Gjallarhorn Hand Cannon!!!! This is supposedly ONLY FAN ART, but we can dream can’t we?? Imagine miniature Wolf Pack Rounds?

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Louis Tomlinson rips Liam Payne's shirt open on stage, world has heart palpitations
God bless Tommo

We don’t know what’s in the water on that One Direction tour bus these days but those boys are right little rascals at the moment. One minute they’re getting each other soaking wet, the next they’re proudly showing the man love on Twitter, and now they’re getting each other properly naked too. WELL.

Last night the lads hit Minneapolis with their On The Road Again tour, and as well as all their usual antics, the night also included Louis Tomlinson ripping open Liam Payne’s shirt on stage like some kind of mildly erotic daydream.

Life’s officially peaked, guys.

Louis revealed that he’s just like the rest of us when, during the show, he was unable to control himself around the hunk of man meat that is Liam James Payne, and was powerless to the overpowering urges to see him naked. We feel ya, Louis.

Unfortunately Payno clearly wasn’t up for reenacting The Full Monty with the boys and later got buttoned up again, but not before everyone managed to get a whole load of photos of his GLORIOUS Zeus chest.

Funnily enough, the fandom seemed to quite enjoy watching one member of One Direction get another one semi-starkers, so here’s some of the best reactions that we spotted from you lot on Twitter.

Ooh you’re a pervy bunch.

It was a bit of a celebration on Twitter last night as all the pics started to emerge.

Especially this proof that Louis has NO CHILL.

Some people were genuinely amazed at Louis’ strength.

Most were just quite overwhelmed really.

This is the most important question of life now.

Does the On The Road Again show need a 12A certificate these days?

This gal found that Harry summed up her feelings quite nicely.

But basically…

What a time to be alive.

Thoughts about this magical occasion? Let us know your inner most feelings on the matter of Liam Payne’s naked torso with a tweet to @Sugarscape.

anonymous asked:

Isn't Lapis way overpowered to ever be even a secondary character? Any corrupted gem shows up, water fist done. Unless every encounter is away from water, but that writes them into corners ("Why did we bring Lapis to the desert?"). The only likely option is she gets "nerfed" and that'll be a real letdown. How do you go from making the entire ocean a tower to struggling with monster of the week?

More than anything, Lapis just wants to be free. I don’t see her sticking around on Earth once she’s truly free to go. I feel like she’ll keep in touch because she likes Steven, but I really don’t see her as hanging out on Earth helping fight Gems on a regular basis

[Ask RPedia] Am I Overpowered?

Anonymous asked: Okay, here’s a question for ya. Am I overpowered if I’m in a roleplay, and practically have a counter to most of the other Rpers abilities? That, and because my char is more of a self-insert with powers, we know about several things related to my power. I have something like tech summoning or technomancy. It also allows me to turn into anything 14ft or smaller without using extra materials. Basically, I can either spam cheapness, or stay invisible and snipe. There’s also Zero Shifting from Z.O.E

Depends on the other players. Are they all this level? Then you’re fine. If they aren’t? Hell yeah you are, that’s a terrible set up if no one is even close to beating you. Roleplay is about overcoming challenges. The only people who should be marginally stronger, and even then only a surmountable amount, are bad guys. Villains you typically have to be tricksy and go for the weakness or grow as a character to defeat. In the end you have to make sure your powers semi-match the level of everyone else in the RP. Give yourself limits, problems with your powers. Give people room to fight you so they can have fun too.

“Oh yeah I can block everything, and have back-up for winning,” reads to me as, “I’m uncomfortable with losing, probably because of pride for myself or my character, and I have to win or the RP will not be satisfactory.” That usually ends in a heated OOC fight about minute details, and no chance of winning, with the looming idea of an OOC fight if I do start winning, means I have no reason to even try to play. Except maybe to spite you. I’m no longer interested in your character for fight RP. It might not be fair, or correct, but that’s generally what the outcome is on this kind of a set up. It’s why characters from universes with wildly different power schemes (like Normal Modern People vs. Fantasy Gods) rarely play nice. You need a framework so everyone can have a chance to win. Even if it means rolling some dice.

So make sure you have weaknesses to exploit, maybe not obvious ones, but ones that certain people can figure out how to do it without needing to be an astrophysicist. Make sure your powers cannot defeat anyone and everyone. Give yourself AND them a chance to win any fight, with about 50/50 split for people on your level, 40/60 or lower for people under you, and 60/40 or higher for people better than you. 80/20 is good for villains who you have to defeat, but they should have more obvious super-weaknesses or ways for you to learn a power to be better than them. Like a crystal glowing heart that gosh does that contain their power? Well I guess I should shoot it. 

Finally though, remember plot rules. If it’s better for the plot that you lose, take a dive. If it’s better that you win, they can take a dive. make it look good, be close, but try to let it further the plot somehow for either the group, or each of you independently. 

