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Overheard at Teitan Elementary Storage Room
  • Ayumi: Careful, Genta-kun! Did you find it?
  • Genta: I'm trying! Its their fault they store photos at the highest shelf!
  • Ayumi: But isn't it nice that Kobayashi-sensei and Wakasa-sensei decided to organize Teitan Elementary Alumni meeting?
  • Mitsuhiko: It will surely bring memories. What was it, 1-A? The class they asked to make a welcoming poster with everybody's photos!
  • Ayumi: Ran-onee-san was in there! Ayumi would like to see small Ran-onee-san...
  • Genta: Here!
  • Ayumi: Ayumi brought glue and scissors and some glitters!
  • Mitsuhiko: Be careful with scissors, Ayumi-chan!
  • Genta: Will you start already? I want to finish before breakfast...
  • ...
  • Ayumi: There's Ran-onee-san! And her boyfriend, Shinichi-nii-chan, should be next to her... Oh, that's Sonoko-nee-san, so they were friends even back then... Ah, Ayumi wants to grow faster and to be like Ran-onee-san...
  • Genta: Who's that Shinichi guy again?
  • Mitsuhiko: Professor Agasa's friend, famous high school detective, Ran-onee-san's childhood friend and lover!
  • Ayumi: There! 'Kudou'!.. Ah!
  • Mitsuhiko: What's wrong, Ayumi-chan? ... Ah!
  • Genta: Oi, what's that you're 'ah'ing about? Lemme see... AH!

Dru after hearing a dirty joke: I can’t believe you ruined my innocent mind with that!

Kit: Your mind is totally not innocent.

Dru: Excuse me?! My mind has a teaparty with its stuffed animals every wednesday, makes daisychains and gives people little chocolats to make them happy! How dare you?


I Almost Forgot

I Dare You…

I Didn’t Make It To My Parents

I Gave Up

I Haven’t

I Just Want To Help

I Lost My Keys

I Love You, But…

I Love You, Marks And All

I Lug Yule

I Need A Drink

I Think I Could Have Loved You

I Think I Need A Break

I Thought You Loved Me

I Want

I Want To Dance With You Too

I Want To Meet Your Parents

I’ll Be Your Waitress

I’ll Wait For You

I’m Both

I’m Fine

I’m Not Alright

I’m Not Drunk Now

I’m Worried

Ice Skating

If I Could Fly

If You Say So

Impressing The Boys

In The Mood For Baking

Instagram Model

Interview Games


Invisible Patterns In His Skin

Isn’t About Me (Smut)

It Was One Time

It’s 3AM

It’s Back

It’s Not Your Decision

It’s The Concussion

It’s Too Much

Jealousy Song

Just Admit It

Just Be Careful

Just Say You Won’t Let Go

Keep That Out Of The Vlog

Kid In Love

Kidnapping The Computer

Kiss Cam

Knight In Shining Armour

Last Straw

Last Walk Through

Late Night Call

Late Night Fight

Lazy Day


Leave The Dancing To Me

Let Me Make It More Clear (Part 2 of Floor Advice)

Let Me Talk

Library Surprise

Like… (Part 2 of Overheard)

Lion Show

Locked Out

Losing My Patience


Lost Boys

Lost Dog

Lost Phone

Lost Voice

Love Is Overrated

Lucky Number Fourteen

Make A Deal

Make Them Jealous

Managing Alone…Or Not


May The Force Be With You

Maybe Birthdays Aren’t Bad

Maybe One Day

Med Student Girlfriend

Meet And Greet Panic

Meeting The Family

Meeting The Team

Merry Freaking Christmas

Middle Of A Conversation

Midsummer Night Party

Missed Bus

Missed Premier

Missed Train

Missed Video Chat

Missing Him




More Than Us


Move In Day

My Hero

My Only Person (Part 2 of He’s Your Person)

My Sister Can’t See This!

Nap At The Cabin

Nap Time

Need A Ride?

