overly organized

it's the little things that count..
  • james sirius potter: gryffindor. poet. musician. loves leather and jean jackets. always smells like cigarettes and cinnamon. quiet until you get to know him. life of the party once he's comfortable. loves black coffee. rebellious. non-conformist. mysterious. future auror.
  • albus severus potter: slytherin. quidditch keeper. outgoing. determined. kind. charming. polished. fashionable. always loads his tea with sugar. loves muggle history. lgbt activist. openly bisexual. slug-club member. outspoken when provoked. always fighting for a cause.
  • lily luna potter: ravenclaw. book worm. dreamer. quiet. shy. loves muggle novels. activist for animal rights. vegan. clumsy. obsessed with wandlore. planner. always has her nails painted lilac. hopeless romantic. secretly in love with scorpius malfoy.
  • rose weasley: gryffindor. outspoken. energetic. bossy when she's insecure. mostly laid-back. good sense of humor. as brave as they can be. loyal. has a close relationship with mcgonagall. easily defensive. always prepared to fight back. tomboy. intrigued by lorcan scamander.
  • hugo weasley: gryffindor. studious. gifted at herbology. sometimes too serious for his own good. introverted. curious. can come off as passive or indifferent. fascinated with muggle culture.
  • roxanne weasley: gryffindor. outgoing. friendly. warm. quidditch chaser. beautiful. genuine. caring. girly. loves fashion. protective of those she loves. seeks harmony. usually underestimated when she's provoked. will fight to the death for a cause she believes in.
  • fred weasley II: gryffindor. prankster. quidditch beater. handsome. charming. ladies man. receives top marks without trying. interested in muggle sports. secretly loves baking.
  • victoire weasley: ravenclaw. wise. friendly. dramatic. physically flawless. loves muggle fashion magazines. very interested in divination. painter. in love with teddy.
  • dominique weasley: slytherin. serious. introverted. sarcastic. dyes her hair often. rebels against her mother. in love with plaid. bisexual. feminist. incredibly intelligent. read abnormally fast for pleasure. doesn't care about getting top marks, even though her professors say she has the most potential.
  • louis weasley: ravenclaw. sometimes arrogant. naturally handsome. flirtatious. clever. intelligent. loves mind twisters. skilled in charms. has a close relationship with hagrid, and most people find that odd.
  • teddy lupin: hufflepuff. loving. friendly. extroverted. has the biggest heart. loves piercings. pink hair is his favorite. loves care of magical creatures. secretly a prankster. in love with victoire.
  • molly weasley II: slytherin. lesbian. tough. outspoken. goal-oriented. feminist. incredibly sarcastic. short curly hair. vodka is her drug of choice. wears combat boots with everything. leader of many clubs. intimidating.
  • lucy weasley: hufflepuff. kind. hardworking. softspoken. down to earth. pragmatic. intelligent. overly organized. excels in every subject. aspires to work for the ministry. daddy's girl. protective of her older sister.
  • lorcan scamander: ravenclaw. reclusive. quiet. top of his class. logical. analytical. loner. excels in arithmancy. loves having discussions with hermione. looks just like his mother. always thinking of the future. astronomy is his secret passion. has a secret crush on rose.
  • lysander scamander: hufflepuff. looks just like his father. amiable. great with children. asexual. the most genuine and caring person you'll ever meet. believes very strongly in everything his mother does/believes. very protective of his twin brother. is everyone's friend if they need one.
  • scorpius malfoy: slytherin. best friends with albus. ambivert. intelligent. very concerned about his image. kind. hates hurting people's feelings. determined to prove his worth. uncommonly handsome. skilled in potions and dada. has a massive crush on lily luna.

Pairing: Park Jinyoung x Reader
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Disgustingly doting girlfriend thinks about her precise, strictly regimented boyfriend.
Author’s note: Hey there! I was in my Jinyoung feelings the other day and really needed to vomit this thing out. Hopefully you guys like it! Also, here’s the credit for the gif I used.

A boyfriend as predictable as this should’ve been boring…

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Run To You // Sam Wilson x Reader P4

Pairing: Sam Wilson x POC Reader, Bucky Barnes x POC Reader
Word Count: 2.6k+
Warning: fluff, language, angst, FEELINGS 

Summary: Time Skip: A year and a half! Moving in with the Avengers was the best decision you’d ever made. Things between you and Sam are absolutely wonky. Thor doesn’t approve of anything less than complete honesty. It looks like there’s someone else who might want a chance to earn your heart.

