s ball was last night ;v; here are some polaroids of me and my partner (who is also my bf) ft. the corsage he gave me~ it truly was an amazing night i can’t believe i’m graduating this year ;___;