“The way they defeated the aliens in Star Trek Beyond is unrealistic!”

For your convenience, here is a list of some other ways Star Trek villains have been defeated:

  • By Kirk reciting the Declaration of Independence really passionately
  • Kirk literally fighting himself
  • Kirk fighting himself again (this time while Spock watched)
  • Fat tribbles eating the problem away
  • Dr. McCoy applying mortar to an acidic rock creature
  • Spock mind-melding with a probe
  • Literal whales
  • The power of love defeating V’ger
  • Spock killing Kirk instead of having sex (Kirk got better)
  • An omnipotent being got his ass grounded by his parents
  • By doing literally nothing and history happened the way it would have anyway (plus there was a cat who turned into a hot lady)
  • The crew dressed up in suits and threatened to shoot gangsters
  • Kirk explaining birth control to an overpopulated planet
  • By making children cry

So you see, Beyond is actually well within the Star Trek tradition of ridiculousness. 

you are never alone.
this world is overpopulated
and you may think you found
a trail untouched by human feet,
but someone has been there.
footprints don’t show on cement,
but cement is man-made,
so of course, someone has seen
the same sight. the sun
may cast darker shadows
or the moon may be higher
in the sky, but you are not alone.
there are infinite possibilities
in this universe, but each of them
overlaps with other possibilities.
nothing that could happen
could be entirely new. if you feel lost,
look to those behind you.
one of them found his way out.
you are human, just like him,
and can find your way out, too.

Is Sans overprotective of Papyrus?

Is he as overprotective as the fandoms makes him out to be? And if he is, what is the nature of his protectiveness?

Under the cut, I do my best to answer all these questions at length, but here is the short version:

Sans can definitely be seen as overprotective, because:

  • His initial plan was to hide you from Papyrus [1]
  • He uses soft speech to avoid hurting Papyrus’ feelings [2]
  • He is on the watch for anything suspicious close to Papyrus [3]
  • He leaves his job to check on Papyrus several times a day [4]
  • He encourages you to do things to make Papyrus happy [5]
  • He lies to Papyrus to keep him from being sad [6]
  • Avoid saying anything critical to spare Papyrus’ feelings [7]

(More about each of these later)

I think the fandom makes his protectiveness more overt, as Sans is very subtle about it, but the intensity is actually quite close.

They way Sans goes about is hard to explain in a few words, but here goes nothing: 

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a ticket to the sun.

Pairing: Min Yoongi / Reader.

Genre: Dystopia AU / Strong angst and mild smut.

Summary: Overpopulation of the planet leads to the unethical method of culling thousands of people once every month through a customary enlistment ballot. In such a world where your future is determined by your name on a piece of paper, life becomes much easier when you choose to be desensitised of emotions such as love and affection. But then, you punch a kid called Min Yoongi in the face.

Count: 14,859 words.

Note: This storyline is adapted from one of my very old oneshots of the same name – this is the background events to the original plot. Please be warned that this story involves pining, many references to weapons in a metaphorical sense, mild disassociation, and death.

They give you eighteen years.

It is enough time to learn how to walk, how to talk, to count to ten, twenty, a hundred. It is enough time to understand the mechanics of riding a bike, the way words string together to create sentences and paragraphs on the thin pages of a novel, what food tastes best and it is never, ever the healthiest option. It is enough time to create friendships in bracelets that lace initials around wrists between the letters b and f and f – to play hopscotch and discover that their favourite colour is blue alike the endless stretches of sky and to meet their parents so often that they become more like your family than your own. It is enough time to take a liking to scraped knees and bruised elbows and bad omens that come in sequences of four numbers that announce a birth year, the one that will go down in history as the change of a new world. A better one, so they say, at least.

Eighteen years until your life becomes a name printed in black ink on a tiny piece of paper, the defining factor between living for another month, only to be lined up for your death in the next, or the next, until the numbers finally catch up to you or the world takes you by a more natural cause.

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From @my_foster_babies: “These two little cuties are Leo and Niles and they are 22 days old and I am fostering them through Nevada SPCA. Please be a part of the solution of cat overpopulation and spay and neuter your pets! If you want to watch these little angels as they grow and eventually get adopted, follow our daily adventures @my_foster_babies! 😻” #catsofinstagram [source: http://ift.tt/2b7UyIG ]

  • Someone:I don't understand why you don't want kids! It's so rewarding!
  • Parents:*constantly look stressed and exasperated*
  • Kids:*scream for literally no reason*
  • Me:*has no patience*
  • Parents:*complain about how annoying their kids are*
  • Kids:*are so fuckin expensive*
  • The World(TM):*is overpopulated*
  • Me:............yeah.

