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If my “Two narratives overlapping to create one picture” meta is correct, John actually got a man’s phone number after flirting on the bus and Sherlock will be approached similarly by a woman in TLD.

No one is allowed to call me names or insult my intelligence unless you first read my “4th Agra Agent” meta I just posted on The Six Thatchers. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

So my theory says actions by our characters are overlapped with actions of other characters to create a completely false visual of reality in almost every scene in The Six Thatchers. It’s summed up best by this picture:

Boom. Two scenes happening at once. Two faces become one. Beautiful.

So this means John on the bus could be flirting with any other person in that universe. We see it as a woman because this is in Sherlock’s POV and he would naturally assume Three-Continents Watson would flirt with a woman. Balance of probability and whatnot. Even though John Watson has been shown as bisexual since the minute he said to Sherlock “You’ve got a boyfriend? No? You’re unattached, like me. Good.” and licked his lips in hungry anticipation. Seriously, if you haven’t picked up on this by now, you really need to go back and watch episode one. Better yet, watch the unaired pilot episode. It may make the rest of series 4 easier to swallow. 

We know Sherlock is getting a “friend” in The Lying Detective because the Sherlock fandom is crazy and we follow them around when they film in London. This woman is played by the same actress as the woman John meets on the bus. Hmmm. Very fishy indeed. My theory allows for this to happen though: Sherlock is the one who gets approached by that woman, John is the one who gets the phone number from a man. 

Imagine John gets on the bus and sees a beautiful man making googly eyes at him. John slicks his hair. John smiles and gets off the bus (or whatever mode of transportation he actually happens to be on). John finds he still has a flower in his hair. The man says “I like your daisy”. This would be a direct mirror to The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, where everyone thinks Watson is bisexual while wearing a flower in his hair. And we all know by now Moffat and Gatiss LOVE that movie.

“Half and half!”This is it.  Solved.  Case closed.  Byeeeeee.  

Continuing on anyways, the man says “I don’t usually do this sort of thing”, John flashes a smile and his wedding band, and accepts the number, later texting the man nothing but “hey”. He doesn’t cheat. The texts we saw are from either Sherlock or Harry (my bet in now on Sherlock), but he does run into him somewhere else as John texts him to break it off before it begins. BUT because Sherlock’s been the one constantly in contact with John and at the top of his inbox, John messages him the break-off text by mistake, giving Sherlock and therefore the audience the false impression John has been cheating on Mary with another woman. Whoa. 

The subtext of John’s blog says Sherlock will be getting a fake girlfriend (fake could mean imaginary) because Sherlock is a mirror for Chris Melas in The Geek Interpreter and the episode will revolve subtextually around queer people forcing themselves to be heterosexual against their will. Read my deductions here

So if mentally-unstable Sherlock gets the “girlfriend” who is actually the same woman John supposedly met on the bus, then John will be given the phone number of a man we may have already seen in Sherlock’s universe.  

Ready for The Lying Detective to seem like a trippy, fake reality that questions everything you’ve seen, but is really showing you actual events from previous and future episodes? I am.   

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My precious darling meimei kkumri​ has finished my commission!! Look at those beautiful flowers that I made her draw for me. Hahaha. I’m sorry for torturing your fingers. I’ll make it up to you on Tuesday okay! :D

I fell in love with her Nalu designs for snogfairy​‘s T&T fanfic and I just had to commission Ally to draw for me! LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS. *-* This is so going to be my phone wallpaper.

Please DO NOT repost this. I wanted Ally to make a huge watermark right across but she didn’t have the heart to overlap the picture since she spent so much time coloring this. I trust that you guys will respect Ally and not repost it.

Please give Ally all your love and support by commissioning her if you can!

‘The Star’ September 2015: “Good job, today”

INFINITE members changed into pajamas. Even though it was still early in the evening, they looked like they were about to go off to dreamland. When I asked if they liked today’s concept, Sunggyu said with his thumbs up, “As expected, only ‘The Star’ knows our heart.” It was expected; their eyelids should weigh more than a ton, with album promotion, individual activities, and world tour concert overlapping. ’The Star’ took pictures of them, catching the moment right before they drifted off to sleep, of their childlike, innocent faces.

I met INFINITE again. The only reason was because INFINITE was the cover of our magazine every summer. Of course, the other reason was that they were the most loved artist on our magazine. Even if they weren’t promoting ‘Bad’, we would’ve met them anyways, just because we always have. Spending our summer with INFINITE has become an official thing. This is our third meeting each other, in that way.

So handsome. L seemed like he knew it too, but he was lovable. He wouldn’t have been if he acted coy, but I was surprised by how down-to-earth and mischievous he was. He asked me for the questionnaire, asking and answering the questions himself. The editor just wrote down what he said. It was a funny situation. He apparently didn’t get to sleep much because his drama and group promotion overlapped. He said that after the promotion is over, he would like to spend some alone time somewhere quiet with his smartphone turned off, even for just a few days. ‘Mister Shark’, which he will start filming soon, is to be in theaters during the first half of 2016. That’s good. I’ll beg him to do another photoshoot with us, using his movie as an excuse.

