overhearing things

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

Hey do you ever think about the possibility of Kaidan just. Overhearing snippets of things in me2?

Like say Shepard is at a bar with Jack or Zaeed while the Normandy is at the citadel for a supply run. Kaidan also happens to be on the citadel to report in and has a few hours to himself, so he goes to the bar. And walks in right as Shepard and companion are discussing their close calls. But he doesn’t notice where they are- right at the bar behind him- until Shepard starts ranting like “and as if Horizon wasn’t enough(Kaidan spits out his drink at the sudden realization of who’s right behind him) THEN there was all that shit on the COLLECTOR SHIP and BEING AMBUSHED and how it JUST SO HAPPENS that THAT was the ship that ACTUALLY KILLED ME blah blah blah” and he just. Sits there like “what the fuck what they fuck oh my god what thefuck shePARD WHAT THE FUCK” until they leave

Or maybe he’s investigating some shit on Omega and Shep and Garrus and Tali walk by like "okay so you’re sure we have everything” “well I can’t think of anything we’re missing” “I hope you’re right bc it would suck if we went through the omega 4 relay and THEN realized that we’re missing heat clips or some shit” “haha yeah that would suck” and poor Kaidan is just shrieking on the inside because DID THEY JUST SAY THE OMEGA 4 RELAY. THE OMEG- OH MY GOD THEY’RE GONNA FUCKING DIE

Shepard walks right past him without noticing and he thinks they’re being petty until he sees Garrus chasing Shepard down like “shepard, SHEPARD, what are you DOING, you haven’t slept in a week and a half, this isn’t(hi Kaidan) the time to hunt down gang bosses shePARD WAIT” and they just. Keep stomping towards their goal. And Kaidan’s like “oh god dammit they’re not sleeping. Fuck. Fuck”

Or they’re in the same weapons shop and the little person goes up to Shepard like “you were just in here a month ago your gun shouldn’t be that severely damaged” and Kaidan’s like “what” and Shepard pulls out this melted and dented mess of a gun and just says “Tuchanka” And Kaidan has to duck out because he’s choking on laughter

Just random snippets of shit. Some of it is funny, some of it is horrifying and some of it is just…sad. it’s such a tropey idea but I can’t stop thinking about it

CSSS Gift: Four Seasons (2/4)

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Summary: Four seasons. Four windows on life between the storybook pages.

Summer | Fall | Winter | Spring



September rolls in and with it comes her parents’ anniversary - depending on how you counted, either their 35th or their 7th. Emma and Henry decide they don’t much care which it is, it’s been quiet in Storybrooke for months and they deserve a celebration that doesn’t come as a bookend to another battle fought.

They talk of keeping it low key, but then Doc overhears them and next thing Emma knows she’s watching her son and the dwarf hunch over endless numbers of sketches of the town square replete in tents and strings of lights. Granny drops by their table the following night, leaving behind menu options and giving Emma a look that clearly conveys she isn’t going to brook an argument about being involved. When Belle and Ashley follow with ideas for table decorations and plans for music, she glances over to Killian who merely shakes his and says, “no use fighting all of them, love.” It’s when Regina shows up at the house though, purportedly dropping off a textbook Henry forgot, and announces she’ll be providing the dessert – Nothing with apples, I swear – that Emma knows it is of absolutely no use arguing about keeping it small.

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being woke (for lack of a better, less annoying term) is incredibly exhausting 

i constantly overhear or witness things that are so problematic (also for lack of a better, less annoying term) that i can’t help but say something and i’m always looked at as “the bitch who can’t relax or take a joke”

anonymous asked:

I work at a store where we have to say hello and goodbye to every single person that walks in or out of the restaurant. Sometimes I overhear customers saying things like "what a bunch of r*tards" and making fun of the way we say goodbye. If you don't like it don't come back, we don't want business from the likes of you.

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Oooohhhh how about Revali's Hylian s/o overhearing all the mean things (probably before Calamity Ganon) he says to Link about Hylians and whatnot, and then his s/o confronts him about it?

Confront him (Revali)

  • Dead bird walking ladies and gentlemen
  • He has no idea what’s coming, waves to his s/o like nothing happened
    • “Hey babe what brings you- babe? Babe?”
  • Is surprised he cares that much, but his insecure ass gets him thnking that they might like Link better, which doesn’t help
    • This causes an argument, and both parties need to cool down a bit afterwards.
  • Eventually, when he manages to suck his pride, he does go up to them and say that he was just… dealing with some stuff on the side.

