overflowing charisma


despite being on stage countless times before, they still get nervous 

BTS as supernatural creatures:

A/N: I got so carried away with this, ohmigosh, somebody stop me! I actually kind of want to make some of these into longer fics… Should I?

Jin: [Siren]

There is something odd about Jin.

It isn’t his unearthly good-looks, or his winning smile. It isn’t his overflowing charisma either. It’s something else - something that hangs about him, invisible to the naked eye, but very much there. And you are tangled up in it. It draws you in like the smell of freshly baked cookies, or the sound of birdsong, or a loved one’s hug. Whatever it is, you need more.

The only problem is, all the other girls in your year feel the same way. Everywhere Jin goes, heads turn, nervous giggling starts up, and blushes flicker on. You used to laugh at the girls who swooned over the ‘popular’ guy in films. Now you’ve become one of them - just a face in the crowd, giggling and blushing along.

That is, until tonight.

It’s dark, and the mammoth clouds are lit up underneath from street lamps, so that everything has a spectral orange tinge. You’re sitting by the lake at the park, taking a few moments away from the work that’s waiting at your desk.

That’s when you see him, wading in the lake. Around him, the water ripples out, star shine sprinkling out about him, like he’s a god breathing life into a galaxy. Everything about him is hazed with a lustrous glow that extends its arms out to you – ‘come’ it says.

He’s singing you realise, his distant notes reaching your ears, curling in and folding themselves around your eardrums. It’s the sweetest melody you’ve ever heard, as smooth as drizzling honey and as warm as melting fudge cake.

Of their own accord, your legs are picking you up, pulling you into the water. You’re splashing out to reach him, hands outstretched to his silhouette. The water winds up your legs, then your stomach, then your torso. It presses in on you, it’s hard to breathe, but that’s okay. He’s turning to face you; he’s reaching out.

And then Jin pulls you under.

His lips smother yours, the one source of heat in the freezing water. Your hair billows out around you, and he catches it, curls his fingers through it.

And now you understand. He’s a siren. And he’s caught you.

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Yoongi: [Ghost]

Yoongi’s been watching you for a long time. Ever since he woke up in fact, all those years ago, confused and groggy, and saw you standing there – you with your careful smile, and your rippling hair. If only you could see him.

He was there when you and your friends fought. He’d wrapped his arms around you when you slumped down at the edge of your bed, your shoulders heaving. You had shivered when he touched you, but you hadn’t turned around, and he hadn’t expected you to.

He was there when you broke up with your boyfriend, a hand pressed to your back as you screamed insults and curses. And he had tried to wipe your tears away afterwards, but they just splashed through his useless fingers.

He was there when you left home for the first time, and sat alone in your room, bent over, homesick and lonely. He’d curled himself around you, his head resting on your back. “It’ll be alright,” he had murmured, but your sobs were the only sound that filled the empty apartment.

Yes, Yoongi has been watching you for a long time. He’s loved you for a long time, too. If only you could see him.

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Hoseok: [Puppy Werewolf]

When you were two years old, you had found an abandoned puppy huddled on your porch. You had thrown your arms around him, and giggled when he licked at you, and cried when your parents tried to take him away.

Turns out he wasn’t a puppy.

Your parents had turned their back on you for one second, while you were running your hands through the thick brown fur, and when they turned back, you were watching a boy of your age running about, with only a couple of rags covering him, and you were giggling and clapping your pudgy hands.

That was how Hoseok entered your life, and your family. It’s a bit weird having a werewolf as a step-brother, but you can’t complain. Especially on cold nights like tonight, when he’ll come padding into your bedroom in wolf form, brown eyes twinkling in semi-darkness, and you’ll pat your bedspread, and he’ll jump up, and flump down on top of you. It’s like having your own personal (big and fluffy, very fluffy) radiator.

“Hoseok,” you laugh, “You’re so heavy. Get off.”

He huffs, but rolls over and lets you wrap your arms around him. “Oh, what a good boy,” you praise, scratching his ears, “Who’s a good boy? You are, yes, you.”

He growls and swipes gently at your hands.

“Alright, alright, I’m sorry,” you chuckle, “You’re just too cute when you’re like this.”

Another snuffly huff rises from him, so you catch his pointed face in your hands, and pepper his snout with kisses. He presses his cold button nose to yours - okay, I forgive you - and the two of you eventually fall asleep, wound around each other.

When you wake up the next morning, there’s a human beside you, rather than a wolf. Hoseok lies stretched out, with only a tattered t-shirt and boxers on, his limbs sprawled all over the bed.

“Hey, Hoseok, move! You’re hogging all the space.” You push him away, and with a yelp, he tips off the bed.

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Namjoon: [Wizard]

Namjoon and you stare down at the suspicious concoction in front of you. It shifts between blue and green, and a curious smoke trails off it – supposedly, a love potion, but despite following the directions religiously, it looks distinctly the opposite of what a love potion should be.

“You wanna try it?” he asks, eyeing it with suspicion.

“After you,” you say, wrinkling your nose.

Namjoon gnaws on his bottom lip, his dimples popping up. He’s been working on this potion over lunch for the next class, but as the clock counts down, his potion-making grade is looking less and less hopeful.

With a wince, he picks up the cup, and gives it a tentative sniff. Then he licks the rim. Then he swallows a couple of drops.

“Oh! It actually tastes okay,” he says, “Like raspberries and bubble-gum.”

“But do you feel any different?” you ask.

A shake of the head. You wait ten seconds. “How about now?”

“Still nothing…” he sighs, “It’s too late now… I guess I’m going to fail that class after all.”

The bell rings and you gather up your books.

“Hey,” Namjoon greets you in the corridor.

“So, did you fail potion-making?” you ask, ready to offer him some sympathy.

“No, actually,” Namjoon laughs, “Turns out the potion worked fine.”

You halt in your tracks. “But it didn’t have any effect on you,” you say.

