overlord prier


Playing around with art assets. Disgaea felt like a fun series to assign to tarot.
Laharl: The Fool, because mainest main character
Mao: The Magician, representing shallow knowledge and ingenuity, and also being the only magic using main
Priere: The High Priestess, the only nun in the franchise. Also represents femininity. Hilarious.
Rozalin: The Empress, demon nobility plus being the group mom of disgaea 2
Vyers: The Emperor, being the former awesomest overlord and also having that whole father figure thing, literally in his case!
Valvatorez: The Hierophant is an old fashioned upholder of old ideals. Fits Valzy perfectly!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Disgaea 5 DLC Vids

Episode Laharl (Laharl, Etna, Flonne and Sicily)
Episode Valvatorez (Valvatorez, Fenrich and Artina)
Episode Fuka (Fuka, Desco and Emizel)
Episode Mao (Mao, Raspberyl and Salvatore)
Episode Almaz (Almaz and Sapphire)
Episode Adell (Adell, Rozalin and Axel)
Episode Zetta (Zetta, Pram and Petta)
Episode Priere (Overlord Priere)

Thanks to Chaosloki @ YouTube for uploading these videos.