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Favorite Couple – Brett Talbot Imagine

Requested by Anon: Could you write a Brett imagine where him and the reader have a relation like maya and lucas of gmw,like her is always calling him names and making fun of him, and he likes her but he doesn’t knowshe likes him too and he thinks she doesn’t like him back because all that stuff, so the packdecide set them up together in a date and they confess their feelings? just a lots of fluff.

Word Count: 1,650

Author’s Note: Okay, I really struggled coming up with an idea for this. I changed things about and decided to have the cast of GMW be the pack since we don’t know Brett’s pack at Devenford Prep. I hope you like it.

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Take me Home

BayoJeanne Week Day 2
Prompt: Argument 
Pairing: Bayonetta/Jeanne

Summery: This is all very new to them, and they are bound to make mistakes on the way.

Note: Once again I’m late for the day, but this story turned into a literal monster and I’m just now finally done. It’s unbeta’ed so I’m sure there are errors, I hope they are not too glaring for you to enjoy this story. :)

The classroom was quiet, only the sounds of scratching pencils or the slight creak of erasers could be heard, even for a testing session it was unusually quiet. For which Jeanne was thankful, her nerves were still simmering red hot and she wasn’t sure how well she could handle any clowning around by her students today.

“U-um, Miss D’arc?”

Her head snapped up from her study of the massive historical text in front of her (which she had filled with innumerable highlights and red marks, each of them being an incorrect account of events), and her steel gaze landed on that of a petite student who looked like she’d rather be anywhere else in the world than where she was.

“What is it, Penny?” Jeanne kept her tone cool, managing to bring it up a few degrees from cold, which was already higher than the frigid tone she’d begun the morning class with.  Behind Penny, who was squirming in discomfort, Jeanne could see the rest of the class half pause and surreptitiously watch their exchange.

“I- I’m done with my test,” she held out the paperwork as if she was proffering food to a venomous snake (somewhat ironic given that Cereza was the one to turn into a cobra), “and well, I was wondering if I could leave class for study hall now?” her voice rose a half octave for every syllable she spoke, but she managed to maintain eye contact.

Jeanne took in a breath as she straightened her shoulders, reigning in her temper with all her will. None of her students deserved it. She gently reached forward and took the paper. “Of course Penny, thank you for asking.” Setting the paper down on the desk she looked around Penny and raised her voice to address the whole class. “Whenever any of you are finished with your tests, you may hand them into me and leave the classroom, remember to follow all campus rules and do not disturb the other classes.”

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