Awards in animation are a broken system: like Jack said, it’s not really a win or a loss for anyone in the end.  Not until they start taking animation seriously and giving it the consideration it deserves equal to live action films and efforts.

What matters is that Toothless doesn’t understand and doesn’t care. And Baymax doesn’t understand and cares… about his patient.

Here’s the other baby bonding art

This gingerbread house replica of The Overlook Hotel from ‘The Shining’ is nearly 4 feet long, has a hedge maze made of Rice Krispies, and famous scenes from the film that can be seen in the windows.

The impressive display was hand made by Redditor eudicotyledon and her family as part of an annual tradition.

It’s made entirely out of gingerbread, icing, fondant, candy, and Rice Krispie Treats!

Everything from the wallpaper, carpet, and paintings to the ghosts and the bloody elevator is edible.

Basically, it’s perfect.



Every family has its own holiday traditions. Some families gather for a feast and gift exchange, some go out caroling or throw rocks at passing trains, and some probably take separate vacations. For the Keeling family in Los Angeles, Christmastime means making elaborate gingerbread models.This year the family spent two weeks working together to creating this incredibly detailed Gingerbread Overlook Hotel and Hedge Maze from The Shining.

“We worked on and off for about two weeks. My dad does all of the design from photos. We do one nearly every year - no duplicates.”

The entire diorama is made of gingerbread, icing, fondant, edible paper, Rice Krispies Treats, and different kinds of candy. The Overlook Hotel building measures nearly four feet long. Its exterior walls are covered with fondant and icing, the roof is covered with quinoa and powdered sugar, and the windows are made of melted Jolly Ranchers candies. The gingerbread hotel contains five different rooms, each depicting a scene from the movie, including the hallway in which the terrifying twins appear to little Danny Torrance, the walls of which are covered in wallpaper printed on edible paper:

The movie’s iconic hedge maze is made of green Rice Krispies Treats and includes a gingerbread Jack Torrance, collapsed and frozen at the center:

“And of course no gingerbread Overlook Hotel would be complete without the elevator spilling blood…” The blood was made using melted red Jolly Rancher candies. So clever!

Click here to view the entire photo series for this outstanding project.

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Overlooked Disney Scenes: Angry, Enchanted. 

If you don’t know it already let me notify you, Enchanted is GROSSLY underrated and by all means deserves a spot in the Disney classic collection. And this scene is one of the many in the film that proves that. Here Giselle begins to meet our reality in one of the most interesting ways. 

Throughout the early part of the film it was about how Giselle’s world affected ours, through break out song numbers, her animal friends, and even magic being brought to new york city. But here we see how the real world begins to affect what was once a more 2 dimensional princess character and give her some depth she didn’t even know she was capable of. She gets angry, an emotion she didn’t know about because most early princesses (whom giselle is based off of) weren’t ever portrayed in this manner. 

And she is delighted she can process the emotion in a fit that is both hilarious but also something of a realization for her. In Andalasia she never felt angry, she never knew what dates were, she never experienced infatuation, lust, or anything else beyond the idea of true love ending and beginning with a duet in the woods. Not something that culminates over time and takes work, and in this scene she realizes something that rather shakes her foundation. That is she is in love with Robert in a way that isn’t usually allowed for her type of character. I mean you would never see a princess stare at a prince’s skin or play with his chest with her fingers. Giselle is literally experiencing something she likely wouldn’t have in Andalasia, and it really trips her out.

I mean the look on her face alone after he breaks the situation before anything happens is beyond stellar acting on Amy adams part. She falls into her chair but in such a sense of shock before uttering “Oh my”. This is the scene where you literally see her leave from being that 2 dimensional princess to someone rather real because our reality is now starting to affect hers. Also props to whoever scored the film for putting in a tiny little reprise of “That’s how you know” right when Giselle sits in the chair. Because that entire scene is exactly how you know he’s your love.


Adam Savage (from MythBusters) recently created an awesomely detailed accurate scale model replica of the sinister hedge maze on the grounds of the haunted Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror film version of Stephen King’s The Shining. Savage threw himself into this Tested project with a level of obsession that would’ve made Jack Torrance proud. Here’s hoping the model doesn’t turn out to be haunted too.

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