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Any tips on keeping Quantum Slimes? I went and got a bunch and then realized that they probably aren't, y'know, gonna stay in their pen and now I'm too nervous to put them anywhere but my vactank because of how many largos I have around... I'm not sure where to put 'em or how many to keep

One of my wonderful followers helped me with this exact issue! So, now I keep mine on the cave area, the Grotto, with fruit trees planted in the plots. I have five of them and I do have to give them special attention.

I try to keep them on the flatter, lower levels. I have to gather the fruit and toss what they need into the middle of the room, and even hand feed them sometimes. (But I hand feed a lot of my slimes as they aren’t always good at eating)

I didn’t want them in the main area because I keep my other slime there. I didn’t like the Overgrowth or the Docks for them because I don’t want them teleporting or falling into the Slime Sea.

With a lot of largos, I do not recommend having a lot. They like to climb things and they wander a lot!

Good luck and happy ranching!


Result after having my heart ripped out by Flowerfell 

Original flowerfell AU by @underfart-snas / @siviosanei

And based off the fanfic Overgrowth by @leviticusarts

 I’d just like to thank your beautiful sadistic souls for this… //weeps

Sketchy because it’s really late and I can’t sleep and this AU is hurting me so much OMG

And after making the little comic FOR THIS WONDERFUL AU by @underfart-snas (called “flowerfell”) THAT BREAKS YOUR HEART I just had to try making a little watercolor.:) (and mixed media since I had fun with the filters while fixing my scan of it.)