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do you think Keith snorts when he laughs?

this is for science i need an answer


This song came out 3 years ago today, and it doesn’t even have 3 million views. Stop sleeping on talent! STOP SLEEPING ON TOPPDOGG!

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hi! I hope maybe you can help here - my writing is really boring. for an example the flow is like “she picked up the mascara tube to apply some to her eyelashes, clumping it on swiftly and carelessly, and twisted the tube closed and tossed it back down.” it’s all boring like that, and then I read these works where it’s flawless and it flows so well, and the part I don’t get but I LOVE, is when it’s all a little vague? and the words are more like poetry than a story, I don’t get how to do that ? 

Good writing takes practice and patience. It’s not something you can change overnight. Here are some posts that will help:

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Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

BREAKING: Rep. Tom Price expected to be confirmed for HHS post in overnight vote
The Senate is expected to confirm Rep. Tom Price to be the next secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services during a middle of the night vote.
By Ted Barrett, CNN

The Senate is expected to confirm Rep. Tom Price to be the next secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services during a middle of the night vote.

Democrats opposed Price, a Republican from Georgia, because he is a key architect of undoing the Affordable Care Act and has advocated making major changes to Medicare.Their suspicions were deepened when it was revealed Price traded health care stocks while having oversight duties of the health care industry. Price has consistently denied any wrongdoing.Republicans view Price, an orthopedic surgeon, as a champion of free market principles who will guide the repeal and replace of Obamacare, the top legislative priority for President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans.

The Senate worked late because of procedural delays pressed by Democrats on a series of Trump’s Cabinet members.

thebombasticbookman replied to your post: “puellus-maga replied to your post: “I generally defend Putting Your…”

Dang, that IS worse than I remembered XD It’s like, from a writing perspective there was no need to make her THAT mean? There’s an obvious middle ground of ‘leave me alone’ and heck, just keeping it at like, accusing them of wanting weak Fluttershy back, but then they take it to eleven XD

Yeah, I think that’s a good idea, if they just kept it was Fluttershy thinking they wanted her to be a pushover again and being angry about that, it would have been a lot easier to reconcile. You also could have even had a bit more nuance, and had the two of them get angry and frustrated and perhaps say that they really did prefer doormat Fluttershy over mean Fluttershy. So then later when Rarity’s like “we all said things we didn’t mean” later on it’d actually be true. And then the two of them seeing Fluttershy say no to Iron Will would mean more, because they’d see her being assertive in a more positive way, and she’d see them being proud of her for it, and everypony could be friends again.

bluegrassgeek replied to your post: “puellus-maga replied to your post: “I generally defend Putting Your…”

Iron Will basically taught her that “assertive = mean.” And Fluttershy has been bullied before. Now, she’s on a rush of getting her way by bullying… then here comes her friends, trying to make her stop. So she went right to the bully playbook and hit them where she knew it would hurt. All to keep that feeling of power. At least she finally came to her senses and her friends forgave her.

I actually don’t think most of Iron Will’s advice was all that bad. Most of what we saw was strictly in the realm of, like, if someone gets in your way or treats you rudely, don’t let them do that. He maybe advises you to be a little more, uh, forceful in dealing with that than I’d recommend, but I don’t think he advised anyone to scream at their friends that they were wasting their lives.

I hate to say it, but it honestly seems to me like all that anger came from Fluttershy, not Iron Will.

mizuki-takashima replied to your post: “puellus-maga replied to your post: “I generally defend Putting Your…”

can you imagine the fallout though? 'You don’t REALLY think parties and fashion are frivolous, do you?’ 'Oh um..of course not! Haha…why would anypony think that?’ howaretheystillfriendswithher

I don’t wanna go too deep into this, because spoilers, but I think any headcanon reconciling this has to start from a basis that Fluttershy didn’t actually mean that stuff and doesn’t really feel that way. It’s not a complete solution, because she did it and it still hurt them regardless of whether she meant it. And because even if she doesn’t consciously think that stuff, those ideas were definitely in her head. But it’s a necessary start. If Fluttershy did really mean it, then I kinda think that’s it. You can’t come back from that.

Also, I noticed while watching it this time that Rarity and Pinkie were extremely eager to blame everything Fluttershy said on Iron Will and not hold her responsible. But I think that’s probably only a temporary solution, and explains why they’re talking to her at all in that moment, not necessarily why they’re still friends in the future.


April 3rd 1911: Emily Davison found in Parliament

On this day in 1911, suffragette Emily Wilding Davison was discovered in a broom cupboard in the chapel crypt of the Houses of Parliament. She hid during the night of April 2nd - the night of the 1911 census - so that she could officially record her place of residence as ‘the House of Commons’. Ths stunt was intended to promote the suffragette cause, and emphasise the fact that disenfranchised women were excluded from participating in the British political system. The former teacher dedicated herself to the campaign for women’s rights and female suffrage, even being subjected to force feeding while on hunger strike in prison. Davison often committed acts of civil disobedience, including hiding in Parliament overnight, burning post boxes, and throwing rocks at the carriage of chancellor David Lloyd George. Two years after the Parliament incident, at the Epsom Derby, Davison ran out in front of King George V’s horse Anmer; she was trampled by the horse, and later died from her injuries. She appears to have been attempting to attach a suffragette flag to the King’s horse, though it has also been suggested she was trying to pull down the horse. Others believed she had been aiming to commit suicide and become a martyr for the suffragette cause, but the fact she had purchased a return rail ticket that day appears to suggest otherwise. Davison’s extraordinary devotion to the suffragette cause demonstrates the lengths to which women would go to fight for their political rights. Her daring foray into Parliament is today commemorated with a plaque in the place she hid overnight.