A forced laugh rattles out of Namjoon. “Imagine that. Guess I’m immune to love potions, or something. I mean that’s the only obvious explanation. It’s not like I was already in love with you before I took the potion. I don’t know why you’d suggest that, because that’s nonsense.”

“I didn’t suggest that, Namjoon.”

His cheeks erupt with pink, and he quickly walks on ahead. “Shut up.”

You follow him, a smile spreading across your face. Imagine that.

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Jimin: [Fallen Angel]

“I fell from heaven for this?”

“Yes, Jimin, yes you did. You had a choice. And you chose me.”

The two of you are lying on your sofa, arguing over the TV program of choice. Jimin is disgusted that you would even suggest watching ‘The Only Way is Essex’. (“What? It’s a guilty pleasure! Don’t judge me!” you had defended, rather aggressively.)

“I don’t know if I can even look at you anymore,” Jimin says, turning away. A bad move. He’s left his neck exposed. You plunge in for a deluge of kisses.

Jimin’s frown breaks into laughter, and he attacks back, pressing his lips to your forehead. “Of course I’m joking. Leaving heaven was the best choice I ever made.” His words murmured against your skin send a thrill through you. “Eternity without you would have been agony.”

You move from his neck to his lips, and he kisses back, his tongue pushing against yours. Your hands wind their way down his back, pressing against the rough scars where his wings used to be. He gave that up for you. You stop, when a surge of guilt rises in you, and he pulls away to gaze into your eyes. “Hey, I meant it. Really,” he says, “Heaven without you would have been hell.”



You move back to kissing, letting yourself dissolve in his warmth.

“Besides,” his lips move against yours as he talks, his breath intoxicating, “It’s impossible to be sinless when you have that body. It’s really unfair.”

“Oh really?” You laugh, “Do I make you sin?”


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Taehyung: [Vampire]

It wasn’t ideal. But Taehyung was hungry. And you were available.

That’s how you wound up in this mess, sat on the floor with Taehyung on your lap, legs folded around yours. Blood trickles down your neck and pools in the hollows at your collar bone. Still, Taehyung sips, small moans escaping from him occasionally.

You know you should be scared, but all you feel is a dizzy happiness. For as long as you can remember, you’ve been crushing on your best friend, and now here he is, his body pressed against yours, his mouth bound to your skin. His tongue is rough at your neck, but his lips are soft as rose petals. His hands cup your face, like you were made of the most precious crystal, and every so often he’ll draw his fangs away and carefully clean up the area around the bite marks, brushing blood away with his lips. Again, it’s not ideal. All the same, your heart has launched into overdrive, pounding an irregular rhythm for him.

“Can you stop that?” he pulls away for an instant, licking at his lips.


“Your heart,” Taehyung says, “It’s going too fast, and it’s making your blood flow speed up. I’m going to end up drinking too much if you can’t get it under control.”

A guilty blush rises to your cheeks. Of course he would notice.

“Sorry, I can’t help it,” you mutter, “Being this close to you is driving me crazy.”

Now it’s Taehyung’s turn to blush, dark lashes fluttering. “I – I see… well, just try to keep it a bit more steady, okay?” When he leans in again, his lips press the punctured spot with a deep  kiss before he resumes feeding.

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Jungkook: [Imp]

You’ve heard the horror stories before - of unsuspecting people moving into new houses, only to find them inhabited by imps, and having to put up with the constant teasing, tricking and toying that comes as part of the sprite package. What you hadn’t heard was that imps could be incredibly hot.

So, when you find the boy in your kitchen, ready to smash your favourite mug on the tile floor, you have to stop and blink a few times, just to make sure you haven’t imagined that glowing face, and that practically illegal smirk.

“Put the mug down.” Somehow you manage to get the words past your throat.

“Ah… Don’t want to…” The boy shrugs, and with one of those annoyingly good grins, lets it drop. It smashes across the floor, fragments tinkling at your feet. The boy grabs an armful of crockery from a cupboard ready to cause more chaos.

“No you don’t!” You lunge across the kitchen, and grapple the plates and bowls from him.

A frown settles on his features. “Hasn’t anyone told you not to mess with an imp?” he asks.

“Hasn’t anyone told you not to mess with me?” you shoot back, “I don’t care what magical pixie powers you have, I’m not letting you destroy my house.”

“Pixie?” The boy stares at you incredulously, “Excuse me, I am a devil, not a pixie.”

“Whatever,” you roll your eyes, “Like it matters. I’m just saying, if you mess up my life in any way, you will be regretting it.”

The boy considers this for a moment, then smiles. “You’re lucky I like you. I guess I won’t break all your stuff after all, even if you are incredibly cute when you’re angry.” With that he picks up an apple from your fruit basket and saunters out of the kitchen. “I’m taking the big bedroom by the way.”

“Hey, no! That room’s mine!”

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What are your qualities about each member of GOT7?

my favorite qualities of them?

jaebeom: he has all the qualities of a leader. he knows when to be serious and goofy and he knows how to utilize it. i love it when he’s all serious then the next second, he’s a cute dork that says the randomest things and makes the cutest faces. don’t forget that he’s truly talented; dancing, singing, photography and even acting. it takes time to understand his personality though and despite his “cold appearance”(as a lot seem to say), he’s actually an extremely really warm hearted and sweet guy(ex. he feeds stray cats and makes sure to leave some leftovers behind. my heart..) his beautiful smile and laugh can always brighten up my days.

mark: he might be quiet but i love how he actually thinks a lot(which not many do, sadly) and when he does speak up about something, he catches my attention right away because it’s like “ahhh wow so that’s what was on his mind, that’s the way he’s thinking.” i feel like we learn more about his personality every comeback, it’s pretty cool. his backflips are truly the best esp when he goes slow-mo.. amazing. even though he’s the oldest out of GOT7, the way he knows how to play comfortably with the boys like they have no age gap, i really love it and seeing it is like they’re all real brothers. and of course, his signature canine teeth that can be adorable or sexy.

