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Did something happen to the Overgrowth fic? The link isn't working anymore. ;-;

it was removed due to reposters and thieves disregarding the author’s wishes. i’m going respect levi’s decision, it’s his writing and he may choose what to do with it. and it proves a point to be honest.

you have the option of listening to it and his other stories on youtube here.


“You´ve met a terrible fate,haven´t you?”

Majoas Mask Fanwork; 

Acrylic Ink,mikro pen, Pencil

This one get a frame and i will upload this in a better quality with the big fat Canon of my uncle. Hope you enjoy this as i did. Talk to you soon :)

Overgrown security window inside a patient bedroom in the Walker Building at Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, GA.  This building - originally built to house convalescent white males in 1884 - has fallen into a state of advanced deterioration; the roofs are gone off significant portions, and nature is overtaking much of the building.

Unlimited edition print available here; limited editions contact me.

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And after making the little comic FOR THIS WONDERFUL AU by @underfart-snas (called “flowerfell”) THAT BREAKS YOUR HEART I just had to try making a little watercolor.:) (and mixed media since I had fun with the filters while fixing my scan of it.)