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SVT - Click a Prince: Joshua/Jisoo

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Series: Click a Prince (intro

Member/s: Ot13 - Joshua x Reader 

Words: 1654

- 1 week later -

Weekly reports to your parents were troubling, especially when you didn’t exactly know what to tell them. It’s not as if choosing a husband was such an easy thing in the first place, having to pick an appropriate king that wouldn’t end the world on his first day was even harder.

It didn’t help that you had managed to hide yourself away like Rapunzel, but no Princes were coming to your rescue either way.

Through hidden passageways that you had managed to find, rather quickly to your disappointment,you would watch every morning as the boys gathered for breakfast, chatted lightly and then broke off to explore the castle. Their light chatter was the problem.

How was it that you were racking your brain trying to pick one of them from the video introductions that they were allowed to record, and from the files that your council had dug up on them.

You sighed sitting up from your bed, maybe a walk would clear your thoughts and make it easier.

Slowly you opened your door, hoping that it wouldn’t creak or squeak and alert everyone of your presence. You didn’t know where to go so you hoped that looking at the floor, or your feet would take you somewhere.

“Good afternoon, Princess.” Shit. Your head snapped up in the direction of the voice. His brown cat-like eyes, and soft smile interrupted gave you anxiety.

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