Basics of Androgynous Society. Part 1.

Androgyny is a natural way of social evolution, the next step, the higher level of society’s development. It is a must for humanity that longs for progress but not for aimless animal-like reproduction, misuse of Earth resources and leaving tons of waste, lacunas and other catastrophic sequences of overpopulation and thoughtless satisfaction of our whims.

Many people like to state that Homo Sapiens is an animal, but actually it isn’t so. Our bodies, biologically close to mammal species of this planet, don’t oblige us to act like mammals - we, unlike them, have sharp intellect, mind, fantasy and creativity. If we use all of that to satisfy our primal somatic wishes, it will lead to destroying of the world and humans as species. And procreation won’t save us if we have nothing to eat and breathe. Thanks to this power human can be a horrible animal, lot more dangerous than any vulture.

But we may not be animals if we make a right choice. Humans have intellect to live on another level and grow, while animals are able only to adapt to natural circumstances. Humans go further - they can invent, create, take care of their surroundings. They don’t have to reproduce constantly and recall the ancestors who were tied to basic instincts only. So, people stating that human is an animal ruled by instincts, are terribly wrong.

Humanity has to be responsible for its acts, because they are much more destructive than those of some wolf killing a goat a week to survive. Our intellect, basic difference from animals, obliges us to look around, take the consequences, think not only of ourselves and our wishes. Those who put us on the same level with animals should be advised to return to the woods, get rid of clothing, hunt for their food and give birth to a baby each year. If you are told something like that, tell them to go back to the roots, throw out their iPhones and forget about civilization, which is a product of intellect - contrary to instincts.

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Scientists are working hard to make us immortal. And so far they're making great strides with reverse aging and such. Thoughts?

I have an intense fear of death, so my opinion on the matter should be pretty obvious. The arguments against it don’t strike me as very good (i.e. “death is natural.” Smallpox is natural too; “overpopulation.” If we didn’t age and die, it would make populating other planets light-years away actually feasible).

I don’t think they’ll succeed, considering that it’s a difficult feat. And they definitely won’t succeed without a lot of controversy. I’m like the only person I know that’s of the opinion “you know that thing where you stop existing forever? That thing scientists believe makes you stop experiencing anything and unable to remember anything you’ve ever experienced so it’s almost as if you never existed at all. Yeah, it’s kinda bad, right?” Most of the arguments against it sound like people arguing that we shouldn’t make the internet because there will end up being trolls on it. 

You’re talking to someone who doesn’t understand how anyone could find comfort in the idea of death. I understand the comfort in heaven, but not in death. I hope they succeed, but I don’t think they will. And if they do succeed, it will probably scare people into trying to ban it. And yes, it will definitely cause some issue as it will be the biggest change that humanity would ever have and it probably won’t be all good. But to me it seems better than the alternative.

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Someone told me: a coworker let her 13 month old cat have kittens because she believes it makes the cat more maternal/friendly and better at hunting mice. Now, this sounds like irresponsible pet ownership to me. (Luckily, this coworker has developed allergies and is trying to find a home for the cat/kittens, so hopefully this cat will get spayed and find a good home) But my question is, does having a litter influence the personality of a mother cat?

It’s possible, because of the physiological and hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. That doesn’t mean it’s necessary to let your cat have kittens before spaying, though, and that myth has added unnecessary kittens to an already overpopulated system. 

a part of being a responsible pet owner is not only protecting the safety of your pet, but preventing harm that can be CAUSED by your pet. ultimately, you are responsible for what your pet does. having an outdoor cat defies both of these components of being a responsible pet owner because 

1. life expectancy of an outside cat is 5, while indoor is 15-20. cars/buses/trucks/trains, feline disease/illness/viruses and other animals, including humans, will kill your cat. 

2. your cat is a natural hunter who will kill other living things - namely birds. with the overpopulation of cats (also due to those of you who irresponsibly allow your cat to be outside and breeding w god knows who elses cat), entire species are declining or are already diminished. thanks!!! yall!!!!!!!

it is up to you to prevent harm done to and by your cat. keep it indoors or don’t fucking have one.