A/N: I have no self-control. None. Not even a little bit. If no one stops me I might end up writing 200k words and 20 chapters lmao. This whole thing is already 10k+ in my docs There’s definitely going to be more parts to this.

Inspiration: “Over You” ~ Daughtry

“I’m slowly getting closure,
I guess it’s really over,
I’m finally getting better
Now I’m picking up these pieces,
From spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together,
‘Cause the day I thought I’d never get through,
I got over you…”

Originally posted by adamisstillinhellthankstoyou

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optomisticgirl  asked:

Bed sharing? I'm a sucker for that.

god, i’m a sucker for this, too. thanks for this, B, because the minute i saw this, the wheels started turning! this turned into something bigger than i had planned and whoa, just wowwie, thanks for that! 


Quite a few things fall within the top ten category of Annoyances in Emma Swan’s Life (trademark pending). 

There’s the day to day stuff that barely scratches the top fifty. The skips that make her break a heel at least once a month fall into the top twenty-five. 

Having no say whatsoever in chaperoning Henry’s eighth grade field trip to New York City? Well, that would be a top fifteen situation, if it weren’t for the fact that she managed to get out of work for this and spend some much needed quality time with her son. 

Finding out she’s sharing a room with another chaperone? That’s definitely a top fifteen situation, because the last time Emma shared a room with anyone it was with her cousin, Anna, and she quickly found out that the girl was just as talkative asleep as she was awake. 

Finding out she’s sharing a room with Mr. Killian Jones, Henry’s science teacher and cough guy Emma slept with exactly ten months ago and quickly put a stop to things because she so does not sleep with her son’s teachers? That quickly falls into a top ten situation. 

Opening the door to see they’ve been crammed in the most economical size room - one double bed, one desk, one dresser with a television from the stone ages (or at least back when Henry was born) and one arm chair all fit perfectly like a Sims room, with just enough floor space for two people to walk single file? 

Yeah, now she’s definitely tapped into the top five. 

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Today’s my birthday, and I turned 22! Pretty fun day, nothing overly special organized, just some pleasant times with pleasant company. My translation internship is slowly coming to a close, so I’m looking forward to getting back into drawing on a more regular basis!

It’d help if large, engaging games weren’t coming out quite as often, too - spent quite a lot of time with Breath of the Wild in March, and now it’s Persona 5′s turn! Maybe those two will inspire a couple drawings, we’ll see.

International Fanworks Day

So it’s February 15, and according to AO3 that makes it International Fanworks Day. Since I missed Fanfic Writer’s Appreciation Day, I thought I’d rec some fics! (I tried to find tumblrs for the authors, but if I couldn’t, then I put their AO3 username instead.) My AO3 is starlightwalking.

I don’t read all that much for this fandom, which I really ought to rectify, but I have found some lovely fics that I’d like to share.

You Look Great by ecaitlin - Combeferre needs help getting dressed for a date. Courfeyrac can’t say no to him.
This is super duper cute Courferre. I love Courfeyrac in this one, especially.

a stroke of luck by nightswatch - Courfeyrac is grounded, but that doesn’t really stop Combeferre from keeping him company.
This fic murdered me, I am dead. that aside, the pining is real.

To Follow by estelraca - They were ready to die, but Paris wasn’t ready to let them all go. Grantaire drags a grievously wounded Enjolras from the barricade and struggles to keep him alive as Enjolras slides between the living and the dead.
Canon era AU where Grantaire manages to save Enjolras. It’s told mostly from Enjolras’s point of view in his delirium as he recovers, and it’s very heartbreaking and touching.

Bella Notte by @cityelf“No,” Courfeyrac said, pointing his fork aggressively at Grantaire, who was sitting opposite him and grinning mischievously. “No way is Spanish food better than Italian.” Les Amis at a restaurant, somebody orders spaghetti, the title is a Disney reference…
Super cute Courferre fluff! I love a lot of this author’s works, but this is my favorite Courferre one.

