Real quickly before I sleep. That’s Shirazu’s younger sibling apparently not Shirazu himself.

Apparently they had a problem with a small itchy spot originally that became something much worse. But what is that?

I’ve heard of conditions that can cause massive overgrowth of warts that look like tree bark. But nothing like that. Haru looks like there is a kagune sprouting out of their face..

Wouldn’t it be weird if we found out that they’re family had a strange mutated gene that was something like the bridge between the human and ghoul species? Or maybe there is ghoul somewhere in their family?

Overgrown security window inside a patient bedroom in the Walker Building at Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, GA.  This building - originally built to house convalescent white males in 1884 - has fallen into a state of advanced deterioration; the roofs are gone off significant portions, and nature is overtaking much of the building.

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