The IdZ project consists of two stages: the basic system (BS) as delivered until the end of 2007 and the extended system (ES). The first systems were delivered on 1. July 2004 following two years of trials with the troops. The SARATOGA® combat suit developed by Blücher with integrated CBRN protection is no longer designed as an over-garment, but instead is worn in place of the normal combat suit. This makes it the world’s first combat suit with integrated protection against chemical and biological weapons. The protective suit, permeable gloves and ALO overboots are all included in the IdZ basic system.


“As he dressed for dinner, Kurt amused himself by thinking of designs to flatter a lady whose figure was increasing with child…Winter was coming, so she might wear a loose-skirted redingote over her gowns. Navy blue would be both elegant and slimming.” - Glee & Glory, Chapter 17

The redingote is a type of long coat that first appeared in the 1790s.  The styles changed over time but redingotes remained popular into the 19th century.  The term is a corruption of “riding coat”, as the redingote was originally designed to be worn when horseback riding. 

The captions for both of these fashion plates say “Redingote de Levantine”.  It took a little extra research to find out what a Levantine redingote was, but it turns out there was a kind of heavy silk twill fabric known as levantine.

Images from La Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs, via SceneInThePast’s Flickr album Fashion Plates: 1818.  I’ve color corrected them in Photoshop.

Gamis WPK
Bahan Wolfis
Bordir di badan atas.
Manset tangan lebar

Bukaan depan dgn kancing di bagian pundak.
Bagian bawah lebar ±2m.

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