love you so much i could kill

why must I demonize those I love. I couldn’t help it. it had to be done I was losing hours of sleep over this one picture! this came up after I laughed at the harem post. and then it kicked in. I wanted to make ( I am making) a harem of frisks with different-ish personalities. 

this one is ill kill anything that dares even sneeze in the direction of our love. 

  I have like two more in my computer.  Which I will post later on! 

I call them evoL frisk! 

get the thing I did there? cause they are evil…evol? ill go to sleep now.

*Happy valentine’s or white day! evoL: “ why have white when you can have red? Have a great day pretties. >:]
"It's raining somewhere else, but here it's snowing"
  • "It's raining somewhere else, but here it's snowing"

I like the way you think about me
We dance in Waterfalls, my Sentry
Oh no~

Song and vocals by Me

Flowerfell au by @underfart-snas

Art by jonathanstroh

“Overgrowth” Flowerfell fic by @leviticusarts​ ((link below))

((Full lyrics under the cut!!))

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I have decided to drag everyone to Flowerfell hell with me while waiting for “the Last Reset” :D I suppose this is the prequel to the last few pages i did (but umm those were sketchier)?

Flowerfell AU by @underfart-snas / @siviosanei
Overgrowth Fanfic by @leviticusarts —>

The senpais have noticed me ahhhhhhh i’m so glad you guys liked the last one ;//////;

I tried to make it neater this time with a bit of colour but lineart hates me i’m sorry ;////;

I enjoy your art and stories very much, please continue making more Flowerfell (so my soul can recover) : >

EDIT: IT SEEMS I HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEATH TOLL // WWW welcome to feelsy soul crushing hell

Overgrown security window inside a patient bedroom in the Walker Building at Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, GA.  This building - originally built to house convalescent white males in 1884 - has fallen into a state of advanced deterioration; the roofs are gone off significant portions, and nature is overtaking much of the building.

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Let’s just forget it all,
You’re still here, that’s all that matters.


So, I’m following Noah’s footstep now. //cries at the corner
This is FLOWERfell AU. And this pic is based on the fanfic OVERGROWTH. 

The story is amazing, not just SansFrisk relationship but also how Frisk endures everything, every death. It hurts but That lets me know how kind Frisk is.
That’s why It’s both painful and beautiful at the same time…U U…

Oh, and the sequel is just….. hahahahahaha…….//drowns in sea of feels

And after making the little comic FOR THIS WONDERFUL AU by @underfart-snas (called “flowerfell”) THAT BREAKS YOUR HEART I just had to try making a little watercolor.:) (and mixed media since I had fun with the filters while fixing my scan of it.)