jackson: he’s really playful and sassy but extremely hardworking and caring. the guy with the biggest heart out there. he’s always taking care of others before himself and sometimes i just want to tell him to watch out and take care of himself first. his love for his parents can never be put into words, their family bond is so strong and unbreakable. he always knows how to brighten up the atmosphere no matter where the location is and make everyone around him laugh. i actually find him really strong on the inside, no matter what others say, he still continues doing what he enjoys and loves. like YES, you do you, boo. the guy i will always support no matter where he is and what he’s doing.

jinyoung: he’s kind of like jaebeom, but also not? this soulmate thing going on like they support each other really well. he knows when to be serious and goofy when needed. he’s the “mom” of GOT7 for a reason; really reliable, dedicated, warm, thoughtful, has the patience, takes care of others and noticing the little things(ex. the ep of hard carry where they had their hands tied to each other and beside him was youngjae eating with tongs and he got chopsticks ready and silently exchanged it.) he has a really creative mind too and he really shows that he will always protect their loved ones. a charming prince but you can never forget about petty nyeong.

youngjae: he’s brightest sunshine you will ever meet. his bright laugh will make you instantly happy. he’s fearless, he’s not afraid to make his dreams come true no matter how far the distance is and i highly admire that about him. i love how independent he is, he really works hard for what he wants. he has charms that you can’t resist, the confidence how he carries himself, overflowing charisma. i know many see him as the “cute fluffy sunshine” first but for me, i saw and still see him as a really mature guy that strives hard in life. his powerful vocals should really be appreciated by more people, his voice is really something special. he’s the diamond that came to complete GOT7.

bambam: there is nothing he can’t do. he’s so talented esp when it comes to video editing, to the point where he can even produce GOT7’s music videos. i’m happy that he found it in him, something he really enjoys doing during his own time. he makes me really proud, his sense of maturity and confidence has grown a lot. he’s not afraid to show his goofy side to the public and i admire him for embracing it because it’s what makes him, bambam. he’s really outgoing and realistic, he knows how to have fun. he’s beautiful on the inside and outside.

yugyeom: he’s thoughtful. even though he’s the youngest, he knows how to take care of his hyungs(in GOT7’s recent v live, he saw that youngjae accidentally elbowed jaebeom’s head so he put his hand between youngjae and jaebeom so jaebeom doesn’t get hit again.) he’s loyal and is really supportive when it comes to the ones he loves. he really cherishes his friends a lot. he’s still in the process of learning but seeing him grow stronger everyday makes my heart really warm. he’s really cool, wild and unstoppable. also a really talented dancer that i know will make it to the top because he really focuses on his dream. he’s really pure.

each of the boys in GOT7 has their own different charms and that’s what makes them unique, everyone is talented in their own ways. ♡♡

[TRANS] 'Idol Drama Operation Team' PD on Moonbyul

In her drama role, and like in real life, she appears as the oldest sister. As the head of the team, she takes on the role of leading overall. 

At first, it was actually awkward for her. She seemed worried saying she’s the second oldest in MAMAMOO and that she’s not a really funny person. It seemed like it was burden for her, but as time went on, she opened up about herself more first. The way she carefully took care of the members also made her reliable. If they’re cold, she would get them something to wear, she made sure they weren’t exposing much skin, and took care of them meticulously.

Because she’s a rapper, I thought she would an image overflowing with charisma, but she was more feminine and attentive than I thought.

She’s the oldest in the team and the girl depended on her a lot. I think this was not only because of the admiration they had for MAMAMOO Moonbyul during their individual activities, but also because of her unnie tittle.

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this might be a very unpopular opinion but..

stop hating on pledis

as i have been a nu’est fan since their debut, i know pledis has not been the best company (as seen through afterschool and nu’est in general) but then why does nu’est continue to stay with them? why did they re-sign the contract?

y’all complain but don’t even think about these important questions: it’s because the boys trust pledis. they trust them even after the countless times nu’est has failed to chart and gain their much deserved popularity. i can’t stand when fans jump on the “pledis sucks!!!” train because the company is doing their best. no matter what you say about pledis, they are trying their best to fix things for the boys and for the company as a whole.

not only that but the “fans” who complain about pledis and how they didn’t have anything confirmed yet for nu’est yet need to STOP. once again, you think you know what’s best for the boys but you don’t! let the boys rest and have time to themselves. pd101 was not only emotionally draining but physically (as seen through their weight loss) and mentally (as seen through mnet’s evil editing (which luckily none of the boys got), their every move being filmed, as well as the fact that they could be cut at any time from the show). pledis isn’t stupid of course they are going to take advantage of this new found popularity. to add to that, nu’est probably hasn’t recorded anything prior because they didn’t think they were going to be this popular (as stated in the pledis statement)??? so why do you think that you’re entitled to a comeback right after being on pd101?????? where they worked so hard to get to where they were?????????????

another point, pledis (2007) has only been around for 10 years while the big name companies have been around for longer (sm - 1995, yg - 1996, jyp - 1997). nu’est was only their second group, and being a small company and fairly new at the time (roughly 5 years), they lacked so many resources compared to the 10+ years that the well known companies have been producing idols. the only thing pledis does not lack is talent. all their artists are overflowing with talent and charisma and looks and star qualities (the proof is in ALL of their groups, there’s not a single member or artist that isn’t talented).

it hurts me to see fans constantly shutting down pledis for being awful to nu’est because like i said earlier, i’ve been fan since their debut back in 2012. i’ve seen these boys struggle through every comeback and seeing those comments truly shows that nu’est was unlucky from the start with the company. but that can be changed. i initially started this rant because i was angry at all the fans (old and new) who think they know what’s best for the boys. let me make it clear, i’m not trying to say i know what’s best for them. the only people who do are nu’est themselves. let them make their decisions. this is their dream that we happen to be apart of, the L.O./.E.s. we can make them lucky again. instead of saying that pledis is trash, you should say that you’re pledis trash. show support for the company because whether you like it or not, this is the company the boys started with and will stay with. whatever insult is thrown at pledis reflects onto the boys as well (and the other artists for that matter).

tl;dr trust the boys. trust pledis.

feel free to fight me for my opinion but there’s nothing that will change my mind about this. i’ve felt this way ever since these comments started appearing.

