overlapping circles

We haven’t seen or spoken to each other in the longest time… In fact we live almost completely separate lives now, except for where the outer parts of our social circles overlap. And though we may not hear from each other anymore – we do still hear about each other from time to time.  
I often wonder what happens when you hear my name. Do you feel even one of the plethora of emotions I experience whenever somebody talks about you? Or is it just me because I was never able to let go? We may be distant enough that we don’t run into each other, but we’re not so far apart that we couldn’t reach out to one another if we really wanted to. But we don’t and that’s what says it all really isn’t it. We don’t contact each other… we stay right where we are, each within the confines of our own little circle never crossing that imaginary line. And the funny thing is that despite the fact we have different feelings towards the current situation, we both keep things the way that they are for the same reason: because you’re happy with your life the way it is.

gravitality  asked:

I have two questions! First: have you ever thought of doing a tarot card suit for your characters? I think it'd work really well for them! And two: help me how do I draw legs


Hi!! I’ve absolutely been thinking about that, yeah, in fact I recently talked about that to my boyfriend just recently. It’ll likely happen after october! And to answer your second question! I made a thing on legs that i hope you’ll find useful!!

So. I’ve already explained basics on legs here, but I don’t think it hurts to go through some extra details to help you understand legs some more.

The very basic thing is to imagine legs as teardrops. Again, this has already been covered in said tutorial above, but I figured it’s still good to mention even the most basic thing that I know of. I still highly recommend you check it out to get in more detail and to see some other examples and practices that you do. But basically, think of legs in the shapes of teardrops, when it comes to shape. If you need a simple stick-figure to connect the legs in the first place, make sure that they bend at the knees a bit so that the legs don’t come off as stiff and unnatural. 

As you can see, this method works perfectly for realistic legs as it does for stylistic ones. Remember to use these as a guideline, never to be the exact base of the legs you will be drawing. If you draw traditionally, remember not to draw these guides too hard, or they will be hard to erase/do freestyle!

But how do you actually draw out the legs without drawing them perfectly straight, as shown to the left? The trick is to add volume to them, and how you do that can be winged to your own liking. The idea is to think in curves. As no leg is perfectly straight. You may make these curves minimal if you don’t want them to be curvy, but keep in mind, still, that not even your own bones are perfectly straight, so it is highly recommended that you make them bend, at least a little. 

It all depends on how you draw them as well. Say you put your legs together, as shown in this picture, what happens to the fat and muscle? Naturally, they press together, much like how thighs squish on the surface when you sit down (I’m sure most people know what I’m talking about). Make sure this shows in your art! This is very important to keep in mind, because it makes it all look more natural and believable. Try to cross your legs or stand up and sit down again for real-life examples!

The same applies for stretching your legs, more or less, except they appear to become more ‘hollow’ and slimmer. They become less soft to the touch, too, and might show. Try stretching your legs and feel where the muscles tense and where it feels ‘hollow’. This is very helpful with your art.

Many leg tutorials talk about legs without mentioning the behind. It requires a tutorial on it’s own, in all honesty, but this is the most simplest way to draw it connecting to the legs. Remember that it comes in many different shapes, and this is just a super basic guide! Two circles overlapping, while following the line and flow of the legs. Remember the muscle/fat as mentioned above!

Okay, so we got the basics of leg shapes figured out? What if you want o draw them in a certain pose, or with a certain silhouette, but perhaps do not have the reference for it? Or you want to blend your style into it? The key is to not shy away from doodling the form. Make mess, draw lightly and don’t care about the anatomy. That way you’ll get everything down without it appearing stiff. You can clean up the sketch later, always, and if you can, use a reference after you have drawn your pose, to correct your drawing.

Remember that the hips do a lot to the pose of the legs! Make sure they are in flow with your legs, so that it can look more natural. Remembers that hips ‘rotate’ with the spine.