Never Baking With You Again

Never Have I Ever

Never Let You Down

New Neighbour

New Photographer

New Trainer

New York, I Love You

New York Skyline


Nice Hook

Night Of Surprises

Night Out

Night On The Couch

Nightmare of Memories

No More Dates

No More Hiding

No More Knocking

No Mountain Climbing

No One Better

No One’s Fault

Noah To My Allie

Not Allowed To Leave

Not Exactly Quiet

Not Good Enough

Not Hungry

Not Just Drunk

Not Much Longer

Not Perfect

Not So Alone Time (Smut)

Not So Sibling Like

Not The Reaction Expected

Noticing The Little Things

Nutella And Cuddles


Of All The Flights

Of All The People

On The Inside

One Last Time

One Minute

One Night Stand

One Rule

One Shot

One Time Thing

One With Nature

Only One Year

Only Yours


Operation: Distract Joe

Our Little Secret

Out Of Place


Outfit Surprise



Passion For Books

Perfectly Perfect


Picture Taking

Pizza Dinner

Play Along

Please Come To London

Please, Never Again

Please, Wake Up - Part 1

Please, Wake Up - Part 2


Post Crash Panic

Prank Reaction (Part 2 of Prank Revenge)

Prank Revenge

Pranking Sleeping Beauty

Promise Me

Proposal Planning

Protection At The Club

Protective Pregnancy

Proud Boys

Prove Me Wrong


Pulling Away

Pulling Him Out

Putting Up With This

Puzzle Piece

I’m so fucking done with two of my managers in particular.

They act like I’m lazy and do nothing all day when, as a coffee host, I am moving and working my ENTIRE SHIFT. I have a list of things I need to do every day that I try to do. For the past two days, though, my GM has been on vacation. Which means that these two managers get to be nitpicky as fuck with EVERYONE. They’ve made me stay an hour past the time I was supposed to leave for the past 2 days over nitpicky things like the powder in the hot chocolate machine not being all the way full, or there not being enough straws in the container.
If you’re friends with these two, you can leave whenever you want pretty much, but not me!

Today one of my coworkers was on her break and using her phone, and ranting about these managers in particular. A different manager overheard, told the 2 bitchy managers, and when she came back from her break she was fired. Yet all these managers do all day is sit in their office and gossip about the employees.


Overheard at Teitan Elementary [2]
  • Genta: Explain yourself, Conan!
  • Ayumi: Conan-kun!
  • Conan: Oi, what's wrong, lot?
  • Mitsuhiko: Wakasa-sensei asked us to find the photos of Teitan Elementary Alumnis!
  • Conan: ...and?
  • Genta: That's the pic of the Kudo Shinichi guy...
  • Ayumi: Who graduated 10 years ago...
  • Mitsuhiko: And he looks just like you, Conan-kun! How is this possible?
  • Conan: ...just a coincidence?
  • Genta: Don't play games with us!
  • Conan: O-okay, it's simple, guys! He's a grandchild of the uncle of the nephew of the daughter of my mother's grandfather's brother!
  • Haibara: Edogawa-kun's family is extremely complicated.
  • Conan: Shutup.
  • Mitsuhiko: Please, be serious, Conan-kun! We all know that you are...
  • (at once)
  • Ayumi: Urashima Taro!
  • Genta: An alien!
  • Mitsuhiko: A time traveler!
  • ...
  • Genta: What are you talking about, guys! He's surely an alien! I saw stuff like that on TV! He infiltrated us and borrowed that Kudo Shinichi's form!
  • Ayumi: Genta-kun, that's silly!
  • Mitsuhiko: Besides, why would he borrow Kudo Shinichi's child form?
  • Genta: Who knows those aliens...
  • Conan: Oi...
  • Ayumi: Conan-kun is Urashima Taro! He traveled on big mr. Turtle's back to the Sea Dragon Palace, and when he came back 10 years passed!
  • Mitsuhiko: But Urashima Taro is a hero of the legend...
  • Genta: Sea Dragon? Is it like eel?
  • Ayumi: Genta-kun!
  • Mitsuhiko: We know that there's a scientific explanation to this! Conan-kun is from the future and they invented a time travel! That's why he was in the photo 10 years ago and that's why he looks exactly the same. Am I right, Conan-kun?
  • Ayumi: But why would Conan-kun travel to the past? And what will happen to Ran-onee-san, if she will learn that her boyfriend is from the future?..
  • Genta: Maybe there's a war going on in future and he came here to prevent it? I saw it on TV with dad!
  • Mitsuhiko: Genta-kun...
  • Haibara: Then how about this explanation? His cellular structure was forcibly redone by a mysterious drug and he shrunk due to the ingenious invention of a biochemical teen prodigy who worked in a secret evil organization?
  • ...
  • Mitsuhiko: ...you watch too many science dramas, Haibara-san...
  • Ayumi: Yeah... that sounds even less possible than Genta-kun's Alien theory, Ai-chan...
  • Genta: That's funny, Haibara!
  • Conan: Oi-oi...
Overheard: "Those elves" #2

