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cq comic memes

• “the assistant’s name starts with r.” “it’s razzle dazzle” “rassistant”

• *google search of how long a specific spice lasts* “<lucidia character> doesn’t have long to live…..”

• horrible puns on gloomverse character names. plue, poople, rassistant,

• alternatively, replacing a mortifer character’s name with a similar but not exact name. michael, johnson, kole(when referring to lorelei),


• i know i already mentioned plue but PLUE.

• “pull the trigger valentine/evets”

• the entire fandom thinking indigo and fresh would get along and then cq turning around and making a whole comic to prove that they would Not

• __ is why purple broke up with wallis

• “Welcome to the beginning of the #who-killed-conroy channel.” “dmitri did it case closed” 

• there is literally at least one dead mod on every fanblog for any cq comic i stg. who is mod vlad. where did mod wallis go.

• zephyrinx’s inversian oc, stun zeed

• joey, pre-joey, not-joey and not-not-joey.

• cq, introducing a new character at any time ever: / the fandom, to the tune of “it’s over, isnt it”:  it’s joey, isn’t it…

• we are all CQ

• sage is actually artemis

• fresh and purple are in a romantic relationship



Things that Momochi never did in Berryz


1. Superhero

2. Species of Monsters

3. Evil Overlord/Overlady

4. Quirky/Bizarre/Ludicrous Secondary Character

5. Magician/Wizard

6. Robot/Computer/Machine

7. Biological Experiment

8. Anthropomorphic Animal

9. Hired Killer/Hitman/Assassin

10. Eldritch Abomination

11. Singular Monster Character

12. Unique Fantasy/Sci-FI Race

13. Organization based on a Table of Correspondences

14. Setting

Further explanation stuff/FAQ below the break.

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ndrv3 fic recs!

Okay so. The V3 tag is pretty decent if you ignore the piss fics so here’s some recs! All are spoiler free!

Lethargy by corgasbord

Major Characters : Saihara, Momota

Premise: Transboy!Saihara. He can’t sleep, and so he gives Momota a text.

The Dark Overlord by ghaskan

Major Characters: Gonta, Gundam

Premise: Gonta meets Gundam.

Something Simple, Something Sweet by corgasboard

Major Characters: Tenko, Yumeno

Premise: Gay. Valentine’s Day.

(speaking of corgasboard, here’s their whole page. everything is top notch.)

Cheer Up, Cheer Up, Shut Up by starrylime

Major Characters: Akamatsu, Amami, Saihara

Premise: Akamatsu and Amami are gay best friends. Saihara shows up. Teenagers are stupid. Life’s bittersweet.

A Honest Lie by Valenzzz

Major Characters: Akamatsu, Saihara, Ouma

Premise: Ouma. That’s the premise. Gets my award for best Ouma characterization on the tag atm.

A Better Boy (My Heart Beats Only for You) by grayimperia

Major Characters: Iruma, the V3 kids

Premise: A school dance is coming up, and Iruma doesn’t have a date. So she builds one.

Get in the Car Rantaro by penkosan

Major Characters: Akamatsu, Amami, Saihara

Premise: broom broom were in saiharas cah

figuring it out by gokuharas

Major Characters: Tenko, Ouma

Premise: Tenko and Ouma somehow become friends.

Miu Iruma’s Experience with Childcare by VorpalQ

Major Characters: Iruma

Premise: Iruma isn’t quite the best when it comes to dealing with mothers and their children.

Tranquilize by cheinsaw

Major Characters: Yumeno, Tenko

Premise: Tenko has PTSD, but Yumeno’s there to help her cope with it.

Hope’s Peak Academy’s 79th Class Group Chat Ver. by idaate

Major Characters: All V3 Kids

Premise: Group Chat Fic.

There’s more V3 fics than this, but that’s some of my faves!

I also have written some stuff :> Check me out here!

This is actually a picture for @a-sleeping-flowers
To draw a character from Overlord named ulbert alain odle. At first I tried to draw a scary Picture of him..But I don’t know what dynamic poses to draw. But Instead I added asriel and frisk in the picture. (I know she likes undertale too.)

ulbert alain odle~ Overlord
asriel and frisk ~ Undertale/Toby Fox

Ninjago Season 1, 2, and 3 Analysis  (Part 1)

Season 1 /  Rise of the Serpentine


The first season of Ninjago, Rise of the Serpentine, 13 episodes are dedicated to our main characters Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane stopping ancient race of evil snakes from destroying the world from a bigger snake, while trying to deal with Lord Garmadon’s son, learning to get stronger on the way, and who is going to be the destined Green Ninja.

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Aku is truly the perfect evil overlord character because the whole audience likes him and enjoys every scene he’s in and absolutely cannot wait for him to fuckening die

Pink Diamond Personality Headcanon

Eh, I don’t even know why I’m typing this, really, but with the upcoming episode on Memorial Day (a day to remember those who have fallen in war coughPINKcough), and all this Diamond Authority screen time, I’ve been thinking a lot more about Pink Diamond.