I’ve talked about this method before when it comes to posing, and the same applies for the legs. One way to make legs appear ‘steady’ is to picture them standing in a line, and one of those legs need not to stray from the lines too much, making it steady. If you want a dynamic pose despite the steady pose, you can always have the other leg stray from the line, since it only matters that one leg is steady. This method can create good, casual poses without making them appear boring. (also notice how the teardrop shapes are used here, despite the highly stylized legs)

Do you want a highly dynamic pose, or them to appear unsteady, then skip the line entirely and make both legs aim away from it completely. As you can see, the legs appear more moving, in action, as if they’re fighting, falling, or dancing. As you can imagine, this is not a pose that one could stay steady on, suggesting that it’s taken mid-movement. More about posing and this ‘line’ method is talked about in this tutorial.

Hope this helped you, if you have any questions let me know, and if you’d like to check out all my tutorials they can be found here!

ay yo i see posts sometimes about how to make a circle in SAI that involve using a round brush and then erasing the middle which does work but can result in some sloppy looking circles so ok listen up here’s what you do

start the same, use a round pencil brush at the largest size and just tap it once to make your solid circle

ok but then what you do is you select the area around it with the magic wand

and then you use the INCREMENT tool in the selection options

hit that bad boy a few times until the selection overlaps inside the circle

then go back to selection tools and INVERT the selection

then just ctrl+x that useless shit outta there

Obviously this would be super unnecessary if SAI had a basic-ass shape tool but we’re fucking savages who make do with what we’re given so stop making sloppy circles with your eraser tool and abuse increments like a champ

Write What You Know (Not Necessarily What You’ve Experienced)

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I’ve recently written a post about the true meaning behind the quote “good writers borrow; great writers steal.” 

Well, another piece of writing advice has come under scrutiny lately, so I’m here to explain the meaning behind “write what you know.” 

“Write what you know” really means “write what you understand.”

Many people interpret “write what you know” to mean “write about what you have experienced for yourself,” but that’s obviously silly advice. If everyone followed it, libraries would be much, much smaller. Writing is about using your imagination to explore worlds of possibilities. Bits and pieces of your personal history will of course come into play, but they should always be presented in new and interesting ways. Otherwise, writers would be too bored to actually finish their stories.

When people you think you should probably trust tell you to “write what you know,” they aren’t telling you to fictionalise your own memoir. They’re telling you to write about the things that you understand

A novel may be a great series of lies, but there must be truth at the centre of it all and that truth is a direct result of, and in correlation to, the author’s understanding of their subject matter. 

For an author, this means a couple of things:

You should always be able to empathise with your characters. You should be able to tap into your emotions, your passions, your relationships to inform their emotions, their passions, their relationships. 

If you’re writing a scene about two people walking along the Seine at midnight unable to admit their true feelings for each other, you don’t need to have traveled to Paris or walked along the Seine or talked about the moon on the water when really all you wanted to say was that the same moonlight was making the other person look very pretty that night. 

What you need is to know what it is to take a walk in a place that is romantic no matter if romance is taking place there, to have wanted to say something but been too afraid to say it, to be filled with hope and fear and misery and joy all at the same time. 

You should always be able to feel the heart of the scene, instead of simply imagining it. 

If you can’t put yourself directly into your character’s shoes, they’ll wind up saying or doing something that won’t quite ring true.  

You should always be both interested in and knowledgable about the topics and settings that find their way into your stories. 

You don’t have to be an archaeologist to write an Indiana Jones novel, but a healthy fascination with people like T.E. Lawrence, Roy Chapman Andrews, and Gertrude Bell should probably come into play.

You should always not only be knowledgable about the topic you’re writing about, but care for it. You should be able to understand why Indy says it belongs in a museum!!” You should understand why your characters feel passionate about whatever they’re engaging in, because you share some of that passion. (Even if you wouldn’t dream of digging around in a desert yourself.)

It’s okay if you don’t know very much about a topic when you first get an idea for a book, but after doing some research about it, you should connect to the material in some way. 

As long as you’re interested in a topic or place, you’re not breaking the “write what you know” rule by taking the time to understand something you hadn’t when you first imagined your story. 

What’s more: write the kind of story you enjoy reading.