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Is having a pet wrong?

Hey there! I can only give you my opinion, I’m sure others even within the vegan community feel differently or maybe even similarly. 

I personally feel that there are a lot of animals that have been displaced, overpopulated or domesticated because of us and a lot of those times it is our responsibility to clean up what we created. This answer might get a little ranty so feel free to stop reading now if you’d like!

So keeping animals that have become dependent on us because of something we created while stopping further breeding or trading, I see as good or acceptable. I personally have a cat, a family dog and a hedgehog. This little dog could not exist out in the wild without dying of god knows what. Poor little yorkie is the sweetest kid ‘round town. The cat would add to the destruction of local ecosystems if we just let her go free and maybe even injure herself. She also is so sweet and just wants to cuddle and nap while I play with her paws. What gets me about the hedgehog is that these animals literally had no need to be living with people. The previous “owners” got a puppy and were just going to get “rid” of him. This animal has no idea how to hibernate, he’s not even living in the right climate. When contacting the Hedgie Society they offered to rehome him. There’s no way to put him in an open area to run free with the other hedgies, especially since he’s on the older side. I work in a vet hospital and can get him free exams, extremely cheap vaccines and food– but I honestly can’t give him the life he deserved to live no matter how hard I try and how much space he has to run around at night. 

Animals like that little hedgie have NO NEED to be captured, bred, sold, traded to becoming human “pets”. Sugar gliders, often birds, fish, reptiles and other animals that are not rescues or rehomes just make me upset. Why are we taking these little guys and not giving them the ultimate experience and instead keeping them in confined tanks or even trying to domesticate them?

Yeah, I know, not my best post but I think it’s a really sore subject for me. As much as I love my hedgehog he deserves so much more and someone took that from him. I can only give him what I can for his last few years. Hope you’re well. 

If someone one a less clouded head wants to add, please do. Love yall.

“Good and evil provide the theme of the drama of our mortal existence. In this sense, they may be compared with the positive and negative points which generate an electric current. Transpose the points and the current fails, the lights go out, darkness falls, and all is confusion. The darkness falling on our civilization is likewise due to a transposition of good and evil. In other words, what we are suffering from is not an energy crisis, nor an overpopulation crisis, nor a monetary crisis, nor a balance of payments crisis, nor an   unemployment crisis—from none of these ills that are commonly pointed out—but from the loss of a sense of a moral order in the universe. Without that, no order whatsoever —economical, social, or political— is attainable.”
— Malcolm Muggeridge, 1978

I always find it weird when adults chastise me/people for not wanting to ever have kids/experience pregnancy.
like, ma’am, this world has 7 billion humans on it and that number is growing by the minute. We’re swarming the planet, taking every resource, and we’re doomed to die of overpopulation if something doesn’t change. This species needs more people like me. Be glad I won’t be spawning another whelp onto this god forsaken mud ball.

stop encouraging people to have kids


This video is actually really good. I would actually love to watch a Game Development anime that goes into all of the heartbreak, Kickstarter controversy, sleepless hours away from home, and espionage that Indie Games go through. 

A real-world Magic anime would be pretty fun too. 

But a good Esports anime would be the origin of a new pillar genre of anime and I would be a-okay with that. You know, until it gets overpopulated like the ‘trapped in a video game’ genre did thanks to SAO.

Some of the comments posted good ones too: an anime about Tax Brokers and Accountants could actually work. 

The only thing I could think to add would be an anime that’s a deconstruction/dark satire of Companion Creatures. You know, the cute, cuddly critters that motivate heroes or give Magical Girls their powers. 

That would be pretty cool. 

What do you guys think?

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hey I'm looking for a fic that's pretty new....draco is a veela and he needs to figure out who his mate is (hermione) within a year, and the two of them are also head boy and girl. I think it's still a WIP? thanks! you guys are awesome!!


Edit: Thanks ursulabertram!

Can’t Shake This Feeling in My Bones By: brightraven14 - M, WIPShe saw his distinctive platinum hair amidst the sea of bodies on the platform, almost insulted that he had the nerve to return to Hogwarts after what he had done. But at least that would mean he’d keep to himself this year, right? With Hogwarts being immensely overpopulated this year, they wouldn’t even have to interact… Draco!Veela. Rated M for future chapters.