overheard 2

Overheard: "Those elves" #2

Human: “There’s a rumor that Corypheus is in league with elven forces.”
Dwarf: “Which would those be? The mighty standing army of that land they don’t have?”
Human: “You can’t trust them.”
Dwarf: “I don’t know. History says it’s the other way around.”
Human: “What history do you know, you’re a dwarf.”
Dwarf: “Right. Oooh, I’m scared and confused by your strange sky.”


“All right. It’s to stop Mrs. Crawley bossing Her Ladyship about.”
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© Joana Shino

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Shepard: Call me princess again and you’ll be picking your teeth up off the floor.
- Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 2 Overheard in Tuchanka during Loyalty: Grunt


As many of you know, I enjoy mail. I enjoy receiving mail a great deal. When I receive a registered package from Hong Kong? I enjoy mail most of all on those days.

So here we are, with a registered package from Hong Kong, and while most people are getting excited for the Oscars this Sunday, there’s only one thing on my mind: Seeing all of the films nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards. Do I care about the Oscars? Sure. There is no doubt that it’s always fun to hear from people who have seen all the nominees and have discussions about the films and the awards, etc. When I tell people that I’ve seen all the nominees for the Hong Kong Film Awards, though? That’s priceless. The contents of this package put me one step closer to achieving that goal.

Now, I haven’t been the most on the ball Hong Kong film fan recently. I have been a tad bit lazy with my viewings and because of this I ran into a serious predicament. Nominated for Best Picture is “Overheard 2.” I haven’t seen “Overheard.” When the original “Overheard” came out, I heard some negative comments about it and with so many films to view, I dismissed it and never looked back. After reading that “Overheard 2” was nominated for many Hong Kong Film Awards, I could no longer ignore the original or the sequel.