The SDC Boy Band, “Arcana”

-I’ve been sorta thinking about this for awhile, but it’s just such an obscure thing. The Stardust Crusaders would make an awesome boy band! So, I’ll tell what I think each boy would be placed best in.


•The drummer. He has a lot of energy and strength, plus Star Platinum is able to be scary accurate and extremely precise. Jotaro is able to handle any drum solo, no matter how fast or how unpredictable it looks. It also helps the angsty teen let out a lot of tension.


•He’s a switch between lead singer and lead guitarist. With his overflowing charisma and charming personality, he’s able to win over any crowd as he sings on-stage. Jean is able to switch keys easily, and his falsettos are sexy to anybody that listens. As a guitarist, he’s able to handle any stroke given how quickly his Silver Chariot can work.


•Guitarist and backup vocals. He doesn’t have the energy or the sexy body language to keep a crowd hyped. He’s best working sort of in the shadows, second best rather than the front runner. His pitch can be high, and he can make a wonderful harmony with Polnareff.


•The bassist. He’s not necessarily the ‘coolest’ in the group, but he’s certainly the most relaxed one. He doesn’t like having a lot of attention, and so he’s perfectly content with the bass. It’s easy to learn, and the backbone of any hit song they make.


•The keys!! He’s not nearly as young as he used to be; if he were, he would’ve been the drummer. That isn’t to say he doesn’t have any energy, but his eyes aren’t able to consistently concentrate on something like the guitar or drums. His voice also isn’t the best, too gravelly and the fact that he’s just too old to attract the sort of crowd that everybody else wants to play for. Sometimes he also plays the triangle or trumpet. It depends what the song needs, he’s mostly the extra member that handles miscellaneous instruments. He’s the most forgotten member when it comes to fan favorites.

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I saw someone on twitter say they thought Colin was phoning it in the premiere, did you think that too?

NO. How insulting to Colin, he’s a great actor and a professional, he would never.

Actually, what the person may be reacting to shows his phenomenal talent.  There’s obviously a big difference between Officer Rogers and the way we’re used to seeing Colin on this show.  Captain Hook is larger-than-life and commands the screen every moment he appears.  Every moment.  Even when Hook is at his softest, say as Killian Jones who is besotted with Emma Swan, he still overflows with charisma and leaps off the screen.

Seems to me, perhaps the curse has muted that and Rogers is a much more low-key presence. A lot of what makes Hook, Hook and Killian, Killian may have been stripped away by the curse. Remember it’s a CURSE, it’s not supposed to let you hold on to yourself. 

We all know what Colin is capable of.. the swagger, the spark, the x-factor, the fact that he can tone that down when the role calls for it shows how good he really is. 

Bayojeanne Week 6 - Jealousy

Word count: 3760

Summary: Bayonneta and Jeanne’s cat are at constant odds and who will get the upper hand?

A/N: Oh boy whats it like posting bayojeanne week things like, 2 months after the fact? A promise is a promise though so I am doing all of these. This one has a bit of a buy-in, it features Artemisa, their daughter from my other fic Barren Ground Blooms in Change (I guess you really only have to know it’s their kid, basically but feel free to read!) 

Jeanne had loved horses once upon a time. Lovely horses, big horses, light and springy horses. If it had hooves, a bad temper and could be saddled she liked it.

With the advent of modern technology and shackles that didn’t allow for the sort of long term care of an animal, she had found herself replacing her beloved horses with the roaring charm of motorcycles.

Angel Slayer was a bike all on it’s own category, extensively modified and of course, with more magic running through it than a young witch. That being said, sometimes the real world needed more finesse than what equated to a Mad Max chase gone off rails and for the times she needed to look like Ms. D’Arc, mild mannered teacher, other bikes had to do.

Her most recent purchase was a big and bulky touring bike with all the bells and whistles, in an attractive blue and black. It was a…compromise to get Cereza to ride with her and not keep getting detoured for her to flirt at humans.

For her cool teacher Jeanne days she had her tremendously fast streetfighter, slinky and aggressive that went from 0 to 60 in a staggering 2.6 seconds. By all standards, her mortal made pride and joy.

Only had one caveat. The passenger riding position.

Especially if that passenger was seven whole feet of legs, ass and overflowing charisma. 

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i also love the idea of Lup and Taako trying to be heels but just having so much natural overflowing charisma that the crowd can’t help but cheer for them as if they were babyfaces

[relationship w/ seungkwan au]

words: 4k

genre: fluffy fluff

synopsis: seungkwan isn’t his usually cheery and energetic self today, so you decide to bring your boyfriend out to help cheer him up. 

You found the day was moving along quite slowly as you made your way through the streets of Seoul, the turquoise blue skies that were bathing over the buildings yesterday now replaced with grey and gloomy clouds. It was a shame, today you were hoping to go to the beach and enjoy the sun, but now you felt like curling up in a fleecy blanket while watching tv.

However, instead of doing either of those things, you were on your way to the dorm of Seventeen, a group of lively young boys who exerted nothing but energy. You were actually happy to be visiting the dorms. The boys had been so busy with their summer schedule, but now things were starting to clear up.

Not to mention it meant getting to see your beloved boyfriend of three months, Seungkwan. You knew perfecting his vocals and continuously working hard on presenting a refreshing performance meant a lot to him, so that resulted in you spending the first few weeks of summer alone. Of course you didn’t mind being by yourself, it gave you a chance to freely explore the different attractions around town and get to know some of the people there.

