On feeling inadequate: The Dean, Cas and Mary edition.

What an amazing episode today’s was. I loved the old-fashioned mystery horror feel of the case, but the complex emotions it invoked overpowered it. It was painful seeing all of their hearts break in individual ways but I’m glad it is being addressed.

Mary: At the start we see Mary reading John’s journal. She’s clearly upset by it for multiple reasons— the journal is a symbol of how much time has passed. How much her boys have changed. How much HER John had changed. How much she ‘doesn’t belong’. Yet when she asks Cas, he says (gif credit to @sunlitcas)

She’s surprised for a second. And then she smiles, but it’s pretty sad. Look at it from Mary’s point of view. She is unaware of all of Cas’s issues, but one thing is clear to her. Dean trusts him, he’s clearly affectionate with him, he lets him stay in the bunker and YET Cas doesn’t feel he belongs. So realistically, what chance does she have of ever belonging?

Throughout the episode, Mary is struggling. In heaven she still had two little kids to take care of, a place and family she belonged to. And now, she’s almost useless. They don’t need her. They’re sweet and kind and polite but they’re essentially strangers. She had to be saved twice by them (and she certainly was a very capable hunter before) so this adds to her feeling of inadequacy.

I respect the decision she made at the end. I’m glad that she was open and honest with both of them and her pain was palpable. She needs time to just be her own person and find her own feet, away from Dean and Sam. And when they’re ready, they can try to be a family again.

Cas: Oh boy, Cas. I’m glad to see his issues didn’t just magically disappear. I loved the fact that he tried to console Mary by telling her what she needed. The irony is that both of them feel the other is more important. Mary thinks that Cas is more important to her boys because he knows them better and is more ‘useful’ and Cas thinks Mary is more important to them because she is actually family.

The fact that he was wandering in the middle of the night (instead of researching/watching TV) rings a few alarm bells about his mental state. He stuck around till Sam was safe but he’s unwilling to stay for longer because he has never felt welcome in the bunker. The conversation with Mary probably made him feel worse than ever.

Even his conversation was short (refusing Dean’s offer of coffee) because he’s feeling so guilty and unhappy about always failing the people he loves. He think his worth to the Winchesters lie only in how useful he is (and to be fair they made him feel that way many, many times) One conversation by Dean is not going to undo all that damage. I guess he would have taken Dean’s offer of help IF Mary wasn’t feeling like crap too. But now that he knows Mary is unhappy, he’s trying to make them stay with her so she will feel better.

This line made me pause the video and cry for ten minutes. (gif credit to @constiellation)

Poor Cas, trying so hard to be like Sam and Dean. Cas hates Crowley, but he can’t help himself from asking him for what is clearly reassurance. He clearly admires the Winchesters and wants to learn to hunt and gather information so he’s not a burden to them and that is just so heartrendingly sad.    

Dean: I felt the most for Dean in this episode. I mean, just last episode he was drinking and almost crying in the bunker kitchen so I assume he stayed up till Cas came home. And then had sex with him fell asleep. He’s clearly happy in the morning, based on the fact that he made breakfast and set out a plate for Cas (the bacon was clearly for him, not Mary) Dean is a nurturer. He cooks for the people he loves. He was clearly expecting to have a nice breakfast with his family but Cas blows him off quite rudely. (gif credit to @yourfavoritedirector and @sunlitcas)

There’s quite a bit of shock and hurt in Dean’s eyes but he quickly recovers because this is a dance that they always do. Dean thinks that Cas always keeps leaving him because he has ‘better things to do’ and Cas always feels like he needs to leave he feels Dean doesn’t want him. This scene also reminded me of 8.08 where Dean’s all excited about Cas being with him and hunting by his side and even offers shotgun but… It didn’t happen.

Sam got what Cas was trying to say, but Dean’s busy in denial-town. Throughout the episode he has his head buried in the sand, doing his usual hearty ‘everything’s fine all fine I don’t care at all lalalalalala’ routine.

In the graveyard scene, Dean’s lines are telling.

“She’s still working on the kinks. We’re ALL still working on the kinks.”- Translation: I don’t want to talk about this, Cas is going to come back as soon as the Lucifer thing finishes and I WILL HAVE MY FAMILY TOGETHER UNDER ONE ROOF. 

He doesn’t want to deal with Mary’s emotional issues right now. He’s like a child who doesn’t want to see something bad is happening. He’s hoping if he shuts his eyes hard enough it’ll all go away. He’s not upset about Mary here, he’s upset about Cas.  

The ending though, is where you can see Dean’s heart break into a million pieces. (gif credit to @yourfavoritedirector

Mary unknowingly uses the SAME LINES Cas said while leaving (coincidence? I think not) We all know that Dean has abandonment issues a mile long— every time he tries, he gets his heart stomped on. And knowing Dean, he’s not angry with Mary or being a spoiled brat, he’s blaming himself. He’s been trying (cooking for Cas and Mary, buying Mary those snacks, letting her hunt) so hard but nothing’s working. He offered apologies for his behavior to Cas (in 11x23) and Mary (in this episode) but both of them left anyway. They didn’t leave because of HIM, but look at it from his point of view— no one wants him.

Dean, Mary and Cas— all three of them hurting. I’m devastated to see their pain yet also happy to see some acknowledgement. I want all three of them to heal at least a little this season and be a family again. They need each other.