Human: “There’s a rumor that Corypheus is in league with elven forces.”
Dwarf: “Which would those be? The mighty standing army of that land they don’t have?”
Human: “You can’t trust them.”
Dwarf: “I don’t know. History says it’s the other way around.”
Human: “What history do you know, you’re a dwarf.”
Dwarf: “Right. Oooh, I’m scared and confused by your strange sky.”


“All right. It’s to stop Mrs. Crawley bossing Her Ladyship about.”
(Because of this post)

Review of The Current War

This is from SplashReport. Sorry I don’t know how to make a link. Not really any plot spoilers.

Hey guys big fan of the new site SplashReport and I wanted to pass along this review in case you’re interested.

This week I was able to attend a test screening of The Current War , starring Benedict Cumberbatch , Michael Shannon, Katherine Waterston, Tom Holland, Tuppence Middleton, and Nicholas Hoult directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.

Make no mistake about it…this movie is about exactly what the title states…..currents…electrical currents and is slated for Oscar season in December 2017. The story is about the fierce competition between Thomas Edison & George Westinghouse as they try and create a sustainable electric system and market it to the American people.

It’s Edison’s (Cumberbatch) DC system vs Westinghouse (Shannon) and his AC system. The movie plays out with a political type of intrigue and portrays Edison as a man who is self absorbed and would compromise his own integrity by collaborating with others to portray the AC system as dangerous and unfit that would put the public at risk and end many lives . He went as far as to collaborate with others to promote Westinghouse’s own system as a means to power the new electric chair.

His end goal was to show that his rivals system was the best way to end lives and tried to prove that by publicly executing animals using the rival AC system. Edison used fear in an attempt to gain a market advantage over Westinghouse. With all of that said, his interactions with his family were the opposite. A good father , a loving husband to Mary Edison played wonderfully by Tuppence Middleton. One of the themes in the movie that also plays out on the Westinghouse side, is the importance of these strong, supporting wives to these truly remarkable and successful men.

Cumberbatch, who I have yet to see perform badly, was a great fit for the role and it will be interesting to see where he lands among the best acting categories when awards season rolls around.

I want to touch on Michael Shannon as George Westinghouse. He was great. He portrayed a man of high integrity, a good husband and a good friend. However he is pushed by Edison’s lack of integrity and that puts him in an internal conflict and this is where Shannon shines in the movie. What is a man to do when he’s constantly pushed to the brink? Constantly lied about and taunted in the media? Not many of us are cut from the same cloth as Ghandi.

He’s helped by a flashback sequence that plays out slowly through the duration of the movie. As I said earlier about Cumberbatch, it will be interesting to see where Shannon stands during the awards season. His scenes with his wife played by Katherine Waterston were all fantastic and showed how important she was in his decision making process.

Now let me get my fan boy on! Tom Holland plays Samuel Insull, who at this point in his career was Thomas Edison’s personal secretary and confidant. His screen time is limited but important and I’m excited to say this kid has acting chops! For those of us waiting in anticipation for the new Spider-Man I can say that I believe they made a great choice.

Nicholas Hoult plays Nikola Tesla and keeping with the themes above , I thought he was pretty damn good at it. I was a little put off by his performance when he was first introduced but it grew on me as the movie went on. In the interest of full disclosure I overheard 2 other attendees talking about how his accent wasn’t genuine and convincing enough.

Look…I’m a movie lover at heart but I’m definitely geared towards the horror/action/superhero genres. However, I watch all of the Oscar nominated movies each year and I will say that I feel a good portion, not all, are overrated. I have a good sense of what the Oscar voters are looking for and I’m going to say that this will be a flick that will be discussed and I will say that the performances will have to be discussed.

After a slow start to the movie I felt it bounced back powerfully with fantastic performances and I was entertained, intrigued, and educated by the film. It ran for about 2 hours and there is plenty of time before December to edit and shape the movie based on the feedback from the audience.

If you use this review you can call me Schwifty of the Leather Cloak.
Sounds like The Current War is gonna get some nominations come award season.