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I have notes for the Swift Life app developers:

1. There’s too many feeds. Just give me mine and Taylor’s.

2. Why are there built in games and things to collect? Just give me the emojis and a place to post them.

3. Why is posting so difficult? Have options like Tumblr does. Text, Photo, Video, Audio. And put all this photo building stuff (taymojis, text overlays, photo backgrounds) into the picture editor should you need it.

4. Why are their fan levels? It promotes unneeded competition between fans. It’s unnecessary.

5. The notification space is hard to use. It’s just organized rather oddly. It needs to be simpler.

6. Why is every post under review all the time. The restrictions are so so so tight. It drives people away from the app. Is this really the audience you’re going for? If so go for it. But it’s limiting you to a young young audience.

7. It drains so much battery. Why!?!

8. Why are we buying and playing for packs? I’m just confused. Give them to us. And let us talk. This is just like number 2.

9. Is this a social app or a game? I’m confused. There’s so much going on.

10. It’s really unnessecary to shout lyrics at random. Build in a listening section instead. For us to stream her music (maybe in connection with Spotify or Apple Music) and then join people into a listening party.


That’s all I’ve got.