That sounds a little obvious, but people try to write stories they wouldn’t actually enjoy reading themselves all of the time. 

If you love reading YA fantasy novels, but feel compelled to write the next Great Literary American Novel, you’re not writing the sort of story you’re familiar with–that you’re passionate about–and that will show on every single page. Those are two very different sort of books. If you love reading YA, exclusively read YA, but try to write the GLAN, you’re not writing what you know. You’re probably not even writing something you truly care about.

And if you find the story you’re writing dull and uninteresting, any reader will probably feel the same way. 

If someone has read your work and says something along the lines of “you should stick to writing what you know…” 

What they’re really saying is that something isn’t resonating as true. That somehow, it doesn’t feel quite real. That they don’t think the characters’ emotional reactions are what they’d be in real life. Or that Indiana Jones is supposed to be a renowned archaeologist, but he doesn’t seem to know much about archaeology??? 

When they say this, they’re not telling you to go get a degree in archaeology or that in order to write that romantic scene, you must fall in love with someone, walk along the Seine with them, and then write what about what you felt in that moment. 

They’re letting you know that there is a disconnect somewhere between you and the writing. That they can tell you haven’t put enough of yourself in this story. That the circles don’t overlap as much as they should in the venn diagram between the knowledge, emotions, and interests the story requires and the knowledge you possess, the emotions you’ve felt, and the interests you invest in. 

When somebody says “write what you know,” ask yourself:

  • if you’ve really done enough research on this topic–if you actually want to write about this topic enough to do the required research 
  • if there’s another emotional well you can draw from to understand how a character might be feeling, how they might react to a circumstance
  • if this book is one that you yourself would pick up from a library shelf. 

And make sure there’s a core of truth within those all those lies. 

Circle packing theorem

Recently I heard about this surprising theorem. I already knew about Fáry’s theorem: if a simple graph can be drawn on the plane without crossing edges (i.e. if the graph is planar), then it can always be drawn in such a way that all edges are non-crossing straight lines. Hence, restricting to straight-line edges doesn’t give a strictly smaller class of planar graphs. I found this to be quite surprising already.

However, much more is true: you can always draw a simple planar graph in the plane in such a way that you can place non-overlapping circles on the vertices, such that two circles touch if and only if the corresponding vertices are joined by an edge. In particular, the drawing clearly satisfies the result of Fáry’s theorem. This result is called the circle packing theorem.

Yes, Virginia, there are radfems who aren’t TWERFs, who put things like “TERFs fuck off” in their headers, and reblog all the positivity posts about trans wlw. 

IMHO, this is one of the main ways that TERF rhetoric and philosophy becomes widedpread in the community. People think that the only dangerous or fucked-up part is hating/oppressing trans women, and vehemently oppose that (rightly!) while adopting pretty much everything else. 

And then other folks come across the “pretty much everything else” and don’t realize where it comes from, because THEY’RE not reblogging from TWERFs, THEY’RE yelling at any TWERFs they find… and they don’t realize they’re reblogging from people who don’t realize they’re following TWERFs. 

Image is an off-center (sorry) venn diagram titled “The Venn Diagram of Radical Feminist Tumblr,” on a pink gradient background.

The pink left-hand circle is T(W)ERFs, and the only item that’s ONLY in that circle is:

“Opposes trans women because they are considered ‘men,’ and supports trans men because they are considered women. 

“(Note that ‘support’ here only means 'misgenders and tokenizes them and pressures them to detransition,’ and can mean 'ruthlessly doxxes them because all trans people are bad’)”

The pink right-hand circle is “Anti-TWERF Radfems.” The only item that’s only in THAT circle is “Opposes trans men because they are men, and supports trans women because they are women”.

