Forgotten Filmmakers: Arthur Penn

You may know him for “Bonnie & Clyde”, but he also did a lot of amazing stuff, like…

Pictured are “Mickey One” (1965), “Target” (1985), “The Missouri Breaks” (1976), and “Night Moves” (1975).

Penn had a genius that sometimes recalled greats like Orson Welles. By the 70s he wasn’t big box-office anymore so critics and audiences forgot about him. Don’t you forget him!

mynonuniverse  asked:

For the fandom thing, could you do Harry Potter ? I'm curious xxx

• the character i least understand - hm, nobody really, they were all well fleshed-out
• interactions i enjoyed the most - the golden trio
• the character who scares me the most - voldemort
• the character who is mostly like me - maybe hermione but i’m nowhere near as good as her
• hottest looks character - harry
• one thing i dislike about my fave character - nothing about the character specifically, more how the movies totally overlooked funny sarcastic harry
• one thing i like about my hated character - my most hated character is umbridge so nothing at all
• a quote or scene that haunts me - dumbledore’s death really messed me up more than all the rest
• a death that left me indifferent - none of them? some were really sad and some really yay
• a character i wish died but didn’t - nobody, but plenty if the question was the other way around 😢
• my ship that never sailed - nothing really? i don’t usually have non-canon ships