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Couldn't agree more on the Eridan front. I crave forgiveness themes in pretty much any form of media, and it felt so great that a kid who made so many mistakes still had people on the other side waiting for him with open arms. I'm still hoping he gets the chance to do something good before the comic ends, but part of me would also feel pretty content if this ends up being the last we see of him. What a good upd8.

Right? :D

I think what I love the most is that these guys are the people he was actually with during his life in Alternia and the meteor trip. That was the Sollux he fought with and the Feferi who was overpowered.

And yet these guys are ready to welcome him back! I’m not sure if we’ll get more from them later (God, I wish we did), but I’d like to think that in the end they just know that what he did wasn’t done maliciously, it was done because he just simply didn’t see any other alternative back then!

If nothing else I’m glad that his is one of the characters we got a good reunion panel out of :’)

by the way pooders surgery went well!!! the vet said there was no problems or anything, and he’s recovering. his right thyroid gland, which is usually about the size of a grain of sand was enlarged to the size of a peanut m&m and that’s what was causing his weight loss, his increased heart rate, and all his shedding. the left thyroid gland the vet couldn’t find at all which means it’s either healthy or it just was like, overpowered by the other one and dissolved but either way he doesn’t need it and will hopefully put on more weight now

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What flavours best describe Dan and Phil?

Phil would be really sweet (clearly) but a really mellow kind of sweet that doesn’t overpower your senses, but lingers around for a while, not that you would be complaining though.

Dan would be like cinnamon, basically a taste that you just can’t have by itself, but when mixed in with something else, it can come out in a million different amazing tastes.

send me dan and phil asks!

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Using the concept that Ash and Trainer Red from the games are separate people (there's an argument over this), who do you think would win a Pokemon battle?

To be pretty honest I’m not entirely familiar with Trainer Red (not as much as I’m familiar with Ash).

But thinking it in a logical way AND pretending BW/BW 2 Ash doesn’t exist (because imo that’s the only season that makes no sense for his character and looks like a badly written AU of him), I think Ash would easily win since I see Trainer Red being like, that one rich guy with lots of expensive cars but doesn’t know how to drive.

 Like, from what I remember he is either represented as a trainer with some evolved Kanto pokes that battles like on an average level with overpowered pokes  or Professor Oak’s office boy with the pokedex filling quest and that, and neither of them have the strategist spirit and the bond Ash has with his regional teams.

Like ye, he might not have a lot of pokes but he has formed a unique, special bond with each of them.

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How would you make a cycle thingy I'm new to you and you seem so awesome and I just need to be put in and ugh Soooo much

Cycle Character Guidelines ;

- Cannot be overpowered/have too many abilities. If they are very powerful that takes away the whole aspect of a “community model”. It’d mean players could make a very strong model and just be able to finish the game no-problem.

- Most characters in-game are robotic-looking, but some have human aspects (such as Treble and Bass having cyclops bodys, but androidic armour, and Coda being mostly human). They have to be enhanced technologically and can’t be fully human basically, or else they’d be useless.

Reminder these are FAN MADE. These characters are not apart of the game itself and are made by fans in PILOT and are shared on the workshop for the game digitally.

Thank you though, and Welcome ovo /)

i hate that stun gun so much its so overpowered Nicolæ is just trying to have a good time in Stilwater but noooo here come Slim the maggot man and hes bringing his little zappy gun and he gotta ruin everyones good time well FUCK you Slim and FUCK your stun gun and fuck the ketchup kids
There are three types of people in this world: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs, some people prefer to believe that evil doesn’t exist in the world, and if it ever darkened their doorstep, they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves. Those are the sheep. Then you’ve got predators, who use violence to prey on the weak. They’re the wolves. And then there are those blessed with the gift of aggression, an overpowering need to protect the flock. These men are the rare breed who live to confront the wolf. They are the sheepdog.
—  Chris Kyle, American Sniper

Elemental Scale

As a teen, I spent three summers working on the old family farm. For twelve hours a day, six days a week I drove a tractor harvesting mint. After six weeks, everything I owned smells like mint and mud. Just a whiff of fresh spearmint can awaken vivid memories. 

This beer does not. This Blueberry Mint Saison claims to be extra aromatic, but I don’t get it. It doesn’t have the stink of mint leaves. It’s more a vaguely herbal smell. The blueberries as well are muted and taste less like fresh berries than frozen fruit cocktail. The yeast really overpowers any nuance.

It might all be the age, but this beer just doesn’t pay off. Is it a good fruit beer? Nope. Is it a good saison? Eh. Not really. Was it fun to drink? Yeah.

literally there was like a delayed reaction with me seeing that gabilliam photo because i saw it and i was like “oh christ who’s shopping signs again” and then i opened my insta and saw that it was Very Real and subsequently Not A Fucking Joke and the only explanation i have for this happening in the year of our lord 2015 is that william beckett Knows that rachel and i are coming to see him and our combined gay is just overpowering

dalia falmea is selling overpowered black market fire treasure cards to noobs again for all of their assets. :/ typical fire wizard, just what you’d expect

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but do you love GIANTDAD, is the real questionÉ

I had to Google what this is.