The center, where the circles overlap, i.e. the beliefs common to both groups, includes: 
* Opposes non-binary genders and doesn’t think they exist, or thinks of them as slight variations on male and female
* Thinks of genders as being defined by oppression
* Thinks of sexual orientations as primarily being defined by their oppression, and sees oppression as moving them closer or farther from “straight”
* Opposes sex work and the sex industry
* Opposes BDSM and “kink”
* Thinks of patriarchy as the main root of oppression
* Thinks of socialization as being binary and separate - you only get either male or female socialization
* Opposes inclusion of GNC people under trans umbrella b/c thinks of “trans” as implying transition
* Thinks of women/girls as universally positive, men/boys as negative, sometimes w/exceptions for men/boys who are oppressed or allies
* Values “prioritizing” women, in a way where the more your personal life focuses on women, the better you are perceived by the group

This is just what I’ve observed from reading Tumblr; please feel free to add or correct things. 

please note:

The single ideas on the outskirts are not less harmful than the list of ideas in the center. 

Opposing Trans Women, specifically, represents an entire platform of fucked-up ideology, harassment, misgendering, etc. (Currently, it particularly represents pushing really hard for bathroom laws and against letting young people of any gender transition; consistently portraying trans women as sexual predators and as violent; and, mainly outside of Tumblr, an ableist push to keep autistic people from being allowed to identify as trans and to transition.) 

Opposing Trans Men is significantly less fucked up because it at least doesn’t include misgendering binary trans people, (although it usually still includes misgendering nb ones), and because it’s not used to legislate against trans people, harm autistic people, or push to prevent anyone from transitioning. (It does, however, often include portraying trans men as sexual predators and as violent.) 

(Plz also note: not all radfems embrace or care about every single item in the center; these are the most common points I see them sharing. Many of them will focus on just one or a few issues, often in addition to more common feminist positions such as reproductive freedom and opposing misogyny.

The inclusion of more common positions often serves to make the radfem positions seem more positive/harmless – “this person is totally right about X, therefore New Idea Y must also be true!”

I’m not using TERF/TWERF interchangeably above, btw. I’m specifically distinguishing between TWERFs who hate trans women and TERFs who think they’re not cissexist, but whose hatred of men somehow only gets expressed at trans men, and who join TWERFs in shitting on nonbinary people - usually but not always with an exception for nb people who identify as “woman-aligned/female-aligned”.)

