overnight post

  • Me: Supergirl has kinda been on this downhill spiral recently... I don't think I'll be as invested in the next season
  • Katie McGrath: *gets promoted to a series regular*
  • Me: ...Well, it looks like I'm going to have to watch every episode now
  • Katie: She said with surprise in her voice for some reason???

brought to you by me spending midnight to six thirty am in the airport, the obligatory “dregs stuck overnight in an airport” post, written by me on no sleep

  • nina heads immediately for the late-night coffee shop
  • matthias is that friend who’s like “we should probably try and sleep” and insists that sleeping on seats in the departure lounge is manageable, also refuses to admit that nobody can fall asleep on them and lies there for a good three hours just to make a point
  • jesper spends a good amount of time just walking around and exploring, wandering in and out of all the shops, going up and down stairs and corridors just to see what’s there (until an irate security guard pointedly redirects him back into the central departure lounge).  he probably drags wylan with him 
  • there’s a small twenty-four hour restaurant that they both end up at and spend most of the night in.  they order full meals and drinks just because they can, and stay way past the time the staff should have made them leave.  wylan falls asleep sometime after four, lying across one of the benches with his head on jesper’s legs
  • jesper is more than alright with this arrangement.  sitting there absentmindedly running a hand through wylan’s hair and people-watching is more peaceful than you might expect a relatively crowded airport to be in the early hours of the morning
  • after a few hours, matthias finally admits defeat and joins nina at the coffee shop.  she grins and wordlessly slides a mug over to him.  they have a makeshift date in the early hours of the morning (matthias tells nina about the book he’s reading.  she makes him listen to an entire album of obnoxious pop music she stole from jesper.) and it’s actually matthias’ favourite part of the whole trip
  • kuwei’s been in the corner with his headphones and a book since they checked in, but will occasionally look up to complain about how uncomfortable the seats are or how long they’re waiting.  he’s also that asshole that can fall asleep anywhere and eventually does just that, curled up on one of the airport seats in the most uncomfortable-looking position, but he’s fine
  • nina finds out the duty free shop is open all night and almost misses boarding with how long she’s in there.  she emerges with armfuls of new purchases and has to sit on her suitcase to make them all fit
  • kaz is Not a fan of airports.  they’re too busy and bright and crowded and there’s nowhere comfortable to sit if you can even find an empty seat, there’s too many tourists, everything is overpriced,
  • he probably just sits in the least-crowded area he can find, sipping coffee and scrolling on his phone.  after a while, inej joins him.  she doesn’t sleep well in airports so they spend a couple of hours just sitting together in silence, until at one point kaz looks up and sees inej has fallen asleep, head resting on folded arms and hair falling across the table.  it doesn’t affect him in the slightest, not at all, he’s definitely not staring
  • (he certainly doesn’t drape his jacket around her shoulders before going back to his coffee and his phone.  nina didn’t see a thing.  shut up, nina.)

Shiro’s a terrible morning person when he doesn’t have the greatest threat in the universe breathing down his neck. Give him a safe, neutral area he’s out like a light for up to 12 hours at a time. He’s shit at waking up bc normally he’s so tense and horribly alert. Examples;

- Once mumbled something like ‘Lance get off the floor’ and then picked him up and carried him around for ten minutes. He was just making breakfast.

- Sometimes Pidge goes to see him early in the mornings for something and he just yanks her under the covers with him and goes back to sleep.

- Stood there stroking Hunk’s face and patting his cheeks asking if he’d brushed his teeth and washed his face and kept nodding and saying 'good. Great job’ no matter what Hunk actually said.

- Goes through the motions of brushing Keith’s hair even though normally he doesn’t have a brush in hand. Acts like he’s tying it up even though they have no hair ties and also Keith’s never worn his hair up before.

do you think Keith snorts when he laughs?

this is for science i need an answer