Oh, It’s What You Do To Me by @cityelfEnjolras stumbles across Grantaire via YouTube comments. French!R sings. NYC!Enjolras pines. They fall in love via email and Skype. 4000 miles is pretty far, but they’ve got trains and planes and cars.
My personal favorite of this author’s ExR fics, but really, go read them all. They’re fantastic.

The Road to Ruin by @buffintruda​ - Sometimes, even though you know where the path will take you, you can’t help but follow it to ruin. Grantaire angst.
Some good, solid canon-era Grantaire angst to make you cry. Pulls at my heartstrings every time.

Echoes of the Past by @buffintruda​ - Decades after the barricades, Grantaire is peacefully living in America. However, when a new exhibit comes to a nearby museum, a couple of hunters and a ghost follow it, reawakening old memories.
A Supernatural crossover, but even if you don’t watch that show (like me), this is worth a read. Featuring an immortal and ever more cynical Grantaire as a narrator, this fic is about what happens when a familiar ghost literally comes back to haunt Grantaire’s life.

I Said Young Man, Pick Yourself Off The Ground by FredAndGinger - in 1993 Jean Valjean is banned from his town’s outdoor pool for trying to steal a pool noodle. In 2005, when trying to teach his daughter, Cosette, to swim, Enjolras and company decide to start a revolution in the pool. Javert is not at all happy.
I’m pretty sure this fic is based off this post, and well…it’s just as funny and ridiculous as it sounds.

Buen Viaje by Prevalent_Masters - Combeferre is terrified of everyone and hopelessly in love with his best friend and Grantaire is homeless and suddenly finds himself living in a commune where everyone is overly invested in organic gardening and something called Kombucha. No one ever said your 20s were easy.
I will sing the praises of this fic all day long. It’s amazing. I love all the thought and detail that went into it, the angst - oh, the angst - and the care with which this fic was crafted. If you’re on the lookout for Courferre and Enjoltaire and love to see Combeferre pining over Enjolras before realizing that Courf is there for him, this fic is for you. I love the characterization and how everything from the brick translates over into modern times. This fic is just wonderful.

je t’aime by @lesmiserablolCourfeyrac regularly tells all of his friends that he loves them. All of his friends except for Combeferre.
This might be one of my favorite fics of all time. I’ve reread it countless times and I just. absolutely. love it. It’s so precious and beautiful and…..ahhh I don’t have the words to describe it. Hopeless pining Combeferre and lovey-dovey Courfeyrac…this fic will be the end of me.

House Sitter (Part 1)

Prompt: For the chance of taking a course far from home you decided to house sit for a lovely couple. And everything would go strictly as planned if it wasn’t for this unexpected character coming into picture

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Warnings: none so far.

Word Count: 1,178

Author’s Note: This idea have been forever in my mind and I finally feel confident enough to write it. Hope you like it! 
As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Y/N = Your Name 

Part 1 Part 2 

gif by @yuediao 

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anonymous asked:

any tips on how to start a pleasing tumblr feed? 🥀

oui! personally, even though this seems obvious, i feel like what’s gonna help you most is follow lots n lots of blogs that are similar to your blog type, so that it’s rly easy for you to find posts to reblog, that fit what you like and also, this is just me being overly organized, but i haaate it when i post lots of text posts in a row so i alway save them as drafts, so that i can kind of post them inbetween pictures, so that i doesn’t seem to cluttered! generally, just reblog what you like and goes with the kind of color scheme of my blog (for moi that’s pink, obviously) but all in all, don’t worry too much about making ur feed perfect, because then you’re gonna overthink it, which takes away the fun of having a blog!!xx

taekachuk  asked:

i know you said you were being conscious about the 90s diet coke au posts you put out there, but BUILDING ON THE KAGEHI so kags is super strict and one of those overly-organized people yknow so he takes like 5 minutes at the hole puncher (bc so help him god if those papers are not lined up when he goes to punch them). one day, when he's lining up some papers to go staple them, hina and yams come up in that window thing and all the office workers go check out whats going on and kags is slow on-

LMAO oh god Kags stapling his papers to his tie because he’s distracted. AMAZING. THANK YOU FOR BLESSING ME WITH THIS MENTAL IMAGE!

I’m not sure Kageyama would immediately start lining up at the window, though. I think he would likely just get more and more annoyed that Hinata is so distracting, especially because he’s so used to being efficient at his job and getting things wrong is just…not like him at all. He can’t work out if he’s more annoyed with Hinata or himself, honestly, and he doesn’t quite understand what the hell is wrong with him.