  • everyone has a letter on their upper arm that disappears when they hug their soulmate for the first time
  • the letter is the first letter of your soulmate’s last name
  • the one on your arm happens to be a big, fat, “C”
  • you’ve met lots of people with C last names and hugged some of them too, 
  • yet the letter’s still there.
  • one day, your friend, seungkwan, invites you to meet some of his friends
  • which isn’t a new thing since seungkwan knows literally everyone and he feels like you also deserve to know everyone too
  • and seungkwan does what seungkwan wants
  • so……
  • you head over to the park to find seungkwan waving at you from next to a group of guys, some of whom you recognize and some of whom you don’t
  • you see your friends mingyu and seokmin 
  • you see two guys you’ve never met before - one wearing a yellow hoodie that reminds you of hollywood actors and a squishy looking dude who reminds you of a hamster
  • and 
  • you see a guy in a cap that says thug life (in comic sans gosh darn it) that you kind of know through lowkey overlapping social circles 
  • tbh, you’ve always thought the thug life guy was cute
  • but you still don’t know anything about him bc you’ve only seen him around
  • you’d like to know more though 
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • movinggggggg onnnnnnn
  • seugkwan drags you over and introduces you 
  • “this is Y/N, say hi”
  • *awkward waving from everyone*
  • “WASSUP HOMIE” from mingyu (bc he would)
  • seungkwan forces everyone to introduce themselves and you learn that hamster boy is kwon soonyoung
  • hollywood boy is called choi hansol but goes by vernon
  • and you finally get a name to put on thug life boy’s face.
  • choi seungcheol.
  • choi seungcheol.
  • Choi seungcheol.
  • his last name starts with a freaking C
  • la;sjdflsjdflajsdflasjdlfajsdlfkjasdlkfjas;dlfkjasdlkfjasdfl
  • al;skjf;lasjfl;askdjflaskdjfl;askdfj;lasdjf;alsjfa;lskdfjals;l
  • you try not to flip out bc he’s actual pretty darn close to your ideal type?
  • plus, he has extremely pretty eyes framed with the most gorgeous eyelashes ever 
  • me want
  • but you don’t get to fantasize for long because Seungkwan bursts your bubbles and you’re off to play games with all of them
  • you laugh more in those few hours than you have for a while
  • watching Seungkwan with the hansol kid is the actual funniest and cutest thing ever 
  • seungkwan treats the poor boy like a puppy who rejects his affection
  • he does look like a cute puppy
  • after that day, you find yourself hanging out with seungcheol, vernon and soonyoung more and more bc you discover they’re roommates 
  • and they happen to live literally only a block away from where you live
  • the group of you often hang out at the park and you quickly learn more about the boys
  • you hit it off with soonyoung (who you nickname hoshi or hosh for short) right away
  • his bubbly nature just clicked with you and the two of you are constantly fooling around together
  • with seungcheol, the two of you get close easily as well and conversation is always light and comfortable with him
  • besides that, you also keep finding more reasons why you want seungcheol to be your soulmate
  • he’s really kind?
  • and caring?
  • and he’s into music?
  • AND he even writes lyrics?
  • PLUS there’s freaking depth to him?
  • goddang. this boy is perfect.
  • can he please be your soulmate?
  • hansol is probably the one boy you don’t feel the instant friendship click with
  • maybe it’s bc he’s more introverted or 4D than the other boys
  • maybe its bc he doesn’t really approach you right away
  • maybe its because you’re too occupied with the other boys
  • you really dont know, but you and hansol dont grow uber close and something’s just not there
  • at this point he’s just the really good looking one with the spongebob laugh who seems to be off in his own little world
  • (none of that is bad)
  • anywhoo, yall are still a squad™
  • during your time with the boys you quickly learn that they’re all performers
  • the two chois rap and hosh dances along with a few of your mutual friends and some peeps you don’t know
  • one day, when you and a bunch of the guys are hanging out together, seungcheol invite you out to one of their performances
  • “hansol, mingyu, wonwoo, idk if you know him, and i rap. soonyoung dances with this 99 liner and some exchange students. seungkwan mcs the whole thing. you should come”
  • “sounds fun. i’ll finally get to see rap god mingyu in person. he always tells me he’s really good - we’ll have to see.”
  • mingyu looks hurt but that’s not your problem
  • when you agree, hoshi (being hoshi as well as overly excited) pretty much attacks you in a hug
  • the boys watch and laugh as you try not to choke and die a death by squishy hug
  • but then mingyu comes in and joins
  • then seungkwan
  • then everyone
  • and eventually seungcheol comes and hugs you too
  • and nothing happens 
  • :( 
  • you dont feel the buzzing on your arm that occurs as your letter disappears 
  • you can’t say you’re not disappointed