Up to the s/o how the rest of the situation goes down.

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Valkrie and gnome

valkyrie: is there something that you would fight to defend? if so, what is it?

I would fight to defend anything that can’t fight for itself. I wish punching was more acceptable because I’m not too good with the whole mouth/words thing, but I can at least talk to kids and explain a little when they are thinking about something the wrong way. Just don’t count on me for debates, I guess.

gnome: what’s your favorite plant or flower?

I love wild violets, and dandelions. They’re pretty tenacious, so when I see them poking out of a sidewalk or the edge of someone’s yard then it makes me happy. I also love looking at the different patterns that clovers have, and I’m really good at finding four and five-leaf clovers.

Freya snapped her fingers.  “Look, buddy,”  She began.  “I know my boobs are great and all, but my face is up here, and I’d appreciate it if you looked at my face while I’m talking to you.”

Just Black Hijabi things.

Always being asked whether your hair is real when you take of your hijab at female-only weddings.

Having people touching your hair without your permission like you are their personal zoo.

The fact that silk under scarves aren’t a thing.

Overhearing casual racism from your non-black muslim friends.

Constantly being asked whether your hair is a weave.

Hearing non-black Hijabis mocking natural hair.



Alya: *yelling from afar with Nino holding her back* WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR CHAT?! GET THE BUTTERFLY!!

Chat: *yells back* I CAN’T….


Chat: L-Ladybug’s not here.

Alya: WHAT???


*Akuma overhears the whole thing and now all three of them are running from the Akuma tossing the akumatized item between each other to keep it away from the akuma*

A True Story From My Morning

*doing portraits for some lovely Y people*

*afterwards, while putting things away, overhear class of very young kids learning about eating healthily*

*the follow exchange ensues*

Teacher: “Who here can name one of the 5 food groups?”

Kid: “Protein!”

Teacher: “That’s… that’s good, ok. Anyone else?”

Other Kid: “Nutrition!”

Don’t Speak | Pt 4 & Epilogue

Synopsis: Vestina is betrothed to Loki and things between them are going well, Vee even thinks she might be in love with her dark prince, until she overhears some hateful things he and his friends have to say about her.

The marriage must go ahead but can she ever forgive him?

Based on this imagine

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AN: Sorry for the delay, the must abandoned me for a time.

AN2: In order to kick our muses in their respective arses, @evieplease and I tried an experiment and we swapped stories, each writing sections of the others fic. This final installment is now twice as long as originally planned, but I think you’ll enjoy it. See if you can spot which parts of this @evieplease wrote.

Thanks for your help, hun, and as usual, for betaing

Part Four

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Small Real-life moments that are evidence of progress.
  • Being at a party where a woman is arguing with a man, the man says to the woman’s boyfriend, “you best get your girl outta here, bro…” The boyfriend cocks one eyebrow and says “she’ll leave when she’s done with you.” And goes back to his own conversation.

  • Being the only woman at an Orange is the New Black viewing party. And not one guy reacted to seeing non-sexualized, naturally sagging, wrinkled, aged naked women. 

  • Group of friends writing a light-heartedly teasing song about another friend. One points out that they haven’t mentioned his gayness yet, the others shrug; “there’s just so many better things to mock him for!”

  • Seeing a girl get interrupted and say “hey, I was saying something.” Guy who interrupted says, “oh, sorry dude, finish your thing.”

  • Overhearing this conversation between two straight guys: “Would you ever date a trans chick?”  “sure, why not?”  “even though she used to be a dude?”  “I used to be a Catholic. Shit changes.”

  • Hearing a guy tell his friend, “She’s not a tease, you’re an asshole.”

  • Hearing a guy tell his friend, “She’s not a bitch, it’s her literal job to make you do yours.”

  • Hearing a guy explain white privelage as: “One time I got on a train carrying a grappling hook, an eighth of weed, and handle of whiskey and the cop smiled and waved at me. Meanwhile a black kid got shot dead for holding a Nerf gun and a bag of skittles.”

  • Seeing a woman defend a male friend from another woman at a bar who didn’t seem to understand what “no” meant.

  • An entire room of men cheering for Lyanna Mormont.

  • “Dude, but Danarys’ tits though-”  “Forget the tits, man. plenty of chicks have tits. That’s a chick with goddamn authority. Dany gets shit done. Dany wins wars. Dany pays the goddamn bills.” 

It’s not perfect yet. Obviously. But it’s important to acknowledge the progress we’ve made while we’re still working towards equality.