Elsword PSA: Time Tracer's Skills!

Time Tracer has finally been released, and of course, he’s got a whole bunch of new skills! TTr’s skills focus on warping time and space to damage enemies, move around, and introduce some rather interesting abilities unique to this class.

This post will go through his skill tree and discuss all of his skills. There will be pictures, statistics, and videos! Click the little rectangles to view the videos. The videos here aren’t mine; they’re all uploaded to YouTube by other people, mainly the ones who provide the videos for ElWiki. So thanks to them for taking the time to record themselves using these moves and putting them up for everyone to see! (and plz don’t get mad at me for using them…) Also, thanks to everyone who translates new Elsword info from Korean into English and posts it on ElWiki and other sites!


Nasod Armor Mode - Overlimit [Passive] - Center Column

Like all other first job classes, 1 SP has already been invested into this skill for you. And like all of Add’s other classes, TTr has access to some Nasod Armor extension combos. And just like Arc Tracer, TTr gains two Nasod Armor combos and one regular combo, and just like Mastermind, DE doesn’t get any extension combos; just two normal ones. Okay, he’s basically a copy of AT/MM. Boring!

lol no, just kidding. There’s waaaayyy more to this passive than just the combos. This passive also unlocks two unique features called “Overlimit” and “Spacial Movement”.

Overlimit: When in DP Mode (awakening), all of his skills will use DP instead of MP and recover a little MP as well. That means if a skill normally uses 100 MP, it’ll use 100 DP in awakening. Also, skills in non-DP Mode will use MP (duh) and recover DP. Essentially, TTr uses and regains MP and DP a lot faster than his brothers.

In addition, Overlimit causes the cooldowns of all his special actives to be doubled. Yes, you read that correctly. Cooldowns are doubled. Now, before you go raging about this class and how dumb this feature is, keep reading this post. Because Add does have a way of counteracting this…

Spacial Movement: In non-awakening mode, Add can move through space by using 1 Dynamo Mutation Point. Normally, when Add activates his Nasod Armor combos in DP Mode, he teleports to the enemy and then begins his combo. For Time Tracer, he can perform the teleport in non-DP Mode as long as he has 1 Dynamo Mutation Point. However, he cannot execute any of his Nasod Armor combos afterwards. Still, it’s a pretty cool feature.

Oh yeah, and TTr also has that Basic Magic Training passive no one cares about… Moving on.


Void Impact [Special Active] - Center Column

MP/DP usage: 100 MP, recovers 20 DP

Cooldown: 9 secs.

Remember, in DP Mode, this skill will use 100 DP and recover 20 MP instead, and the cooldown will double to 18 seconds. Also, if you watched the video, you will see that Add uses another weird skill halfway through the video. That’ll be revealed later…

With this move, Add is able to generate subspace by amplifying the energy of the closest target and tear them apart. It’s a quick 100 MP move that’s essentially a homing move, since it targets the nearest enemy (not like Add has a million homing moves already…). You can also follow up with Nasod Armor extension combos in DP Mode. Overall, a nice, simple move.

Library of Limitless [Passive] - Right Column 

TTr also has access to Library of Limitless, which is positioned in the right column, just like his brothers. It increases his MP regeneration rate while in DP Mode and decreases his knockdown rate. But you probably knew that already.


EMP Shock [Special Active] - Center Left Column

MP/DP usage: 200 MP

Cooldown: 15 secs.

Just like PT and AT, TTr has EMP Shock. I’m not going to put a video of this here, since you probably know what this move looks like already. To quickly sum it up, it does damage, but it also burns your enemies’ MP and increases the cooldown of your enemies’ skills. The last two features are more for PvP, but the damage this skill deals can be nice for PvE. Also, jn DP Mode, EMP Shock costs 200 DP instead and have a cooldown of 30 seconds for TTr.

Oh, and EMP Shock is not the only skill you can choose at level 30! Introducing…

Void Field [Special Active] (LOCKED) - Center Right Column

MP/DP usage: 150 MP, recovers 30 DP (150 DP, recovers 30 MP in awakening)

Cooldown: 15 secs.

