Can we talk about this little moment Overgron? I mean, Quinn and Sam are not dating, so I’m going to say this is coming from Chord and Dianna. Let’s talk about:
*Chord’s body-roll to Dianna [she taught him how to do them on his first day on set, back in 2010, in Season 2].
*Chord’s hip reaction.
*Dianna’s smile at the end. You can tell she was not having a bad time ;)
*Chord’s reaction.
*Dianna pushing her hips back to touch Chord’s.
And I noticed/found all of this on a little moment of 6 seconds. I can’t wait for more background moments between Dianna and Chord.

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Chord ships Fabrevans.
Dianna ships Fabrevans, she thinks Quinn and Sam will have twins and will live in Connecticut.
Dianna loves Chord, Chord loves Dianna.

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ALL of this means that they ship each other, so your argument is invalid:

Chord talking about Dianna!

“ Dianna is a sweet heart, she’s great and she’s a brilliant actress and she gives a lot of different looks that will kind of make you react in funny ways that really work and are really natural.  I look forward to doing a lot more scenes with her because she’s really fun and we have really good chemistry.”

“She’s so talented. She’s so great, and she can pull out the emotion like that. And it’s so easy to work with somebody who’s as talented as her because she just gives so much when you’re doing a scene with her. Basically, it’s just fun, you don’t even think about it.”

“I mean I would definitely like to see Sam pursue the thing with Quinn, just because Dianna’s just so fun to work with and so good. I think we have really good chemistry.”

“Diana is to work one of the easiest people, so I always love doing scenes with her”

“She’s absolutely awesome, and I love her to the death”