Frankly, he horrifies me.
The graven image of an elder father, towering over you with a blank expression staring endlessly ahead, marching ever-forward step by step. Unstoppable, insatiable, undefeatable. Even if you overpower him, he simply gets back up to take you again, while you’re still flinching and recovering from the last encounter.

If there was ever a medieval slasher/horror film or game, he would make a fantastic antagonist.
Actually, there hasn’t been a whole lot of slasher horror games, have there been? Closest I could think of is maybe the first Clock Tower.


Kimberly walked out of her meeting with Kat and headed back to the studio to finish up a few of her songs. Her album was expected to release late next month and she felt as if nothing was complete. So many thoughts ran wildly in her mind that sometimes she thought it was going to explode. Okay I’m back. I know yall missed me, she said sitting down beside the producer as they began playing her next single. Kim bobbed her head to the beat as the smooth lyrics danced in her ears.

The music sounds like it’s overpowering. Can you tone it down? One thing she was a stickler about was her voice - she put so many emotions in her music and she wanted to make sure that it was heard. “I can do that Kim,” the producer said as his fingers swiftly played with the controls producing the sound that she desired. Playing the song back, she closed her eyes as the opening beat danced around the room and filled into her ears. A smile crept across her lips as her voice began to boom through the speakers. Yeah that’s it right there, she said dancing a little in her seat, I think we have a hit!

Music was her sweet escape and with all the things that were taking place in her life - all she yearned for was to make soulful music. Leaning back in the chair, she closed her eyes as she thought about the events that had recently occurred in the last few weeks. Getting an idea, she grabbed her notepad and snatched the pen from behind her ear as she flipped to an unfinished song. The words were clear to her as she began to jot them down. She only hoped that it would successfully get her message across … This could be one of her most passionate pieces she’d ever written …

A Little Something for the Generation Z

Hey, slow down and take a step back, you are not in a rush. Try to catch a breath from time to time. Being born in a digital world has equipped you with the conveniences of technology, but please do not let it overwhelm you, please do not let it overpower you. The world of social media was not meant to replace your childhood and adolescent years.

You are not defined by the number of retweets, or the amount of likes you have gotten. Those twenty seconds of excitement when the red bubble or orange heart pops up is temporary. Your Facebook feed is not your anthem and dancing on your keypad/keyboard most of the time is not a hobby, quit saying that.

Life has barely started. Show the world your hopes, your dreams and ambition, not the photograph you have spent seconds after seconds retaking, reposing and repositioning. You are not the C3 or HB2 you choose, your + - saturation and exposure do not matter. It is time to pick up a book, an actual book, J.D. Salinger or J.K. Rowling, read it and let your mind  scamper from word to word. Because you are abundance of wild imagination, you are young and you are free. Please allow yourself to explore. You owe a little of that to yourself.

Make good use of the technology that it made available to you, take full advantage of your gadgets. They can do so much more than hashtags and filtered sunset. How about some Morning Digest to start of your day, even the headlines would suffice. Remember that you shouldn’t be limited to the 15" your laptop can cater. Go out there and see the damn sunrise, sweat it out in a game of basketball, pick up the damn guitar. Because you are worth so much more than what the virtual world has to offer.

Remember that you are not what academics nicknamed as “the mutants”, you are the epitome of our generation today. You are more than just an idea, you are your own voice.

 Without you even realizing, you will be sitting on your leather chair, graphs and numbers staring back at you from the screen. You will sigh over those missed opportunities and ponder about the endless possibilities of “if only’s”.  Don’t let that happen.

bebopity asked:

2 4 8 9 10 13 22. Sorry if that's a lot dude, I just get curious about people taste in Smash.

02:The character you’re BEST at using


04:Three characters you most enjoy fighting against

robin, zelda, annnnnnnnd maybe bowser idk 

08:A character you think deserves to be buffed

idk if this means tweaked/fixed or to make stronger but i’ll have to say zelda idk why i’m a lil disappointed with her gameplay 

09:A character you think is overpowered (why?)


10:Top five palette swaps / alternate costumes

fierce diety, peach’s black and yellow, toon links brown undershirt and green tunic, marth’s white, and shulk’s underwear 

13:The character you most want to be in Smash 5 or DLC

fucking midna ive been asking for her for SO long 

22:Three favorite taunts (across all games)

peach’s lalallalala, toon link scream, and everything marth (mainly bc when i was like 10 i thought he was saying “me marth, me saveah da day” idk why i still laugh bc i didnt know he was another language)