Is anyone else noticing a trend?

It seems our Hiddles has recently moved away from his trusty leather jackets in favour of a more snuggly quilted variety. Now, I have no issue with the item itself - they aren’t totally offensive to the eye, and they’re certainly very practical, keeping our baby nice and warm - but the frequency with which it is appearing is beginning to frighten me. I have seen this jacket, I kid you not, three times this week. THREE. TIMES. I can just see where this is going, soon we’re going to be prising it from your desperately unwilling hands just like the vaguely purple see-through top of last year. WHY THOMAS, WHY MUST YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH ONE ITEM OF CLOTHING AND THEN WEAR AND WEAR IT UNTIL IT CRUMBLES LIKE THE RUINS OF THE PARTHENON.

But, then again, what’s it matter? The leather jacket was black. The quilted jacket is black. At least you’re playing to your monochromatic strengths.

Gamis WPK
Bahan Wolfis
Bordir di badan atas.
Manset tangan lebar

Bukaan depan dgn kancing di bagian pundak.
Bagian bawah lebar ±2m.

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