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Here’s the information that I’ve already gotten about mostly Tarn and Deathsaurus, along with a wee bit of info about the others. All of this was from my conversations with Milne.

I’ll definitely be talking more about these details, but here’s the quick and dirty rundown.

•Deathsaurus is as strong as Tarn. The only thing that Tarn has over Deathsaurus is his Voice.

•Kaon is blind by design.

•Tesarus has an optic network behind his “X”. Roberts wanted an “X” on Tesarus’s face, so Milne put the optical network behind the “X”. (Personal note: Seems like the big lug has the coolest visor ever.)

•Tarn could affect a Combiner with his Voice without a problem. In fact, he could, in theory (and where the Combiner is restrained enough) cause the Combiner to de-combine or kill them.

•Tarn’s Voice may have some problems affecting Overlord’s spark, but he could still some serious damage and pain.

•The only two stronger than Deathsaurus are Overlord and Megatron.

•Megatron is the only one who can go toe-to-toe with Overlord in a fists-only type brawl. So, seems like Tarn would have to use his Voice on Overlord to get the upper hand.

•Tarn is OCD. He picks at his face, has the addiction to transforming, etc.

•Tarn has slits on the sides of his face that he will use to amplify and project his Voice even more, and/or he will use them to talk even though his lips aren’t moving. (Personal note: The idea of being face to face with Tarn and hearing his Voice but not seeing his lips move behind the mask is actually pretty terrifying to me.)

That’s all for now. If I get more info, I’ll let you know.

mtmte and ll are so wild though…I mean you have this dude that built a time machine to save his crush, a murderer in the basement, a guy with one eye that just wants his hands back but will murder you, a girl that stuck her friends brain in her eyeball, a trans lesbian that rebuilt her trans gf [that is a friggin backpack], a really freakin old gay couple, half of them are smashed at all times, a (ex?) genocidal tyrant, a cat with swords, a bunch of fanboys, oh and let’s not forget the patriotic murder group and the confused boys that are the Scavengers

What the Tf's would see in the mirror of erised

Optimus: Peace and love on the planet Earth. Also Cybertron. Actually maybe some peace and fucking quiet

Prowl: Finally has one fren

Thundercracker: new toy for buster

Kaon: The pet and him together. Less bestiality

The pet: Dominus Ambus

Overlord: he finally losing his robot-ginity.

Megatron: He’s a quadruple-changer and all his alt modes are just GUN

Skids: ‘holy shit my memories. There they are. And I haven’t accidentally murdered everyone oml’

Rodimus: Flames and hot pockets oh yeah

Drift: Some nice fucking tea and a big ass robot sized yoga mat. Also forgiveness and stuff

Ratchet: No more annoying ass fucking patients.

Starscream: Do you really have to fucking guess