overgron 1x1

It's been A while...

Chord and Dianna never exchanged one single word after that day when she found out she was pregnant. Being a single mom wasn’t what she really wanted for her future, but many women did it so, she could do it too. The first week was really hard on her. Dianna asked for a few days off and flew back home to be with her mom and tell her all that was going on. She pondered about a lot of things and knew that her decision had been the right one. As soon as she was back in New York, Dianna went to her OBGYN and started taking pre-natal vitamins and watching her health and her diet carefully.

Her 16 weeks ultrasound was a very special one. Dianna found out that she was having a little girl and that just filled her with even more love and happiness. After that, she started to shop for baby things and think about a nursery that would suit her little princess perfectly. Another couple of months went by. Dianna was now 24 weeks pregnant, Charlie Quinn was a very healthy baby and was growing perfectly in her mom’s belly. After her doctor appointment, Dianna decided to stop by Whole Foods and get some groceries. She was distracted looking for what bread to buy when she heard a familiar voice calling her name and she wasn’t sure if she should turn around or not.

Reunited || Chrylie

Kylie was nervous. It had been years since she had seen Christian. It was obvious he didn’t recognize who she was. And she understood why. She was no longer the little pudgy tomboy she was when she was younger. She had grown leaner, taller and was now going by her middle name, Elisha. So of course he didn’t remember her, but boy did she remember him. The butterflies in her stomach were going insane as she got ready to meet up with him. Pretty much all the other staff members had left for the staff outing. Kylie hadn’t been up for it which is why she had stayed behind. She was happy that Christian had decided to stay. Kylie contemplated telling Christian who she was but at the same time was nervous. Maybe she would wait and see what happened. 

Kylie made her way towards the flagpoles at the entrance of the camp. She wasn’t in a hurry so she leisurely walked to her destination. Taking in a deep breath, Kylie let the fresh air fill in her lungs. It felt so great to be back. A wave of nostalgic memories flooded her mind as she thought back on all the summers she had spent there. Her first being her favorite. Every summer after that hadn’t been the same. Yes, they were amazing but never the same. Kylie spotted the flagpoles up ahead as her walk came to an end. She decided to plop down in the grass next to the cement block the poles were embedded in. The sky was blue spotted with random fluffy clouds. Christian wasn’t there yet so Kyle decided to lay down and admire the beauty of nature. It almost felt like being a kid again. Coming back to camp had been a good decision. The last couple of months had been hell and she needed this for herself and her well being. Letting out another relaxed sigh, Kylie closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of the woods as she waited for Christian to show up.