It was a pleasant experience to start the summer off with.

You couldn’t deny the way your excitement grew as you approached the dorms, a bubbly feeling fizzing in your stomach at the thought of finally getting to see Seungkwan and the boys. By the time you made your way inside the building, you could hear the heavy flow of music echoing from the practice room, a cheesy smile cracking along your lips.

The music ceased just before you whipped open the door to the practice room, your heart beating lightly as your fingers curled around the handle.

“HEY GUYS!” You exclaimed in a high pitched voice as the door swung open, their expressions morphing from shock to excitement as you made your way across the squeaky floorboards.

“Y/N!” Hoshi shouted gleefully, his squishy cheeks scrunching up in a smile as he came forwards to hug you.

“Ew,” you remarked teasingly when a few others came up to join the hug, their sweaty bodies encompassing you in a blistering sandwich.

“Okay, get away thanks.” You chuckled as they pulled themselves apart, their eyes still shining with excitement. It definitely felt good to see all their smiling faces again, especially since they had been working so hard for their promotions. But as your eyes scanned the clustered crowd of boys, you felt disappointed that one face was missing.

“So, not that I don’t like you guys or anything, but where is Seungkwannie?”

“He’s in that kitchen area,” Mingyu said while plucking a tiny towel off the floor, “something about getting a glass of water.”

You nodded at him with a smile, your hands clasping together while your eyes drifted over each one of the boys faces once more.

“Welp, continue with your practicing if that’s what you were gonna do anyways. I’m going to go look for Seungkwan, but I guarantee I’ll be back later to bug you all endlessly.”

They all butted in with their snide comments before you exited the room, your eyes rolling in an exaggerated circle as their voices followed you down the hall. Those goofs, you thought while grinning to yourself, they’re all 8 years old at heart. While walking into the kitchen area of the dorm, you called out for Seungkwan, your voice bouncing emptily off the walls when there was no response.

What? You muttered to yourself while approaching the counter, getting yourself a drink of water while you scanned the large room. Did Mingyu go lying to me again?

Instead of making a fuss about not seeing your boyfriend just yet, you wandered the halls to their dorms, trying to see if you remembered which room Seungkwan was staying in. Taking a guess, you knocked against the grain of the door, your ears listening for his melodic voice to call out to you.

“Seungkwan?” You said loudly, an electric sense flowing into your stomach when he answered you. Without hesitation you opened the door, a wide smile painted on your lips when you noticed him sitting on the edge of his bed.

“My gorgeous Seungkwannie,” you cooed while meeting his open arms, your chin resting on his shoulder while you took in the crisp scent of his apple shampoo.

“Finally, someone who doesn’t smell like dirty laundry.” You giggled white taking a seat next to him on the covers, your fingers threaded tightly with his. Your head quickly fell to his shoulder as your thumb ran circles along a small portion of his hand, a content breath filling your lungs.

“I really missed you these past weeks.” You mumbled while shutting your eyes, “you’re all doing so well for the promotions.”  When Seungkwan didn’t respond and you were left with silence, you raised your head, a brow cocked upwards when you found him staring at the floor.

“Is everything okay?” You found it strange that Seungkwan had hardly said anything since your arrival. He had always been so ecstatic and cheery whenever he saw you, his heart feeling fuzzy with excitement and joy at just the sound of your voice.

Instead he seemed rather glum and the aura that was lingering in the air gave you a bad feeling. Seungkwan blinked at you, a shy curl falling on his lips as you continued to stroke along his hand.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine, Y/N. Practice just really tired me out so I took a hot shower.” Your fingers lifted up to lightly dust through the silky strands of brown sitting on his head, a content feeling falling over you at how soft and light his hair felt.

“Okay,” you began as Seungkwan blushed from your actions, still not completely use to the unexpected affection, “are you sure?”

It was easy to tell when Seungkwan wasn’t happy. Since his personality usually overflows with charisma and confidence, he becomes an easy target to spot when something is bothering him. As much as he tries to conceal it, you can still see through him, and when Seungkwan is upset, you become upset too.

“I’m sure.” He grinned while squeezing your hand. You could tell he was forcing himself to sound chipper, the glossy shimmer that constantly reflected in his eyes nowhere to be seen. You suppressed the sigh that came close to escaping your lips and instead brought your knees to your chest, one arm curling around your legs while the other released Seungkwan’s hand.

Just as he tried to look away, the tip of your finger pressed underneath his chin and he slowly turned back to face you.

“Don’t lie Seungkwan, what’s up, for real?”

Being in a relationship, you hoped that Seungkwan would trust you enough to tell you what was bothering him. Seeing an invisible weight on his shoulders made your mood match that of the gloomy weather, and as he gripped your hand and pulled it away from his chin, you frowned.

“Really I’m just tired. And I’m so thankful that you’re here with me, but I reassure you, I’m fin-,”

Suddenly the door wedged open and two faces popped through the crack, one head above the other. Their voices were soft as they spoke, though they were also a bit raspy from practice.

“Good, I was hoping you two weren’t gonna be launched all over each other when I opened this door.” Seungcheol teased, his lips quirking into a smile as a preppy Seokmin was glancing over his shoulder.

“Do you wanna come out and eat with us? We have sweet and sour pork.” The leader sang lightly while Seokmin raised his eyebrows. You nodded back as a reply, one of your legs falling to the floor.

“We’ll be out soon.”

“Well you better come out quick, I just saw Jeonghan and Chan ripping open the boxes like wild animals.” Seokmin added with a laugh, his eyes turning into tiny crescent moons.

“Good to know.” You replied while quickly casting a glance off to the side, trying to erase the image that Seokmin had put in your head.