As you may have guessed, you’ll need to do a skill quest to get this skill. Void Field deals damage to all enemies surrounding Add. Additionally, he gains super armor while the skill is active. Also, enemies cannot attack, awaken, move, or jump for 3 seconds after the skill finishes. This feature is called “Bondage” (giggity).

Although it isn’t demonstrated in this video, the duration of this skill can be extended to deal more damage by holding the skill key. When extending it, you’ll use more MP (DP in awakening), and Add will stay in super armor. It’s quite similar to Code: Electra’s Sweep Rolling. They both cost 150 MP, can be extended by using more MP, and provide super armor.

This skill looks kinda cool, but I think the problem with it is that it deals small amounts of damage over a long period of time. In most cases, you want to deal a huge amount of damage in a shorter amount of time. Furthermore, throughout the entire duration of the skill, you can’t do anything else. So while you’re trying to do something with this move, your teammates are probably going to rush in and either kill everything before you even get a hit in or push them out of the field. The “bondage” feature is cool, but then again, people in PvP might gain a lot of MP from the initial skill cast and/or mana break out of it. For PvE, it could be helpful, but it’s probably better just to finish off your enemies quickly.

For PT, his alternative to EMP Shock is Quake Buster, which is extremely powerful in PvE and PvP. AT has Panzer Buster, which is great for PvE, but may not be so good in PvP. But for TTr, when trying to compare EMP Shock and Void Field… I dunno. I’ve never really liked EMP Shock, but now it seems like a more viable choice here.

But enough about this skill. Let’s move on to the next row, which contains one of the most interesting skills out there!


Dynamo Configuration - Magnetron [Active] - Center Left Column

MP/DP usage: 45 MP

Cooldown: 9 secs.

… okay, I didn’t mean this skill. So yeah, another shared skill (bleh…) You already know what this does. We’re done here.

Dynamo Configuration - Space Crack [Active] - Center Right Column

MP/DP usage: 45 MP

Cooldown: 9 secs.

It’s kinda like a mini Void Impact. I don’t think Space Crack automatically targets the nearest enemy, but you can deal more hits with this skill by holding the skill key and moving forward. The additional hits will consume more MP (DP in awakening).

It could be a nice, low-cost skill for you, but depending on how similar its mechanics are to Void Impact, you may or may not want to take this skill if you already have VI. It’s kinda like Lunatic Psyker’s Quicksilver Accel and Twirl Rush. They’re nearly identical to each other, so there’s not much reason to take both.

But this is not the cool skill that has been hyped about. Nope. It’s the skill that sits to the right of Space Crack in the right column. And it’s name is…

Seal of Time [Buff] - Right Column

MP/DP usage: varies depending on the skill’s level

Cooldown: 30 secs.

That’s right. A buff. This makes Time Tracer the second class to have a buff unique to his job path, the first being Dimension Witch and her Seal of Acceleration. Cool, huh? But what exactly does this buff do? Well, it does two things.

1) It reduces the cooldowns of TTr’s skills and his allies’ skills. At level 1, it’ll reduce cooldowns by 2 seconds, but when maxed out (skill level 14, user level 69), it’ll reduce them by 28 seconds! This feature makes Seal of Time a must-have for any TTr. Because TTr’s passive “Overlimit” is automatically unlocked for you, your skills’ cooldowns will always be doubled when you’re in DP Mode. To counteract that, you can use Seal of Time to reduce and potentially reset your doubled cooldowns.

Your teammates will also love you for this buff. Most people have no problem recharging their MP. The main issue they encounter is with the cooldowns. They’ll fire off a 300 MP move, recharge their MP with combos and whatnot, get their MP back to 300, and… wait for 10 seconds. I’ve had this problem many times with my other characters. But if you have a TTr in your party, you can fire off your favorite moves a lot faster!

Note: Seal of Time cannot reduce the cooldowns of Hyper Actives, the wedding skill, and other buffs, including itself. 

2) It allows you and your teammates to defy time. HUH!?

Defy Time Ability: When the buff is first activated, it records the current HP, MP, DP, Way of the Sword, Nature’s Force, Cannonballs, Spirit Energy, Chivalry, and Dynamo Mutation Points of you and your allies. If anyone is killed while the buff is still active, that person is automatically resurrected, and their HP, MP, etc. are reset to their recorded values.

… Homura, is that you?

