overgel asked:

Ang hirap nung ganun. :( Walang kang magawa kahit gustong-gusto mo tumulong. I know how you feel. And I hope na magiging okay Dad mo. Just pray, nakikinig Siya. :) Pray hard. Wag mong kimkimin lahat ha? Mas mahihirapan ka. Everything will be okay. :)

Thank you po. :( :)

anonymous asked:

Your hair is so shiny and beautiful. What are your secrets...?

Ohh, you’re stroking his ego now.

“It’s not hard. Don’t shampoo every day; shampoo pulls all the oil out of your hair. Leave conditioner in for as long as the bottle says. Deep condition once a month. Don’t fill it with gel or mousse or damage it with bleaches or dyes— if you do, buy damage repairing products. Deep condition every week until it starts to look normal again. Don’t buy cheap shit. Salon-quality products are salon-quality for a reason.

He pauses, tongue running across his lower lip.

“Know your face shape and frame it, too. Learn how to style it. Don’t overgel- embrace the unkempt look. Listen— I know a good stylist. Let me give you her number.”