“Seungkwan-ah, are you feeling alright? We missed you at the end of practice.” Suddenly Jun’s face was peeking just above Seokmin’s, a pout on his lips while his cheeks puffed out like marshmallows. You slowly etched your fingers over Seungkwan’s that were placed between you on the mattress, knowing that he would say the same thing to his members as he said to you.

“Of course, don’t worry hyung. Try not to eat all the pork yourselves!” Seungkwan joked as wary looks crossed over the members faces. Like you, they could detect when Seungkwan was feeling ill. However the looks of doubt soon vanished as you slipped an arm around Seungkwan’s shoulders, a smile that said, I’ll handle it, spreading across your lips.

“Well you should all get to eating. And wash up first! I don’t want your tears of hard work on my food!” The members chuckled amongst themselves before disappearing and shutting the door, you and Seungkwan alone once more.

“How about this,” you mumbled while grabbing a hold of Seungkwan’s hands, his eyes cautiously meeting with yours, “you don’t have to tell me what’s bothering you but at let’s at least do something fun. Something that might bring you out of whatever shadow you’re in.” Seungkwan raised an eyebrow, not looking too keen to hear what else you had to say.

“I know it’s kinda sucky outside but maybe fresh air is what you need. Let’s go for a walk, get some ice cream, we can visit the beach or even do some shopping. I don’t care what we do, I just want to help you forget about what’s making you upset.”

Seungkwan seemed hesitant, his head aimed at his lap for a few seconds before he was agreeing, a sigh mixed with slight nervous laughter escaping his lips. You bobbed your head in excitement before leaning over to place a soft and happy kiss against Seungkwan’s cheek, a rosy colour taking over his smooth skin after you pulled away.

It was still rather dull and gloomy when you stepped outside the dorms, a thick blanket of cotton covering the sky as far as your eyes could see. The boys caught you and Seungkwan sneaking out, playful and smug expressions on their faces as you told them you were simply going out for fun.

Seungkwan’s fingers were comfortably locked with yours as you made your way along the streets, your first destination being the movie theatre. After keeping up a relentless pace of asking the question, what movie do you wanna see? This is about you, to Seungkwan, he finally cracked, your conscience cackling in satisfaction.

“That sounds awesome, Seungkwannie. Are you sure it’s in theatre?” You asked while hurriedly crossing the street, your hair bouncing with every step. When you reached the sidewalk Seungkwan nodded, though he didn’t seem confident in his answer.

“Okay, well if it isn’t, we can always watch something else.” You cooed with a soft smile, your arm linked with Seungkwan’s while your head rested on his shoulder. Even after walking in the fresh air, he still seemed quite dreary, and despite your efforts at making conversation it would always end in silence. However, you were set in steel to make sure your boyfriend had at least one precious memory to make him feel better. You wanted to see his cheeks lift up in that pearly smile, you wanted to hear his contagious laugh tickle your ears.

You would do anything to see him be happy.

Before entering the theatre, you and Seungkwan visited a shop a little ways down the street, making sure to stock up on all your favourite snacks and drinks. If working at the theatre for one year taught you anything, it was that people always brought a secret bag full of previously bought sweets and soda, not having to worry about the high price for one bag of popcorn.

“We have to hide this.” You mumbled while stepping outside the shop. “I use to work there and if they see you bring in extra snacks, sometimes they’ll take them.”

Seungkwan frowned, “well they aren’t taking my chocolate.” You giggled in response as a cute pout formed on your boyfriends face, your hands coming up to lightly squish his cheeks. “I promise they won’t take your chocolate.” You cooed before placing a quick peck on his lips, leaving Seungkwan to push you away while he cast the tiniest grin towards the ground.

“How dare you.”

You only rolled your eyes while picking up the cans of soda and snacks, your fingers gripping Seungkwan’s shoulders to turn him around so you could shove a pack of gummy bears into the hood of his sweater.

“Oh hush. Now do you think you could shove this can of iced tea into your sleeve and make it not noticeable?”

A good 10 minutes went by of just you and Seungkwan figuring out places to store your snacks so the theatre couldn’t bust you for it. By the end of your snack hiding session, you got away with a package of gummy bears and a can of soda in Seungkwan’s hood, his collar almost choking him from the weight he was carrying behind his head.

You managed to shove a few other snacks up the front of your shirt, making sure the flannel you were wearing covered your stomach while you stuffed the other soda can into your bra.

“Do you really have to put it there?” Seungkwan mumbled as you walked towards the theatre, his eyes sneakily staring at your chest while you fumbled with the can.

“Well putting them in our sleeves is too noticeable. I’ll just drink this and you can have the one that’s currently choking you.” You retorted, a crooked smile painting your lips when Seungkwan tried to fire back, but stumbled from the weight pulling against his throat.

“That’s what I thought Boo Seungkwan.” You chuckled menacingly while entering the theater, your hand finding his again.

You felt your mouth hang open for a few seconds when the movie theatre employee gave you a sympathetic look while saying, “I’m sorry, this movie doesn’t reach theaters until next week.”

She turned to glance back at the board behind her, each one of the movie names printed in glowing red dots. “See,” she gestured towards the end of the board, to the section that read, movies soon to be released!, “but you can always watch something else.”

The arms that were wrapped around your stomach to better conceal the food stashed there suddenly tightened, your head angling towards Seungkwan who shared the same expression of disappointment. Your hand quickly landed on his back, moving up and down while he glanced at his feet.

“Sorry, Y/N.” He mumbled, his brown eyes delicately meeting with yours. You settled for giving him a comforting pat on the shoulder, your eyes crinkling as you smiled, “don’t apologize, let’s just watch something else.”

You stepped out of the line and sat on a bench facing the pixelated board, Seungkwan running his fingers along the rim of his collar so he wouldn’t choke. While a chuckle escaped your lips at seeing him pout adorably, you pulled out one of the soda cans and quickly shoved it behind your back.

