Miscellaneous Ideas I've had for Bask but never really made official because I wasnt sure if they were dumb

• Because Bask’s ‘lungs’ keep him from overheating by bringing cold air through his body, if he’s relaxed enough his body will be so loose a little humming/purring noise will be made from air moving the loose parts. If you feel his chest while its happening it feels like a phone buzzing lightly.

• He has really sharp teeth, and as a result if he can’t have some form of alcohol to cool his nerves he’ll start chewing on random things. Toothpicks, screws, his shirt collar, his own hand sometimes- even sometimes rocks. He hasn’t even fucking heard of gum. His teeth are a little sharper than they should be from him constantly using miscellaneous hard objects to hone the edge.

• He has an uncontrollable reflex where if you touch the inside of his mouth while its open, itll automatically slam shut, full force, on whatever touched him. Its like a fucking alligator reflex or something- It doesn’t matter who you are or what you mean to him, he WILL bite you. I guess its just an issue with the springs connecting his jaw. Another reason why he hardly opens his mouth, although I doubt anyone would want to randomly shove their hand in that thing.

• No matter how relaxed he is, he always feels warm to the touch. The warmest part is usually his stomach and chest. If he were to be fixed from the overheating problem, hed still be a little warm in his chest from his power source, but it would be much less painful for him. If anything, it would probably feel a little comfy.

• Hes terrified of fire for two reasons. Reason A, the whole burning alive thing. Reason B, whenever a fire starts indoors the fire alarm starts and starts to douse the fire with water, which he can be seriously hurt by.

• He really likes scented candles but wont even bother buying them because of the whole ‘you have to light it on fire for it to work’ thing. He still visits the isle whenever he goes out shopping though, just to look at them. His favorite is vanilla.

• Bask has the laws of robotics installed in him, but because the machine is so old it’ll snap on and off. He’ll threaten violence, but his system usually wont allow it. When it does, it gets bloody FAST. He practically looses himself if the situation is bad enough, and will just resort to using his teeth and fists until whatever the problem is stops moving. Its rare for this to happen, and the system is usually only glitched like this from extreme emotional distress or sheer chance.

• Bask has had the same ice cream in him for so long its practically fermented. It would be almost toxic to eat since its just an amalgamation of ice cream, molten steel, alcohol and machinery residue. Plus, it would be so hot it could kill you. Its kept its pink coloration over the years, but thats basically the only thing 'ice cream’ about it.

• To make up for not having ice cream as a proper cooling unit, Bask just relies heavily on near-frozen water and ice. Itll do the least damage to him if he just inhales the water. It’ll keep his lungs under stable temperatures for awhile, but he’ll start coughing uncontrollably if the heat starts to boil the water and makes it too unbearably hot for him. There’s tanks just for half-frozen water beside each of his lungs.

• Bask has created custom parts for himself to keep himself from overheating, and has even installed them himself. He finds this self-maintenance to be completely normal, and just dubs it as 'self care’. If something breaks, he handles it himself since nearly all his parts were hand-made by him. The only things he hasnt remade or added in is most of his endoskeleton, the hull on his chest, his actual computer brain, and the outside 'skin’. He even remade his teeth and eye since the old ones looked 'unsettling’ to him.

• Bask doesnt know who his 'parents’ are so he just dubbed the founders of BR as his sort of parental figures. Hes never met them, and hardly knows a thing about them, but it gives him a bit of a sense of comfort to imagine he has some sort of family, even if they have passed away. He chose to name himself after one of them as a sentimental thing, but started feeling uncomfortable when people started to call him that because he didnt feel like he deserved the title if he never even knew the guy. He just cut it short with 'Bask’ to feel less guilty about it.


Before you start reading keeping in mind you don’t have to read the authors notes. It’s just a bit of info on the piece and me as a poet. It’s not as important as the piece which is what I really would like for you to read.


Bedridden; stolen energy, no sustenance
Pores opening up, sweating profoundly
Overheated and unclothed within the cold
Degrees aid the abashed mind in disarray
wild thoughts, confined calmly to this demon
Negative truths are battering their way in
Abandoned, the self havoc for losing full dose
Bleeding nails bitten harshly within my fits
Shocks of crippling torment afflict the body
Cries of pain, trying to calm thyself; failing

Whilst that; My mind traverses the truth within
Hopeless thoughts abide to fear of failure
Courage falling apart after sickness tortures me
Distressed emotions fluctuated to a disgusted low
Belief in my self-change swayed from it’s path
Realize the hopeful reflection faded and became lies
Self searches for its soul with a necessity
Recovering requires such painful paths
Trial pain, trial fall, trial rise; relapse
I’m lost in the addiction until it finally kills


Author’s Notes: I won’t be posting too many poems on this page since this isn’t about poetry. I hope this doesn’t bother anyone, though. I just need to write because I’m speedballing and I will take more opiates if I don’t do something which could result in an OD if I am going to be brutally honest. I need to stay busy and writing does that. I stopped for a long time so I’m doing some catching up as well. I’m a very articulate person and thoroughly enjoy writing. I let my mind flow without very much hesitation. My hands keep up and my mind slightly slows but stays in a flow to where there is no pauses or breaks in my writing. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to write next, I just merely pen it out. This is a rare talent among poets but I let my addiction get in the way of writing more and becoming a better writer. Had I kept up with writing I am sure I would have more published and actually have a small name for myself, even if local. I have had a couple works published before, my first being at fifteen. My English teachers had high hopes and man thought I would go on to become an author and publish a lot of my work. I ended up getting into drug use and faded away from that dream. I’m hoping to pick up where I left off and use writing to help me reach the road to recovery. I truly hope to beat this addiction and begin writing a lot more, possibly getting more of my work published. Who knows, maybe I can start making money. I’m not sure if my followers enjoy poetry considering that’s not the point of this blog, but I do hope some of you enjoy it. It’s always been a passion of mine even though I lost interest because of my addiction. This one is a little bit older, though, written during one of my withdrawal periods shortly before I caved in and got my fix. I knew I was going to cave in which is why I ended my poem in the way that I did. I’m sure a lot of addicts can understand this piece and know exactly what I’m talking about. Have a good night. I hope you enjoy me pouring my heart out and showing brutal honesty with my poetry.

- Chad

more thoughts because for whatever reason I’m so incredibly awake & aware at 3.40am

  • I would really love to work with a personal trainer atm
  • why does everyone keep mistaking my name for Sarah? first someone I work with & now a PR agent, tbh I just find it a little disrespecting & very careless, I mean bloody hell my contact is crystal clear - my name is literally on my email 
  • I would like to have my own fridge & I think I’m going to buy one tomorrow
  • honestly still can’t get over that my artworks are going to be exhibited in major NSW galleries & I found out it’s actually going to be on for 7 months all together not 3 !!
  • as I am rather sleep deprived, overheated & stuck with my thoughts I am very much in a state of self-loathing 
  • man I’m excited to go away, it’s so insanely overdue
  • I’m still surprised by how badly I mucked up my elbow without actually breaking, fracturing or dislocating anything
  • thinking about doing a detox retreat somewhere, man it would be awesome
  • I’ve been seriously considering moving to somewhere really remote for a month
  • need to get a ton of work done before I go away eep !! so much to do on WholeSim.com but such exciting an awesome things