  • but you can’t dwell on it too long because hoshi decides to call an “official” group hug
  • the boys peel themselves off you, throw hansol and jihoon into the middle with you bc they were the only ones that hadn’t joined the hug yet
  • and then,
  • rehug
  • its all a mess and you kinda just squirm a bit in the pile of overexcited puppies boys 
  • you feel it
  • a buzzing on your upper arm right as you’re forced into a hug with choi hansol and lee jihoon while surrounded by the other boys
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and in the midst of all the excitement started by an overexcited squish (hosh)
  • you and hansol are staring at each other like wtf?
  • neither of you know what to do
  • bc you both felt it and you both know how to match initials with names
  • he’s a Choi
  • why didnt you figure it out before?
  • or at least consider it
  • but anywaysssss
  • weren’t soulmates supposed to click right away or something?
  • you’ve known each other for over a month and you’re still p awk?
  • don’t really talk or anything?
  • due to the hype of the moment (even though there isn’t much that needs to be hype about it tbh),
  • the two of you dont get to talk about it and nothing happens to your relationship other than some more awkwardness 
  • which isnt out of the ordinary for awk vernon and the two of you not being bffs isnt new to anyone
  • you still hang out with them and he still joins in too
  • nothing new
  • bc neither of you really know what to do
  • you do think about it a lot
  • and then you like ???? 
  • bc you dont get it
  • and what do you do?
  • you two weren’t that close to begin with
  • and he’s not the biggest extrovert ever so he’s not going to  approach you first
  • its all just
  • the day that you agreed to see the performance comes around and you make your way to the venue which is a stage in a park
  • you stand towards the front off to the left side a bit as you wait for the show to start
  • it opens with soonyoung and some of his friends dancing 
  • thats followed by vernon rapping and ngl, you’re pleasantly surprised at his skill
  • wow he could be on smtm
  • his lyrics lowkey make you want to cry
  • goddang this boy has been through a lot
  • and the girl featuring - eunwoo? - bless her voice
  • much respect to vernon for performing that song
  • there was always something about music and lyrics that resonated with you
  • seungcheol (who was introduced as scoups for god knows what ridiculous reason) was up after him 
  • after finding that seungcheol wasn’t your soulmate, you’d slowly gotten over your crush, 
  • but you maintained an admiration for him 
  • and when he got into the music like he was doing now
  • goddang
  • you’re appreciating the music, really feeling it, when you hear the voice of a dude standing behind you
  • “i don’t get why this is such a big deal. he’s literally just talking to a beat.”
  • oh no he didn’t 
  • he did not just go there
  • you whip around, about to give the man a piece of your mind bc
  • who is he to go around judging other people like this?
  • and does he really think it’s that easy?
  • people are pouring their freaking soul into their craft
  • rap isnt just talking to a beat
  • its got emotions 
  • its got skill and technique
  • its got stories
  • you’re about to blow up at this dude, esp since its your friends and an art form you love and respect that he’s dissing
  • “It’s not just talking to a beat”
  • you hear another voice that’s not yours say that as the same time as you
  • looking up, you notice that it’s vernon who was walking over after his stage
  • “it’s so much more”
  • “there’s so much that goes into it and so much that comes out”
  • “you can’t disregard it like that”
  • and as the two of you are sticking up for rap together, something clicks
  • you two have a connection
  • something in common
  • and that’s the first step in realizing that 
  • oh. 
  • this person really is my soulmate.
  • the change is not instantaneous 
  • but you two find that you have a lot to talk about, starting with music, that you’d never discovered due to the constant presence of others combined with your personalities
  • soon you two are talking all the time about literally everything
  • (seungkwan is often jealous, but you can’t really tell if its you or vernon he’s jealous of)
  • the more you talk with vernon,
  • the more you realize he’s been your ideal type all along
  • he has all the qualities you used to declare coups your ideal type, simply manifest in different ways, and much more
  • he’s not only caring, deep, and a musician
  • but hes also an older brother, the owner of the cutest laugh ever, someone who’d experienced the cruelty of the world and therefore wanted to help others even more, too pure for the world, an amazing confidant, the list goes on
  • and you find that while your soulmate isn’t the person you’d thought he’d be or the person you wanted him to be,
  • he’s even more perfect for you - more than you’d thought he’d be and more than you could’ve hoped for
  • and you’re so glad that he’s your soulmate