“Alright, what should we pick?” You commenced while clapping your hands together. Seungkwan released a sigh, his feet clicking against the floor. “Maybe we should just go ba-,”

“Nope, we’re going to watch a movie. And it will be fun and you will enjoy it.”

He blinked up at you, a slight fuzzy feeling filling his stomach at seeing your challenging smirk. Seungkwan sighed, the faster he agreed with you, the faster he could go back to moping at the dorms.

“You’ve always been so persistent,” your boyfriend said while gripping your knee, his eyes squinting at you in a playful matter. “I’m perfectly aware. Now turn around so I can shove this drink back into your hood.”

Seeing as you chose the movie on a complete whim, you weren’t that surprised to see the rows of red velvet seats taken up by children, their round sparkly eyes following the, aren’t you too old for this movie?, couple down the isle. You smushed yourself into two seats near the back, a satisfied grunt hefting from your chest as you sat down.

“This theatre is full of kids.” Seungkwan whispered into your ear, his hand fishing into his hood to pull out the soda can. You turned to look at him with a smirk, “Wow, really? I thought everyone was just really short.”

He glanced at you with a mock expression of hurt, his eyes growing large.

“That really hurt my feelings.”

You patted his cheek. “K.”

The movie you chose may have been for kids, (with the title being ‘Audrey the Ants Expedition’, you should have known) but in your opinion, it should have been for adults. You tightly gripped Seungkwan’s hand, tears brewing in your eyes as Audrey got lost from her friends in a sea of raindrops, the sad little ant curling up under the cover of a leaf.

The audience was full of sniffling children blowing their noses, with you joining them. Seungkwan kept handing you tissues from the kid sitting next to him, the two boys exchanging strange expressions as your tears soaked Seungkwan’s shoulder.

“Audrey deserves better than this.” You sobbed while Seungkwan rubbed along your arm, his eyebrow quirking when you blew into the tissue.

“It’s just an ant,” Seungkwan said rather loudly, but quickly took back his words when half the audiences children and parents turned to glare at him. “Who is clearly having a tough time,” he fumbled. “Audrey deserves better, Audrey deserves better..”

Seungkwan chanted in order to raise the theatres spirits. You smiled, pumping your fist along with the sniffling children who were struggling to hold back their tears.

However Seungkwan couldn’t say much when the movie ended and an emotional Audrey finally found her family and friends again after a long expedition. He was biting on his fist, his eyes growing glossy while you created waterworks on his chest. His fingers stroked your hair while the audience broke out into tears again, even some of the parents dabbing their eyes.

The sky was still dark and gloomy as you sat on a bench outside the theatre, your legs tossed over Seungkwan’s lap as you blew into your last tissue.

“I’ve never cried so much..” You rasped while Seungkwan was still clearing his throat.

“I can’t believe I cried over a children’s movie.” He mumbled while carding his fingers through his honey brown hair.

“Don’t disrespect Audrey like that.” You sniffled.

Seungkwan suppressed his chuckle and instead placed a soft kiss on your forehead. “I’ll never disrespect Audrey the Ant again.” He mumbled while pretending to look into a camera.

After wandering the streets a bit more and simply admiring each other’s presence, you stopped for ice cream, your heart beat increasing as you looked over all the flavours. (does ur heart rate ever just increase from looking at food because it happens to me and I am genuinely concerned)

It took you awhile to chose, but eventually you settled for classic cookie dough, your eyes lighting up in pleasure while the worker handed you a waffle cone. Seungkwan only eyed your ice cream and it was clear to see he wanted some, but he declined, insisting his diet was something he needed to pay attention to. You brushed some hair away from his eyes before giving a tiny frown, Seungkwan always got ice cream with you, diet or no diet, when you visited the same shop many times before.

“Come on Seungkwannie,” you mumbled while stroking his arm, “one ice cream cone won’t do a thing. Besides, the strawberry flavour just got refilled.”

He bit on his bottom lip, eyes switching from your sweet and warm face towards his favourite ice cream flavour that hadn’t been breached by a single scoop.

“Okay.” He cracked, a content glimmer flickering across your eyes when the worker handed him his cone. Seungkwan tried to seem like he didn’t want it, but he eventually gave in, especially after seeing that half of your cookie dough had been completely devoured.

“That was fast.” He said with a smile.

“If you can’t finish yours I’ll take it.” You replied cheekily, Seungkwan’s thumb soon meeting with the corner of your lips to wipe away a creamy smudge of cookie dough.

“You won’t have to worry about that.” Your boyfriend replied, a loud cackle bursting from your chest as he tried to take a large bite of his ice cream, but was left with a face screwing up in bitterness from the cold sensation shooting through his teeth.

“That’s attractive.”

“Oh I know it is.”

Your bright laughs and chuckles that sounded like a car engine spitting to life followed you down the streets and towards the beach, your arm linked comfortably with Seungkwan’s.

Though the sky was only getting darker and the thick clouds of grey cotton were growing heavier, you continued to stroll along the beach, the beige crystals of sand squishing under your feet. The breeze that tickled back your hair and feathered over your skin made you feel quite down to earth, and with Seungkwan finally filling his lungs with the fresh and open scents of the water, you knew he was feeling better.

After discarding the napkins from your ice cream into the garbage bin, you laced off your shoes and shoved your socks in your pocket. Seungkwan looked you up and down as you hopped in a circle on one foot, tongue peaking from the corner of your lips in concentration.

“Walk with me.” You said in a deep voice, your arms stretched out like the wings of a bird. Seungkwan let his fingers tousle his hair in amusement, also taking off his shoes and rolling up his pant legs to feel the sand squish under his feet.

You reached for his hand and thread your fingers with his, your eyes following the wide path of smooth sand and rippling water that was laid out in front of you.

“The sky may be all dark and stuff, but the beach still looks beautiful.” You commented while sitting down on the ground, scooting backwards until you were positioned between Seungkwan’s legs. You closed your eyes as a strong breeze blew from the water, a light glimmer of mist tickling your feathery eyelashes.