Can you imagine him reaching breaking point and just marching up to the window, banging on it and shouting “THE WATER IS SUPPOSED TO GO ON THE WINDOW, DUMBASS, NOT ALL OVER YOUR BODY >:(” - poor Hinata would have a small heart attack and slop the bucket of water all over himself, causing his t-shirt to entirely become see-through. Kags would probably march back to his desk in that really awkward way he does, with his arms out to the side, and then sit there aggressively drinking coffee and glaring out of the window.

Yama would try desperately not to laugh throughout all of this but he’d have to turn around and face the other way to hide it when he inevitably fails, which would mean he accidentally makes eye-contact with Tsukki, who finds Yama’s laughter absolutely charming. Cue blushy, giggly Yams…


jeeno2  asked:

For the cluedo prompts: Everlark, in the kitchen, with a turkey baster ;)

Katniss stood at the kitchen sink and looked out the window at the cacophony happening outside. Delly and Thom were hosting their annual Labor Day Party, complete with more grilled meat than anyone could eat, more beer than anyone could drink, and a handful of young children running around and making as much noise as humanly possible. As much as she should be hating this day, Katniss had to admit that she enjoyed getting together with her friends and seeing their families grow.

On the plus side, when the screaming children and oh-so-in-love couples did get to be a bit much, she could always volunteer to do whatever needed to be done inside. In this case, that meant filling up a bucket of water balloons for the water balloon toss. She scanned the yard, trying to decide which little one she’d try to nab for her partner for this year’s contest.

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It’s so important that Amy came to Jake because Jake is always the one who puts his whole heart into everything and loves too much and ends up hurt. Jake is always the one who throws caution to the wind and leaps before he looks.

But this time? This time Amy went all in first. Amy, who is usually so cautious and guarded, took a risk. Amy followed her heart. And in doing that she showed Jake that what they have is just as important and special to her as it is to him. She wants it just as much as he does. Jake is so used to people hurting him, and to people leaving, but Amy came to him. Organized, prepared, overly cautious, “rules are meant to be followed,” Amy Santiago said “screw light and breezy,” and “screw just being colleagues,” and screw the rules, even, because Jake Peralta is more important than all of that to her. 

You Again | 04.13.17

Usually he went to the store on Mondays. Usually Trevor never strayed from the schedule, though most people would be surprised by that. Despite his rugged exterior, there was nothing entirely jumbled about him. He was calculated, neat, and a little bit overly organized. He had to be. After all, his sick aunt wasn’t going to be able to clean the house herself and he didn’t want her spending money on some sort of caregiver. That being said, his overnighter at the local jail had derailed him just slightly. He had ordered them food and picked up a few things during the week, but Thursdays were his day off. A day when he could fully commit to going and getting everything they needed. 

Adjusting his jacket, Trevor grabbed a shopping cart on his way into the grocery store. No one would have guessed by the looks of him that he even knew what he was doing. Tattoos covering skin, all black everything, and a rather solemn look on his face, it was rare that anyone expected much at all from him. It was rare that they even cared, too. He ran his hand through his hair as he headed toward the produce section, mentally running through what they’d want to eat the rest of this week. 

And there she was, interrupting his thoughts for what wasn’t the first time since they’d seen one another the week before. Beautiful brown curls, perfectly shaped lips, and that ass wasn’t too far from perfect. He could be about that. Abandoning his cart, he approached her, reaching for the same exact piece of produce that she had. It wasn’t really supposed to be a ploy, but it worked. He wanted to talk to her and he was about to get just that without being too obnoxious. At least, yet. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” he gushed, removing his hand before looking at the girl. 

“Oh,” he raised his eyebrows, that signature smirk of his appearing on his lips. “You’ve really got to stop following me around, golden girl,” 

Virgos are their own biggest enemy… they can harness the reverie of Neptune (from sister sign Pisces) and transmute it into practical application with Mercury. They can be the force representing the shattered crystallized Leo ego in awareness of other people, and what we can do/provide them. Your consciousness paints reality, Virgos have to learn how to let go of their own negative impressions, their reflex to critique, and use their diamond eyes to style a new world order and spot spores of beauty we all missed. While the Virgo remains overly critical, insists in organizing the outer world rather than exploring the inner world, the universe will reflect their inflammation and conjure a nasty world. Virgo’s can use Mercury/Neptune to ascend mentally into worlds beyond all of our comprehension..

