overly attatched gf

Headcanon: Gender Swap!MysMes-Periods/Hormone

Dunno if this has been done yet….but I literally just thought of it, so…

-Breakouts. Her poor beautiful face ;~;
-The Beast becomes She-Wolf
-Prone to be super jealous during her cycle
-Clingy af, as in “Overly Attatched GF” clingy
-Give her Goldfish shaped bread and she’ll be a happy bean
-Netflix and cuddles or rage. It really depends.
-“I need a smoke….” is said more often
-Liable to punch a hole in a wall when pissed off.
-So much nap. Very sleep. Such cute.

-Cramps from HELL
-So much pain
-Refuses to go to work because of said cramps
-There goes all the Aspirin
-Commoner food has never tasted so good
-“Elizabeth come cuddle me please ;~;”
-Do not disturb.
-Seriously, she is done with everyone’s shit. Leave her alone.
-The most she watches TV.
-Do NOT let her watch soap operas or sad movies because she will CRY.
-Seriously Jumin GO TF TO SLEEP.

-So emotional
-She will literally cry at EVERYTHING.
-“MC I JUST *sobs* WANT YOU TO KNOW H-HOW *sniffles and gross sobs* MUCH I LOVE YOU! *literally bawling*”
-Please cuddle and love her
-Give the girl her goddamn chocolate
-So quiet when she’s sleeping
-And if she isn’t crying or eating, she is sleeping
-Such stress, this poor child.
-She needs so much love and support
-Be kind to her pls

-Will not leave her bed
-Make sure she has a phone or laptop or she will murder someone
-Like Jumin, terrible cramps
-No Honey buddha chips or PhD Pepper.
-She much prefers ACTUAL FOOD on her monthly.
-Netflix fort!
-Moody af.
-One moment she’s cracking jokes, next there’s a whole in the wall, then the next she’s crying over nothing.
-Random naps, then random sparks of energy, to which she actually WORKS.

-Super clingy
-Will hug you at random times
-Much like Yoosung, will cry a LOT.
-Do not leave him alone for this reason
-Will actually laugh at Seven’s jokes
-Be prepared to be dragged to the bedroom
-That’s when her sadistic side comes out most
-Seriously will probably have you calling her "Mistress”
-If not in the bedroom, wants to do ALL the cutesy couple stuff
-Wait on her hand and foot and she will be the happiest lil muffin ever.

-So many couple photos.
-Very out-going when on her monthly
-Only complaint is that she NEVER STOPS EATING
-Do. Not. Touch. Her. Food.
-Super cuddly
-If she’s not eating, she’s sleeping
-Make her upset and you will be sleeping on the couch.
-Will question why periods suck. A lot.
-Will also question why she and her s/o haven’t actually had a baby yet, and argues that it’d be better than having a period every month.

-Doesn’t understand how male hormones work
-But hey, no more periods!
-Still called “Assistant Kang” -_-
-Sees Zen as a girl and holy hell his face goes SO red.
-“Why do my pants feel so uncomfortable?”
-Terrified screaming
-Help him he is so confused
-What even is testosterone?!
-“I wish to be a woman again. PLEASE. T^T”

Rant about Women in Relationships (rap/poem)

Do I have a disability? A concerning, strange mentality? Don’t tell me love is all you really need, wait until you have no food to eat. Will your husband compliment you then, will he treat you tenderly? Will you still expect him to take you out to eat? He supported both of you, while you watched the TV. And now you have the nerve to claim his last bit of money? And will you transform into a moody bitch when he can’t buy you anything? See, these women stay at home all day, while their men are working. And he brings home his hard earned bacon and you’re offended if he’s thrifty? 

Well you say you want equality, but I know it isn’t true. If your boyfriend takes you on a date, it’s fair that you pay for your own food. No wonder chivalry’s dying, who’d want to be polite to you? You’re loud obnoxious, tacky, rude, you curse like a sailor. Don’t get me wrong, i do all of that bullshit too, but i don’t expect a man to wine and dine me, why do you? I am so damn sick with these petty, shallow, clingy, stuck up girls! Who sit upon their throne all day and demand an “equal” world. Well honey, if you kick a man straight in between his knees, even if he just accidentally bumped you on the street, you expect to get respect, to be admired or something. If a man ever reacted to another man that way, with the cheapest shot on planet Earth, the route that BITCHES, take, you’d call him violent, crazy, tweaked, a threat, for sure insane.  If a man gets mad and shoves his wife, that’s an awful thing to do. He deserves to rot in jail, but baby so do you. You must really think you’re hot as shit, if every guy is “groping” you! Honey, take some sound advice.. Before you accuse anyone new… go to the gym, lose some weight, then your stories might come true. The double standard goes both ways, so if you want to change it, do. 

I’m so sorry to keep ranting but I’m nowhere close to done. Let’s bring up privacy, shall we? Because you need to hear this, hun. If you hear your man’s cell phone ring and he’s not in the room. YOU STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT, if you have to, leave the room. If he asks for respect, decency, and his fair share of privacy, don’t you dare accuse him of cheating. You don’t own him, he’s a human being. 

Who is tired of selfish, lazy girls who demand you kiss their feet? Who is sick of nosey, snooping wives who accuse men constantly? If he asks you for a sandwich and a glass of sweet iced tea, you better damn well make it quick because respect and love are the same thing. So take off his collar, drop the leash. Don’t try to train him anymore. Learn honesty and please don’t try to bribe him anymore. If a man treated your sister the way that you treat your boyfriend, you would flip a bitch and cry abuse and sue him for his last cent. So before you try to manipulate, before you tell a lie, before you “get upset” and have sex with another guy.. Before you get offended when he asks you for some food,  before you want attention and get in a crabby mood. Remember all the little things he tries to do for you. Realize he’s a great guy, don’t forget to say thank you. You’re not acting the way Mama raised you. If he’s actually an asshole, if he’s truly just a pig, if he treats you like a servant, and if he calls you a bitch, then leave him honey! Dump his sorry ass and walk away. NO PERSON should EVER stay with someone who makes them feel that way.

P.s. Men.. I hope you don’t think that I’m a brainwashed bimbo, who cites all these opinions to earn men’s favor… there used to be a lot more asshole guys than there are now. These days, our society treats men like livestock, fowl. Arrogance is wrong coming from women or from men. But you don’t deserve to suffer because the mistakes of other men. If there are any decent people left here in this world… old or young, gay or straight, boy or girl, don’t let the world smother you with all it’s stupid lies. Men are far from stupid, they have more than one thing on their mind. Women do deserve respect, they’re not all your cook or maid. If all of us treat every person with human decency, respect and understanding will help lead to unity. 

-Sarah Meisinger 


Behind the Memes - Overly Attached Girlfriend (by wzr0713)

This girl is actually pretty funny. She takes the whole meme thing really well. Check out her other youtube videos.