overheard in shield

Darcy Stark and the Hydra AU Part 8

Continuing on from the background, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, and part 7.

After Shield departed with all of their equipment, Darcy focused all of her mixed emotions on concern over her iPod. If anyone turned it on and tried to use it, they would see right away that it wasn’t really an iPod anymore. And they would definitely want to know about the person who had modified it. Besides, worrying over her iPod was easier than remembering the way Pip had looked through her like she was an inconvenient stranger.

After Thor left, life continued. They were on Shield’s radar now, but since they viewed Darcy as a harmless intern, she had relaxed. Shield funded them for a while, moving them around every so often. The move to Norway was more sudden than usual, and Darcy wondered about it until someone turned on the TV.

She and Jane ended up sitting in front of it watching with growing worry. Jane was murmuring about Thor being back, but Darcy’s eyes were fixed on the red and gold armor flying around. She stopped breathing when it went through the portal with the bomb, and then found herself holding back tears when he got up and showed that he was alright.

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