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

I’ve noticed a distinct lack of coffee shop AUs for Carmilla so I decided to fix that problem.

1404 words of pure fluff

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Is Ezra HELPING Ali??

Now I’m not one of those people that are in denial about Ezra being evil and hanging onto every last bit of hope that he’s actually still good…

BUT I’ve been re-watching some 4A episodes today and I picked up on a liiiiiitttle teeny tiny clue (and I mean like, SO SMALL that you can barely notice it), that maybe Ezra is actually helping Ali.

Okay bare with me here, because I have no idea how to make GIF’s lol, so it’s hard to point out this little clue without you actually being able to watch this part of the episode, so I tried getting screen shots of it to show you in the best way possible.

But do you remember in Episdoe 4x06 - Under The Gun, when Ravenswood was first introduced to us? Spencer and Toby went to Ravenswood to look for Carla Grunwald for the first time.

And when they got there, Spencer happens to see Shana. By the time Toby and Spencer make their way back to their car to follow her, Jenna’s car pulls up and Shana jumps in and they make a quick getaway. 

Well, I tried looking very closely at who was driving the car, and you literally can’t get any kind of a glimpse of this person at all, because of the lighting and the angles, it’s just impossible… BUT there is ONE little tiny thing that you can see, but only for a split second, that tells me that whoever this person was… was wearing a BASEBALL CAP.

When the car pulls up, and Shana is opening the door to get in, you see the bill of a hat look towards Shana as she is getting in the car. 


First you see her opening the door… and you don’t see anything or any part of the driver.

THEN you see that the person looks towards her, but the only way you can see that is because the bill of a hat appears.

OKAY YOU MIGHT THINK I’M CRAZY, because like I said, it is a veryyyy very small detail! And it is SO much easier to see when you are actually watching it in motion. But it IS there. If it helps, try to zoom in to the pic or something because I promise I’m not making it up. 

Whoever is driving this car, is definitely wearing a baseball cap, and they look over at Shana while she is getting in the car. Seriously, if you have any access to watching this episode, I recommend looking back at this part! 

Anyways, moving on… Who do we know that wears a baseball cap? EZRA. Every time we have seen him being shady, he is wearing a baseball cap. 

And we know now that Shana is helping Ali find out who is after her… So if that WAS Ezra picking up Shana, then there’s a good chance that he is on the same side/team as Shana, right? They must be working together.

I think it’s ESPECIALLY coincidental that this takes place in RAVENSWOOD, and we know that Ezra’s lair was also there… And we know that Ali has hung around Ravenswood before, since that’s where she was in both 4x12 and 4x13.

So could Ezra’s super creepy lair ACTUALLY be his overly organized way of tracking down who is after Ali? And Shana is in on it? Are Ali, Ezra, and Shana on one team?

It would definitely explain this, from 4x17 ‘Bite Your Tongue’:

From this, it appears that Board Shorts, aka Ezra, is the only person she could trust…

This is honestly the first time I have ever given this idea any thought, but I know for a fact that I seen that driver wearing a baseball cap, and I have no clue who else would be wearing one.

Maybe Ezra got close to Aria on purpose? To try to get close with the girls and everyone in their lives in order to help track down whoever is after Ali…

THOUGHTS?? Do you guys think I’m crazy? Do you see the baseball cap in the pictures??


At the end of this episode, we see Spencer show up at the Brew where it’s open-mic night, and she tells Aria and Emily about seeing Shana in Ravenswood. Then all of a sudden, Shana appears there at the brew, performing and playing her violin. AS SOON as she starts playing, we see EZRA walking outside of the brew, looking into the window behind where Shana is playing, and looking at Aria and Spencer standing there… Is it a Coincidence that after Shana and the mysterious person with a baseball cap leave Ravenswood, these two appear at the brew at almost the same time?

No Coincidence’s in PLL!

So, I got caught up on s5 of TW and actually am quite enjoying it! 

Spoilers Ahead for Season 5, Episode 1 and 2.