Wow, TTr is going to be really annoying in PvP, especially 3v3. If you utilize this skill properly, you can potentially recover A TON of HP for you and your allies. Oh, you thought you killed that Time Tracer and his friends in a PvP match? NOPE! Time reversal! They’re back from the dead! Or rather, since time has been reset, they never died in the first place! In PvE, this ability can be very helpful if you’re fighting a powerful boss.

Defy Time takes priority over other resurrecting abilities, such as Yama Raja’s Resurrection passive. Also, this ability lasts for 15 seconds when maxed out, which is pretty nice. If you know someone in your party is about to die very soon, you can use it to save them.

This move is insane. Definitely take it to reduce your cooldowns and DEFY THE LAWS OF TIME!!!


Maximum Strike [Special Active] - Center Left Column

MP/DP usage: 300 MP, recovers 60 DP (reversed in DP Mode)

Cooldown: 25 secs. (increased to 50 in DP Mode. See why you need Seal of Time?)

This post isn’t over yet. We still have one last row to go through! Up first is Maximum Strike. Add generates a spatiotemporal body of 6 super vibrating atoms in the air with the violent ripples of space-time for a period of 60 seconds. There’s summoning damage, but these spiky balls won’t do any more damage until you fire them. To fire them, press the skill key again. When you do, one of the atoms will target the last enemy you hit. The atom will pierce the target and create an explosion. You can fire 1 atom every second. Also, the skill icon changes to this after the initial summon:

As mentioned earlier, this skill lasts for 60 seconds. If you still have atoms left by the time the skill runs out, you will recover 25 DP for every remaining atom. It functions similarly to Psychic Tracer’s Stasis Field, which returns MP if the field isn’t detonated by the time the skill ends.

Furthermore, you can boost this skill with a maximum 3 Dynamo Mutation Points in DP Mode. This will increase the damage of this skill by 10% per Mutation Point. 

This skill can be nice in PvP. You can use it to hit targets from further away or nab those pesky runners. For 2v2 or 3v3, you can potentially hit multiple targets. In PvE, it works well against large groups of NPCs. If you have a bunch of them in a straight line, the atom can pierce them and deal hits on all of them. Pretty neat! However, it falls short when it comes to bosses. Against one enemy, the atoms won’t do much damage. Also, since most bosses aren’t that hard to hit, you don’t really need a homing skill when fighting them. If you want a bossing move, you will definitely want to take a look at Maximum Strike’s alternative…

Stardust Shower [Special Active] (LOCKED) - Center Right Column 

MP/DP usage: 300 MP, recovers 60 DP (reversed i- yeah, you get it.)

Cooldown: 25 secs.

More skill quests! Stupid Camilla… Do your own damn chores and give me the skill already. >.>

When Add uses this skill, he probably thinks, “hmm, this area here. You know this whole field right here? F*ck it, and everything standing on it. F*ck them all.” With Stardust Shower, Add opens a dimension gate to summon gravity spheres. They rain down onto the field surrounding Add, and the last sphere that comes down is a larger one that deals more damage.

Stardust Shower can also be boosted with a maximum of 3 Dynamo Mutation Points in DP Mode. When it’s boosted, the duration of this skill will increase by 0.33 seconds per Mutation Point.

For bosses in PvE, this is definitely the skill to take. It deals tons of damage in a concentrated area, perfect for bosses. If you’re doing Henir, where there are usually two bosses per stage, you can stand in between them and deal damage to both of them simultaneously. This skill also works well against large groups of enemies in PvE. Just hop into the middle of the mob, and everything around you will die. Overall, this skill is more diverse and flexible for PvE compared to Maximum Strike.

As for PvP, you can use it if you’re close enough to your opponent and deal loads of damage. However, they’ll probably mana break out of it, reducing this skill’s usefulness.

And lastly, TTr also gets…

Dynamo Configuration - Pylon [Active] - Right Column

MP/DP usage: 12 MP per orb

Cooldown: 15 secs.

… yeah, we all know about this move already. Don’t need to say much else about it.

That’s all there is for Time Tracer at the moment! So far, his skills look really cool and his time-warping ability is definitely something his foes should be worried about. He looks like a very promising class, and I can’t wait to see what he’ll get as Diabolic Esper next week!


The more you know…

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