It seems that the Diamond Courts each represent different personalities or attributes, as well as their respective gems. Blue’s court is more intelligence-based and intimidatingly powerful. Aquamarine and Lapis are dainty and don’t look like much, yet hold control over something that gives them immense power. Sapphire is also small and level-headed, but has the gift of future sight. Yellow’s Court seems to be tech-savvy (Peridot knew a lot about gem tech, and also, of course, had the limb enhancements), much like the Diamond herself. Guessing that a Diamond’s Pearl, although much lower in social standing, is probably the closest, personality-wise, to the ones they serve, then you could see how the Diamonds compare with their Courts.

However, we obviously haven’t seen Pink’s Pearl. But, we do know at least a little about Rose Quartz, a warrior who was definitely high up in the hierarchy. If Rose was one of the closest to Pink (especially since the young Diamond probably didn’t create as many gems as the others had), then of course they’d share similar personality traits.

I’m expecting Pink Diamond to be the curious, outgoing, hyper Diamond of the four. Yellow is strong, Blue is calm, White is… well JUDGING FROM WHAT WE KNOW (WHICH ISN’T A LOT) PROBABLY REGAL AND IF OUR PEARL WAS HER’S THEN THERE COULD BE SOME MORE EVIDENCE FOR THAT BUT THAT’S FOR ANOTHER TIME, and Pink was the curious “little sister”, not yet trained to be a leader and not hardened to the universe yet.

The zoo also points to her being curious and finding the other worlds wonderful. She brings back these other species from her very first colony, species the other gems are probably disgusted by, and most likely treats them like pets. If they were her experiments or her little torture-creatures or something, the environment wouldn’t be as nice and sweet as it was. Pink could have been some sort of warped crazy-human lady, thinking she was doing these humans a favor and saving them to “play” with.

To be honest, if Pink did have a personality where she wanted to learn and explore, so much as to kidnap humans from her first colony to be her “pets” almost, then she probably wouldn’t have lasted long as a leader. She could’ve eventually brought the wrong thing into Homeworld, or ended becoming like Rose Quartz, falling in love with a planet so much as to she didn’t want to destroy it.

But, of course, Pink was also very evil, she couldn’t have been good. Like, she’s a Diamond, and all the Diamonds have to be evil shatterers, right? And even though she didn’t know what she was doing when she saved humans on Earth from what she thought was a doomed planet where they’d most likely die and gave them everything they’d want, albeit in captivity, but she probably talked to them and interacted with creatures everyone else wanted to kill-


I really like how none of the characters we know are completely good or evil, or able to be painted into either totally . The shades of gray all the characters are painted into make everything a lot more interesting. 

I really, really want Pink to be a good character, in a sense, though. Mostly because everyone wants to make her evil to give Rose some redemption arc that would just make Rose less dimensional, but also because I like the idea of a “young” gem, a leader that hasn’t gone through what her Diamond sisterhood has, and has still retained some of that childlike-innocence. Her Court, and her, could’ve been playful, curious, wanting to challenge the norm, and that was her very downfall.

So I don’t really know why I spent an afternoon writing what is probably going to be revealed soon with pretty much no solid evidence, but, yeah! This has been done a lot and most people seem to be stuck between whether she’s an evil overlord or a sweet character. Like I said, I want to think of her a an enthusiastic, free-spirited young child, but with those same warped gem-morals.

Munday Asks
  • Transformers Edition-
  • Alt-mode: Do you prefer flyer frames or grounder?
  • Blurr: Is there a death that still haunts you to this day?
  • Chromedome: Transformers OTP?
  • Datapad: What on your dashboard makes you happy?
  • Faction: Who do you side with?
  • First Aid: Favorite(s) Transformers fanfiction?
  • Kup: Any Tumblr sempais?
  • Lockdown: Character you wished carried over to multiple series?
  • Megatron: Did the Decepticons go too far in the name of equality?
  • Minimus Ambus: One (or a few) of your favorite fellow rpers?
  • Multiverse: What is your favorite series?
  • Optimus Prime: Did the Autobots go too far in the name of preserving peace?
  • Overlord: Is there a character that deeply repulses you? Why?
  • Pharma: Favorite wonderfully despicable character?
  • Player: Is there any character (other than your muse) that you absolutely adore?
  • Protocol: Do you have an opinion on the Prowl-Constructicon situation?
  • Protoform: Any preferred theories on how it works?
  • Swindle: What Transformers merchandise do you desire most?
  • Tumbler: Transformers NOTP?
  • Ultra Magnus: Strict role-playing rule you adhere to?

HEY GUESS WHAT it’s a Metamorphers AU Trepan!!! this was actually a really cool exercise ‘cuz it got me thinking about how mnemosurgery works for the Metamorphers AU. Trepan here has injectors in both hands - one that’s a slightly older model where his arm was entirely replaced with the tool (it also doubles as a data storage unit/buffer against psychological and mental side effects), and one that’s a slightly newer “hidden” design that’s all subdermal implants and reconstruction.

also, some Overlord! I overdid the lips but I don’t care, I love them. also, you may be wondering: did I design Trepan entirely so I could draw stupid Overpan interactions??????

………………. don’t judge me.