Primarily, I feel like everyone is really, really IN CHARACTER. I realize that this is canon and obviously they are sort of in character by definition but, you know what i mean. For example:

  • Suspicious Stiles. I have always been a HUGE proponent of suspicious, overly organized, obsessive Stiles. A Stiles who keeps maps of where everyone should be and lists of people he doesn’t trust and does whatever necessary to back up his claims and get proof.
  • Trusting Scott. I mean, Scott believing the best of everyone is just wonderful. But the fact that he also doesn’t really get mad at Stiles for being suspicious. Like he thinks Stiles is wrong and encourages him to stop but so far we haven’t had an angry “god you are just WRONG” mean moment Scott. I hope the show continues like this. I don’t want Scott to choose Theo OVER Stiles at any point. 
  • Insecure Scott. I think I just really identify with this- but Scott not telling anyone he wants to go to UC Davis because he’s afraid he’s not good enough… I do the same thing with important goals! So i think that’s awesome.
  • Badass Scott. Scott owning that werewolf dude in Ep1 is like… just ugh. Flashback to Scott owning that assassin chic from last season. I hope villains never stop underestimating Scott McCall because seeing them just get pwned like effing n00bs is my jam. like… umad bro?
  • Paintaking Scott. Obviously there are not enough words in the universe to tell you exactly how I felt about this scene. 
  • Parent Scott and Stiles. The Scott/Stiles/Liam relationship is just really well done I think. Like I just got gooey feelings of joy whenever the three were on the screen together. But both of them giving him advice in seperate scenes ALSO made me squee aloud. Like you two are such good co-parents. And now its not even because ive written fic of that. It is canon. open a werewolf orphange, you two.
  • Lil Baby Liam. So Liam has never been my favorite character but I think he MIGHT BE this season. Just Liam following orders and being a teenager (oh one earbud. the youth) but also like… Stiles needs me to check out Theo with him. Okay! Stiles needs me to turn the ignition of his car? Okay! Stiles needs me to get out of this hole? Okay! Oh, the girl is bullying me but i deserve it but also I DON’T DESERVE THIS, head-on-locker Liam is too cute.
  • Oh No the parents are Fighting Liam. So the car scene mentioned about with Perfect Scott and Losing His Temper Stiles? It was HONESTLY MADE EVEN MORE PERFECT by The cuts to Uncomfortable Liam. Like… I swear, that is honestly what kids look like when their parents fight. Just: please stop, oh my god, this is so awkward, oh god, please work, Jeep, please work, pls, pls pls….
  • Protective Puppy Liam. I just LOVED when Theo found Stiles and Liam and Liam stood protectively in front of Stiles. LIKE AH. Stiles being the pack’s most valuable human and Liam will NOT let anything happen to his Alpha’s Second. Or his Alpha’s Co-Alpha. And then Liam shifting to save Mason.
  • Liam and Mason. Mason who has researched all summer. Liam who is afriad to tell him. Liam who encourages Mason to check out the soccer players as a supportive bro. Pimp out that soccer team, Liam. Pimp it on out. And, of course, Mason who goes and checks out soccer players and then works out nonstop and texts nonstop waiting for his friend. Like I am here for this friendship. 
  • Blunt Wonderful Malia. A Malia who talks openly about how hot Theo is and then offers to torture him? Yes. This is the Malia I know and love. A Malia who challenges Stiles but still loves him but also seems much more secure in herself, even if her parents are CRAZY people. She knows that. She also knows she is still a badass. LET ME JUST LIFT THIS TREE FOR YOU KIND CITIZENS. 
  • Gonna go get what she wants Lydia. Yup, Lydia is on the Marrish train. I am on the Marrish train. Lydia is driving that train you better be all aboard. I also like that her flirting seems much more geniune and sweet than it did in previous seasons. Mature Lydia is my jam. 
  • Benevolent Goddess Lydia. A girl is having trouble? Lydia will take care of her. Lydia will see to it that a cop is watching the house all night. CARING LYDIA IS SO WONDErFUL She’s that totally popular girl at school who seems too cool for you, but is not. I bet Lydia is just the nicest if you are brave enough to talk to her. But If you’re not brave enough and you’re having trouble, she will come fix it. Oh and dear god, if you are mean at this school, she will destroy you. Bullies watch out. Lydia Martin runs this school and she does not like your kind.
  • The Lydia and Kira Dream Team. Give me all the silent communication between the two smartest girls in class. Give me even more of the Kira slinging one arm over Lydia as they walk away. I am very happy with this. VERY HAPPY. 
  • Wearing a Belt that Turns into  A Sword Kira. Not sure about the logistics of that belt but I loved it. Kira is actually just WONDERFULLY funny this season. IMMA GO WALK- wait. no it’s raining. Nevermind. OOPS, I just got too excited and blew up a lamp. Let’s continue making out anyway. Kira is a wonderful ray of sunshine and I love her and Scott togehter very much.
  • The Yukimura Family. Especially Ken. Adorable dorky father who is just too nice to everyone. I declare cinnamon roll. Re: Driving Scene with Malia. Badass Ghost Story Telling Noshiko is also a plus. Didn’t really follow the story or why she felt the urge to share but I appreciated that she did. You tell those cryptic myths, ma’am.
  • Ready to Mingle Sheriff Stilinski. The wedding ring is off, secret conferences about protecting Parrish are ON and I see a Melissa/Sheriff takeoff in the near future.
  • Supportive Sheriff Stilinski. He doesn’t really believe his son but… wait his son is a genius. Alright. HAVE SOME COP ADVICE AS YOU STALK THIS OTHER TEENAGER, SON. ENJOY POLICE WORK. (meanwhile, let me keep my lil parrish bb safe from the world…)
  • Slightly Scatter Brained Melissa McCall. i swear this is EXACTLY how i picture her. Is there food in the fridge? Nope. Does she have cash? rarely. Is she really aware of where her son is? Not always. Is she still the best mom in the entire unvierse? HELL YES. Give me all the realistic single, working Moms, please. ALL OF THEM. That reminds me…
  • Note-Leaving Scott McCall. Incredibly Powerful True Alpha Werewolf that Runs his Own Pack and protects Beacon Hills against Alpha Packs, Hunters, Assassins, and Giantic people wearing skulls on their head who ALSO LEAVES HIS MOTHER A NOTE TELLING HER WHERE HE IS AND WHEN HE’LL BE HOME. Like honestly. Just drown me in the fluff already.
  • Evil Theo. Okay, I really love that Theo is evil. I love it because Stiles is right and he’s so wonderfully slimey and i LOVED the last scene of episode 2. A bad guy who (at least rn) seems to be fully aware of his evilness and who has kidnapped people into playing his parents? Yes. This is a bad guy I can get behind. Smart, age-appropriate, a very good liar. My slytherin self respects the hell out of him. USE THAT DEAD SISTER ANGLE, THEO. REALIZE THAT STILES IS THE IMPORTANT ONE YOU HAVE TO WIN OVER AND TRY TO MANIPULATE HIM TOO. Like, honestly, this season is looking to be a head-to-head between Stiles and Theo and I think it’s going to be glorious. Two Slytherins going head to head is always awesome. So much trickery! So much backstabbing! YES!