Written by Admin Sea

I’ve Fallen for You - Tom Redwood

Synopsis: It’s not meant to be a secret. Written as a birthday gift for the one and only @radycat <3.

Pairing: Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler

It’s not meant to be a secret, because it’s not meant to be anything. They find each other as the sun is rising, one morning when they both have time off. Angela looks tired, like a week’s worth of sleep would be too short, but her eyes are wide open, watery and blue in the gray-white light that streams in through the common room window. Fareeha is, and has been, leaning against one of the windows, one leg slung over the extended sill, half-sitting, half-perching, her arms crossed and her eyes on the horizon.

“Why is it always you?” Angela says, and Fareeha has to smile. The dimple in her left cheek shows. Angela stares at it, at Fareeha’s profile, cradled softly by the imminent dawn. She has a strong jaw, high cheekbones, soft-looking wet lips, long eyelashes.

“I could say the same of you.”

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To all the new Reylo shippers (a small little guide)!

Welcome to the Reylo family. We’re a diverse place full of awesome group of people from all around the world. You’ll never find a more creative and smart  bunch anywhere else in fandom. We’re packed full of metas, predictions, fan art, fanfiction, discourse, Kylo Ren thirsting, multishipping fun, gifs, memes, fan vids, podcasts, wacky headcanons and trashy kinky goodness!

Thanks to Star Wars Celebration 2017 being just as about Reylo blatant as you can get without telegraphing the obvious to the general public, we’ve seem to have gained quite a few new mutuals in our snug corner. I don’t know how many of you are completely new, have been hovering around the edges of fandom anonymously, are in fandom already but didn’t ship Reylo till now but for the sake of this post I’m going to treat you like you are new to Reylo and its accompanying subculture. 

For those of us who have been in the Reylo fandom for a long time (and Reylo started right after TFA came out) certain self-governing rules and forms of etiquette have become commonplace and even expected in our space. I feel it important to illuminate these to those who are new to whom it may not be readily obvious. Don’t worry, this isn’t like what kinks are acceptable or anything like that. 

For more, keep reading (or not)

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Klaine one-shot - “Problem Areas” (Rated PG13)

Kurt comes home from a rare Saturday work day, eager to go out on a date with his husband. But he finds Blaine acting strange, withdrawn, with odd Sharpie marks all over his skin. (2100 words)

Okay, so, I’ve been a little down on myself, and this is something I’ve been toying around with. I just recently got motivated to finish it. This is something that actually happened to me a long time ago when I started modeling, I was just way sassier back then with how I handled it xD I don’t know for sure if they do it now, but to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised. Warning for angst, body issues, self-esteem issues, and body shaming. Mention of Sam. Kurt and Blaine still attend NYADA, but Kurt works at Vogue.

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“Hey, honey! I’m home!” Kurt announces while he struggles with full hands to unlock the door to the loft. He’s relieved to finally be home. He hates working on Saturdays. Saturdays and Sundays are the only days he and Blaine get to spend 100% alone with each other. They turn off their phones, stay in bed all day, ignore the occasional knocks on the door from friends who can’t take a hint. Kurt loves his job at Vogue. He loves his boss, Isabelle. But Saturdays are reserved for him and his husband.

Thank God this only happens once in a blue moon.

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Crystal Grid Patterns

Hexagonal grids can be used for any intention because quartz crystal system is also hexagonal it is preferred to use quartz as the center stone around that center stone place your other stones at the 6 around the perimeter of the hexagon by drawing your own template you will be making your grade much stronger you can leave your template under your grid or you can carefully slide it out after you place your crystals it’s totally up to you.

The Flower of Life grid is created by overlapping evenly spaced circles this pattern can also be used for any intention you can simply just place your center stone and then put your other stones around the design wherever you feel the need to but remember to keep it symmetrical.

External image

The five pointed star is good for protection and purification of the energies in many cultures a five-pointed star helps with higher state of consciousness and deep meditation. Place your center stone and then put your other stones at each point.

External image

The square grid can add a dimension of stability to your environment and protection again just place your center stone and the grid stones at each point.

External image

The spiral grid is good for expansion creativity and feminine energy to place the stones in the spiral place your center stone in the middle or at the beginning point of the spiral and read it out loud with the positioning of the other stones. The phi spiral works best.

The infinity symbol grid is used to bring about endless abundance of anything like prosperity love health and wealth among others it is a symbol of unity perfection in the incident and the Earth’s cycles this bread is perfect for bringing about prosperity and abundance in any area of your life your center stone should be placed directly in the intersection and the other stones positioning along the perimeter of the design.

*writen in my own word from notes I made in CRYSTAL GRIDS by HIBISCUS MOON*

anonymous asked:

Your blog is amazing! I have a question though... when reading spells they usually start off with saying you need to cast circle. I know that it's about protection or whatever but how do you make one and why is it so necessary? If I just send the intention that i'm protected will that work or do i need things like a normal spell to make one before i even start my spell? Sorry if this is confusing.

