overlord hunting

Amanita’s FOUR radically interracial poly-amorous parents do seem like the kind whom want their daughter to have a life like theirs, but even better, and ...

… Amanita’s like ‘I’m marrying essentially EIGHT people from all over the world whom are a rare evolution of the humanoid species called sensates, plus their THREE of my fellow sapien lovers by extension,’ (yes, sorry, I’ve already decreed that Herlito has to make it official, Capheus gets to marry Zakia, and Kwon-Ho gets to marry Sun, deal with it, it turns out that I do make the rules), ‘… and kind of a roommate of theirs who may or may not be a sensate … oh, and a locksmith-con-turned-club-owner from Wuppertal who’s definitely not a sensate. I also feel very protective of a gang of female inmates at a South Korean prison, an Hispanic cop in Chicago, and his family, and a mother, bus attendant, and little girl with cancer in Nairobi, … and no one is allowed to squash my Bug nor mess with my white future sister-in-law. … Did I mention that I’m working with those eight people to battle their overlords whom are hunting, torturing, and oppressing their own kind?’

… ✔️

The fandoms right now
  • Undertale: facepalming
  • Wtnv: crickets sounds
  • SVTFOE: tomco and starco
  • Steven universe: PEARL IZ SO GAAAAY
  • Tokyo ghoul: crying
  • Pokemon: gotta find that damn dratini
  • Ghostbusters: civil war is happening
  • Bleach: NO HE DIDN'T!
  • Wonder over yonder: *dead*
  • Voltron: spoilers everywhere
  • Rick and Morty: bracing for feels
  • Gravity falls: *decipher playing in the background* I HAVEN'T SLEPT IN 24 HOURS! THE CLUES ARE EVERYWHERE!! ALL HAIL BILL CIPHER OUR OVERLORD!

Easter Week

The nefarious Peeps took me to their master overlord: a giant plushie Peeps!

Plushie Overlord Peeps stole my second Easter egg, so I challenged him to a battle. I first tried eating Plushie Overlord Peeps. That failed, so I knocked him over, defeated him, and claimed Easter egg number two!

Two Easter eggs found, one more to go to fill my Easter basket!