Okay, I should stop there. But basically, I am VERY pleasantly surprised by this season. Obviously, it’s not perfect and I reserve the right to change my mind but so far… good stuff, TW. 

I shall now tag this OUTRAGEOUSLY so that every possible combination of blacklisted works comes up and people are not spoiled if they have not watched it…

piscinamura  asked:

Virgos break my heart, they are such wonderful and beautiful people and they cant see it for themselves. I feel like Mercury is too harsh on them, I hope that they get new rulership sooner rather than later. I wish I could invite Virgos for a holiday on the moon for some esoteric rest and relaxation. Poor darlings <3

Yuh love Virgos, they are their own biggest enemy too… they can harness the reverie of Neptune and transmute it into practical application with Mercury, they can be the force representing the shattered crystallized Leo ego in awareness of other people and what we can do/provide them, your consciousness paints reality, Virgos have to learn how to let go of their own negative impressions, their reflex to critique, and use their diamond eyes to style a new world order and spot spores of beauty we all missed, while Virgo remains overly critical, insists in organizing the outer world rather than exploring the inner world, the universe will reflect their inflammation and conjure a nasty world. Virgo’s can use Mercury/Neptune to ascend mentally into worlds beyond all of our comprehension.. we and Virgos cannot just sit around idly by waiting for a new ruler to possibly come, we don’t even know if that will ever happen or needs to
Thanks for your message