Thank you for visiting my blog and your question is not confusing, don’t worry. :) I hope I can help provide you with the information you are looking for.

Okay so, a Magick Circle is beneficial to perform before you attempt any sort of magick because it simply acts as a precaution to stop any negative energies from bothering you while you’re at work. We all want our practice to go as smooth as possible and to keep ourselves safe, right? So, that’s where casting a Magick Circle comes in handy. It’s kind of like a comfort blanket, it’s a safe space where only you and whatever or whomever you ask to enter it with you are allowed to cross it.

Is it necessary to cast one if you’re already putting out the vibes for protection? This answer will depend on who you ask, but, I personally think that no, it’s not necessary in that case. Our minds are our most powerful tools and with that being said, casting a magick circle is pretty much all in visualisation anyways. But, I figure, if we’re already putting focus and intention into a spell and magick to begin with, then what is the harm in taking a few more minutes and going the little step further to ensure our protection? It is all up to you though, and the time you have to spare!

When it comes to tools needed to cast a Magick Circle, all that you need is your mind and a quiet space, really. Some people may sprinkle salts beforehand to create a circle around where they are working or sit with sage and incense to purify their space. Some may light four candles to represent the four directions, to represent their spirit guides/ancestors and some may even use colour coordinated ones that have to do with the specific magick being practiced (Example: Surrounded by a circle of white red and pink candles for protection during love spells). Myself, I just use my mind; partly because I am cheap and also mainly because it’s just the way that I feel works the best for me! So, I sit and imagine a beam of bright white light coming down and spiralling around me and outwards, taking over the room. I don’t really envision one single circle, I see it as myself in a small, confined circle with bigger circles on top of more circles overlapping, like multi-layered protection lol! From there, I imagine the beam moving to my crown chakra, filling my entire body with warm, white light and when I feel at peace and am no longer distracted by the world around me, I then move on to the other magick work I wanted to perform to begin with. :) 

TL;DR A magick circle is for protection, it is not necessary to create but, it is a great aid for your protection during casting/magick works and the best tool to use is your mind; other things are just fancy lil’ additions imho. :)

I hope this could help you out, take care and blessed be. x


Spoilers Warning! Do NOT read if you are not finished ACOWAR!

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m on my second, slower read of ACOWAR and this is when I read to digest what I’ve already sped past in my impatience to find out what happened, and came across this scene with the Carver:

“The Carver traced three overlapping, interlocked circles in the dirt. “You have met my sister—my twin. The Weaver, as you now call her. I knew her as Stryga. She, and our older brother, Koschei. How they delighted in this world when we fell into it. How those ancient Fae feared and worshipped them. Had I been braver, I might have bided my time—waited for their power to fade, for that long-ago Fae warrior to trick Stryga into diminishing her power and becoming confined to the Middle. Koschei, too—confined and bound by his little lake on the continent. All before Prythian, before the land was carved up and any High Lord was crowned.”
Cassian and I waited, not daring to interrupt.
“Clever, that Fae warrior. Her bloodline is long gone now—though a trace still runs through some human line.” He smiled, perhaps a bit sadly. “No one remembers her name. But I do. She would have been my salvation, had I not made my choice long before she walked this earth.“
“I waited and waited and waited, picking apart the story he laid out like crumbs of bread.
“She could not kill them in the end—they were too strong. They could only be contained.”

Three overlapping, interlocked circles - isn’t that the Eye of Elena?! The two in the middle and the one on the outside. Elena was a Fae warrior, and her bloodline is now only left in humans - Dorian and Aelin.
She couldn’t kill them and they could only be contained - LIKE IN THE EYE OF ELENA!!!!! Maybe I’m reaching, but my mind is blown until someone tells me otherwise.

Is it just me or has the secret life of pets been released several times over the past few years? How many times have I seen it coming soon to cinemas? 3? I feel like I’m in this universe where time is circling and overlapping itself and although I live each day differently the secret life of pets is perpetually coming soon, never arriving but always looming in the future, a future that will never be

well, today was The Pits