I know this has been said multiple times, but I just wanted to express myself on how well Skam gets us in the character’s. Im friday’s night clip, we are Isak. At the beginning we’re all giddy. Even is here, he gets us into somewhere unusual. We’re high on love, everything’s all fun and games. We ask ourselves a few questions on Even’s behavior when he talk to the receptionist, but it fades away very quickly after, overpowered by the elevator/sex(makeout?) scenes. Then they start talking, and everything’s alright. Even rambles about something, and then cut. Music changes. What’s going on. Cut. We see that it’s too much, there must be something wrong. Even keeps talking, too fast, too loud and we feel awkwardness. Cut. We see Isak’s fading. He realizes slowly. Maybe he doesn’t want to, but it’s harder and harder to tell ourselves that Even’s fine. I don’t need to tell you again what happened next, but this road to hell has been portrayed so perfectly by Tarjei, helped with the montage and the music.
We felt it down to our bones, and this is what’s magic in this show. (It was unpleasant in that case, but when you step back from all the emotions, you realize how this was a masterpiece, and that this connection with the main protagonist doesn’t happen often).(And second touch of magic, I felt all of this while watching it for the first time, without transcript, without subtitles. I’m French and I don’t speak Norwegian, I just get a few words because I can speak German. But I didn’t understand what the conversations in the hotel was about. Everything was done just with the music and the actors.)

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You know what I'd love for season 2? Two players (new ones, old ones, I don't care)- that aren't Mike and Ginny - having a loving relationship, because we'd get not only a gay couple but also it'd be great to see how it affects Ginny and her own rules about not dating inside the game/dating a teammate. It would also be an interesting discussion about homophobia on the MLB/teams/etc.

um please head right over to the pitch writing staff and give this to me!!! yes please!!! this is the kind of content that’ll make the show a solid 10/10.

like it doesn’t have to overpower the main characters storylines either. it could just be another factor added to an already existing character/s (*cough* livan and omar *cough* ) and they could explore/embrace their sexuality and what the affects of it is/how they’re treated now that they openly identify as queer + are in a relationship. 

the writing staff could do so much with it too and they’d nail it the way they’ve done everything else. god give this to me. 

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Please do Ezio! I'm a fan of him and I feel like he doesn't get enough love.

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  • What they smell like:
    Probably a bit citrusy but not overpowering. Fresh with a little hint of a woman’s perfume always lingering on him ;)
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):
    He is haunted by a lot of things so sleep doesn’t come easily. When he does sleep, it tends to be very fitful. He always sleeps better with someone beside him - it makes him feel safe knowing his arms are around someone.
  • What music they enjoy:
    Whatever the street performers play even if they do harass him a little too much.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning:
    Ezio likes to feel fresh and clean in the morning. Sometimes he’ll get up way before sun rise to get ready because he knows it takes him a while. He always tries to look his best even if he’s only going to assassinate someone.
  • Their favorite thing to collect:
    Feathers - in memory of Petruccio
  • Left or right-handed:
  • Religion (if any):
    He believes in a higher power but doesn’t consider himself religious just spiritual maybe
  • Favorite sport:
    In modern times probably American football because I think we all would love to imagine Ezio yelling at the telly with that accent of his and cursing in Italian.
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):
    If he could somehow get to modern times, I think he would love to see all the work done by his best friend, Leonardo da Vinci. He would love to see all the things and people Leonardo has inspired. I reckon it would bring a tear to his eye.
  • Favorite kind of weather:
    Warm weather with a light breeze. He also enjoys the cold as long as he has someone to cuddle with.
  • A weird/obscure fear they have:
    Not being good enough (not weird or obscure, I know)
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:
    Skee ball - he’d probably have his name and high score up on some special wall and everything lol
  • Vision: Clint, you can't overpower me.
  • Clint: I know I can't,
  • *looks at Wanda*
  • Clint: But she can
  • Wanda's brain: wtf clint, why you dragging me into this, what'd i ever do to you? did i ever throw you under the bus? no. frick you.
  • Wanda: okay

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stanchez for that otp thing

Who made the first move; I guess it really depends…but Rick.
Who said ‘I love you’ first; Stan
How often they fight; A lot. For all different reasons.
Whose big spoon/little spoon; Stan’s the big spoon mostly cause he can overpower Rick and Rick gives up.
What their nicknames are for each other; Lee, can’t really see Stan having any nickname for Rick, but to just call him Sanchez. 
Whose the better cook; Stan
Their song; Either “My Angel is a Centerfold” or “Sweet Child O’ Mine” You decide. I’m going with the first one for myself cause I was singing it loudly in the car today.
Who remembers their anniversaries; Stan’s better at remembering.
Their favorite thing to do together; *cough* I don’t have to answer that.
Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship; Rick. I don’t have any reason, but it’s Rick.
How they would get engaged; Can’t see them really trying but it was probably Rick’s idea and of course Stan’s like “*shrugs* alright.”
What their wedding would be like; Space Vegas. It’s like normal Vegas but in space where they got married by a lizard.
How many kids they’ll have; Rick’s kid and then Stan’s “kids” bam look at all these children these old men gotta deal with and grandkids! 


looks like they’re holding back paparazzi


Bastion beeps excitedly

Mercy’s just OH MY GOD HE SAID THE P WORD. REINHARDT PHASE 2 I REPEAT PHASE TWO and Reinhardt just pulls out his giant hammer and bum rushes into the crowd of reporters, sending everyone flying while Mercy throws herself over Bastion in a feeble attempt at keeping any sniper shots away


Axe body spray once shut down a school because the 6th grade boys produced such an excessive stench that 8 kids had to be hospitalized. 

This isn’t the first medical incident that’s occurred due to students wearing Axe. A Pennsylvania high school had to completely ban the body spray after a student was hospitalized from exposure to a ‘hazardous substance.’ A year before that, Connecticut high school officials said that a fire alarm went off after a student sprayed an “overabundance” of Axe in a locker room.

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There’s actually a term called ‘Wall of Axe,’ which refers to at least “8 boys, dousing themselves in Axe body spray (usually after gym) and standing together in a stairwell to create a Wall of Axe.”

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You can find it in Urban Dictionary. And also probably in many emails exchanged between middle school teachers. 


Mark's precious laughter
  • Mark's precious laughter

A compilation of Mark’s precious laughter from real got7 eps 1 - 6 [part 2]

p/s. some parts are really soft so you might not be able to hear his laugh