Sunggyu was mature. I wasn’t sure if it was his actual personality, or if the crown of a leader made him this way. When I asked him if he was satisfied with the result of this promotion, he said that he actually didn’t set a goal. He said it was because after working hard for that goal, he may feel empty after achieving it. He said he was thankful that his members did so well despite all the big and small injuries. He was like an adult. When we asked him what his current interests were, he answered: political, social, and economic issues. We talked about sales volume of coffee and national price increases in oil. We’re not lying, it was for real.

Most of Sungjong’s sentences contained ‘It was nice.’ It was nice to go out on ‘Real Men’ and gain valuable experience. They didn’t have much time to prepare for the concert, but it was nice because they got to spend time with their fans. He said that the photoshoot today was nice too. For the editor too, it nice to meet Sungjong. Out of all the members, he was the most sociable. He also gave his opinion about the photoshoot concept with the most passion. We can imagine how it would be when we see him again next year; “Wow, hyung! It has been a year! It’s so nice to see you!”

Sungyeol was the one who liked this photoshoot concept the most. He was also the one who delivered a passionate speech about sleep. He said that he was so busy and tired that he couldn’t fall asleep. So he would end up spending the entire night reading through his script before going to shoot his drama. He would force himself awake, because he thought he would forget everything he memorized if he fell asleep. He apparently drank more than 10 cups of coffee on those days. He stretched himself out, saying that he should have more breathing room now. Sungyeol said that he wanted to go on a trip right after the drama was over. His destination would be the airport. When the time allows him, he would go wherever; domestic or international.

Hoya had the aura of an actor about him when I saw him again. Compared to a year ago, every word he said was more serious and carried more weight. Hoya said he was very regretful about this promotion. The reason was because he wanted to give an impressive, scream-inducing performance, but he injured his ankle. He was probably the most frustrated one, since he had to perform sitting in a chair for music broadcasts. He said that since he has some free time starting tomorrow, he will sleep to his heart’s content and change his hairstyle. It’s time for him to replenish his strength, pause and tie his shoelaces. But so what? His legs will heal soon, and we’ll be able to see him dancing happily on stage around this time next year.

Dongwoo kept singing at the photoshoot set. His booming voice rang loudly. He was a talkative one. He said he enjoyed talking about himself and also listening to other people. But I didn’t think that the latter was true. Anyways, he wanted to put his strength to good use and become a radio DJ. He wanted the radio PD’s to read that on this interview and scout him. He would do well, because he proved his worth. The editor ended up getting counseled on his love life instead of getting on with the interview. He said that we should meet up later for a drink and talk about whatever we couldn’t finish talking about today. Since I wrote the part about Dongwoo wanting to become a radio DJ, I hope that he would treat us out on some drinks next time.

Woohyun couldn’t come because he was sick on the day of the photoshoot. We wanted to see his sculpture-like, handsome face. We missed his clear and cool voice, which befit a hot, lazy summer afternoon. His absence was very noticeable. So I got INFINITE to promise that all of them would be here together next year. I plan to meet INFINITE again next year around this time, even if I have to chase them down to the other end of the earth on a plane!

Individual cuts:
SG: I have a hard time falling asleep usually. So I’m late to my appointments often. Hahaha. Read a difficult book when you’re not sleepy, because that will knock you out instantly. It’s also nice to have a foot bath with warm water. But the best remedy is being tired. If you work hard during the day, then you’ll sleep well at night.

DW: I imagine a lot of things before I go to sleep. ‘Since I did this today, I’ll do that tomorrow’, planning ahead of time. They say that writing down your plan is the best, but I have a hard time doing that. So instead, I go through it in my imagination. Sometimes, I even get to experience it first in my dreams; kind of like a rehearsal? 

HY: I try to not sleep, no matter how tired I am. I feel like even that short period of time breaks my flow, whether or not I’m on stage or acting. I think it’s because of my personality; I need to concentrate on one thing.

SY: Before falling asleep, I always read my script. ‘D-Day’ has a lot of medical terms. I understand them in my head, but it’s hard for me to say them. There’s a dog at our house, so I keep eye contact with him/her as I memorize my lines.

L: I have the habit of going through how my day went with my smartphone before I go to sleep. I check INFINITE schedules and plan things that I like to do, like my workout schedule or acting lessons. I like that my day goes smoothly if I check my schedule the night before.

SJ: When I lie down to go to sleep, I think about a lot of things. You can’t be satisfied all the time, right? I have a lot of regrets for this promotion. But I think I was able to grow this much because of my regret and self-reflection. I guess in a way, all those thoughts before I fall asleep could be my driving force.

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