His chin came to rest on top of your head while his arms looped around your stomach, a deep breath pushing through Seungkwan’s lungs at the vast navy blue sight of the water. He knew he had been difficult for you today, especially with the glumness that had been festering inside him. But now he was feeling quite content with holding you in his arms, the calming sight of the waves steadying his heart to a mellow beat.

“I’m sorry about being so down in the dumps today. I have to admit, I had fun.” You heard Seungkwan mumble, his eyes fluttering between you and the sand as you turned around. Your eyes grew soft like velvet as your fingers brushed against Seungkwan’s jaw, a feeling resembling a popsicle melting pooling into your stomach.

“Don’t apologize Seungkwannie, it’s difficult for people to control their emotions and nobody expects you to hold in that sadness that you were feeling forever. You’re only human, and you’re the human that I love.”

A scarlet blush tingled along Seungkwan’s cheeks as you gripped the base of his chin, your lips softly meeting with his his, every single one of your slowly paced movements melding together so perfectly. While your thumb rubbed along the side of his cheek, his hand tenderly squeezed your waist, your lips chasing after each other whenever one of you teasingly pulled away.

“I love you too.” Seungkwan said in a whisper, the uplifting shimmer that constantly glowed in his cinnamon brown eyes now returning.

Just as you moved in for another kiss, a large raindrop smacked your forehead, causing you to grimace. Seungkwan giggled while titling his head back to look at the sky, the heavy clouds finally releasing their sea of raindrops.

“It’s like Audrey the Ant’s Expedition.” You chuckled.

Seungkwan pulled you to your feet, placing one last kiss on your forehead.

“Audrey deserves better.”

A/N: can u tell I finished this at 12:30am? also petition for audrey the ant to be in theaters, I was in tears writing that part. (only because I was going thru a sugar high. consuming a whole package of pixie sticks does that to a person(^^;;)



Member: Namjoon 

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Implied Smut (?) 

Word Count: 3154

Summary: “I know it will soon be our last, but I can’t let you go. Don’t talk, don’t leave, just quietly hold me girl.” - BTS, Hold Me Tight 잡아줘

A/N: Here is the second and last part (hahaha see what i did there? 😅) to this mini series thing. Just a few disclaimers, I have no experience with any interactions towards the opposite gender so if the first part is a little awkward, I apologize. Second, there’s a little part where I wrote fake lyrics for a song. Once again, I have no experience with writing any lyrics so if it’s 10000% cringe, I’m sorry. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this! Xx 

Originally posted by jenorise

“Hey jagiya, I’m home.” You feel Namjoon’s arms wrap around your waste while you’re preparing dinner for the two of you.

“Namjoon, How was your day at the studio?” You finish what you were doing and turn around to face Namjoon while placing your arms on top of his shoulders.

“It was alright. I wasn’t getting much inspiration from that cramped room so I decided to come home early.” He nuzzles his face into your neck. “I thought maybe you,” his lips brush your neck as he speaks and a shiver travels up your spine. “could give me some inspiration.” This time, Namjoon creates a trail of kisses up your neck to your jaw.

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impossible? | jimin

jimin x reader drabble where your badboy crush may just like you back, who knows?

enjoy xx

it was as if park jimin was a celebrity. well, in your regular high school, he most definitely was regarded as one, what with his killer good looks, flirtatious winks, perfectly toned chocolate abs, the list pretty much never ends.

he was every guy’s goal and every girl’s heartthrob, you included. not that you thought you actually stood a chance, little ol’ average you with jimin the Highness? the day pigs fly.

or so you thought.

the moment a silent hush spelled across the tiny ice-cream parlour the kids from your school frequented, you jolly well knew it only meant one thing. standing at the end of the queue, all it took was a turn of your head to confirm that the boy with raven hair and overflowing charisma had just strolled in.  

nonchalantly, he queues up right behind you and you can feel the daggers shooting at you from the dozen or so girls in the vicinity. but that’s not the only thing you feel. your heart’s thumping crazily in your chest and damn, his cologne is intoxicating.

but being this close to your crush is just a stroke of luck, and you keep your head straight ahead and your mind off everything gorgeous about him, because, like you tell yourself every day - it’s impossible.

the ice-cream man hands you your raspberry double-scoop in a cone, that’ll be two dollars and a quarter. you dig in your purse for the coin you’re missing, when an unexpected velvety voice oh-so-confidently says, “i’ll be paying for her.”

now your tongue is stuck in your throat, and you’re rubbing your eyes to wake up from your daydream, except that this is all real. jimin smiles at you charmingly while tossing some cash over, eyes shaped like delicate crescents.

“what? that’s - this is - impossible,” you stutter, grabbing onto his arm but hey, he has already paid.

your hand jumps back from his skin and your cheeks are burning hotter than the afternoon sun. you did not just grab park jimin.

“i’m sorry - that was rude of me - thanks, i mean thank you for the…”

he chuckles at your struggles to form a coherent sentence, and leans in, mouth beside your ear. “i’ve noticed you for awhile. meet me here again tomorrow for dinner at seven? consider it as returning my favour.”

his husky voice sent shivers down your spine and you can hardly breathe because your impossible crush just asked you out on an ice-cream date. you nod vigorously in reply and you’re pretty sure you look like a hopeless fan girl, but who cares?

jimin takes your yes, returning it with a slight wave and turns on his heel, walking out the door -

“i finally did it. i manned-up and asked (Y/N) out.”

[TRANS] “Mission! Tom~possible”... INFINITE Impossible Recognition

***** T/N: Most of the article is under the cut… there are lots of pics. Also there’s a small teaser for their upcoming world tour at the end! *****

Kind Mr. Tom
This is Tom Cruise.

“Nice To Meet U”

Exactly who could he be meeting that would be bent over like that? And what’s that in his hand?

Mission Zoompossible



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