Crack Pokémon theory: Fairy is gaining a weaknesses

The starter Pokémon for Sun and Moon have been revealed and I like all of them. There are many take aways from the reveal, but here’s one thing I noticed about the reveal. Last generation we had it where both the first and second types of the starters were strong against one of the other ones ( ex: Greninja has both water type to counteract Delphox’s fire and dark type to counteract Delphox’s psychic). This generation they did that with two out of three of them. Incineroar overpowers Decidueye in both ways, as does Primarina overpowers Incineroar in both ways. The odd one out is Decidueye that only overpowers Primarina with its Grass type. But what if it doesn’t. What if Ghost is now strong against Fairy? That would make it so the trio now beats each other in two ways. It makes more sense than you think. Fairy was just introduced last generation and it only has two weaknesses. Ghost on the other hand is only strong against itself and Psychic. It would bring some more balance to the game and would make Ghost more different than Dark. It’s not unlikely either as Type effectiveness change in Generations all the time. For example, Steel was resistant to Ghost until the last generation. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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Mark I personally love partner. I think it was really well done and I hope we see more of it in future commander products. My only complaint is that none of the partner commanders seem interesting enough to play on their own. You basically have to partner them because they're not mechanically deep enough to be played on their own. Was there ever any consideration to giving the partners some sort of bonus for NOT using a second commander? As is there is just no reason not to use a second partner.

Partner cards are designed to be optimized with a partner. If we didn’t do it that way they’d be overpowered when paired with a partner.

Sometimes I think, how Prince saw Vanity or Denise, the way he projected it, were of two minds; one was business mind and one was his heart mind and I think, she was conflicted maybe because she really was a gentle spirit and a really good woman but nobody had ever given her that opportunity or chance to be because they all became so overpowered by her beauty and that’s the plight of really beautiful women. They actually are discriminated against, I feel. And after being around her, I can see people totally dicriminate… the pretty can’t complain, beautiful women aren’t allowed to complain but they definitely get their fair of bullshit.
—  Jill Jones

multiplicity totally is such a Classic Case of Crazy tho. like, it’s no coincidence that people continually mistake other disorders, namely bipolar and schizophrenia, for DID and multiplicity lmao. hearing voices is a Serious Sign that Something’s Wrong; it’s so conceptually overpowering that people straight-up neglect any other symptom of psychosis and dissociation.

i find it hard to believe that that doesn’t affect even those of us who hold up “must cause clinically significant impairment or distress”, as if that’s what people actually care about when they say “crazy”

- Ace


Mona didn’t say anything, all she did was stare at Jackson with a blood thirty look in her eye. Her breathing was off balance and heavy, trying her absolute best to control the ever growing hunger inside of her. Though she had been a vampire for decades, she couldn’t help but still feel weak in the knees whenever she was around the living. Even if he was a dog, his natural scent sometimes overpowering her thirst, she still watched him as if she were ready to pounce. “Ever wonder what mermaids taste like?” She inquired, trying to take her mind off the fact that blood was still coursing through his veins.

Sometimes i feel like breaking, exploding, shattering into particles and just fly away in light thin air. Maybe that’ll make me feel better?

Distressed, weak, anxiety, are things that im struggling with every single day. It’s tiring, truly.

But what better way for me to know and cherish hope, joy and happiness?

To some, they learn about happiness by being happy, others, we learn to recognize joy by being outside that happy circle. But fear not, Allah promised that He will never burden a soul more than what he can bear.

And that is how i found a way to smile in this pool of hardship.

“Oh Allah, i take refuge in You from depression and grief and i seek refuge in You from helplessness and laziness and i seek refuge in You from cowardice and miserliness and I seek refuge in You from the overpowering debts and the wrath of people!”

May Allah ease, insyaAllah.

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This is a doodle I decided to try and experiment with on colouring. It’s of one of my Bionicle OCs, an eldritch space octopus god who, like a mimic octopus imitating fish, can disguise herself as mortal species of the planets she visits, among a bunch of other overpowered abilities. She’s a bit self-indulgent as a character but I like her. I like to draw spooky things with her because she’s interesting to me and her weird tentacle hair is fun to draw

I figure eldritch abominations are fair game for Bionicle OCs because we’ve already had at least two of them in canon

One day, when I have time, I wanna draw a whole bunch of my OCs so I can torment the populace further with my creations. I was going to wait to post this until then to give this some context in terms of the character, but it’s Spook Month and I haven’t had much of a chance to draw anything for it. And I’m pretty happy with this, so


looks like they’re holding back paparazzi


Bastion beeps excitedly

Mercy’s just OH MY GOD HE SAID THE P WORD. REINHARDT PHASE 2 I REPEAT PHASE TWO and Reinhardt just pulls out his giant hammer and bum rushes into the crowd of reporters, sending everyone flying while Mercy throws herself over Bastion in a feeble attempt at keeping any sniper shots away


Axe body spray once shut down a school because the 6th grade boys produced such an excessive stench that 8 kids had to be hospitalized. 

This isn’t the first medical incident that’s occurred due to students wearing Axe. A Pennsylvania high school had to completely ban the body spray after a student was hospitalized from exposure to a ‘hazardous substance.’ A year before that, Connecticut high school officials said that a fire alarm went off after a student sprayed an “overabundance” of Axe in a locker room.

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There’s actually a term called ‘Wall of Axe,’ which refers to at least “8 boys, dousing themselves in Axe body spray (usually after gym) and standing together in a stairwell to create a Wall of Axe.”

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You can find it in Urban Dictionary. And also probably in many emails exchanged between middle school teachers. 


Mark's precious laughter
  • Mark's precious laughter

A compilation of Mark’s precious laughter from real got7 eps 1 - 6 [part 2]

p/s. some parts are really soft so you might not be able to hear his laugh