It would have been pretty funny if everyone decided to just go with the flow and call Overhaul “OverHo”  😂. How did Rappa even manage to mess up his name, “Overhaul” is such an easy name to remember.

(^ I wonder what their official colours are, have their official colours been released yet?? I just went with what I thought looked nice 😅)

Overhaul Trying to Make Friends
  • Overhaul: "Lets play Shogi!"
  • Shigaraki: "Wtf...no...fuck your game. We came to talk!"
  • Overhaul: "Let's just try to get along now."
  • Shigaraki: "You discintegrated one of my guys and took away another's arm!"
  • Overhaul: *silence* "....................................sooooo Shogi is SUCH A FUN GAME!"

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How do you GENUINELY think this current arc is going to end? And what that would mean for the following arc?

Best case scenario- Eri is safe. Mirio took the serum and has his quirk again. Nighteye is getting fitted for a prosthetic arm. Aizawa safe. Overho and co arrested. The kiddos resting in the hospital.

However.. I’m thinking that Eri could be returned to her real father (does he even know about the experiments while he’s laid up in bed?). If not, then safe with the heroes but receiving treatment to overcome her abuse. Overho and co still gets arrested. Nighteye survives, but he is either temporarily incapacitated or he retires from the job. 
Mirio doesn’t get his quirk back because the heroes were unaware of a serum. 
Aizawa gets rescued. The kids are totally worn out and are in hospital until they get news alerts.
“Deku makes a smashing debut with the arrest of an underworld gang!”

Maybe, aha. As for the following arc, I’m not sure. Hopefully something a lot more light-hearted.

Also what fucks me up is Eri really belives if she goes back to Overhoe, he will fix everyone.

This level of abuse is never really shown quite this clearly in other shounen manga. An the worse part is Overhaul never had to say come back i’ll fixs your friends. No she thought of it all on her own and it fucked up. Cause she so young and so use to this. She honesty belives she can save them by doing this. An im like baby girl no. He will kill all of them and just say it all your fault.

I hope froppy grabs her and Mirio. Like it time they left shit is steady increasing. Deku up here about to lose his fucking arm without using ofa.

I feel like Horikoshi editor ran up behind him as Horikoshi tries to erase Dekus arm. Screaming no.

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Endeavor finds love for the first time in his pathetic life (he never loved his wife bc he's a piece of shit) in the double amputee villain, Overhaul. They elope to Chernobyl and live there, slowly rotting from radiation poisoning, together, for the rest of their shitty lives

Undeadvore found his other shitty half in Overhoe ljfslfjsldg how fitting for garbage men like them

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Can you do Rappa w a s/o that is tiny and fragile but still picks fights w everybody?

Kendo Rappa

• You’re his ideal type. He adores somebody with spunk for attitude despite their sizes to brawl. Maybe that’s how he met you firstly and he couldn’t resist how much it’s so adorable to him.

• Rappa pats your tiny head with his large hands whenever you start instigating spars with him, or at least try to anyways. He’s a very gigantic man who wouldn’t hurt you no matter how many times you pick a fight with him. He gives a laugh about it and watches you pout in disappointment.

• Okay, maybe you shouldn’t go too overboard with “fight me”, especially anywhere with Overhoe or his most truth-worthy subordinates . He does get scolded for this and will most likely shush you when you continue again.

• Probably lets you win anyways because why the heck not. Even if it’s out of characterization, he likes to wrestle with you playfully and hearing your giggling filling the boring atmosphere in the rooms.

• Should he let you into the battlements is up to whether or not you can handle enemies by yourself too. He would hate for you to be easily beaten with that tiny body. You’re always his little lover, and he will protect you with his own strength.



Towel slung over his shoulder, Kendou sauntered to where his companion reclined in the clear, steaming water.  Just like Tengai to go straight to the relaxing part.  In truth, Kendou was more than ready to join him.  The ‘battle’ had left him sore and much more worn out than he’d expected.  A decent sized bruise had indeed blossomed on his shoulder where the rock had struck., and galloping through the snow had taken quite a lot out of him.  Showering had helped, but he was looking forward to the heat of the mineral springs.  Mist hung over the surface, a contrast to the snowy surroundings.  He slid into the water with a soft hiss.

   “Ah man, that’s FANTASTIC.”

— “Inside, where a certain level of warmth is kept.” He does not do well in the cold. His circulation is not the best and his extremities always tend to freeze in the cold weather. He would rather not lose a finger or toe to the enemy that is snow. He had even missed Overhaul’s call for a ‘teambuilding exercise’ but now that he was aware what it had been he was glad of it. He hummed lightly. “You defeated him then? Does that mean you’ll leave the organisation all together?” He smiled, forgetting a moment that, not wearing the mask, it was not concealed. “Wasn’t that your entire reason for being here?”

    He let his fingers slide across the surface of the water, creating rings, trying not to look at Rappa as he entered the water. He realised that at some point he’d have to leave the water too, and though he’d never had a problem with nakedness, somehow… It was different now. He decided it wouldn’t be a problem. Rappa would likely get bored soon enough and leave before him anyway.

    As Rappa settled, Tengai raised his gaze towards him again. Brows furrowed lightly upon seeing the blemish on Rappa’s shoulder and he moved closer to inspect the damage. The skin was chafed a little, and definitely well and bruised. He lightly ran his fingers over it. “I brought some salves, just in case..” He murmured. After the thing with Rappa’s bruised knuckles he’d taken care to always have some first aid supplies at hand. “I can take care of that this evening if you want…” He pushed away a little, realising they’d been a bit too close for comfort, and settled against the edge of the spring.

[Name]: O v e r h a u l  Kai Chisaki
[Nickname(s)]: Overhoe, Kaichan, Boss, Crow, Young Master. 
[Age]: 27
[Species]: Human


[Sins]: Lust / Greed / Gluttony / Sloth / Pride / Envy / Wrath
[Virtues]: Chastity / Charity / Diligence / Humility / Kindness / Patience / Justice 
[Primary goals in life]: Restoring the Yakuza to their former glory.
[Languages known]: Japanese, Broken English phrases.
[Secrets]:  Meant to be kept. B)  
[Savvies]: Dissecting Body Language, Offhanded Pharmaceutical knowledge


[Height]: 5′7′’
[Scars/ birthmarks]: (Specific to blog) Caved in marring over left side of jaw showing through from upper canines to secondary mollar. Small beauty-mark type spot on right collar bone.

[Quirks]:  Overhaul
[Restrictions]: Comes with physical contact of hands, Passive activation at a constant through skin contact, Painful in regards to self infliction over long duration, Stamina draining.


[Drink]: non-alcoholic: Flat White Coffee, alcoholic: Absinthe Ambre
[Pizza topping]: Olive.
[Color]: Black, Green, White.
[Music genre]: Not Particular. Anything that builds an ambiance about the room.
[Book genre]: Non-Fiction
[Movie genre]: Documentary
[Season]: Spring
[Swear word]: Shit
[Scent]: Clove


[Sings in the shower]: Absolutely not.
[Likes bad puns]: Absolutely NOT.
[Morality]: Lawful / Neutral / Chaotic / Good / Gray / Evil
[Build]: Slender / Scrawny / Bony / Fit / Athletic / Herculean / Babyfat / Pudgy / Obese / Other
[Favorite food]: Gyudon 
[Boss theme music]: ……….Something ominous…I’ll get back to this some time.
[Their opinion on the mun]: I don’t do that meta thing. Someone could get hurt.

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