overgrown forest

Headcanon that sometime during 8th yeah Harry and Draco started dating. And at first it’s just a casual thing but the longer it goes on the more it means and the more they help each other heal.

Except the end of year is swiftly approaching and neither one of them can admit how they fill or ask the question “what happens when we leave?”

So on their last day Harry takes Draco flying to a spot hidden in the woods. And Draco is caught off guard because it’s just a little dead field in the middle of an otherwise overgrown forest and just frowns in confusion like “this field is dead, potter, why are we here?”

And Draco watches as Harry drops to the ground, fingering a blade of brown grass as he tells him “I think the curse killed it. It still grows but it won’t turn green anymore” and before Draco an ask what he means Harry keeps talking and finally tells Draco how he actually died during the final battle and came back.

“I think maybe I can’t be fixed, like this field. So sometimes I come here here because…because even though it’s dead it’s still growing and I guess It makes me feel less alone.”

“You’re not alone,” Draco whispers, tentatively sitting down as close to him as possible, their sides pressed up together as he pulls him back until their laying together staring up as the last rays of the days sun begin to fade.

And sitting there staring at potter and realizing how close he was to losing him and just how easy he could lose him now he reaches out to take the other boys hand and links their fingers and whispers “I love you, Harry”

“I love you too,” he says, his voice softer than Draco has ever heard.

And as the sun sets on their last day at Hogwarts Draco knows that their life together is just beginning.

(Just to add some info, Stratton Meadows’ nearest neighbors is Johns Knob and Strawberry Knob. We accessed Stratton Meadows via North River instead of the Cherohala Skyway.)

Despite not being classified as an abandoned location, something about this area just felt downright hollow, a void known only to the derelict and worn down houses I have encountered in my journeys across these ancient mountains in my native southeastern corner of Tennessee. Something was missing, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It was very, very cold up on the mountain that day, yet the frigid air could not snuff out the new lives being born as spring rolled around the corner. The sound of a distant bird’s song carried in the chilly wind across what little remains of this once rolling plain that people would flock to long before my time. I envy those who have the recollection of how it used to be. As time passes, the needs of man grow to suit those changes. Sometimes, change can be good. Change can be beneficial to others if it could accomplish the task of making life easier.

And thus, the Cherohala Skyway was born. The Cherohala Skyway connects Tellico Plains(Tennessee) to Robbinsville(North Carolina) and spans some 43 miles through the Unicoi Mountains. Planning and construction began around 1958 and ended in October of 1996. Unfortunately, part of Stratton Meadows was taken out in order to make way for the bridge.

Halloween scenery.

Aries: A vampire’s manor. Exciting. Filled with a cluster of bats, old portraits, a long red carpet leading up a wooden staircase, a strange iron smell…

Taurus: A cozy house open to greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Lively laughter of children, smoky scent of mist, carved pumpkins. Familiar.   

Gemini: A witch’s house in the middle of the woods. Enthralling. Fireflies illuminate the spot, audible rustling of leaves, wolves’ howling.

Cancer: Old abandoned asylum. High pitched laughter, weird red scribbles on walls, oil lamp light, hidden passages. Metallic scent. Nostalgic.

Leo: A pumpkin patch. Scarecrows hang around and so do hoards of crows. Smells like cinnamon. Crescent moons, lantern light. Dazzling.

Virgo: A forest. Tall trees that smother sunlight, orange/red leaves flurry on the ground. Poisonous mushrooms forming circles, fairies, gentle streams.

Libra: A proper mansion in a forest overgrown by wild roses. Sweet scented candelabras brighten the skulls decorating the place. Lovely.

Scorpio: A candy shop filled with caramel-apples, cake pops, liquorice… cats often stroll around. Homemade decorations, hazy candlelight, sugary scent.

Sagittarius: Inside a witch’s house. Warm by firewood, a black cat on your lap, soft sounds of a kettle boiling. Magic spells and odors of zany herbs.

Capricorn: A werewolf’s domain. Fire wood scent. Silver light of moon brightens the spot. Buzzing silence, cracking branches, fresh breezes. Lively.

Aquarius: A haunted house full of filmy ghosts. Gentle noises of creaking wood. Streaks of moonlight pierce the shrouds of darkness. Hazy.

Pisces: A graveyard filled with ancient tombstones, misty grounds, the frisky scent of dead leaves… Moonlight lightens the place. Magical.


Levi Mandel

One moment I’m wandering through an overgrown forest, hacking away at robots dressed up as medieval knights. Then the screen glitches, and I’m in a custscene from hundreds of years in the past, learning how the bizarre feudal robot society was formed. I walk into a room expecting a major battle, and instead a group of robots perform their rendition of a famous play.


this is the point in the kotaku neir: automata review when i thought ah, yes, i will have to bankrupt myself for this game after all

taurus and capricorn

(taurus and capricorn are like a wild, overgrown forest that society forgot. they are evolutionary, stoic and cool to the touch. they overflow from everything, enigmatic and as calm as the ocean. they reside together, growing like vines, always climbing until they reach heaven.) 

taurus and capricorn make a lovely, kind of ethereal pairing. they’re both restrained, steady, focused. they’re both a lot deeper than they’d care to show, they both have their darker sides that they’d rather nobody get to know. but together, i think they can each see each other’s deepest core, seek it out and help them to lighten each other’s loads. earth signs have a tendency to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, and when this relationship is working well they share the weight evenly, which can make a massive difference to both signs individually. they work together, that’s the key point i’m trying to make; they are like clockwork. of course, the negative side of a trine is that its energy stagnates and flounders, meaning that the sense of intimacy, comfort and fun that these two would normally share can vanish, and they can feel their partner has turned to stone. 

communication can be a problem; taurus keeps things close to their chest, capricorn restricts and binds their feelings.. but if they can overcome their trust issues, their perfectionism, and realise that they are genuinely loved and cared for, communication problems become things of the past. a well-integrated trine is a wonderful aspect, promoting creativity, harmony and strength, and i think that those traits sum up this pairing at its best; they each use their individuals strengths to work with each other, cultivating a harmonic and fulfilling life together. creativity comes naturally to both of these signs, though not always in the traditional sense, and together they create a life shared, a bouquet of love and tenderness, straightforward, honest care. they are drawn to each other and together they’ll stay. 

main qualities - steadfast, cold, helpful, caring, focused