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“Sometimes I feel sure he is as mad as a hatter and then, just as he is at his maddest, I find there is a method in his madness.”

Bastille Complete Song List

Bad Blood (All This Bad Blood Disc I):

1. Pompeii

2. Things We Lost In The Fire

3. Bad Blood

4. Overjoyed

5. These Streets

6. Weight Of Living Pt. II

7. Icarus

8. Oblivion

9. Flaws

10. Daniel In The Den

11. Laura Palmer

12. Get Home

All This Bad Blood Disc II:

1. Poet 

2. The Silence

3. Haunt

4. Weight Of Living, Pt. I

5. Sleepsong

6. Durban Skies

7. Laughter Lines

Part II: Other People’s Heartache

- Previously On Other People’s Heartache…

1. Of The Night

2. The Draw

3. What Would You Do

4. Skulls

5. Tuning Out

Bad Blood Remixes:

-Bad Blood (Lunice Remix)

-Bad Blood (F*U*G*Z Remix)

-Bad Blood (Mele Remix)

Haunt EP:


Flaws EP:

-Durban Skies

-Flaws (Cinematic’s in My Soul Remix)

-Flaws (Live from the Scala)

Laura Palmer EP:

-Thinkin ‘Bout You (feat. O.N.E)

-Laura Palmer (RAC mix)

-Laura Palmer (Imagine Dragons remix)

-Laura Palmer (Kat Krazy Remix

Pompeii (Remixes) EP:

2. Poet

3. Pompeii (Tyde Remix)

4. Pompeii (Monsieur Adi Remix)

5. Pompeii (Kat Krazy Remix)

Overjoyed EP:


Things We Lost in the Fire Remixes

-Things We Lost in the Fire (Torn Remix)

-Things We Lost in the Fire (SaneBeats Remix)

-Things We Lost in the Fire (Tyde Remix)

-Things We Lost in the Fire (beGun Remix)

Other Remixes:

-Flaws (Astronaut Remix)

-Get Home (Dogtanion Remix)

-Overjoyed (Yeasayer Remix)

-Things We Lost in the Fire (Matta Remix)

Other People’s Heartache:

1. Adagio For Strings (ft. Maiday)

2. What Would You Do (City High Cover)

3. Requiem For Blue Jeans

4. Of The Night

5. Titanium (ft. Barnaby Keen Band)

6. Love Don’t Live Here

7. Falling (ft. Ralph of To Kill A King)

Other People’s Heartache Pt. 2:

1. Tuning In (ft. HUMS Contemporary Choir)

2. Killer (ft. F*U*G*Z)

3. No Angels (ft. Ella)

4. Walk to Oblivion

5. Forever Ever (ft. Kate Tempest)

6. Dreams (ft. Gabrielle Alpin)

7. Thinkin’ Ahead (ft. Ric Elsworth & O.N.E)

8. Free (ft. Ella & Erika)

9. Sweet Pompeii (ft. Erika)

10. Basement (feat F.Strokes & F*U*G*Z)

11. Oh Holy Night


-We Can’t Stop (Miley Cryus Cover)

-Locked Out of Heaven (Mashup Cover)

-(I Just) Died In Your Arms (Cutting Crew Cover)

-No Scrubs (TLC Cover)

Acoustic Versions

-Overjoyed (Acapella)

-Flaws Acoustic

-Pompeii Acoustic

-Icarus Acoustic

-Laura Palmer Acoustic

Dan’s Solo Songs

-The Ride


-Starry Eyed

-When All of Our Friends Are Dead


-Words Are Words



-Foe (Through The Trees)

-Daniel In the Den (Demo)

Songs Featuring Bastille

-No One’s Here To Sleep - Naughty Boy

-Cannibals With Cutlery - To Kill A King

-Choices- To Kill A King & Friends

-These Streets - To Kill A King

Dan and Ralph Collaborations

-TelegRalph Road

-Keep Talking

-Electric Head


-New Blue Dress

-Colours of Love


Bastille // Sleepsong


BASTILLE // Overjoyed (a capella)

I NEED some singer friends to do this with me. Seriously.


Bastille // Overjoyed